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Tumblr media

MHA healthy coping mechanisms - i think I wrote this and never posted it??? 

Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media

I’ve twisted this around a bit to make this more specific, so this is, what healthy coping mechanism would each MHA boy do with you!!!! And what you do with them!

Kirishima -

What he does with you - Exercise. Pick your poison, whatever it is, yoga, swimming, volleyball, pilates, Kirishima is doing it with you, making sure you don’t hurt yourself with poor form, massaging your muscles if you're sore. If you don’t feel like working out in whatever form you do, he makes it his priority to go on a light walk outside with you, so that you don’t spend all day in bed, even if you want to. 

What you do with him - Deep breathing exercises. Kirishima is so emotionally intelligent, naturally in tune to the needs of everyone around him. It gets to be a bit overwhelming at times, not that he’d ever show his friends that vulnerability. As he learns to set boundaries with them, he finds sitting with you and doing some deep breathing exercises to be a great grounding method, reminding him to control the controllables. 

Bakugou - 

What he does with you - Grounding exercises. If you start to panic, if your eyes get glassy, no matter where you are or what’s happening, Bakugou is the first to notice. He takes on supporting your mental health with the same fervent ambition he chases number one with, which means he’s always watching. He’ll hold your hand and growl a soft praise at you when you name six things you can see around the room, stroking your palm with his thumb, softly prompting you to then tell him six things you can feel. 

What you do with him - Taking a time out. Managing a loud, raw temper is tough, but in order to be a pro hero and actually maintain relationships with people, Bakugou is learning to do it. You have a secret code, where he squeezes your hand three times, and no matter where you are or what you’re doing the two of you go outside and take a little walk. He yells and vents, and you nod and smile, and then he kisses your forehead and looks at you with uncharacteristic vulnerability, heart rate slowed, face no longer flushed, ready to return. 

Hawks - 

What he does with you - Reminds you that nothing is permanent. Not your situation, not the way your feeling. Time will pass, and things will change. You need a distraction? Hawks is your man, he know just the activity, going on a run, taking you up into the sky for a special late night flight, putting on exactly the right comforting television show. 

What you do with him - Hawks has terrible nightmares, and at he used to be embarrassed when he’d wake up crying, and shaking, but now he’s used to your soothing voice, validating his fear while reminding him of reality, asking permission to gently touch and comfort him, and he folds into your warmth. 


What he does with you - Deku is an analytical problem solver. When you are overwhelmed, he has you vent, and he writes everything down for you and organizes your problems on a graph, with the x axis being solvability and the y axis being urgency. He’s great at taking your complex nebulous emotions, and planting your feet on the ground in logic, all while never invalidating them. 

What you do for him - give him a safe place to express his emotions. Midoriya knows he can always cry to you, and you’ll hold him and listen. He’s very strong, all the time, and he knows he can be vulnerable around you. After a tough day of work, it’s the wordless communication - the way he’ll bury his face in your neck and sigh. He respects your boundaries, and does the same for you, but it’s nice for him to know you’ll never judge him for being so expressive. 

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Izuku Midoriya / Deku

~General  Headcanon / thoughts 

Warning: Yandere behaver, Dark themes, 18+ No Miners

Izuku Midoriya would be an interesting yandere for several reasons, 

1. His determination - 

When Midoriya has his mind set on something or someone he will be hellbent on getting it (or them), even if it is impossible for him. He won’t give up so easily, even if you reject him or distance yourself from him. This doesn't particularly make him a deadly yandere but he will go to hell and back as many times as it takes to get to you.

2. His pain tolerance -

Whether it be physical or emotional pain, Midoriya can endure a scary amount of it. He is willing and able to break every bone in his body for you, especially if you are (in his eyes) in danger. He has a very good handle on his emotions soon after his first year of highschool, he may cry here and there but he wouldn’t try to take it out on you. 

3. His patience -

He would wait 10 lifetimes if it means that he would have you willingly be with him. He wants the moment to be perfect to ask you out, he's a gentleman after all. He doesn’t want you to feel uncomfortable but if he feels like the relationship is at a standstill or heaven forbid your withdrawing from him then he will sit down with you and talk about it. Beware though, his patience can only last for so long.

4. And his charisma -

Midoriya can talk his way out of anything or at least twist the situation to his favor. He knows how to read people and what to say to them, that includes you, especially you. He has studied you, knows almost everything about you by heart. He knows your likes and dislikes, what you're allergic to, what makes you tic. He wants to know what is rolling around in that little head of yours and he will use this knowledge to get close to you. 

Overall you can have a pretty “normal” relationship with him if you play your cards right. He will probably have possessive episodes here and there because of his past but rest assured just show him that you're not going anywhere, that you are his and he is yours, and he will snap out of it.

Tumblr media

#yandere izuku midoriya#y/n#yandere#izuku midoria x reader#my hero acadamy#yandere bnha#deku#headconon

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MHA Boys Catch Mineta Perving on You

Ft. Midoriya, Bakugou, Todoroki, Shinsou x fem!reader

Warnings: Swearing, sexual harassment, Mineta being a disgusting human being, violence, mentions of death, lots of Mineta slander (seriously if you have even the slightest ounce of respect for that grape, don't read this) 

Note: this is totally irrelevant, however when I wrote these, I saw them all as second / third years in my head. Not that any of these need explicit age descriptors, that's just how the characters seemed in my brain at the time. 

Also, I'm going to apologise now for the fact that this isn't edited in the slightest. This post is complete undiluted word-vomit in my part and I hope you enjoy :))

Part 2  Part 3

Izuku Midoriya 

Tumblr media

The day Mineta decided to put his hands on you was probably the only time you'd ever seen your boyfriend really, truly pissed. 

You had been having a relatively relaxed school day. There hadn't been any villain attacks, no one had suffered a near fatal injury during training and nobody was stressing about upcoming assignments or exams. You had decided to spend one of your rare moments of free time with two of your closest friends in the class, Uraraka and Asui. The three of you had made plans to spend the afternoon at the mall and you were incredibly excited to finally get off the UA campus after so long. 

You were walking out of the classroom, chatting idly with your two friends when it happened. One minute you were giggling over some silly comment Uraraka had made and the next you felt a grimy hand creeping its way under your skirt. 

With a squeak of surprise, you jumped away from the touch and spun around to see Mineta standing behind you, a sickening grin of delight on his face. Your mouth dropped open in shock and your fists clenched as anger began to immediately bubble within you. However, before you could begin your verbal abuse of the disgusting little pervert, a new hand grabbed Mineta's outstretched wrist. 

The boy's face immediately went white and he slowly turned his head to see Izuku Midoriya standing beside him, his green eyes dark and furious. 

"Apologise," the taller boy growled out in a tone so cold it could have rivalled Todoroki's. "Apologise now." 

Mineta scrambled to get away from your boyfriend, twisting his wrist in a desperate attempt to free himself from the tight grip Izuku had in his arm. His eyes were wide with terror. 

"M'sorry," he squealed out and you were struck with how much he sounded like a terrified pig. "I didn't mean any harm, m'sorry, I swear!" 

The corner of Izuku's mouth twitched into a deeper frown and you could tell that he knew Mineta was lying through his teeth. However you could also see that your boyfriend was very much aware of the odd looks he and Mineta were receiving from passing students. 

With a scoff of disgust, Izuku shoved Mineta away from him. "Go, now," he grumbled out to the shorter boy, who instantly did as he was told and ran for the hills. Then Izuku turned to look at you and his gaze immediately softened. Gently, he ran his hands down your arms. 

"I'm sorry," he mumbled quietly. "I saw what he was about to do from the classroom but I wasn't fast enough to stop it. Are you okay?" 

You nodded and offered him a soft smile. "I'm okay. Thank you for doing that." 

Izuku smiled back at you, the familiar shy grin that you'd grown to love. He leaned down to kiss your forehead softly. 

"Mm, 'course, Pumpkin. Any time." 

Katsuki Bakugou 

Tumblr media

You had seen Bakugou angry many times before. In fact, it was uncommon to see him openly express any emotion that wasn't anger. 

However, the day Mineta decided to try his luck with you was the first day you were ever truly worried that Bakugou might actually kill a classmate. 

Class A had been working on hand-to-hand combat training for the better part of an hour and unfortunately for you, you had been partnered with Mineta. Of course, you tried to be civil with him, since you didn't want to make a scene and thankfully,the pair of you almost got through the entire session without any major incidents. 


Looking back, you probably shouldn't have tried that flip on Mineta, but you were so lost in the training that for a split section you forgot who you were dealing with.

Within seconds, you had the grape pinned easily to the training mat, your body hovering above his. Before you even knew what was happening, one of his hands came up to grope hungrily across your chest. 

