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Coyote Hills Disc Golf Course is located in the Middlesex Recreational Park in Carlisle PA at 54 Beagle Club Road, Carlisle, PA 17013 Click here for google maps link.

323955_249264338445762_1303811705_oThe course is an 18 hole Championship course with long pin or tee positions on every hole as of Jan. 2021! The designers are making the course bigger and better each year so you may be surprised if you haven’t played here recently. Rolling hills and roped O.B. creeks can make the course tricky. Precise throws are required throughout most of the course, but it opens up in spots and lets the big-arm players go all out. We have a YouTube channel with Course Preview aerial drone footage to show you the course (That footage is getting old and the club has made many improvements). Also Check out Disc Golf Scene and DGCourse Review for details and reviews!

308435_277244222314440_860362014_nThe Carlisle Coyotes Disc Golf League hosts many exciting events throughout the year, including our weekly tag league, which meets Wednesday at 5:30pm and Saturday at 10:00am. from Spring until Fall. You can purchase a tag for the season for just $25, which supports the course maintenance costs and the end-of-year finale tournament. 


Get league updates on Facebook or Check us out on DiscGolfScene.


Originally Posted by StableView Post
Anyone throwing a Coyote? I know they are OOP production now. I remember them being really popular in the mid-late 2000's.

Got a couple throws with one today for the first time and I really like it. Very comfortable grip and stable/floaty flight. Bought a Champion Coyote off ebay to see if it fits my game.

Odd that Innova would put this OOP but hold on to the Skeeter, Wombat3 or the Kite. Do those molds really sell?
Coyote is OOP but last I checked, you can still get Star Coyotes at the Innova Proshop.

I used to bag the Coyote. It's a good mold. Comfortable in the hand, very accurate. It didn't get quite the distance for me as the Roc3 and Shark3 did, and then I began moving away from mids in favor of approach putters and fairway drivers, but that's not a bad on the mold.

As to the other molds: the Skeeter still has a following. The Wombat3 is actually in some pros's bags (at least one FPO player carries it, but I don't remember which one at the moment) and is not a bad mold. The Kite... I thought they did take it OOP, but maybe not. A woman in my DG group uses a Kite; it's an okay beginner/noodle-arm disc.
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Coyote's Den

Disc golf course

Mature Juniper, desert sage, variety of lengths and slopes. 3 pin locations per hole. Long and short tees.

Updated Oct 17th (3 days ago)


Dog Friendly, Restrooms Available


Roughed in paver teepads.


18 Holes

Par 59

8305 feet



October 17, 2021

Really cool course, the scoring for the holes compared to u disc seemed off but other than that tons of fun!


October 3, 2021

Nice Course!!!!


September 15, 2021

Confusing when first playing but still a fun course.


September 12, 2021

Great course, with some fun and challenging shots. Only recommendation would be walkout arrows on the holes to the next tee pad.

Add arrows to the next tee and it’s perfect!

2012 Coyote Classic Mens Open Part 1

Coyote Classic 2021

Coyote Classic 2021 graphic  

About this tournament

Pro is $100 and AM is $80. + $10 for all non PDGA members.
$5 of entry fee will go towards ace pool.

We will be using PDGA digital score card. A digital link for caddy book and map will be available.

Thursday September 30th:
Early check in starting at 2 PM until dark at M17

Friday October 1st:
Check in at 7 - 7:45 AM
Round 1
First tee time will be 8 AM with a card following every 10 mins.

Saturday October 2nd:
Round 2
First tee time will be 7 AM with a card following every 10 mins.
Games will start around 4 PM
World famous players drawing 7 PM

Sunday October 3rd
Round 3
First tee time will be 7 AM with a card following every 10 mins.
Awards Ceremony to follow

Refund policy

Ventura Disc Golf Club is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.
No refunds after September 24th unless your spot can be filled.

