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Panthers are majestic animals. Not only that. They served as an inspiration to great movie and cartoon characters, including the Black Panther, Pink Panther, and Bagheera, the black panther. Besides that, the majestic physique and appearance of panthers were an inspiration for a lot of artistic work. The panther tattoo is no exception to that.

If you’re reading this article, you must be impressed and allured by the beauty and elegance that panthers bring with their appearance. They may not be talked about as often as with other animals like tigers and leopards. Still, they deserve worshipping of their own.

With that in mind, to celebrate the beauty and power of these animals, we created a comprehensive, yet detailed list of the best panther tattoo designs. If you want to learn more about these amazing animals, you should definitely check the section with different definitions and meanings of the panther tattoo.

Panther Tattoo Meanings

Before we dig into the super-creative and magical creations of different tattoo artists, let’s talk about panthers as animals, as well as define some symbolism and meanings behind them. You gotta know why you’re tattooing them on your body after all.

Panther Tattoo Meanings 1

Some of you may feel disappointed, but if you didn’t know, the panther is not a separate animal of the large cat species. It’s a type of jaguar and leopard that has melanism. Melanism is the opposite state of albinism where animals and even humans lack skin pigment. Panthers have too much of it. As a result, they’re dark and black. They still have the spots, but they’re so dark that they’re well-obscured.

If you still don’t believe us, look at it from this perspective. The Latin meaning behind the word “Panthera” that inspired the name for black panthers is nothing else than a cat. The leopard which is one of the animals that can be born with melanism and known as the panther is known as “Panthera Pardus.”

Panther Tattoo Meanings 2

It’s believed that lack of interest in science led to panther being labeled as a separate animal. That said, black panthers are just leopards and jaguars born with melanism. Still, since it’s easier to remember black panthers, we’ll stick to that term while detailing the best panther tattoo designs.

Now, let’s get onto the meanings.

Panthers have some ghostly appeal to them. The reason for that is because they’re rarely seen in the wild. The animal planet explores different sides of the world with panthers being found in them, but we seldom see them during the day. One reason for that is because panthers are stealthy, quiet, and vigilant, the other reason is that panthers are nocturnal animals.

Panthers utilize the benefit of their dark fur to hunt in the night. That also gives them an advantage over animals that are not nocturnal. They’re quiet, practically, invisible and agile, which allows them to easily overthrow their prey and catch it. During the day, they are rarely seen as active but resting in the trees instead.

Panther Tattoo Meanings 3

Besides their ghostly power that also manifests through spectacular vision and hearing, panthers come with rich mythological symbolism, which we’ll discuss below.

Panthers are stealthy. Humans can hardly be described as stealthy as it’s a superior animal activity. Nevertheless, the mind and soul can be stealthy, cautious, and yet powerful. If you feel that you possess some abilities that can be described as stealthy, we believe that getting a panther tattoo is a good idea.

Besides being stealthy, panthers are elegant and gracious. They move cautiously, carefully, and always get one step ahead of their prey, and potential predators, although there aren’t many. Their grace makes them some of the most majestic animals, which is why many people like to tattoo them.

Also, some people think that wearing a tattoo of a black panther on their body may be a sign of protection and guidance. People believe in animal spirituality, and the panther is only one of such animals that carry that rich symbolism for protection. If you feel, it’ll protect you, go ahead and make one.

Additionally, panthers are the symbol of strength and power. They are extremely agile, resilient, and powerful. They can easily overpower their prey and kill it. Moreover, they can easily climb heights like trees and rock, which just adds up to their immense strength.

Panther Tattoo Meanings 4

Panthers are also a great representation of intelligence and cleverness. Many people who want to point out their intelligence, whether intellectual or emotional, often search for a creative, yet powerful black panther tattoo that they’ll ink on their body.

Greek Mythology

Panthers are present in the Greek myths, which is some of the oldest and most popular folklore in history. One of the Greek Gods, Dionysus, who was also the god of wine was described to ride a large black panther that took him everywhere he wanted.

Given that Dionysus was the God of wine, and oftentimes thought the be the God of sexuality, panthers also carry that symbolism. Their high sex appeal is attributed to slinky and stealthy movements of panthers as it approaches its prey.

If you feel romantic, and as someone with high sex appeal, you could highlight it with a large, detailed, and crisp black panther tattoo. It’s also a great idea if you’re a fan of Greek mythology.

Greek Mythology

Middle Age

It’s no secret that the paintings of black panthers were popular across medieval kingdoms and countries. Arm coats that were commonly worn at that time used a black panther embroidery and other black panther-like symbols etched in the coats and capes.

Back in the middle age, there was a rumor that a black panther could allure everyone with its strong, loud, and magical roar, that it used to have an easier time eating its prey. The only creature believed to be more powerful than the mystic panther was a dragon.

There are also some beliefs that panthers bring harmony, and are the symbol of romantic interactions, love, palace balls, and different manifestations. Some cultures also have it that they bring peace and harmony across the animal kingdom.

Middle Age Panther Tattoo

Types of Panther Tattoo

Types of Panther Tattoo

There are different types of a panther tattoos that you could get for yourself. Below are some ideas that could potentially inspire you to get an authentic and good-looking tattoo.

Black Panther (Animal): The most casual tattoo you could get is a realistic black panther tattoo from the animal itself. Given it’s extremely popular, there are plenty of pictures and settings on the internet that could inspire you to get the tattoo work done. Some tattoo artists also sell designs of panther tattoos for their interested clients.