You recoiled immediately, a horrified look on your face. At the same time, a loud yell could be heard from the other end of the room. 

In the blink of an eye, there was the BOOM! of an explosion and then your boyfriend came flying cross the training hall and grabbed Mineta by the front of his collar. 

"Katsuki-!" you barely had time to say before Bakugou hurled Mineta with every ounce of his strength at the nearest wall. Your eyes flew wide open and for a split second, you thought the smaller boy was actually going to hit the hard concrete and crack his scull open. However, at the last second he managed activate his quirk and bounced harmlessly backwards. 

Bakugou let out a growl that was so animalistic it brought goosebumps to the surface of your skin. His palms glowed white hot and his muscled tensed as he prepared to dive at Mineta and do god knows what to him. Thankfully, before he could move, he was tackled from behind by Kirishima and Sero.

Bakugou roared as his body hit the floor with a thud. Immediately he began to struggle against his friends' grip, literally trying to claw his way across the room to Mineta, who was cowering against the opposite wall. "Let me at him!” Bakugou growled out furiously. “I swear to god, Shitty Hair, Tape Face! You'd better fucking let me go before I blast both of you all the way to hell-!" 

You scrambled to your feet and ran to your boyfriend, grabbing his shoulders. "Katsuki!" you said in a desperate attempt to calm him down, "It’s okay! I'm fine, I promise, please-" 

"It’s so far from fucking fine," Bakugou spat. He was still struggling against Kirishima and Sero's hold. "He touched you. I swear, I'm going to peel that little fucker's face off!" 

"Not to encourage him," Kirishima said, huffing slightly at the effort of restraining Bakugou, "but I agree. That guy's always being creepy and he never listens when any of you girls tell him to stop." 

"I kinda wish I could beat him up myself," sighed out Sero. "He freaks me out." 

By this time, the rest of the class had figured out what was going on. A few of your other friends, including Mina and Jirou, had advanced on Mineta, their eyes flashing, while the rest of the group where deliberating going to find a teacher. However you ignored all of them and set you attention firmly on Bakugou. Sinking to your knees, you drew him into a soft hug. 

"I'm okay," you mumbled into his hair, feeling the way his entire body trembled beneath your touch. "Mineta is gross and disgusting and I'd like nothing more than for you to blast him off the face of the earth but I don't want you to get in trouble." 

Bakugou sighed heavily, his fists still clenched. However he stopped writhing and went limp against you. Cautiously, Sero and Kirishima released their grips on him. 

You offered your two friends smiles of thanks as they moved backwards, which they acknowledged with grins of their own. Then they turned and headed in the direction of the crowd congregated around Mineta, ominous glints flaring up in both of their eyes. 

Upon seeing them leave, Bakugou buried his face in your shoulder. "Please," he mumbled out. "Please let me punch him. I see him looking at you all the time and I… I have to do something. It just makes me so angry, the way he treats you. And all the other girls too." 

You looked at him with in surprise, the pained tone of his voice catching you off guard. You’d always known Bakugou hated Mineta, however you weren't aware of just how deep his feelings ran. Turning your head, you looked over at the way your classmates were circled around Mineta. The smaller boy looked terrified out of his mind and for a moment, you almost felt sorry for him. 

Then you noticed how even through his fearful tears, he was eyeing up Yaomomo's chest and your resolve evaporated. 


Bakugou stared at you as you released him from your embrace. "What?"

"I'm not going to stop you." You glowered in Mineta's direction. "He deserves it anyway." 

"You mean I can-?" 

"Go for it." You shrugged and pressed a short kiss to his lips. Then you rose to your feet. "Just don't mess yourself up." 

Bakugou's expression darkened into a sinister smirk and he crackled his knuckles aggressively. 

"Oh fuck yes."

Shoto Todoroki 

Tumblr media

Shoto Todoroki had never been the type to get violent when something upset him. 

He was, however, the type to get even, which was arguable worse. 

Mineta had been harassing you for a while. Being the nice human being you were, you'd tried to remain good natured about the situation, however after months of having to dodge his constant remarks and snide glances, he was seriously starting to piss you off. 

The last straw came when one evening, you caught the little creep peering in through your balcony window after having used his quirk to scale the outside wall of the dorm. And, much to your horror, he managed to time his attack perfectly so that he was able to get a peek just as you were changing out of your school clothes. 

Fortunately for you, he also managed to catch you on the day when you boyfriend had been too goddamn lazy to leave to go back to his own room after walking you to yours after school.

Shoto raised his head from where it had been buried in your pillow at the sound of your squeak of surprise. Almost immediately, his eyes locked with those of the disgusting grape who had been staring at you with a sickening expression in his face. 

The world seemed to stop for a second as the temperature in your room dropped. 

"Angel," Shoto then said quietly and his tone was so icy you felt your stomach drop. "Could you look away for a second. I need to take care of something." 

You looked from your boyfriend’s scarily calm expression to Mineta who was still frozen on your balcony, a look of terror on his face. For a moment, you considered interfering. 

But then you remembered that a) Mineta deserved all the pain that came his way, and b) when Shoto had set his mind to something, no one, not even All Might, had the ability to stop him. 

So you did as he asked and turned away, scrambling to pull on the loose t-shirt in your hands as you did so. 

There was the crack of freezing ice and then a small squeak from Mineta. Then deathly silence, punctuated only by the slow tap of Shoto's footsteps against your floor. 

"You alright, Angel?" came the quiet voice of your boyfriend after a pause and your body relaxed when you felt the soft touch of Shoto's hands settling on your sides. A nose pressed to your shoulder. 

"Yeah, I'm…" you gulped and shivered as you remembered the way Mineta had ogled your bra. "I'm okay. He's just so disgusting." 

"I'd love nothing better than to torture him until he laments his actions," said Shoto calmly into the fabric of your t-shirt. "However I doubt that would look good on my hero record. Hopefully he won't try anything with you again though." 

"You're kind of sadistic, Sho," you chuckled softly, turning in his arms to face him. "Not that I'm complaining but sheesh, that was a little scary." 

"I'm sorry, my love," Shoto apologised, kissing your cheek sweetly. "I was just furious. No one should ever violate anyone's privacy like that, especially not yours." 

"Thank you," you mumbled to him, resting your forehead on his chest. "It means a lot." 

"Any time, Angel," Shoto replied softly, kissing the top of your head. 

Hitoshi Shinsou

Tumblr media

You had expected that doing your work study at the same agency as Shinsou would be a dream. After all, who wouldn't want to spend some extra time with their boyfriend while out in the field.

Unfortunately, basically holding the position of a sidekick meant you were obligated to participate with team up mission with other agencies as well. And more often than not, the other heroes you were forced to work with weren't all that pleasant. 

You had a bad feeling in your gut the minute you heard you would be working with Mineta and his mentor on your latest team up. A bad feeling that only worsen as time passed and you were constantly subjected to the uncomfortable feeling of your temporary teammate’s hungry eyes on you. 

Thankfully, the mission was over relatively quickly and you were able to return to your agency with a good few hours of the day left. Flopping down on the couch of the recreation room, you let out a long groan of satisfaction. 

Shinsou chuckled at you from where he stood in the doorway before turning away. “I'm going to shower," he threw casually over his shoulder as he disappeared from your sight. You barely had the energy to muster a half hearted grunt of acknowledgment as you eyes slid closed. 

You dozed for what could have been seconds or could have been hours, stirring only when you felt the couch dip beside you. For a moment you thought it was Shinsou, however when you opened your eyes you were greeted with the face of very much the wrong purple haired boy. 

Mineta offered you a sickening grin. His hand slid onto your thigh. "You looked really hot out there today," he lisped disgustingly. "Did you make your costume tighter?" 

You inched away from him, suppressing a gag. "No, my costume is the same as it’s always been," you replied, your tone clipped. 

"That’s weird," Mineta said, leading forward. You were horrified to see his line of sight was fixed directly on your chest. "I swear I can see the outline of your bra." 

Immediately one of your hands came up to shield yourself from his invasive gaze. You shuffled away from him again as your cheeks flushed with both embarrassment and self-consciousness. "I don't-" 

"It’s alright." Mineta grinned up at you and you felt his hand return to your leg. "I don't mind seeing that stuff. In fact, I'd like to see mor-" 

He was cut off when a smooth grey fibre suddenly wrapped around his head, covering his mouth. 

You whipped round to see Shinsou standing in the doorway, his violet hair still dripping wet from his shower. His capture weapon was steady in his hand, the other end restraining Mineta, and his expression was grim. 

"Don’t you dare say another word, you disgusting little creep." 

Immediately you abandoned your place on the couch and moved towards him, you heart beating furiously. Without missing a beat, Shinsou met you with an open arm, hugging you protectively against his body as you buried your head in his shoulder  . 