Final Results

1Steve Rico485248148$985
2Vincent Garner525353158$656
3Sean Urtiaga465657159$469
4Kyle Eckmann535255160$390
5Daniel Rubalcaba545355162$319
6Parker Welck535456163$267
7Jake Brown555456165$234
8Ezra Hapner555458167$210
9Jake Froehle556056171$184
9Mike Helfrich595854171$184
11Cam Tyler Rico525862172$152
11Noah Jackson565858172$152
13Albert Zamora625952173$127
13Justin Williams556058173$127
13Logan Louk585560173$127
16Alex Mayorga555762174$35
16Nick Schneider575859174$35
16Scott Jackson576255174$35
19Chad Wensel585960177
19Connor Dorais546459177
21Tommy Eckmann596257178
22Korey Kelso596060179
23Abraham Lara Jr606060180
23Chris Traven576459180
23Jake Gravelin655758180
26Ricardo Mendoza595864181
27Chase Chamberlain606062182
27Seth Gregory596360182
29Ryan Saucedo586263183
30Evan Pixley685860186
31Austin Bull626660188
31Jacob Mendoza566072188
31Jonathan Vruwink656261188
34J. Davis Massey-Miller645966189
34Scott Herr645867189
36Kevin Estes606965194
37Grant Goodstein706866204
38Charles De Guia706768205
39Dustin Peterson697276217
Pro 40+
1Trey McKelvey585154163$733
2Gabriel Cota595351163$507
3Stewart Mendenhall545557166$366
4Noah Rodriguez615455170$282
5Tony McDevitt565759172$228
6Bamba Rico545960173$172
6Brian Thatcher575957173$172
8Chris Prouse585662176$126
8Justin Scoggins586058176$126
10Josh Fink625857177$52
10Mike Jewel585861177$52
12Ian Huling596158178
13Dandridge Marsh606060180
14Jack Crowell626060182
15Mike Castillo635962184
16Marco Mccusker606263185
17Buckeye Bottoms605969188
18James Mullins626067189
19Jason James636465192
20Frank Green676669202
21Dave Wallace626281205
22Jarrett Bussacco6259-121
23Andy Bratta60--60
Pro 50+
1Jeff Frost555552162$523
2Jerry Goff555158164$356
3Dan Duron555760172$248
4Chuck Powell615960180$182
5Mike Byrne566362181$145
6Lawrence Halili616061182
6Troy Clenet606161182
8Michael Rivas625963184
8Ray Barron Jr606361184
10Jeff Pixley626666194
11Dudley Schusterick646863195
12DENNY B616282205
Pro 60+
1Edge Dostal635257172$308
2Mike Roberts586259179$185
3Rob Wilson606159180
4Hugh Montgomery III646259185
Open Women
1Ohn Scoggins555260167$292
2Antara DeBourbon675963189$174
3Jennifer Janssen677168206
Pro Women 50+
1Lorena Dostal666669201$132
1Jason Wilson565555166$170
2Kevin Mayes555857170$135
3Shaun James565760173$110
3Tanner Matsuyama575759173$110
5Cody Cardwell585759174$90
6Jon DeCapua556159175$70
6Richard Orta645259175$70
6Richard Tennant535864175$70
9Cole Gibson605561176$55
10Mark Verrochi556062177$50
10Matthew Meade605958177$50
10William Mayette606057177$50
13Scott Smith566161178$35
13Tanner Cobb575962178$35
13Zachery Leland595663178$35
16Richard Easton596456179$35
17Cody Burgwald586359180
17Matt Palmer576162180
17Nathon Heron576657180
17Sean Rogan566064180
21Brad Jones615862181
21Tanner Carothers596062181
23Mason Rohlfing586163182
24Zachary G Andersen576066183
25Christopher Coberly566465185
25George Cole616559185
27Jonathan Chavez636261186
28Braden Lynn616660187
30James Esparza606367190
31Steven Linke606962191
32Esteban Lopez646665195
33Parker Evenson676663196
34Kevin Costa647164199
35Aquil Morgan637169203
36Chris Scoggins747469217
37Michael Cordero6260140262
38Cliff Palmer6562140267
39Kris Vanderwyk1406464268
Amateur 40+
1Elijah Smith535560168$160
2Brian Schoenfelder555561171$120
3Geovani Candia545860172$105
4Jason Clabaugh555764176$85
5Keith Wolter585863179$75
6Mario Martinez576163181$60
7Tyrell Peters566264182$55
8Brad Flint606361184$40
8Curtis Griffin616063184$40
8Jerrod Wilson566167184$40