Pink Panther: The Pink Panther media series has caught a lot of attention with a pink-colored animated animal setting up traps for French police detective Jacques Clouseau. It’s recognizable to its mysterious music theme that is popular even today. It began after the first Pink Panther film was released. This may not be a popular idea for a tattoo, but many people grew up watching the hilarious cartoon.

Black Panther (Marvel): Black Panther is a super-popular superhero movie that also gives more inclusion of people of color in the superhero movies. The actor who played Black Panther, Chadwick Boseman also passed away in 2020. That’s why many people think it’s a good idea to give a tribute to the character through a bold tattoo of a talented, brave, and powerful superhero.

Tribal Panther: Believe it or not, black panthers were an inspiration for various tribal illustrations throughout different African tribes. Today, they’re also an inspiration for tattoos with tribal patterns. That could serve as an inspiration for your next tattoo if you’re into tribal designs.

Panther head: Some people are interested in having only a panther head tattooed on their body. Perhaps, they want to admire the beauty and dangerous charm of its look and expression, or it could be something else.

Bagheera tattoo: Bagheera is one of the most loved and popular characters from the Jungle Book. He helps the monkey-raised boy Mowgli fight and survives against the predators from the jungle. His appearance in the Jungle Book carries great character development for Mowgli. His wisdom inspires people to get his tattoo.

Best Panther Tattoo Designs

With all meanings and symbolism behind the panther tattoos revealed, without a further ado, let’s list the best panther tattoo designs. We hope that they will be inspirational for you and that you’ll be able to come up with even better tattoo designs.

Small Panther Tattoo

Small Panther Tattoo 1
Small Panther Tattoo 2
Small Panther Tattoo 3

Given the strong and prominent look of black ink which is necessary for a panther tattoo, it’s no surprise that people who are not comfortable with tattooing large works will go with smaller designs. Still, going for a small design doesn’t mean that you’ll have to give up on great-looking and detailed designs.

The three designs we included look stunning and detailed. That said, the small size doesn’t mean that the appearance of the tattoo is compromised. You can easily keep it simple and avoid getting a tattoo with multiple elements. Still, you can add flowers, swords, trees, and other jungle elements that are descriptive of the panther’s habitat.

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Large Panther Tattoo

Large Panther Tattoo 1
Large Panther Tattoo 2
Large Panther Tattoo 3

Some people prefer smaller tattoos that are hard to notice. If you’re looking for large tattoos that you can flaunt, especially outside, here are a few inspirational designs that could help motivate you to design your tattoo. Larger tattoos mean that you’ll either turn them into an arm or leg-sleeve or go for a bold design on the back or leg.

Whatever may be the case, find a tattoo artist that will depict your tattoo design with profound attention to detail, allowing your tattoo design to stand out and catch a lot of eyes in the process.

Black Panther Tattoo

Black Panther Tattoo 1
Black Panther Tattoo 2
Black Panther Tattoo 3

If you want to focus on the details and shading process of your tattoo, then choosing a black panther tattoo is the right choice for you. You will need to be patient, as such tattoos take more time to shade, especially if you want to be super-detailed and include the spots present on jaguars and leopards.

Your tattoo artist will probably be comfortable with using different shades. However, you need to be patient in order for it to come out perfectly. Focusing on as detailed tattoos as possible takes time, and can be painful too, depending on the spot you pick for your tattoo.

Finally, you can also choose a more minimalistic design, but your tattoo will only have a few shades on it.

Black Panther (Marvel) Tattoo

Black Panther (Marvel) Tattoo 1
Black Panther (Marvel) Tattoo 2
Black Panther (Marvel) Tattoo 3
Black Panther (Marvel) Tattoo 4
Black Panther (Marvel) Tattoo 5

As mentioned earlier in the article, Black Panther introduced a set of great characters, among which is the late Chadwick Boseman who played the Black Panther himself. He was emotional, strong, righteous, honorable, and brave. Following his father died, Black Panther took over the Wakanda kingdom and guarded it against evil.

His character development throughout the few years of the character appearing on the big screen inspired many people to come up with different tattoo designs to pay tribute to the actor and great character that he portrayed.

We featured some beautiful designs, with great attention to detail, character and emotion conveyed through the shades of ink.

Pink Panther Tattoo

Pink Panther Tattoo 1
Pink Panther Tattoo 2
Pink Panther Tattoo 3
Pink Panther Tattoo 4

If you grew up watching the Pink Panther movies, cartoons, or both, then we’re sure that the pink-colored panther served as your inspiration for the tattoo. There are different designs that we featured. While most designs are small and compact and generally don’t draw too much attention, you could be more bold and creative to come up with a design of your own.

Minimalist Panther Tattoo

Minimalist Panther Tattoo 1
Minimalist Panther Tattoo 2
Minimalist Panther Tattoo 3

Given that panthers are stealthy, elegant, and gracious, there is a lot of material to come up with the minimalist design. What feels minimalistic for you, we or someone else may be individual, but we made sure to research designs that fit the picture the best.

That said, we featured different designs on different positions and using various ink options to make it modest and more minimalist. You can even come up with a panther design with more geometrical shapes, with different shading that could also give it a more minimalist hue.

Minimalist tattoos aren’t only made for people with a desire to have a hardly noticeable tattoo. It’s great for people who live a minimalistic lifestyle and want a low-effort, yet sophisticated tattoo design of panther.