"Mfff-" Mineta mumbled out, struggling against the capture weapon. Shinsou glared at him with a look that reminded you so much of Aizawa is was almost terrifying. 

"Don’t even think about trying to escape. You should feel very lucky I’m not allowed to use my quirk on you otherwise I would have told you to go walk yourself off a building." 

Mineta squeaked in fear. 

"God, you really are disgusting," Shinsou spat, releasing Mineta from his hold. His capture weapon snapped back in such a way that the perverted grape tumbled backwards off the couch. 

Immediately, Shinsou turned to look at you, his gaze softening. Cradling your cheek gently in one hand, he let his eyes scan your face as he murmured, "You alright, Muffin?" 

You nodded and turned to bury your nose in the nape of his neck. The tips of his still wet hair tickled your cheek but you ignored them, inhaling his familiar scent. 

"I'm sorry I wasn't here," Shinsou mumbled, glaring at Mineta who had only just managed to get to his feet. "I should never have let him be alone with you." 

"S'okay," you mumbled back. "Can we go just back to the school now. I'm tired." 

"Of course, Muffin," Shinsou kissed your forehead sweetly. “Let's go."

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Sweat. (Alpha!Deku x Reader)

Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media

masterlist | ao3 

Pairing: Alpha!Deku x Reader

Summary: Izuku’s the bassist of an up and coming band and as alpha as can be. You’re their pretty omega stage manager who can’t seem to get him out of your head. He’s magnetic. 

“As far as jobs go, this was ideal. You got paid well to order others around and ensure everything went well and, most of the time, you got weeknights off. You could deal with the sudden heats brought on by an alpha entirely too close to your ideal tastes and the shivers he sent through you when he’d step too close. That was manageable, to a degree. And sure, you’ve got some weird friends, but what’s not to love about a couple of music-loving oddballs with a hunger for success?”

Content Warnings: A/b/o, knotting, heats, biting, marking, dacryphilia, size kink, semi-public sex, slight exhibitionism, slight dubcon (alcohol), drugs, possessiveness, slight cockwarming, mentions of fingering and oral, mentions of blood.

Word Count: 10.8k (whew)

A/N: I think this is the longest one shot fic I’ve ever written. It’s also my first full a/b/o piece. I’m super nervous to post this but I hope y’all enjoy it <3 thanks for being here. 

Tumblr media
Tumblr media

You landed this job a while ago. You really aren’t sure how, but fresh out of college you managed to snag a job with one of the best up and coming music groups in Japan, Sweat. You’re not sure how you were qualified. Outside of being the stage manager for a few college productions, you knew very little about what it meant to be a “manager”. Still, here you were, marching around backstage as music thundered through your ears from the speakers beside the stage, ordering interns and stagehands around as the show went on. 

Perhaps the strangest part of your entire… situation, was the fact that you were the only omega backstage, that was part of the crew at least. It was odd already for omegas to have such public jobs, but it was odder still to be in charge of something. While society had been progressing, there was no doubt that omegas were less likely to receive jobs in positions of power when compared to alphas and betas. They were just too much of a liability, though you thought that was bullshit considering it’s alphas that couldn’t fucking control themselves. But the ones you worked with were alright. 

There were three alphas and one beta, to be exact. First was the drummer, a tall, hulking man with blonde hair and aggressive eyes. Bakugou was actually responsible for naming the band, insisting that the absurd amount the men sweat on stage would make the name suitable and everyone else, being amicable, went along with it. He didn’t have the best disposition, grumpy and easily angered, and never bothered to hide his pheromones which led to him getting quite a following of omega fans eager to get a taste. You don’t blame them, as far as alphas go, he’s at the top. 

Then there was the guitarist, an alpha named Sero with a lean build and a sly grin that never failed to make you shrink under him. He liked to tease you. Sero got a kick out of the way your eyes went wide when he cracked a joke that was just a little too edgy for your gentler tastes, though not by much. He was funny though and an incredibly skilled backup singer for the front “man” of the band. 

Their lead singer was your favorite. She was undoubtedly the kindest of the group and was usually the one responsible for keeping you from situations in which you might be in trouble, physically at least. Ochaco was a beta and a really beautiful one at that. Honestly, you’d say she rivalled omegas with the gentle curve of her nose and the roundness in her cheeks that bounced stage lights off of them in a way that made her glow. She had a kickass voice, one that captivated audiences so that whichever omegas came for the alphas, stayed to watch her perform. 

And finally, there was Izuku, their bassist who went by the stage name Deku. He was an alpha, though considerably more mild than any you’d met, but an alpha nonetheless. He never showed much interest in omegas and his kind disposition made him far less threatening when standing next to Bakugou and Sero. He clearly held the most respect for you and, while the group respected you in general, there was just something about Deku that made you feel incredibly seen. The thing was, when Izuku talked, you listened. He was entirely magnetic, even without the aid of pheromones, he was someone who saw directly into you and expected to be seen in return. 

Deku was tall and broad with an easygoing smile that made just about anyone who met him putty in his fingers. On stage, he was easygoing. He moved with the music, gentle fingers gliding over thick strings that rung with a rich baritone each time he plucked them. Deku was your favorite to watch on stage, and your favorite to watch in general. Backstage, he was quieter, more gentle in the way he moved and spoke. It’s clear that he grew into his looks later in life because he was completely and utterly unaware of the effect he had on others, at least that’s how it seemed. For an alpha, Deku was considerably blushy, cheeks almost always flushed a deep crimson with each word of praise offered to him. 

Still, he had a vice-like grip on you, whether he was aware of it or not. Deku made the omega in you keen, made you sweat with an animalistic desire that left you breathless. 

As far as jobs go, this was ideal. You got paid well to order others around and ensure everything went well and, most of the time, you got weeknights off. You could deal with the sudden heats brought on by an alpha entirely too close to your ideal tastes and the shivers he sent through you when he’d step too close. That was manageable, to a degree. And sure, you’ve got some weird friends, but what’s not to love about a couple of music-loving oddballs with a hunger for success? 

“Could I get a water bottle?” Bakugou’s voice pulled you from your thoughts, turning to face the sweat drenched man as he stood in front of you. 

“Say please, asshole.” Uraraka retorted, slapping his chest and apologizing on his behalf. 

“I’m used to it. You’re lucky I’m nice, Katsuki.” You laughed, poking his chest and turning to grab a water bottle from an intern who’d run one over. “See? Easy.” 

“First name basis now, huh?” He raised an eyebrow, popping the cap off the bottle and lifting it to his lips with a puff. 

You could smell him, the rich smell of his alpha scent as it poured off of him in droves. You’d be lying if you said it didn’t do anything to you, the smell invading your mind and body and bringing out something a little more primal in you. You learned to ignore it as best you could a long time ago, your daily blockers and meds often doing the trick to quell whatever animal inside of you begged to be let out. 

“Yup. Go get changed. You stink.” You rolled your eyes, pushing the group towards the dressing room. 

“What about me, ____? Do I smell?” Sero leaned forward, tilting his neck to the side, teasing you. 

“Like a wet dog.” You held your breath. You knew what he was trying to do. Sero did shit like this all the time. He liked to watch the way heat rose to your cheeks whenever you caught a whiff of him. Something about it made him feel almost giddy and he made no effort to hide his latent interest in you. 

“That’s rude, Sero.” It was Deku who spoke up, shoving Sero forward and tossing you a look that felt a little too unreadable. “Sorry.” He mumbled, gaze lingering for a moment.

You shook your head before meeting his eyes. “Change. You smell too.” 

You hadn’t intended for the slight shake in your voice. Whatever you were smelling off of him had the omega in you keening, it was rich and heavy on the back of your tongue, rousing your gut to start twisting against your better judgement. Deku stood for a moment, head tilted before a violent blush crept across his cheeks and a sorry once again rolled from his lips as he headed off. Not very alpha of him at all. 

You’d been fighting this feeling, this tension for a while. Deku always got a rise out of the omega in you, the animal inside that practically preened every time he came around. Maybe that’s why none of the other boys’ scent bothered you, because that part deep inside of you was so intrigued, so consumed with Izuku. 

It made you wonder if he felt it too, if he felt that undeniable pull in his gut each time you came around. The thought made you nervous. It made you think that perhaps it was just you. Maybe you just weren’t omega enough for him. You pushed the idea aside, following the group into the dressing room and subsequent lounge where they chatted idly as they got dressed. 

“Our set would have been perfect if Bakugou hadn’t done that stupid fucking trick during the fourth song.” Sero spoke from the corner where he put on his shirt. 