11Russell Evans636359185$30
12Mario Porras596661186
13Erich Schaffer616264187
13Ramon Cadiz616264187
15Jason Porter596169189
15Pete Walsh586170189
17Rob Black606664190
18Jo Jo Amaya646568197
19Alfredo Mendoza656568198
20Steven Civitak626968199
21Chris Handley647066200
21Matt Tregidga656174200
23Kevin Vanderwyk646770201
24Ryan Powell636871202
25Chris Duke626774203
26Justin Lieberman716767205
26Sergio Albarran666871205
Amateur 50+
1Mark Hauser526363178$150
2Bill Bailey615964184$115
3Mike Hilles675861186$95
4Mike Flicker666358187$70
5Robert Bierman676457188$60
5Tom Rogers616166188$60
7Craig Stewart626265189$40
7Lawson Williams616563189$40
9Sam Wiseman646363190$30
10Brad Thomas646664194
10Chuck Borqez666365194
12Jeff Sherfey606867195
12Paul Rudd626865195
14Martin Wolters706660196
14Todd Anthony646468196
16Ron Holeman656766198
17Ron Merkus646672202
18Jay Harbin746862204
19Jeff Harris696571205
20Andy "Squid" Squire677077214
21Kerry Goodman717570216
22Steven Crow75--75
Amateur 60+
1Rick Dinicola656264191$135
2Jon Dominguez676664197$85
2Lonnie Stanford666962197$85
4Chris Blake706369202$50
5Mark Tesoro716468203$35
6Bill Ashe697168208
6Dan Wiseman756964208
8Tom Bogusz677469210
9Bart Eccles786770215
10Richard Kavonian858082247
11Matt Bogusz788390251
12Donald Parker7468126268
1Tyler Starbard566257175$110
2Mike Mota556061176$100
3Paul Wehrman585665179$100
4Nicholas Feringa606061181$90
5Corey Reese615863182$80
5Ryan Gallagher576560182$80
7Zach Gillespie596262183$70
8Mike Gonzales586462184$60
8Tyler Gross615667184$60
8Wyatt Simms576562184$60
11Chad Christensen605966185$45
12Thomas E Reynolds626262186$40
13Michael Sylvia616264187$35
14Brian Magee646263189
15Raymond Cobos636364190
16Eric Pacheco626267191
17Gilbert Rodriguez656265192
17Juan “Jeezy” Gutierrez646365192
19Austin Novstrup676267196
19Lawrence Mendoza636568196
19Nathon Bradford696265196
19Richard Neve626866196
23Mikey Arias607166197
23Moises Vasquez646568197
25Mike Kay646768199
26Tim Anderson656372200
27Michael Alcantar696864201
28Danny Angel696766202
29Saul Sanchez676770204
30Jeff Lein667169206
31Eddy Ferrer7261140273
1Michael Chen576258177$115
2Travis Kenney595861178$105
3Nick Castanon596662187$100
4Tony Garcia636264189$95
5James P Ahrens636761191$90
5Nathan Lurie636167191$90
7Kenneth Christensen656762194$80
8Kyle Williamson676069196$70
8Leland Baxter646765196$70
10Ryan Birdsong656765197$65
11Blue Lohse686269199$50
11Noah Hall626176199$50
13Jacob Wiseman626870200$40
14Jean-Claude Ebrard676965201$30
15Logan Featherstone636673202
16Joseph Garibay696767203
17Matt Coates676671204
18David Velasco686770205
18Jon Geue666970205
20Bill Stone686673207
20Joe Eldridge697068207
20John Lerouge667071207
23Matt Bando687169208
24Gabriel Kalohelani637373209
25Juan Smith657175211
26Justin St Germain687767212
27Tim Rosdahl687473215
28Zoltan Youtz697178218
29Jason Rail707280222
30Nathon Dilworth727774223
31Scott Nairne737677226
32Jason Flair787377228
33Derek Mashburn808289251
34Keith Bartell6371140274
35Ryan Brents8080140300
Advanced Women
1Pam Vaughn686771206$75
2Stephanie Zimmerman707977226$45
3Jenise Santos887893259
4Nicole James7781140298
Intermediate Women
1Deanna Christensen687074212$80
2Tammy Mellein707172213$60
3Kiana Mendoza737679228$40
4Stephanie Rosdahl857785247
5Karen Djernaes838288253
6Lisa Lisa Brown888986263

Disc golf coyote

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The Innova Champion Coyote Disc

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