Tribal Panther Tattoo

Tribal Panther Tattoo 1
Tribal Panther Tattoo 2
Tribal Panther Tattoo 3

As mentioned earlier, many tribal cultures had great respect and worship for black panthers in the jungle. That also led to them making drawings and different ink designs that today inspired various tattoos. You don’t have to go with the traditional South and Southeastern Asian and African designs. You can even go for a Native American setting, as well as some tribal South American pattern that will look good on your body, and with other tattoos too.

Panther Tattoo Sleeve

Panther Tattoo Sleeve 1
Panther Tattoo Sleeve 2
Panther Tattoo Sleeve 3

Whether you want to combine different big cats like lions, tigers, and regular leopards with panthers on your arm or leg sleeve, or go with a panther design alone, there are plenty of sleeve designs for a panther tattoo. You can combine small panthers with different floral arrangements and jungle elements or go for a vicious big panther that is more than ready to grab its prey.

We loved the designs we dug out, and congratulate the tattoo artists for their hardworking hands. There’s impeccable attention to details, texture, and choice of colors that fit just right. Gorgeous!

Panther Back Tattoo

Panther Back Tattoo 1
Panther Back Tattoo 2
Panther Back Tattoo 3
Panther Back Tattoo 4

We wrote about big black panther tattoos. But, some may be so big that you have to put them on your back. Luckily, backs aren’t the most painful body part to get a tattoo, especially if you’re a woman, because that place appears to be the least painful.

Nevertheless, the back is a great spot for a tattoo. In the previous creations, you can see that each tattoo is super-detailed, it conveys an emotion, and it’s as if it’s telling a story. Your back is a canvas for a great selection of shades and designs that you can combine with other symbols and elements.

Realistic Panther Tattoo

Realistic Panther Tattoo 1
Realistic Panther Tattoo 2
Realistic Panther Tattoo 3
Realistic Panther Tattoo 4

We also found several designs that could work well if you’re looking for a more realistic approach for a tattoo. That said, these designs provide a realistic look into the panthers as animals. If you want to get even more realistic and find a talented tattoo artist, you could turn realistic photos into an even more realistic tattoo.

We know that finding a super-talented tattoo artist can take some time, but the result will definitely look good. Additionally, you can find an artist that will subtly add the spots that are normally darker on panthers because of the melanism.

Panther Tattoo For Girls

Panther Tattoo For Girls 1
Panther Tattoo For Girls 2
Panther Tattoo For Girls 3

Who says that the panther tattoo looks good only on guys. We featured multiple designs that are inked on men, but that doesn’t make them any less applicable to women. If you didn’t find a suitable, more girly design among the previously mentioned designs, we hope that these lively, stunning and detailed tattoo designs make the cut.

You can also add other elements such as butterflies, a female panther, flowers, roses, and other, more feminine objects that you think would add to your tattoo’s style and design.

Sneaking Panther Tattoo

Sneaking Panther Tattoo 1
Sneaking Panther Tattoo 2
Sneaking Panther Tattoo 3

Tattoos, where panthers are shown sneaking and crawling behind their prey, seem the most vicious, yet lively. It’s as if they bring action into life, that very moment as the panther is preparing to jump its prey. We think that’s amazing, which is why we decided to turn it into a tattoo design idea.

And, let’s agree, there are plenty of people who agree with us, which is why we see multiple designs where the panther is crawling behind. If you think this tattoo will add up to your agility, strength, and stealth, make sure to make a killer crawling panther tattoo.

Panther Head Tattoo

Panther Head Tattoo 1
Panther Head Tattoo 2
Panther Head Tattoo 3

Panther’s full body may be too long and overwhelming for someone’s tattoo. That’s why some people avoid it. Still, if they want to enjoy full empowerment of wearing the black panther tattoo as it is, some people choose to have just the head and add as many details to it as possible.

If you’re one of them, make sure to check out the designs we displayed, and hopefully, they’ll inspire you as they did us.

Sketch Black Panther Tattoo

Sketch Black Panther Tattoo 1
Sketch Black Panther Tattoo 2

Artistic spirits like to have sketchy and creative art for a tattoo design. That said, the design idea where a tattoo looks more like a sketch than a tattoo highly appeals to us. Although you won’t see crazy shading and focus on colors, don’t think that designing these tattoos was easy. It took hours of use of ink to make it look like it was sketched on paper. It also has a hint of minimalism, but that doesn’t make it any less great.

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FAQs About Panther Tattoo

Whether this is your first time to get a tattoo or you’re a veteran, here are the answers to common questions that rose about panther tattoo designs and meanings. Let’s dig in!

What is the Cost Of Panther Tattoo?

Depending on the size, details, and shading, a panther tattoo can cost anywhere from $50-$70 up to $200. Sleeve tattoos may cost even more than that and require multiple sessions until the sleeve is complete. Additionally, more realistic tattoos can cost you well above $500 and reach up to $2,000 depending on complexity, size, details, and how many times you’ll attend your tattoo artist.

Are Panther Tattoos Only for Guys?

Even though we displayed more tattoos for guys, and there are generally more designs on guys doesn’t mean that this type of tattoo isn’t for girls. We have a section with great panther tattoo designs that are suited for girls. Nevertheless, each and every design can be inked on a woman.

You can get creative with different designs, textures, and patterns, as well as added elements that you want to put on your tattoo. It’s all up to you. Girls who like panthers and tattoos, shouldn’t hesitate from getting one if they truly want it.

Does Getting a Panther Tattoo Hurt?