“Shut the fuck up, I wanted to try something.” Bakugou snapped from the couch, where one of his arms was draped over the back of the soft fabric, head turning to look at you. “Tell this fucker that it wasn’t a big deal, _____.” 

“It threw off my rhythm!” Sero threw his arms up. 

“You shouldn’t do stupid shit like that, Katsuki.” You crossed your arms over your chest, taking Sero’s side with a small smile. 

A grin spread across Sero’s face before he walked over to toss an arm around you. “That’s my girl. See? She agrees.” 

You could feel the sweat on his skin sticking to your bare arm, his torso draped over you as he grinned down at you. For some reason, your eyes darted to Izuku, whose eyes were trained on you, narrowed slightly. You couldn’t read his expression, but the way you could feel his gaze pricking at Sero made your skin crawl in the best possible way. Was he jealous? Possessive? Something in you wanted to go to him, crawl into his lap and let him push his face into the crook of your neck, bite at the tender skin there until it was raw with the smell of him. 

You shrugged Sero’s arm off of you. “Sure. You guys have a show tomorrow night too, so don’t go too hard tonight. I am looking directly at you, Ochaco and Sero. Keep it together, yeah?” 

Ochaco gave an offended puff, crossing her arms over her chest. “I am not that bad.” 

“Mhm, tell that to the publicist.” 

Ochaco had a knack for getting herself into trouble. Not necessarily the bad kind, but she and her girlfriend always managed to wrestle their way into tabloids with club antics that often led to her coming into work hungover. 

Sero didn’t argue, he simply offered you a sly grin and a shrug. What a guilty motherfucker.

It didn’t surprise you when Sero left with Ochaco under his arm, debating about that evening’s club as they went out to meet her girlfriend, a pretty omega whose quiet demeanor melted away whenever you got some alcohol into her. You’d deal with them in the morning. The first thing on the agenda was clearing out the dressing room and making sure all of their belongings found their rightful place. 

It wasn’t unusual for you to leave the venue alone. You often stayed after to ensure everything was clean and ready for the next performance. In fact, it was a nice wind down to the evening. The quiet hum of the music just outside and the sound of steps shuffling calmed you down. You liked the way the rooms cooled with less and less activity until, by the time you left, they’d become cold enough to warrant a light sweater. It was a nice routine and you had your pepper spray for walking out to your car on your own later, so whatever worries you may have had were quelled by the heavy feeling of the cylindrical object attached to your keys.

The dressing room was trashed with clothes, empty water bottles, and bags of chips left open and unfinished. They were pigs, all of them. Except for Izuku, whose spot was normally spotless. Maybe that’s what pulled you to his area first. He’d left his green shirt out, the one he wore on stage. It was a loose fitting shirt with no design save for a single hole near the collarbone created by the strap of his bass. 

You could smell him on it, the deep scent of alpha written all over it. It smelled like him, like the performer Deku, cool and collected. You could conjure the image of him playing, weight shifted forward on his hips as he plucked the strings, sweat dripping down to decorate the collar of his shirt with a darker shade. It made you dizzy, being alone with this smell. Fuck, you felt like a pervert, holding the shirt in your hand and staring at it like this. But he smelled… good. He smelled like something you wanted so deeply that it made you sick. 

“You’re still here?” 

You turned, voice too familiar in your ears as you whipped around. You feel like you’ve been caught red handed, his shirt bunched in your little fist. 

“Yeah, you uh,” You swallowed. “You left your shirt here.” 

Deku chuckled slightly, hands in his pocket in the doorway and a large hoodie thrown over his built figure. 

“Yeah, that’s why I came back.” He walked up to you, taking the fabric. 

Have you ever been alone with him before? Was this the first time? No, you had to have been alone with him at some point. Maybe cleaning like this or organizing the instruments. But the more you thought about it, the less you could remember, because your senses were invaded with him. 

He wasn’t holding back his pheromones. That or the blockers he used had worn off because now, his scent was pouring off of him and creeping into each crevice of your body, pulling you towards him. 

Deku was silent for a moment after tucking the shirt into his bag, standing above you with his head tilted to the side and his hand shoved deep into his pockets. 

“Do you want to go get drinks?” He asked. 

“What, like with the band?” You raised an eyebrow, frankly not interested in spending anymore time with the rowdy crowd. As much as you liked them, their party lifestyle wasn’t exactly your scene. 

“No, with me.” 

He doesn’t know why he asked. Izuku was on his way home. He wasn’t going drinking tonight but you were here and you were alone and you smelled so fucking sweet that it made him ache.

Deku had liked you for a while. Something about you drew him in. Maybe it was your smile, or the pretty curve of your cheeks that made your face so lovely, or possibly, it was the fact that the smell of you made him feel like an animal. You made Izuku feel like he… wasn’t Izuku. It made him awkward around you, made him unsure of how to behave when you were around because he knew that if he got too close, he wouldn’t be able to keep himself from telling you how pretty you are, how he wishes he could make you his so Sero and Bakugou would stop looking at you like you were something to be devoured. Though he was no better. 

Yes, Izuku wanted to swallow you whole, make every part of you his because if he didn’t he felt like he might die. So he kept to himself. He made sure that if anything ever happened, it would be you who initiated it. But here he was, asking you for drinks knowing damn well that if he leaves here with you, he might not be able to keep himself from spilling these thoughts into your neck just to get another whiff. 

“Okay.” Your answer shocked you. It was instant and involuntary, completely decided by the part of you that begged for him. 

Maybe it was dumb, to give in this way and go with him, but you’d be stupid to deny your attraction to him. Deku was the kind of alpha that brought people to their knees in the best way possible. He wasn’t overbearing, he wasn’t assuming, and it all made him that much more alluring. It made the scent of him now seem as intoxicating as alcohol as you followed him out of the backstage door and to the bar down the street. 

You could feel your stomach turning with each glance he tossed you, the little smile he gave you as he passed the bouncer and line of people to enter the bar directly. It was like he was reassuring you, telling you through the whispers in the crowded bar about him that he was here for you. 

Izuku’s magnetic pull became far stronger over drinks, as alcohol took its course through your body like poison and wasted your inhibitions away. You were revolving around him like a planet to the sun, eyes wide as he spoke and you listened, the gravity of him pulling you to his chest where that deep, woody smell poured off of him. 

“I don’t think we’ve ever gone out one on one.” You spoke, eyes wandering subtly from your glass, up his figure, and finally to his eyes which were trained on you. 

“Don’t think so either.” He confirmed. “But it’s nice… really nice.” 

Oh, he’s looking at you again. No, he’s looking through you. How is it that he managed to always seem so genuine? His eyes practically oozed a kindness and confidence that made you a puddle. 

“Yeah,” You finished your drink. “It is nice. Do you wanna dance?” 

Stupid question. Of course he does. Of course he wants an excuse to get as close to you as possible. Izuku’s dying for it. 

So you danced. You pulled him onto the dance floor and brought his body close to yours, and for once, you let the omega in you take over, you let yourself go. His big hand came to wrap around the small of your back when he smelled it, your arousal, the way your scent picked up as he pulled you into his large chest so your abdomen was against him. If he were anyone else you wouldn’t have let him, if he were Sero or Bakugou you would have told him to mind his grip, but he wasn’t. Izuku was here and he was an alpha and you wanted him more than you needed air in your lungs. 

The tension built steadily, climbing with each laugh and sway of your hips against him. It rose in your chest each time his gaze would catch yours or each time he blocked your smaller body from the view of another. His protectiveness– no, his possessiveness–  made whatever this was entirely too easy to get lost in. 

You could feel it, the turning point as you danced when this became something more than fun and moved into flirty. You felt the way his hand tightened across your back, pushing his chest against yours. Izuku paused for a moment, swaying before his head came down to place a gentle kiss to the base of your neck, watching your eyes the entire time. He nearly lost it at the gasp that left your lips, at the way he could feel your body tense before melting into his touch or the way your eyes fluttered shut. Izuku pressed his face further into the crook of your neck and breathed you in. He breathed in the sweet smell he’d been aching for since he met you, mouth open and dragging across the skin before placing a searing kiss to your pulse point. 

Your breath caught in your throat, head tilting and hands finding his hair instinctively as he scented you, as his teeth caught your skin with a subtle pressure that made you gasp, head coming down so your cheek rested against his hair. 

“I-Izuku.” You spoke beside his ear, beckoning him to look at you. 

And he did. Izuku looked at you the way you knew he would, something darker in his eyes, wilder, but still, he looked through you. He looked into you and you’re certain now that what he’d been looking at was the omega in you. The part of you he knew was in there.

He was burning you with his gaze, with his hand on the small of your back as he held you against him. Izuku was watching you, looking at you as you panted slightly, beads of sweat collecting on your forehead from the bodies around you that you hardly seemed to notice. They jostled you, pushed you further into his dizzying scent. 

