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Vanmor 2 Set Large Indominus T-Rex Jurassic Dinosaur Building Block Toy with Sound, 11.47 × 7 Inches Black & White Dinosaur Figure Take Apart Toy Gift for Kids Boys Girls

dinosaur building blocks set dinosaur building blocks for boys dinosaur building blocks large

Start A T-Rex Dinosaur Adventure with Sound - Enjoy family time together! ( 3 LR44 batteries included )

A Real Blocks Dinosaur STEM Toy for kids!

Vanmor Dinosaur Toy not one of those toys that kids will play with once and never take out again. These innovative take apart dinosaur will become your kid's favorite toy on a daily basis. Children who like dinosaur toys will love it. It is very vivid and lovely. It is very popular with kids aged 3+.

Bring Extra Fun and Some Basic Skills for Boys & Girls!

STEM educational toy that can improve kids' cognitive ability, hands-on ability, and three-dimensional conception ability. training logical thinking and hands-on ability, creativity and concentration, hand-eye-coordination and hand flexibility.

Suitable Dinosaur Toy Collection or Dino Lover!

Play these dinosaur toys for boys and girls, you can clomp and chomp on your own or share the fun with a friend or sibling! Set your dino up for a duel, then let them explore! Really cool dinosaur, well built. this is a nice little gift idea for the dino lover in your life.


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True, that, @Tommi.

Truth is, the benefit goes to Ludia because there are people who will pay hundreds of dollars (or equivalent currency) for the same thing with new colors.

I have a friend who, long ago, worked in a Cadillac factory. Cadillacs were almost identical to other GM products, except that they put several hundred pounds of horse hair throughout the body of the vehicle to muffle the sound of the engine. So consumers ended up paying thousands of dollars extra for some horsehair. We came to have an expression for whenever people would spend loads of money for a bum deal: people will pay all kinds of money for horse hair.

As a dinosaur fan, I’d much sooner see new dinosaurs like Sinoceratops or Camarasaurus or even Iguanodon (the first dinosaur ever discovered!) before more hybrids or more new colors on old dinosaurs. But the purchasing public is probably more interested in new colors on old rock stars like the T-rex, the Velociraptor, Indominus, etc. Jurassic World Alive indicates as much.

People will pay all kinds of money for horse hair.


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Jurassic World Dino Rivals Destroy 'n Devour Indominus Rex

  • Inspired by Jurassic World, this larger-size (approx. 8 ½ inches high and 23-inches long), Destroy 'N Devour Indominus Rex features ghostly white scales, vicious teeth, and long, dagger-like forearms
  • ​Press button on back to activate arm movement and realistic slashing sound effects!
  • ​Press button at tail base to trigger jaw chomping and roaring sounds!
  • ​Indominus Rex can bend down to pick up and swallow 3 ¾ inch action figures whole!
  • ​An LED light in the throat emanates a red glow that outlines the human action figure!
  • ​For ages 4 and up
  • ​Includes informative Dino Rivals collector card with key dinosaur battle stats and attributes
  • ​Download the Jurassic World Facts app (Android and iOS) for more dinosaur fun! App lets you scan your dinosaur and watch it come to life, learn attack facts, compare stats and more!
  • Sours:



    Definite Strike

    1. Cooldown: 0.
    2. Target: Most Positive Effects. Remove Dodge. Remove Cloak. Remove Taunt. Break Shields. Bypass Armor. Attack 1X (1400).


    Mutual Fury

    1. Cooldown: 1.
    2. Target: Self. Cleanse All Negative Effects.

      Target: Team. Increase Speed By 10.0% for 2 turn(s). Increase Damage By 50.0% for 3 turn(s), 2 attack(s).

      Target: All Opponents. Increase Damage By 50.0% for 2 turn(s), 1 attack(s).



    1. Priority. Cooldown: 3.
    2. Target: Self. Cloak. 2X damage on next attack. 75% chance to dodge 67% of damage for 2 turn(s).


    1. A dangerous attempt by InGen to alter the already vicious Indominus rex resulted in this GEN 2. The creature’s yellow stripes become brighter with the adrenaline rush she experiences after a successful hunt.

    DNA Source

    1. Everywhere | Dawn, Dusk

    Campaign Appearances

    1. Chapter 10 - Mission 4




    Rex 2 indominus

    Indominus rex Gen 2

    Animation Set

    Indominus rex

    Sell Price (Lvl 1)

    14700 DNA

    About Indominus rex Gen 2

    Indominus rex Gen 2 is a much stronger version of the original Indominus rex.

    In Game

    If you want to get Indominus rex Gen 2, then you should focus on getting 8 of both Velociraptor Gen 2 and Tyrannosaurus rex Gen 2. It is advised to not rush to get this creature before reaching park level 60, since it will take a long time for enough of these events to show up. Indominus rex Gen 2 can also be obtained from Indominus rex Gen 2 Packs.

    Indominus rex Gen 2 is very expensive, and it will take a lot of time to build it up to level 40. If you are struggling to get better carnivores, there are far better options than Indominus rex Gen 2. It is more of a bargain creature than a viable battler in the late game.

    In battles, it not is recommended to take on creatures that it could easily defeat it in 2-3 hits. Be careful of heavy hitting amphibians, as they can wipe it out in just a few blows. It has a fairly good matchup against tanky carnivores like Yudon and it is incredibly powerful against tanky herbivores.






    Evolution Table

    Creature Stats

    Level Food Cost Coins Per 6 Hours Health Attack
    116900 1229 1179 369
    233280 2457 1245 389
    350115 3686 1310 410
    466495 4914 1376 430
    583330 6143 1441 450
    699710 7371 1507 471
    7116545 8600 1572 491
    8132925 9828 1638 512
    9149760 11057 1704 532
    10Evolve 140

    DNA.png /8hrs

    12285 1769 553
    11122200 27027 2293 717
    12133055 29484 2375 742
    13144300 31941 2457 768
    14155285 34398 2539 793
    15166530 36855 2621 819
    16177385 39312 2703 845
    17188630 41769 2785 870
    18199615 44226 2867 896
    19210860 46683 2948 921
    20Evolve 160

    DNA.png /12hrs

    49140 3030 947
    21559520 103194 3735 1167
    22585975 108108 3833 1198
    23612820 113022 3931 1229
    24639015 117936 4029 1259
    25665990 122850 4128 1290
    26692445 127764 4226 1321
    27719355 132678 4324 1351
    28745550 137592 4423 1382
    29772525 142506 4521 1413
    30Evolve 180

    DNA.png /24hrs

    147420 4619 1443
    312366065 304668 5504 1720
    322441205 314496 5618 1756
    332518555 324324 5733 1792
    342593630 334152 5848 1827
    352671110 343980 5962 1863
    362746250 353808 6077 1899
    372823730 363636 6192 1935
    382899130 373464 6306 1971
    392976220 383292 6421 2007
    40Fuse with 4000

    Velociraptor SDNA Icon.png to create Indoraptor Gen 2

    393120 6536 2042

    Packs that Contain Indominus rex Gen 2


    Indominus rex Gen 2 Teaser
    Indominus rex Gen 2 Stats



    Dani y Evan crean el INDOMINUS REX Gen 2 y hacen COMBATES en Jurassic World ALIVE

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