Getting a panther tattoo doesn’t differ from getting any other tattoo and it will hurt. People have different tolerance to pain, which is why some people react more adversely to getting inked. People with low pain tolerance will avoid getting a large tattoo. Still, there are no one-size-fits, which is why everyone feels the pain at some level.

There are multiple ways to avoid too much pain like using gels and ointments, asking your tattoo artist to take breaks, and even drink enough water to keep your skin hydrated. It’s also worth noting that some locations on the body hurt more than others.

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Categories DesignSours:

What denotes a black panther. What does panther tattoo mean

Zoologists celebrate predators a strong maternal instinct. Therefore, tatu Panther. Often bangs on bodies.

Lady make a squint in to and family. But, this is not the only value of the native paintings with the relatives of the Bagira.

The value of tattoos with panthers

Panther is considered wise strategists. The first intelligence of cats extomed the tribe.

They made a predator with their totem. This is called animals that are worshiped by those or other nations.

Usually, the totem is considered as ancestor of people of a certain group. Maya was put into the head of the angle of intelligence, created a great civilization and chose a clever, cunning creature in totems.

As a sign of strategic thinking Panther, usually puff men. Businessmen, politicians, managers choose pictures of Tatu PantherTo make faithful solutions, look in advance and move along the career stairs.

Another the value of Tatu Panther. - lightningness. In nature, the animal rushes for extraction at speed.

Movable, active people, athletes are an animal property. However, there is also an inverse interpretation of the tag - a lenopful grace.

This decoding is associated with the process of making extraction. In order not to move it, the cat moves carefully, smoothly.

No twig should not be chipped, no blasting, otherwise, the hunt will not succeed. Women also tend themselves like hunters.

Only the subject of tracking is neither opossum or capibility, but a man. Panther Tattress for girls It is a sign of self-expression, helper in the hunt for the opposite sex.

Negative value black Panther Tatu It has if we consider the drawing in the history of ancient Greece.

In this country was considered a patronage of debauchery and drunkenness. Not in vain Panther was, so to speak, Pets of Dionysus.

Historians believe that the Greeks compared the rage of Panther and the aggression of drunk people, so they made a predator with a satellite of winemaking.

In, and in general, asia, believe what does Panther tattoo mean Magic and mystery.

Because of the caution of an animal, suit, in the east began to associate cats with supernatural abilities.

One of them is a confrontation. For this, by the way, in the opinion of the residents of the Middle Kingdom and not any other animal.

Cat connection with magic attracts women. No one canceled the concept of "Witch". The value of the tattoo panther at the girl: - "I can get out", "fear me."

Sketches of tattoos with panthers

Panther's shoulder tattoo With an open mouth, they choose, mostly men. Open fangs mean aggression that does not characterize the weak shelf.

Tatu ruined Panthers It is performed on extensive areas because it requires the study of each part. Silhouettes of animals look perfectly on,.

Women tend to choose images of suffocating beasts without grin. Such panther Tattoo on the blade,, foot is readiness for a sudden throw, symbolizes the grace and flexibility.

Cats single hunt at night. Because of this, Panther is associated with. This planet is considered a patroness of women.

Stopping the choice on panther Tattoo on the Leg And not only, the lady strengthen its connection with the giving the gift of foresight.

The popularity is that the name of the predator is called -. One of them is located in Samara.

There are branches in Volgograd. Tattoo Salon "Panther" There are in the Saratov region, Serpukhov and not only.

The name obliges the institutions to offer customers a particularly selection of sketches of snaps with graceful predators.

Fallen in the grass, standing on the cliff, disturbing on the background of the pyramids, is only part of the image options.

It can be schematic when the lines are composed tatu Panther.. Photo Such pallows are placed in the category of tribal or ethnic. But, in 70%, customers choose paintings in realism technique.

Such drawings are close as possible to reality, the true appearance of the animal.

Among the workpieces, the masters have plots where cats dragged the struggled large ungulates.

This is classical tatu Panther.. SamaraMore precisely in this city, offers several options for the painting.

The basis of the drawings is real facts. Panthers are able to kill game much larger than themselves.

By the way, a couple of centuries ago, Panther was not highlighted in a separate look. Some still include cats for leopards. The difference in the color is almost the only individual trait.

Therefore panther Tattoo sketcheswhich are often placed in the common category of wild cats, or leopards.

In Malaysia, for example, half of them. Zoologists explain this nature of the terrain.

Thick, impassable forests lead to gena changes. In the twilight, the jungle is easier to hide, having dark wool.

Black, like night, and active at night. Its cover is the best masking for Panther. These cats are directly related to several types - tigers, jaguars and leopards. They are fridays, but sometimes they give birth to absolutely black kittens.

Grown, they strive to multiply only among themselves. Therefore, scientists consider to highlight Panther to a separate group.

Separate and interpretation of their image. It was used, for example, Kipling in history about Mowgli. Black cat in her wise, dare, caring. The image of the panther is used in. We learn the nuances of their meanings.

The value of the tattoo "Panther"

Tattoo "Panther"associated with many gods. So, in ancient Greece, black cats accompanied Dionysus responsible for winemaking. There was a Panther and in a retinue Aphrodite - Goddess of Love. By the way, the very name of the beast has Greek etymology.

According to her, Panther is the main beast, or vague. It was holding her and Kirk - the daughter of sunshine and oceanides of Persians with him. Kira was famous for knowledge of magic. That's why panther Tatu - Photowhich can be a symbol of witchcraft.

At the same time, is a sign of order and harmony in nature. Interpretation is associated with Kibel. This is another goddess of ancient Greece, identified with Rey. Both regulated the elements, found harmony between them.