There was a moment, a beat where all you could do was watch him. You couldn’t take your eyes off of him, knees weak and aware of your weight. This was an alpha. This was someone who could take what he wanted from you and you’d gladly give it to him. No, you’d beg him to let you give it to him. You balled your fists up in his shirt, leaning closer to him, closer to what it was you needed, pushing your body flush against him before he let out a shaky exhale. 

Izuku rolled his eyes with a low groan before dipping forward and to kiss you. 

He kissed you deeply, gasping slightly into your mouth at the overwhelming taste of you, the way you melted across his tongue slowly as your lips parted to let him in. There was something greedy in it, in the way he licked into your mouth, free hand coming to brace the back of your head before tilting it to the side. Izuku’s lips trailed from your mouth, down across your jaw, and to your neck where he buried his face and groaned into your skin. 

He bit delicately at it, flat of his tongue pressed against you as he savored your taste, the slightly salty, slightly sweet taste of something that he wanted to make his. It was so poignant, so enticing to him that he found himself moaning delicately into your neck, the hand on your head digging the pads of his fingers into your scalp. 

This was indecent. You were in public, in full view of cameras and onlookers who recognized him from the show. People who would know who he was and recognize what he was doing. Scenting you in a place like this, in a dirty bar where your shoes stuck to the floor with the sticky sweet mix of sweat and alcohol. Still, you whined for him, low and beside his ear, stomach now burning with a desire that you’d tried to suppress for so long. You could feel the omega in you stirring, in the pits of your stomach, the way common sense was slowly giving way to instinct as his scent delivered sweet promises that you knew he shouldn’t keep. But with the flat of his tongue pressed against you like this, licking down to your collarbones as his lips smear against your skin, you didn’t have a mind to care. 

“I- Fuck.” He mumbled against your neck. “We-” 

Izuku was going to stop himself. He was going to tell you to go home, that this was a bad idea. But when he pulled away from your neck and saw the glassy look in your eyes, the way tears started to crowd your waterline in desperation, he couldn’t. Izuku couldn’t leave you like this, or maybe he didn’t want to. Maybe the alpha in him, this animal that wanted to take you on the floor of the bar, refused to let you leave without giving you what he knew you needed. What he knew those eyes were begging for, had been begging for since he first looked at you, since he met you on your first day on the job. 

He was going to hell. 

“Let’s go.” 

Izuku wrapped his hand around yours, so big in comparison, fingers thick beside your soft, delicate digits, and guided you through the crowd. He pulled you close to him, hand wrapping around the back of your body as he brought you to the bathroom. 

Izuku checked each stall, pushing each one open with a heavy hand before turning back to you and locking the door entirely. He stood for a moment, back against the door before taking a few steps toward you, collecting you in his arms again, watching the way you shivered as his fingers crept across your waist before crashing his lips into yours in an open mouthed kiss. 

You were losing your sanity. It was slipping away with each languid lick into your mouth, each of Izuku’s exhales that fanned out across your face. He grabbed at your hips, at the fat on the back of your thighs, pulling you into him, pulling your crotch against his where you could feel his dick straining against his pants. You could see yourself in the mirror, out of the corner of your eye you could see the way your brows furrowed, the way you looked so fucking desperate, hands pulling at him and hips grinding shamelessly across his front as best you could. 

It was embarrassing, the noises you were making, the desperate little squeaks and whines that left your mouth as his hand cupped your cunt over your jeans, fingers pushing harshly against the tight fabric to try and stimulate you, to try and ease the painful ache gathering between your legs. You could feel your arousal, feel the way your cunt was weeping for him, slick gathering between your thighs and ruining your pretty panties. 

He pushed you against the sink, face buried in your neck as he fumbled with the button on your pants. Your hands wandered to his own belt buckle, grabbing at it, a bit too out of your mind to think about how you were going to undo it, instead just tugging at it with low whines and mumbles of his name. 

“Shhh okay…” He mumbled, hands finding yours to pull them away. “I got you. ‘M gonna take care of you.” 

“Yeah?” You asked, fingers balling up in his shirt again. 

“Yeah, know what you want. Gonna give it to you, okay?” Izuku’s voice was gentle but strained as he undid his belt buckle, freeing his cock. 

You whined when you saw it, you swear there were little hearts in your eyes. Whatever semblance of sanity you had left fled with your modesty as you looked at him. Long and thick, intimidating but throbbing with his need for you. Fuck, he was gonna fill you so well. He was gonna fuck you, get you stupid on his knot because he knew you needed it. Izuku’s so good, so giving as he pulls your pants to your ankles and places you on the bathroom sink, spreading your legs with a wide and rough palm. 

He looked at you for a moment, lips slightly parted at your glistening cunt, the way slick made the inside of your thighs sticky as he ran his fingers over it. Izuku wanted to remember this, remember the way your omega pussy looked before he completely ruined it, before he gave into this sick desire to breed you full of him. 

This room smelled like him, filled your head with nonsense and an overwhelming desire to be stuffed full. 

“Izu… please.” You whined out, hands balled into little, shaky fists on the bathroom counter. 

Izuku stood tall, taking his dick in his hand and pressing it to your entrance, head falling forward. 

“I can’t… can’t…” He choked out, eyes wild when they found yours, matching them a frantic desire. 

“Then don’t. Don’t, Izuku.” Don’t hold on. Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me. 

And as if he heard your thoughts (or what was left of them), he bottomed out, filling you up with the thick stretch, then burn, of his cock. Izuku let out a low groan, something akin to a growl as he did, the warm walls of your cunt sucking him in, beckoning him closer and into the deepest part of you. He gave a few experimental thrusts, trying to be gentle as his fingers held your hips down before picking up speed. 

Izuku set an alarming pace, fucking into you with an animalistic fervor, mind blank except for his need to take care of you, his overwhelming need to give you everything you ask for and more. His omega now. Fucking his. Bakugou and Sero couldn’t lay a finger on you. None of them would fuck you like this, give you their cock just the way you wanted it. 

He was bruising you with his hands on your hips, feeding you with his cock against the gummy spot inside of you that left you breathless. All you could smell, all you could feel, was him. You were drowning in it, drowning in the thick, heavy smell of his alpha scent, of the part of him that wanted to put you into a mating press and fuck you pregnant. This is what you were made for. You were made to take Izuku’s cock, to beg for it, to cream around it like a good bitch. 

The bar-goers could probably smell it, the sex in the air, the way your scents mixed heavy in the bathroom and crept through the cracks of the door. All the better, they’d know who you belonged to. Whose cock you were taking in this disgusting bathroom, ass slipping across the granite as you held onto his shoulders, nails digging into his triceps and his tongue clashing against yours. 

“Izuku… m’gonna… oh-” Your head fell forward against his shoulder. One hand rested beside you, the other across your back. Izuku’s shoulders were hunched forward, teeth biting a mark into your neck as he bore over you. His hips kept up their frantic pace, pushing whine after whine from your throat. 

They were so high pitched and sweet to him, like music. This is how he’s always wanted you to sound, voice strained with the sound of your impending orgasm, his name on your lips like a mantra as you climbed ever higher, as he felt your cunt clamp down around him in intervals warning him of how close you were to unravelling on him. 

“Look at you.” He spoke, a low rumble in his chest as he dragged his teeth down your neck before biting, eliciting a gasp and a sob. “So pretty like this… all fucking mine, yeah?” 

“Mhm.” You nodded obediently, mouth open in a sob as he bit you again, leaving a mark of teeth at the base of your neck. 

Izuku took your cheeks in his hand, turning your head toward the mirror. “Look at yourself. Such a pretty- omega.” His eyes were dark, like he wasn’t himself, cock swelling within you as you watched yourself and him in the mirror with wide eyes. “Gonna watch yourself cum for your alpha? Right?” 

His voice was low, like a command. It made your legs tremble, another sob escaping your throat as fat tears started to roll down your cheeks. 

“Y-yeah-” You choked out. 

“Good girl. What a good- fucking- girl.” He punctuated his words with thrusts, fingers digging further into your cheeks as he forced you to hold your own gaze, watching you in the mirror as he forced your lips into a pout. “G-go on. Cum.” 

You did, watching the way he forced it from you, the way you could see the moment you were lost in a delirious pleasure. The way you could see omega written across your face in your wide eyes and furrowed eyebrows. Izuku was watching you, so intently that it made you shrink under him, made your body cave forward as you ground your hips against him, trying to coax his own orgasm. 

Izuku couldn’t knot you here. You both had enough sense to know that, but it broke his heart, the way he could see you crying for it, so upset at not being able to have it. He’d give it to you soon, he just had to wait a little longer, a little bit more. 

