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For more than 30 years now, building on its roots in analog sound, Hercules has been devoting its energy to designing audio solutions for people who love music — just like you! Since the very beginning, Hercules’ DJ controller range has been created with a vision in mind: namely, that innovation, authenticity, cutting-edge technology and incredible ease of use would open up DJing to everybody looking to get started in this exciting art form, and have fun honing their skills. This vision led Hercules to create the very first dual-deck DJ controller for computers to feature a built-in audio interface, launched in Over the years, Hercules has acquired a huge amount of know-how, and enjoys a worldwide reputation as one of the leaders in portable mixing controllers for computers.

Hercules is fully committed to supporting your dream of starting to DJ, learning about it, making progress and — above all — having a blast while you&#;re at it!

Your adventure starts here.

It&#;s your turn.

Have a look around our DJ academy to learn the basics of Djing, get some new tips and tricks and get inspirations from our DJ ambassadors and see which product fits the best your needs.


Hercules DJ Control Starlight

Ultra-compact, ultra-light, ultra-practical and ultra-unique with its lights, the DJControl Starlight packs all the features needed to mix and scratch with Serato DJ Lite. With its built-in audio interface, the DJControl Starlight offers pre-listening in the headphones so you can then play your mix on speakers, which is perfect for learning or creating new mixes. The system is so comprehensive for its size that it boasts all the essential features such as bass equalization/filter knobs for smooth transitions or touch-sensitive jog wheels for easy scratching. The added bonus: the bright and powerful RGB backlighting with unique strobe effects to make it easier to learn how to mix.



Built-in audio interface

Master out for speakers: 1/8” stereo ( mm)Headphones out: 1/8” stereo ( mm)Audio resolution: bit/ kHz

Controls Per Deck

2 decks

Touch detection on jog wheel

Backlit Base : 

Visual information controlled by Serato DJ Lite

Put on a stunning show with the RGB strobe effect backlighting

4 pads x 4 modes (hot-cue, loop, fx, sampler)

Controls On Mixer

Crossfader; master volume knob; headphones volume knob;

1 bass EQ/filter knob per deck;

1 deck volume knob per deck

Fun lighting helps you learn to mix

Control the lighting of the base from your controller or directly in Serato DJ Lite thanks to the 7 modes:

1. LED off

2. LED on

3. Beat 1 Program: The LEDs light up in red at the first beat of the main song and in blue on the following beats, turning off between beats.

4. Beat 2 Program: The LEDs light up in red at the first beat of the main song and in blue on the following beats, without turning off.

5. Master Volume Program: the LEDs light up in white; their intensity depends on the volume

6. Waveform Color Program: 2 LEDs per deck reproduce the colors of the waveform of the respective tracks.

7. Cue point Color Program:  2 LEDs per deck light up progressively, according to the color of the upcoming Point Cue.

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Hercules DJ Control Inpulse

A high-functioning mid-range controller

Sitting comfortably between the Inpulse and the Inpulse , the DJControl Inpulse is the mid-range model of the acclaimed DJ controller series, developed by Hercules. This 2-deck controller provides everything any ambitious beginner DJ will need. Two jog wheels allow for precise time manipulation and search within each deck track, both in vinyl and CD modes. The mixer is equipped with a traditional three-band EQ and of course a staple DJ filter. Both channels can be monitored separately via cue mix. On top of that, eight performance pads per channel allow samples and loops to be fired at will.

All-round control

The Hercules DJControl Inpulse is a classic all-in-one DJ controller - this means it does not itself produce the sound, but rather provides a haptic and intuitive interface that works in conjunction with computer-based DJ software, which will play the music from a computer. Included in the bundle is DJUCED, the impressive proprietary software which Hercules has developed in-house. In addition, the DJControl Inpulse acts as the main audio interface, so that all interaction with the DJ controller is concentrated in one place once the music gets going - because nothing is more distracting than having to constantly inspect what is going on with the computer when in the middle of a performance.

A lot of controller for the money

Beginners in particular will enjoy the Hercules DJControl Inpulse controller: it is affordable, fully functional and full of features. The on-board assistant is a useful learning tool for budding DJs, as are the tutorial videos included; otherwise everything necessary to get you going is there, in a single compact box. You only need a computer, a USB cable, a pair of headphones – and you’re ready to go. The Inpulse also includes a powerful effects unit, which will morph your track collection to your liking.

About Hercules

French manufacturer Hercules has been making all kinds of affordable audio equipment for over 30 years. The choice ranges from pro audio speakers and headphones to gaming accessories. However, the focus is currently on entry-level DJ equipment. Hercules knows how to produce well-designed equipment at impressively low prices, while always keeping beginners in mind. For example, specific models of DJ controllers come with tutorial functions that help budding DJs learn correct beat-matching and other essential DJ skills.

Helping hands for budding DJs

A good selling point of Hercules controllers to newcomers is the ‘beat match guide’ functionality. LED lights inform the DJ in real time whether a track needs to be sped up or slowed down in order to match the master deck. Minimal increments are indicated, and this function can be disabled at any time. The ‘Beat Align’ indicator under each deck indicates whether the tracks are in sync, or out of “lock”. This can be a great tool for developing the ear, as well as rhythm and tempo, since beat-matching requires some practice - and is not learnt overnight. Of course, any help function can also be disabled at any time.

Hercules DJControl Starlight Review - Good For New DJs?

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DJStarter Kit : Unboxing \u0026 Set Up Tutorial - Hercules

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