Christianity, the same, originated in ancient Greece. The first adepts of religion wrote the work "physiologist." In it, Panther is considered as an animal of Christ. The reason is the belief that black cats are spent on three days in the caves after hunting.

Animals are not visible and not heard, but on the third day the forest shudders from the roar. Panther is special, thanks to the structure of the larynx.

It turns out not so much a growl as a roar. Christians nickny him dislike as the voice of the Lord. Jawn and analogy with the resurrection of Jesus, whose body was placed in the cave.

Panther tattoo pictures- antipods of sketches with dragons. We are talking about Western, not Asian snakes. Decoding, again, is associated with Christianity. In it, snakes - the personification of the forces of evil, the devil, the tempter.

Panther, according to early Christians, the only beast, which dragons are afraid. They, in particular, scares the very roar of the predator. The treatises of the Middle Ages are indicated about this. Books about animals then called Bestiari.

They say: - "Having heed the voice of Panthers, the dragons are hiding under the ground and frozen from fear. So Jesus came down from heaven to save people from the power of the Devil Snake. " It turns out that in a broad sense "Black Panther" - tattoo, symbolizing victory over evil, salvation.

Supported by the aggression of black cats in China. From the point of view of Asian, Panther is a sign of danger, cruelty. However, there are other interpretations. They are associated with the sound of the name of the Beast on Chinese and the combination of this name with other words.

Predator in the Middle Birth name PJSC. This concept has a second meaning to proclaim. Forty called Hsi. The second decryption of the word is joy. We conclude what does Tattoo "Panthersororal. The picture is translated as the proclamation of joy.

Tattoo "Panther" for girls

Basic the value of the tattoo "Panther" in the girl - Grace. This is a common interpretation of cats. There are fewer joints in their skeleton. Instead of rigid bone compounds, muscle ligaments are present.

Therefore, the gait of predators is soft, elegant and silent. Such characteristics are impressed by women. There is something else that they are close panther.

Sketches demonstrate black cats. Coal tones - style symbol, fashion, harmony. Black - classic color. The drawing performed in it is a win-win option.

Girls prefer to place tattoo "Panther" on the blade, ankle, stomach, or in intimate zones. Often, the pictures on the hips are also ordered. Subconsciously, or not, the lady choose areas that emphasize their femininity.

An image of a grasiosis cat on an axis waist, a slim leg or steep hips - an additional way to express your essence.

In men, she is different. And the main trumps are power, aggression and power. They can also be emphasized using tattoo "Panther" on the leg, and not only.

Tattoo "Panther" for men

Guys request tattoo on the shoulder. Pantherlocated in the chest, back. Sometimes, caviar of the feet becomes "canvas" for the painting.

The trend is traced - men make a pallium on muscle reliefs. The drawings here not only carry a philosophical meaning, but also emphasize the athleticism of the body, strength.

Aggression inherent in men emphasizes tattoo "Oscal Panthers". An open mouth is a symbol of readiness for attacking, or defense.

With this, by the way, are associated with some cases of attacking predators on smiling people. Animals view their facial expressions, laughter, as signs of aggression. In nature, there is no smile.

There are several more reasons for men attend tattoo parlor. Panther -symbol of loneliness. Among the guys loving independence more than among girls. Many gentlemen, like wild cats, do not have permanent partners, are not nailed to "flocks".

They themselves and themselves are responsible for their actions. Therefore, a panther is chosen as the elm.

Speed \u200b\u200b- one more male meaning tattoo "Panther". Samara - One of the cities where there is a salon, named after the wild cat. Master of the institution tells that predators develop the speed of about 60 kilometers per hour.

These are gusts during the chase per prey. Dynamics, the desire to be the strongest and rapid - the classical desires of men. By the way, about strength.

Panthers, as a rule, attack the game, superior to them and in size, and by weight. At the same time, the hunters are managed to drag the masses of the victims on high trees. There are food in safety, no other predators will be seed on it.

As can be seen, acknowledged with panthers winning and aesthetics, and by meaning. Among the interpretations of the image there are no negative, with an explicit negative color.

There are sketches and for men, and for women. Although, in Russia, girls with black cats are often choosing girls. Cause - Associations with Bagira. This heroine of a fairy tale about Mowgli was a female.

To the question what does Panther tattoo mean, Answer quite simple. For a long time, this animal was attributed to the "aristocrats" animals, thanks to their inborn beauty, gloominess and arrogance. Mentions on black jaguars are in all ancient civilizations.

Historical summary

The most ancient mentions of the greatness of Panther are rooted in the history of Sumerians. Panther personified the goddess of fertility and love in Inanu. In the Mesopotamia of Panther, the symbol of God is a thunderstorm, rain and spring storms - Ninurta. In ancient Egypt, the skins of jaguarov and Panther were used in the burial rites to protect priests from the god of Darkness Set. Many mentions about these animals are in ancient Greece. For example, God rampant and Vakhanaliy Dionysis packed two jaguars in his chariot.

And in China, legends about black panthers. It was believed that Panther is a mix of a lion and the legendary animal who lived in China in distant times. Skura Panthers, as it was thought, possessed healing properties. In many eastern peoples, this beast is a symbol of aggressive and strong magic. The Maya Panthers tribes were the personification of the bridge between the reality and the finest matter.

Current styles and values

In our time, Panther is common among both women and the male population. The value of the tattoo panther at the girl Often connected with a wild unbridled character, tenderness and ferocity in one bottle, dedication and incredible love for offspring. It often characterizes mysterious and strong persons who can be patient and ruthlessly violent, sexy and deadly.

