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C7/C9 Wire Spools- An Easy to Use Solution for a Beautiful Custom Look!

Dazzle the Crowd Year Round with the Custom Designed Holiday Lights of your Dreams

The level of customization you get by deciding to use wire spools cannot be matched. More than just getting the perfect fit for your project, you’re also in control of exactly what your light string looks like. So let your imagination create to your hearts content!

To begin with, both our blank wire spools and our socket wire spools come in your choice of green, brown, white, or black wire. Green wire is perfect to use outdoors when you’re wanting the lights to be the real focus as you illuminate greenery. The wires will seem to disappear and you’ll be left with just the dazzling landscape. If you’re looking to wrap tree trunks or branches, go with the brown wire option. It will keep your design uncluttered and cohesive, allowing for the glow you’re aiming for without the wires taking away from the natural beauty of the trees.. Our white and black wire options are the perfect choice for everything from wedding parties, to special events, to even adding string lights to holidays every month of the year.

Bring Your Wire Spools to Life with the Right LED Replacement Bulbs

All you need is the right set of LED Bulbs to turn just an ordinary socket wire into true holiday magic. Our LED bulbs come in such an incredible array of color options in both C7 and C9, you’re going to find yourself wanting to create light strings to decorate for every wacky holiday you can think of! (Who says you shouldn’t put up lights for Groundhogs Day? We think it might catch on!)

Light strings aren’t just for Christmas anymore! While we absolutely have an exceptional collection of classic Christmas colors in both C7 and C9, these colors are perfect for lighting up every holiday between Santa’s visits too. Looking to chill the neighbors with a spooky display for Halloween? Combine orange and purple bulbs with black wires for a perfectly haunting look. What about welcoming the Easter Bunny with an illuminated display? Go with fun options like teal and pink to create a Springtime look that’s perfect for any patio or garden.

If you’re wanting to create something truly magical, make sure to look at our twinkle and color change LED bulb options in both C7 and C9. Bring your custom display to life with lights that will dance before your eyes as they come to life with a dazzling shimmer! Or have the freedom to adjust the color of the entire light string with just the click of the button. The possibilities are endless and your amazing display is sure to leave everyone talking for years to come.

Sours: https://www.reinders.com/holiday-lighting/c7-c9-wire-spools/

C9 Bulk 1000', 500' & 250' Spools

If you're planning a large-scale exterior holiday lighting display than our heavy-duty C9 1000', 500', and 250' reels are just what you need. Available in Green, White, Brown and Black wire with selections of 4 different socket spacings from 6" to 30". Select either SPT-1 or SPT-2 wiring. These C9 spools are sold in bulk without bulbs, so you can cut to the exact length you need for any application indoors or outdoors. You can customize the bulb type and color scheme you desire with our selection of C9 bulbs, including our incandescent C9 bulbs, our LED C9 bulbs, our incandescent G50 Globe bulbs, our LED G50 Bulbs, and our S11 bulbs. When you purchase your C9 wire and bulbs in bulk, be confident that you can get the job done right for a money-saving wholesale price. We are the Christmas lighting experts, so if you have questions about which lighting products are right for you, send us an e-mail or call 800-209-6122 today for assistance.

Please Call for Bulk Orders

Sours: https://www.noveltylights.com/c9-bulk-1000-reels
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C9 Christmas Light Strings / Spools

What are stringers and spools?

Stringers and spools come ready to use in pre-cut lengths for any decorating project. Available from 25' stringers to 1000' spools with a variety of bulb spacing, custom decorating projects are made easy with C7 stringers. C7 stringers and spools have empty E12 Candelabra bases, ready for any incandescent or LED C7 bulbs. Sockets feature weep holes for water drainage.

How can I customize my spools?

Splicing, or cutting stringers and spools, is the best way to decorate custom projects. To splice the wire to a custom length, measure the wire, cut it at the predetermined location, and place a zip plug on the end, creating a female or male plug for outlets or end-to-end runs. Any color or style bulbs from incandescent to LED can be chosen for these spools, so decorating for themes, whether for sports teams, breast cancer awareness, or weddings, becomes easy.

What is the difference between SPT1 and SPT2?

Light stringers and spools are available in SPT1 and SPT2 wire, which is the insulation covering the copper wires within the cord. SPT rating refers to the thickness of the wire itself, and how much current it can safely contain. Typically SPT1 wire is rated for 7 amp, and SPT2 is rated for 10 amp. C9 incandescent bulbs are typically powered using SPT2 wire. C9 LED bulbs can often use SPT1 wire due to the reduced power draw in LED technology. When connecting wire end-to-end and using zip plugs for custom lengths, SPT rating needs to remain consistent.

Sours: https://www.christmaslightsetc.com/c9-christmas-light-strings-and-spools--457.htm
Ultimate DIY Wire Spool Hanger (with removable spools!)

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