He pulled out at the last second, ruining his own orgasm for your sake, suppressing the animal in him that nearly overcame him. Izuku panted over you, spilling onto your chest as his cock heaved over you, painting your abdomen white. 

You still wanted it, still wanted that promise of being stuffed full, whining under him as he came with a low groan. Izuku made the prettiest noises when he came, so deep, bordering on threatening. It was so different from how he usually was, made you want him even more as he picked his cum up off your abdomen with his fingers and pushed it into your mouth. 

“I know you want it.” He panted, returning to his senses. “This for now. C-can’t here, okay?” 

He tasted good, tasted like an alpha. You nodded in response, sucking his fingers as he watched the way your lips surrounded his pointer and middle, all puffy from the tears and your orgasm. 

It took a while before you regained your senses, coming to fully as he wiped you with the shitty bathroom paper towels and dressed you. Izuku looked at you for a moment, his back leaning against the wall and his hair stuck to his forehead as you sat up on the counter before he stepped towards you and pulled you into his chest. Izuku buried his face in your neck again, gentler this time, rubbing his cheek against it before kissing it softly, then placing another on your lips and helping you up. 

He wrapped a gentle hand around your waist, unlocking the door and guiding you out, greeted by the faces of bar-goers irritated with how long you spent there and the scent of you both in the air. 

Neither of you minded, Izuku was too focused on getting you home alright and you were too focused on the heat of his hand around your waist and the way he was supporting much of your weight with one arm. You needed some suppressors. 


Izuku called you the morning after, voice baritone and tentative, as if you were his first thought in the morning. You could hear the sound of his pillow under his head and it made your chest swell thinking that this may have been the first thing he’d done since waking up.

Izuku told you that he’d see you at the show tonight and that you should get some rest, you’d had a long night. You could hear the blush creeping up his cheeks, imagine the tinge of pink gracing the tips of his ears, but beyond that you could hear the gentle hum of satisfaction. 

You weren’t nervous, surprisingly, until just before entering the lounge. You could hear the band chatting, talking about the evening’s set through the door and you could hear Deku, his gentle laugh as Bakugou yelled for Sero to stop taking his clothes. You were reminded of the noises he made last night, the low tone he used when he told you to watch him make you cum. The difference was stark and alarming, but had heat pooling in your stomach again at the thought. 

“Hello band.” You spoke as you walked in, offering them all a smile. 

They all turned to look at you, Izuku last, suppressing a jerk reaction. 

“The fuck are you wearing a turtleneck for?” Bakugou asked, tilting his head. “You’re gonna get way too hot.” 

You paused for a moment. I’m wearing it to hide the mark your bassist left on my neck. “What? It’s new. You don’t like it?” 

“No, you look like a prude.” He snorted. 

“Oh my god, you’re such an asshole!” Ochaco laughed, walking up to you and tugging gently at the fabric. “I think it’s cute. Suits you.” She smiled for a moment. “Also, on a different note, do you have any of those magic hangover tonic things?” 

You rolled your eyes at her, digging around in your bag, pulling out the cylindrical object, and handing it to her. “Figures.” 

Ochaco smiled and walked over to Sero, shaking the bottle slightly. 

“Speaking of drinking…” Sero walked over and tossed his arm over you once again, pointing with the arm strewn over your shoulder at Deku. “We heard that you and the bassist got drinks last night and didn’t invite us.” 

Your eyes darted to Izuku for a moment, who was watching Sero’s arm around your shoulder with a deep intensity. So he was jealous. You shrugged him off you, crossing your arms over your chest. 

“And where did you hear that?” You cocked an eyebrow. 

“The internet. Someone posted a picture of you guys leaving.” Sero whistled. “That was quite an arm you had around her, huh Deku?” 

You furrowed your eyebrows, pulling out your phone and searching him up. Sure enough, there were quite a few posts of the picture, almost all of them commenting about the omega he left the bar with. 

You could’t see your face in the picture, only the slight slope of your cheek as you made your way out of the bar. Izuku’s hand was wrapped firmly around your waist in it, palm pressed against your hip as you leaned on him. He was looking down at you, eyebrows furrowed and a slight smile on his lips. Still, it made you uneasy, the way they were talking about you. 

Sweatntears: don’t you think he’s holding her a little tightly? who is she anyway?

Dekus-fingers: yeah, i thought he was single. she doesn’t even seem that pretty. someone find her.

Bakugouing: yeah well, it’s not my fav so. 

“She had too much to drink. I had to get her home somehow.” Deku picked up your slack while you scrolled through the forum with an open mouth. 

“I wasn’t that bad.” You tried to defend your dignity, tossing him a pointed glance. 

“Nah, you weren’t.” He gave you a knowing smile, pink dusting the tops of his ears before turning back. You felt like someone just hit your chest with a soft hammer. “Who cares anyway? It’s just a picture.” 

“You’re surprisingly cool about this.” Sero taunted. 

“Okay… Mr. Fuck and Dump.” You shoved him, walking and dropping your bag on the couch. Ochaco laughed. 

“Sheesh. Fine, okay. I get it.” Sero clicked his tongue through a slanted grin. “Such a dirty mouth.” 

You missed it, but Ochaco glanced between the turtleneck you wore and Izuku who was eyeing it from his chair with a small smile. 

“No fair! I wanna see _____ get drunk!” Ochaco whined, attention now focused on chugging a water bottle full of something that looked like gatorade. 

“Yeah? Well maybe in twenty years.” You laughed, checking the time. “Get ready, you guys are on in 10. I got some stuff to take care of.” 

You left the lounge, taking a deep breath once you did and popping one of the suppressor pills you kept in your bag. You’d been on the fritz since last night, debating on whether or not to even come into work. But you decided you’d be fine, that you’d take the medicine and continue on about your day. You didn’t expect to take another one, not until you walked into the lounge and Izuku’s rich scent hit you like a truck, so familiar now because only hours ago it had covered your body from head to toe. 

You gave an exhale, marching across the back of the stage and ensuring mics and amps were all plugged in and on. The crowd outside gave an excited murmur at the sound of it switching on, that empty and hollow blip that came through the speakers as you flipped the switch. 

It wasn’t long before you were standing beside the stage with a clipboard in your hands, watching the group head out onto stage and hanging on to the long look Izuku gave you as he headed out. It made your toes curl in your shoes, the way you could smell him as he passed by, the smell of sweat and possession, like he was reminding you. 

The set went by quickly. You hadn’t expected to be able to smell him so clearly. Fuck, you could practically feel each time his heart rate picked up just from the way his scent invaded your senses. Heat crowded your cheeks as the show went on, hands starting to tremble slightly as memories of last night made their way into your head, turning your stomach and making your vision hazy. 

You’d have to go home soon, probably as soon as their set ended. You could feel the beginning of a heat pricking at the corners of your eyes and at the tips of your fingers. It was only a matter of time until you were lost to it, entirely at the mercy of whoever found you and the omega inside of you. 

The thought crossed your mind that it might be Izuku. Izuku might be the one to recognize it. It made you shiver, eyes looking over his figure as he plucked the strings of the bass with a small smile, his head tilted back to expose the neck that your lips had been all over last night. 

No. You needed to focus. You exhaled, checking your watch and the set list. One more song. You just had to wait one more song before you could go home and take the strong meds, the ones that put you to sleep and help you quell the ache. It was too early to ask him for this, too early to beg for his knot how you wanted to. But you found yourself keening inside, thinking about the way he felt inside of you, filling you up so well that you saw stars. Izuku looked so good watching you cum. You wanted to see what he’d look like when he’s buried his knot in you, brows pinched together as he panted. 

The group left the stage after a quick thank you and a foreword about their next shows, marching off with wide smiles. It was a good night for them, they sounded great. 

“Water?” Bakugou demanded, stepping up to you. He was like clockwork. But he paused, gaze softening slightly, picking up on the way your scent seemed stronger than usual, needier. “Woah. Are you okay?” 

His eyes raked down your figure, followed by Sero and Ochaco, who looked rather clueless. You pulled slightly at the collar of your shirt, hot from the thick air and oncoming fever. Sero’s eyebrows pinched together before a small smile crept up on his face. 

“Oh…. cute. This is cute.” He stepped closer to you. You weren’t afraid of Sero, but having an alpha this close to you this close to an oncoming heat made the hair on the back of your neck stand up, prickle slightly with the tension gathering. 

Deku stepped between you two, his large frame blocking you from the other three. “Dude…” His tone was lower than normal, a bit sharper despite the casual address. 

“What’s happening?” Ochaco asked. 

“Nothing.” Deku responded sharply, eyeing the other two before ushering them off, tossing a backwards glance to you. Bakugou scoffed. 