Tattoo Panther Value For men, very similar to female, however, a fighting fierce nest is much stronger. Men depicting onto a black pantry usually personify as brave, brave and strong, ready to take care of their family to the last breath. Often in Chinese battle associations is the emblem.

Application techniques

Panther tattoo It carries a strong symbolism and therefore an important value is fulfilling. In addition, Panther has a very monophonic black color and therefore the miniature image will look like a ridiculous dark spot. The size of this tattoo is of great importance. And the skill of transmission of lighting master too. Be careful when choosing them.

Often, depending on the place of application, panther Tattoo Value Slightly changes. Often, men choose the forearm or blades, since at these places the tattoo looks preconditioning. The female half chooses for applying the hip and oblique muscles of the press, emphasizing her sexuality.

The question is controversial, because there are many completely different versions. Perhaps a tattoo with this graceful wild cat is one of the most famous worldwide. None of the ancient civilizations cost without mentioning Panthers in his mythology and legends. This beast has the strongest energy, and I want to believe in his magical abilities and in the fact that by making such a tattoo, you can also purchase them. Let's try to understand exactly the panther must be obliged to attention from a person reasonable.

Panther on a guy's hand

Panther in the culture of the peoples of the world

The earliest mention of panthers and their greatness was discovered when studying the Sumerian civilization. They have a predatory cat, oddly enough, personified the goddess of fertility to Inanan. In Mesopotamia, in the image of Panthers appeared the God of rains and the storms of Ninurta.

The ancient Greeks believed that the god of fun and wine rides in the chariot, harvested by two jaguars (yellow panthers, about the difference between them and black it will be a little later). Most likely, the aggressiveness and hot-tempered panthers were compared with inadequate and sometimes dangerous for the human heightened behavior with alcohol.

The Egyptians used the skins of Panther in the burial rites as an offer to the God of Darkness Seth and defended the priests, putting on the skins on them.

The Indians of the Mayan tribe in the performance of various kinds of ritkalov wore the skins of jaguars as a sign of honor to him as a hunter.

The Chinese, on the contrary, considered Panther with cruel and cold-blooded killers who do not inspire anything except fear.

In the American Indians, Panthers were one of the strongest totem animals.

Panther Panther Pattern

Two types of Panther: What is the difference?

There is a classic black panther, and there is a jaguar - the so-called yellow panther. Although they relate to the same form, the symbolic meanings are opposite.

  • Black Panther. Patronizing the forces of the night and the moon. First-class hunter and perfect killer. In Asian countries (except in China) was considered the only creature capable of winning the dragon.
  • Yellow panther. Associates with bright sunlight and the sun itself. Previously, in rich African families held home jaguars, read and guarded as sacred animals.

Panther with grinding on the shoulder

Did you know? What, due to the fact that Panther has two color options, it was long considered a short, passing their one state to another. They also endowed the ability to turn into a person. Many peoples of Panther had a symbol of shamans with access to other worlds and measurements, including the afterlife, where the souls of the dead were resting.

More detailed opening of the panther

In fact, this amazing animal combines in its character inequalized qualities. At the same time there are courage, and femininity. These cats can be loving mothers and ferocious predators at the same time. Attachment to the family and its protection to the last drop of blood adjacent to the thirst for power and leadership qualities.

It is such a paradox that is the key to the fact that Panther's tattoo uses equal success in both the weak and heavy floors.

Old Chelse Image Panthers

I have a panther tattoo, the value of which is extremely clear to me: I am free from stamps and frames that try to impose a society and will defend it right to the end.

Lydia, Vladivostok.

I consider my tattoo with a reflection of my character. I am a non-conformist by nature, and never blindly, I'm simply just because it is necessary.

Alexey, Voronezh.

Panther on the leg

What does panther tattoo mean for a woman

As already noted, Panther perfectly reflects the female entity. That is why in Russian, the word "Panther" has already become nominal. So called a relaxed, bright, sexy woman with an unpredictable character. That is, the lady, who made the panther tattoo, most likely wants to emphasize these of their qualities, to show that they are proud of them and not shy.

In addition, Panthers are beautiful mothers who are sensitive and tremble to the offspring, are always ready to protect them and hardly ever challenging fate. What is not the perfect female image? Beauty, grace and maternal concern in one bottle.

Hand of a guy with a panther in the style of Old Chelse

My tattoo makes me confident and in my abilities. She is something important to me, without which I would not be. At first there were Associations Panthers with Siberianity, but then I deepened in the question and realized that I urgently need a tattoo of Panther. Sketches drawn in Photoshop and printed in several versions in a week were already with me in the tattoo salon. Half muzzle on the idea should be black on the background of the moon, and the second half is yellow (jaguar) on the background of the sun. In general, with some improvements, my plan was embodied in life, which I am extremely glad. Personally, I perceive this tattoo as a modification of Yin-Yan, who has long been aversion. It is worth only to wrap the old idea into a new shell - I immediately begin questions and surprise from all sides. I wish everyone reading the same way as me, to find my tattoo and be sure to make it.

Larisa, Magnitogorsk.

Panther on hand crawling up

Panther Tattoo: Values

After we literally decomposed the image of the panther and opened its essence, you can finally list the values \u200b\u200bthat have a tattoo with this striking animals.

  • Sweet Panther - a slow but faithful and inexorable approach of death. A reminder of the Tattoo Owner that no one is eternal, including himself, therefore, the time cannot be embarrassed in vain.
  • Panther, depicted in the jump - a sign of inconsistency, the strength of the Spirit, opposing the whole world. Also can mean the possession of supernatural abilities, that is, being an identifying label of psychics.
  • Maternal instinct, love for family and care for it.
  • Emblem of China's combat associations, the quality of an excellent fighter.
  • For a woman: unpredictability, sexuality.
  • Bravery and readiness for self-sacrifice for those who are expensive.

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Panther tattoo sketches

Tigers and other representatives of the Feline family. Graceful wildcat attracts both men and girls looking for an interesting and original design. In the article, we will tell, which means Tatu Panthers, and also get acquainted with the photo of finished works that will help when drawing up the future sketch.

Panther Tattoo: Drawing Value for Men and Women

The panther tattoo has a value that symbolizes the trick, courage, grace, courage, confidence and endurance, that is, the features inherent in a wild cat. In some cases, the tattoo is applied in order to show readiness to overcome life difficulties, distinctive purposefulness and high performance.

Some people are applied grinding panthers to symbolize freedom, power, leadership and power. Basically, such tattoo sketches are popular with men, as the design looks somewhat cruel and aggressively. The beast of the beast is suitable for guys who have the power of will, fighter temper and good physical training.

Also, the drawing can symbolize the beauty: this is the main value of the tattoo of Panther in the girl. For women's tattoo, an image of a relaxed or cartoon animal is used, rather than an angry beast, with a naked grind or claws. Therefore, the image with a softer design can be used to designate femininity and motherhood.

Girls with a tattoo of wild cats are characterized by a cunning character, sexuality, leadership qualities and femininity. A native drawing will help a woman to achieve heights in a quarry and bring good luck in his personal life.

In general, the meaning of this tattoo is wide, and each design has its own value. A more accurate meaning of the figure will depend on how the animal is depicted, as well as, on the associated elements surrounding the main image.

The tattoo in the form of a panther can be placed on any part of the body: there is no restrictions on the placement of the drawing. However, for tattoos requires a rather extensive area, regardless of whether the head of the panther or the full image of the animal will be depicted.

Male dolls are most often worn on her shoulder and on the chest, since muscle relief contributes to the giving volume and realism drawing. For a full-sized sketch, it is better to choose the area on the back: the spacious canvas will allow the master to portray the beast in more detail and effectively.

Panther's female tattoo will be perfectly located on the shovel, on the leg in the hip region or on hand. Little pictures look most original on the wrist.

Other common areas for applying tattoos include ribs, lower back, leg and belly.

Panther Tattoo - Sketches

Panther tattoos sketches are different from the point of view of design, colors and an image of an animal image. We will get acquainted with the most popular sketches designs.

Black Panther

The owner of such a drawing can be described as a purposeful and volitional person, ready to defend their own interests. In order to transmit the power of the native drawing, the animal muzzle is depicted in a fierce form with a grind.

Tribal style

This is another kind of design, which is becoming increasingly popular lately. An image of an animal in a tribal style can be used to connect a person with a spiritual world, from the point of view of abilities and power. Also, the tattoo can symbolize the honor, wisdom, valor, strength, divine beauty and strength.

Panther with claws

Cold claws symbolize power, aggression and strength. As a motive, a panther in the jump can be used, or the lapse of the animal with claws.


Some of the most popular male and female tattoos are images of a predator in a combat rack. This sketch transmits cruelty, merciless, beauty and grace of the beast.

Tatu Bagira

Cartoon heroes

Some people use the original approach and use the image of a beast from the movie as a tattoo to show cheerfulness and positive attitude to life. In some cases, the drawing reports that its owner has the same skills as the detective in the film.

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Traditional Tiger Tattoos

The tiger is considered the lord of the jungle within Indian culture and it’s no wonder why this powerful animal has garnered such a title. One of the most deadly jungle predators, the tiger is known for its ability to hunt and ambush its prey without detection. A traditional tiger tattoo ranks among the top of its class within the traditional style, with its beautiful stripes being replicated in art among many cultures throughout history.

How we perceive the tiger today has largely been influenced by many Asian cultures, taking their place within Zodiac calendars and being just as prominent of a symbol as the dragon. In China, the tiger is represented as protectors of the dead, closely associated with both God and wealth. Korean cultures believed that they are the king of animals whilst Japanese Samurais would adorn tigers upon their chest. A traditional tiger tattoo, when viewed in this context, represents strength, good luck, wisdom and prosperity.

In India, tigers are considered to be one of the most destructive and violent animals. It’s not uncommon to find stories of how tigers would wipe out entire villages and bring disrepair to the people of India. A sculpture made in the 18th century, Tipu’s Tiger, was created for Tipu Sultan as an emblem to expresses hatred for the British empire. The sculpture depicts a tiger attacking a European man, which emits a wailing sound when using the mechanisms.

With tigers being solitary animals, a traditional tiger tattoo can represent a lack of desire to follow the crowd and trust your instincts instead. A wearer can find meaning in being a free spirit with a powerful tiger tattoo.

Similarly to traditional panther tattoos, a tiger can be designed in a crawling stance or with a number of other motifs. These can include a jungle setting, in battle or with other elements such as skulls or daggers.

4 Handsome Boys Go on a Blind Date With Their Tattoos Covered #ShowMeTheTattoo #NEWLOOKDATE41

Top 63 Panther Tattoo Ideas [2021 Inspiration Guide]

Guys and panther tattoos are a match made in style heaven. There is an extreme amount of symbolism loaded into these big jungle cats, and all of the implications bode well for your projection of masculinity.