You followed them into the lounge, heart hammering as the onset of your heat started to take effect. You’d nearly maxed out on the less strong suppressors, exhaling a nervous sigh. Your heats always made you fidgety, always made it hard to focus, but most importantly, they made it hard to look at Izuku. Especially now, this one being caused by him, his built body radiating the scent that you found so incredibly enticing. 

You wanted him again, far more than you would ever like to admit, but if you didn’t leave quickly, you know you’d beg for it. You’d beg for Izuku to scent and knot you, show everyone that you were his, body and mind. Maybe this wasn’t pure instinct. Maybe you liked him, even loved, spurred on by the mix of pheromones swirling in the bit of your stomach, starting to pour from your scent glands and leak out through your sweat. 

Everyone noticed when you swayed, knees buckling for a moment under the weight of the alpha pheromones, brought out by the way the smell of your heat radiated off your body. 

“I need to… head home.” You swallowed thick, fever oncoming. Could you make it? You took another suppressor. 

You won’t be able to take the heavy one at home, but that’s okay. You just needed something to keep you lucid on your drive home, something to get you to the apartment only a five minute drive away. 

“Do you need someone to take you?” Ochaco asked, the only one of the group who volunteered. You’d be safe with her regardless. 

“No, no. I should be fine. I just- I just need to leave now.” You gave a weak smile, embarrassed that this was happening to you at your adult age. Your eyes found Izuku’s, latent with worry and dark around the irises. They were normally so clear, but this time clouded with the overwhelming need to protect, to give. 

“I’m taking you.” Izuku stood up tall. “C’mon.” 

The group watched as he grabbed you by the waist again, like the photo, and brushed your hair from your face. God, he was so close. He was so close that you could taste him on the back of your tongue, nodding feebly before stepping closer to him. 

Jealousy pricked at the base of their stomachs. Bakugou and Sero would be lying if they said they didn’t want you. Who wouldn’t want an omega as pretty as you. 

“Are you sure you-” Sero protested, now standing at the back of the room, his face flushed. 

“Yes.” Izuku shot him a warning glance, still unforgiven for the pass he’d made at you earlier. Everyone else went quiet as he guided you out, mumbling something into your ear. 

“The fuck was his problem? Would have been better if you took her.” Sero tilted his head towards Ochaco, who rolled her eyes and tapped the side of her neck before snapping the collar of her shirt. 

“What do you think she was hiding under that shirt, dumbass?” 


You fidgeted with your hands in the car ride home, Izuku in the driver seat, both hands gripping the steering wheel. It was silent for a while, save for the occasional click of the blinker and your breathing.

“Thank you.” You spoke, head rolling back against the seat. 

“Why did you come in today?” He questioned, trying to hide the worry that still remained on his mind. 

“It wasn’t-” You struggled to find the words. “It wasn’t supposed to happen yet.” 

Izuku swallowed hard. Eyes shifting over you, the way your chest heaved, the sweat beading on your forehead and the way your eyes bounced between wide and fluttering closed. 

“You mean…” He swallowed again. “Did I…?” 

“Probably.” You responded, squirming in the seat. 

Your desire was taking over, thighs rubbing together in the passenger seat, head tilted to the side as you unconsciously tried to quell the oncoming fit. It was taking everything Izuku had not to park and take care of you, not to stuff you full right there in the car, ruin your upholstery. 

He nodded. 

“Take me home…” You said, exhaling with a whimper. “Please take me home, Izu.” 

You rolled your head across the seat to look at him, eyes glazing over with a familiar desire as the fever set in fully. 

“I am. We’re almost there, okay?” He furrowed his brows, knuckles white on the steering wheel. 

You nodded. “You’ll take care of me when we get there right?” Your voice was growing needy, afraid of the pain the accompanies heats you remain conscious and alone for. 

He’d seen this look before, though not half as delirious or wanting, but still. His cock stirred in his pants, alpha instincts kicking in, filling him with you. 

“Yeah,” He reassured you. “M’gonna take care of you, okay?” 

Izuku parked the car poorly and ran to grab you out of the passenger seat, picking you up with a small grunt and carrying you up to your apartment. He could smell you, the slick collecting between your legs, the way the fever carried your scent with it. You looked precious, so needy in his arms, clawing at his chest with a feeble grip, having lost your senses in the car. 

If you asked him to stay, he would. If you hesitated at the door, he’d walk in. Izuku didn’t want to take advantage of you like this, placing you down after unlocking your apartment door. But if you asked, he wouldn’t be able to stop himself. His desire was too intense. Izuku wanted you far too badly to say no. 

“You’re gonna leave?” You asked, hands still buried in his shirt, like you might fall over if you let go. 

Izuku swallowed. “I- I have to. I don’t want to… I don’t want to hurt you.” 

His eyes trailed up your body, not only for the omega but for the person you were. Strong and sure of yourself and begging for him. 

“Izu…” You buried your face in his chest. “You smell so good. I want it. Please, stay, Izu.” Tears crowded your waterline. It was so close. He was so close, stooping down close enough that if you stood on your toes you’d be able to kiss him. “Can hurt me if you want… just want you. Want your knot.” 

Izuku’s mouth fell open, staring at you for a moment before a low groan rumbled through his chest as he pushed you into the apartment. He closed the door behind him, scooping your thighs around his waist as you whined in approval, pulling his mouth to yours to taste more of that dizzying flavor. His fingers dug into the back of your legs, hand supporting your weight as he carried you through the apartment, first accidentally opening the door to the bathroom before finding the bedroom. 

It smelled so much like you. Your apartment, your things. All of it was desirable, feeding into Izuku’s overwhelming arousal and animalistic instinct to breed you full, to pump you full of his knot until your heat was over, until you were sure to be pregnant with his kid. 

You ground against him as best you could, hips searching for the bulge of his dick against the pants he wore on stage, stained with the smell of sweat. You were desperate, whining into his mouth as your ground your cunt against his jeans before he put you down on the bed, eyes finding yours. They were clouded with that familiar wild look, one that made you wilder in turn, unable to suppress the low moan at just the way he looked at you. 

Izuku looked at you like he wanted to devour you. He looked right into you, directly at you once again, but this time there was intent. He had a clear goal; to breed you, to take care of you, to make you his as if you weren’t already. 

You bucked your hips up against him when he caged you in with his arms, hips brushing against him. 

“Fuck- be patient.” But he wasn’t just talking to you. Izuku needed to do something to keep him from ruining your clothes, reaching to lift your shirt over your head and then going for your pants, unbuttoning them with impatient fingers.  

You whined again at how close he was. “Please. It hurts. I need it… need it.” Tears crowded your waterline, hands reaching for his pants to bull at the belt. 

Izuku undid it quickly, heart breaking for you. “Shh, don’t cry. I’m gonna give it to you. Gonna knot you just like you want, take good care of my omega.” He wiped the tears from your eyes with a big thumb before reaching down to rub your clit with it, working slow circles into the bud as you moaned beneath him.

He lined himself up at your entrance, pulling his own shirt over his head. You were soaking, even more than the previous night. You’d completely ruined your panties, soaked through them and smeared yourself across your thighs in your delirium, more than sticky. The inside of your thighs and cunt glistened with you and when he pressed his cockhead against your slick pussy, he could feel the heat of it, the way your body begged for him. Not just begging, demanding. You were demanding he knot you and he couldn’t say no, completely trapped by your scent and the look in your eyes that told him everything he knew you needed. 

“Your omega?” You asked, wide eyes meeting his, hands on his ass and pulling him closer. 

“Yeah, mine.” He grunted out, thrusting into you with one swoop. He felt bad not prepping you. He knew that it must hurt, the stretch of him. But you needed it. His girl needed him and he wouldn’t deny you for another moment. 

You keened at the phrase, back arching off the mattress in sob at finally being full again. You thanked him, babbled through your words as he started moving inside of you, cock twitching as your cunt pulsed around him. 

Izuku buried his face in your neck. He crowded you with his body and caged you in under him while your arms wrapped around his back. He could feel the whines and whimpers that escaped you on his lips, humming through your throat. You clung to him like he might vanish. As if with each outward pull, he’d leave you, hips moving to keep him inside, to keep him against the hypersensitive spot within you. 

He bit your neck, hard, like he wanted to make you bleed, as if having his mouth on the source of you wasn’t enough. He wanted to be a part of you, sink his teeth into your pretty flesh and claim you. Izuku wouldn’t stop to think about the consequences of this, the consequences of stuffing you this full, of marking you up this way. All he could think about was giving, was making sure that you had enough of him, that these pathetic whimpers turned into cries of relief as he flooded your body. 

“Feels good… feels s’good, Izu.” You panted, head tilted to the side, letting him do as he pleased. 