First things first, let’s be clear on an important fact: A lot of panther tattoos for guys are specifically meant to promote an ethnic heritage. Because some varieties of the ferocious feline are native to South America, they can be used to show off Latin pride.

African communities often have an affinity with the panther too. Because black variations of the breed are found in African and Asia, they have become synonymous with a variety of cultural groups, the most prominent of which is the Black Panther Party. In general, they are also prominent among martial artists in general, especially kickboxers.

If you consider ancient mythologies, then the panther is also a mystical multicolored creature. In old folklore, it was a symbol of prestige and dominance. It particularly marked sexual virility for men, which is another reason for guys to love panther tats. The legendary monster emitted pheromones to attract prey to his cave, which may be just like you and your man cave.

Alright, let’s see just how badass these panther tattoos can be! Here’s a carefully curated gallery for your triumphant indulgence:

1. Forearm Panther Tattoos

Forearm Climbing Panther Tattoo For Gentlemen

Male Panther Head Tattoos Forearm

Male Traditional Tattoo Panther Forearm

Tattoos Of Panthers For Men Forearm

Tattoo Mens Designs Panther

Incredible Tattoos Of Black Panthers For Males


2. Bicep Panther Tattoos

Bicep Guys Tattoo Of Panthers

Guys Panther Tattoo Ideas On Bicep

Mens Crawling Panther Tattoo On Bicep


3. Arm Panther Tattoos

3d Panther Tattoos For Men With Blue Eyes On Upper Arm

Black Panther Mens Tattoo On Upper Arm

Guys Panther Tribal Tattoo On Arm

Male Tattoo Arm Panther Old School

Masculine Mens Panther Paw Tattoo On Arm

Tattoo Arm Old School Panther Dagger For Men

Panther Tattoo Design For Males

Upper Arm Ripped Skin Manly Panther Tattoos Designs

Mens Panther Tattoo Designs


4. Sleeve Panther Tattoos

Man With Panther Tattoo Sleeve In Red Ink


5. Chest Panther  Tattoos

Cool Panther Tattoos Men On Chest

Incredible Black Panther Tattoo On Chest For Men

Man With Panther Tribal Tattoos On Chest

Mesn Chest Japanese Panther Tattoo

Old School Panther Tattoo On Mens Chest

Panther Face Tattoo For Men On Chest

Panthers Tattoo For Males

Tattoo Of Black Panther On Mens Shoulder

Masculine Mens Panther Tattoos


6. Back Panther Tattoos

Back Panther Tattoo On Men In Black Ink

Mens Full Back Panther Tattoo In Black And Red Ink

Tattoo Back Eagle Panther For Men

Panthers Tattoos For Men

Panther And Snake Tattoo For Men


7. Side Panther Tattoos

Rib Cage Side Mens Traditional Panther Tattoo


8. Rib Panther Tattoos

Tattoo Of A Panther For Men On Rib Cage Side


9. Leg Panther Tattoos

Black Panther Head Tattoo For Guys On Leg Calf

Male Traditional Panther Tattoos On Leg Calf

Tattoo Mens Black Panther On Legs

Classic Panther Tattoo On Man On Forearm

Black Panthers Tattoo For Guys On Back Of Leg Calf

Mens Panther Tattoo Sleeve On Legs

Tribal Panther Tattoo For Men


10. Thigh Panther Tattoos

Mens Panther Head Tattoo On Thigh

Male Tribal Panther Tattoos On Thigh


11. Shoulder Panther Tattoos

Male Tattoos Panthers On Shoulder

Mens Tattoo Shoulder Old School Panther

Mens Tattoos Black Panthers


12. Stomach Panther Tattoos

Mens Sword And Panther Tattoo On Stomach


13. Foot Panther Tattoos

Guys Tattoo Of Black Panther On Foot


14. Hand Panther Tattoos

Guys Black Panther Tattoos Designs On Hands

Mens Hand Black Panther Tattoos


15. Finger Panther Tattoos

Mens Black Panther Tattoo On Fingers


16. Neck Panther Tattoos

Black Panthers Tattoos For Males On Neck

Old School Panther Mens Tattoos


17. Head Panther Tattoos

Traditional Panther Head Tattoo For Men

Cool Tattoos Panther For Men

Old School Mens Panther Tattoo

Panther Tattoo Inspiration For Men


18. Skull Panther Tattoos

Tattoo Panther For Men With Skulls


19. Japanese Panther Tattoos

Back Tattoo Of Japanese Panther Design


20. Traditional Panther Tattoos

Panther Tattoo Traditional Style For Men


21. More Panther Tattoo Ideas

Arm Sword And Black Panther Tattoo Design For Guys

Guy With Panther Paw Tattoos With Scratched Skin

Panther Claw Mens Tattoo

Realistic Black Panther Tattoo Designs For Males


Tattoo asian panther

I went in again and began to look closely, they are ready to stick out in some booths and watch everyone entering. I'm in the very corner and to the urinal. Again that man, I'm already staring at the penis, but he likes it and he strokes and nods to me in the direction of the booth.

Okay, I think the people are few figs with him.

Top 40 Best Panther Tattoos

This insane, unreal beauty, bordering on divine beauty alone, gives her confidence. So she thinks, continuing to do half-squats, pouring steel into. Her fleshy buttocks to spasms. Her muscles are bloodshot, expanded, she herself feels how unusual it has become to walk, playing with her booty, like a race mare.

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