“Yeah?” He breathed against you, a low rumble in his chest at the praise. “You feel good too. W-wanna… wanna knot you. Wanna breed you so full ‘n pretty.” 

Izuku was smearing his lips across your neck, finding yours quickly and dipping his tongue into your mouth as you whimpered at his words. The blistering feeling of his tongue in your mouth and his cock fucking into you slowly fed that seemingly insatiable hunger. 

“K-knot?” You asked deliriously, fingernails digging into his back. “Gonna gimme it?” 

Your words were slurred, caught in your throat with each impossibly deep thrust and drowned out by the sound of skin against skin. 

“Please. Gimme your knot. S’big… know it is.” You keened, back arching off the bed once again. “Gonna fill me just right, gimme it all, right?” 

Izuku’s eyes practically rolled the back of his skull, a low growl of fuck escaping his lips as his head fell forward. Your gaze followed, watching where he disappeared inside of you with starstruck eyes, like you’d just seen the savior himself. 

You could feel that familiar heat building in your stomach, winding and winding in a constant and ever tightening circle. The feeling crowded your chest, flooded your head, and was complemented by each additional mark Izuku put on your body. 

His hands came up under your thighs, pressing them to your chest before sliding up under your knees. Izuku put his body against them, feeling the fat of your thighs as it moved with each sharp pump into you. He hovered over you now, curly hair sticking to his forehead with sweat that dripped down his body and onto your abdomen. It was cold compared to the temperature you were running at, cooled by it’s quick journey from his face to the heat of your body. 

A strangled sob broke from your lips at the new angle, eyes wide as he hit deeper and harder, eyes peering into yours. Izuku was watching you come undone, watching as he tamed you, quelled the ache and made it burn. You could feel the weight of him spread across you, tops of your thighs pushed against your stomach, ushering the air from your lungs with the heavy swings of his hips against yours. 

What came next was animalistic. First, you came undone around him for the first time, pulling at his skin to bring him closer, bring him deeper as he wrung your first orgasm from you. Next, he dropped your legs, let them spread across the bed sheet and pulled you close to him by the hips, fucking into you quickly, holding your the back of your head so you could watch. Look, he was giving you what you wanted. Why don’t you watch yourself take it. Then, Izuku lost his senses, entirely wild and lost in your pretty omega cunt, all slicked up just for him and gushing. 

He bit you, left bruises on your hips and thighs, pinched your cheeks and asked you to tell him who your alpha is. 

“Who’s gonna give you his knot, huh?” He demanded, teeth grit, eyes bouncing between your face and your cunt. 

“You, you, you, izu.” You keened, hands grabbing at him, leaving scratch marks up his back. “Gonna give me your knot. Fill me up. Only you.” 

This was an Izuku you’d never met, too delirious to recognize it, but you knew it was him nonetheless. It smelled like him, like sex and sweat and something heavy on the back of your tongue that sunk straight to your gut. 

“That’s right. I’ve got you.” He spoke, low and beside your ear. Izuku was close, he was so close that you could feel his cock jumping in you, starting to swell with each thrust. “Love this pussy. Feels so good, so soft… can’t wait to stuff you full. Gonna look so good, full of my knot.” His voice was humming, low and sultry and so strained that if you were in your right mind, you’d swear his vocal chords might snap. 

This was better than anything else. It was better than being alone, better than suppressants, better than no heat at all. You’d had boyfriends, but none who satisfied you so totally like this, none who stretched you out and broke you on their cock, only to build you back up in an orgasm.

Izuku subdued you, brought your needy whimpers to a halt and replaced them with a choking sigh as his cock swelled within you. You felt it grow, pushing against your pleasure point as if it were a rough wave before his voice raised in pitch, breath catching. It pushed against you, stuffed you full and bullied it’s way into you until you felt that familiar pop and a final push of his hips against yours. 

He pushed his hips against yours until it hurt, until you felt your pelvis bruising, fat shifting to accommodate the weight of him as he filled you with warmth. You came again with a cry and a deep sigh, around his knot, cunt pulsing rhythmically as he gave you a strangled fuck in response. You could feel him flooding you, feel the way he plugged you up and kept you full of him, your vision blurring back into focus as you trembled under him for a moment, blinking away tears. 

It took some time, but the heat fell back and you returned to your body and to a panting Izuku, wincing at the feeling of him seated deep inside of you. 

“You okay?” He asked, speaking through deep breaths, careful to remain still. 

You nodded, furrowing your brows and resting your head to the side. He put two fingers to your clit, rubbing soft and gentle circles into it. You gave a small whine in response, his fingers dulling the pain of the stretch, easing you down from delirium. 

Izuku gathered you in his arms, pulling you on top of him with a quiet shushing noise and a kiss to the temple. 

“Rest there…” He mumbled, arms secured around you. Your legs rested on either side of him, chest and hands braced against his own as he held you close. 

The smell of him comforted you, made the ache deep in your stomach, where his knot sat heavy, a little more bearable. The two of you rested there in a comfortable silence for a while, his fingers tracing small circles into your still-burning back. Izuku gave a content hum when you looked up at him, eyes still glassed over, but calm enough to recognize where you were and who you were with. You rubbed your cheek against his chest, kissing him gently before dragging the flat of your tongue up his chest. 

Izuku gave a deep chuckle, one that rumbled through his chest. “Just wait a bit, okay? Soon as I can get up, m’gonna get you some water. You need to drink that first.” 

You furrowed your brows, nodding slightly and staying put until his cock finally grew soft, letting him pull out of you with a hollow groan. Your eyes followed him as you curled up on the bed, watching him move to the main room. You could hear Izuku open the cabinets and turn the tap, the comforting sound of his footsteps through the kitchen and then finally, the sound of him standing beside you and the way the bed dipped with his weight. 

“Here.” He sat you up, helping you to drink the water before setting the glass on the nightstand and laying you back down. 

Izuku crawled into bed next to you again, cradling your smaller figure in his, thumb moving in circles on your tummy until your heat overcame you again. And just like Izuku, he took care of you, he fucked you through it, knotted you as many times as you needed. 

He didn’t let you want for a moment, satisfying the low lulls when you were needy for something but not ready for dick with his fingers or tongue. He worked you open, touched you satisfied until the fever passed and the blurring around your vision faded. Izuku stayed with you until all that was left was you and him and the heavy scent of sex and pheromones in the air, crowding you both in a pleasant blanket. 


You took a few more days off after, at Izuku’s insistence, collecting yourself and taking some time to recuperate before returning to work. Izuku came by both nights, bringing takeout and sitting with you until you were asleep on the couch next to him. You’d missed a show while you were out and, apparently, the band was hopeless, running circles around themselves to handle your responsibilities. You felt bad, but the doting they did on you made it just a bit better. 

There was no way to hide the marks. A turtleneck wouldn’t cut it and though they had faded considerably in the past three days, they still sat rather prominent on your neck. If there was any doubt about yours and Izuku’s relationship before, there certainly wouldn't be any now. 

You both had come to a quiet agreement, mumbled across pillows and between kisses. You’d only see each other. It wasn’t official, nothing of the sort in fact, but Izuku was too jealous to let you be with others and you were too satisfied with him in general. 

“I am so fucking glad you’re okay.” Ochaco muttered, pulling you into a hug when you walked in the door. 

“Well, it’s not like I would have died, so…” You gave a laugh, hugging her back. “But thank you.” 

“How am I supposed to know?” Ochaco exclaimed before laughing slightly. “Well regardless, we’re glad you’re here. Bakugou almost broke the amp last night.” 

“No I fucking didn’t. I just put the thing in the wrong hole.” He shouted, slapping his hands to his knees as he turned to look at you. It took him a moment to register the fading marks, eyes shifting between you and then Deku behind you, whose gaze was trained on your face, head tilted. He mumbled under his breath. “Which looks like a problem you didn’t have to deal with…” 

“That’s vulgar!” Sero spoke, feigning offense with a hand to his chest before tossing you a lopsided grin. “No turtleneck?” 

Your face flushed with heat as Ochaco jumped across the room. “I told you that in secret you fucking asshole!” 

You took a moment to gather yourself, looking at Izuku with a deep frown. He gave a shrug. It didn’t bother him. Maybe they’d keep their grubby hands off of you now. You elbowed him harshly, rolling your eyes. 

“Band… band…” You grabbed their attention. “Get fucking dressed. You’re on in 10.”

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— LIVE ON : july 15th, 2021.

— OPEN TO : anyone 18+ of age.


submit an ask (off anon), send a DM to @rat-zuki or simply reply under this post with your interest in participating.

submissions can be full-length fics, drabbles, art, edits, poems, anything—anything deku. there is no minimum word count.

submissions do not need to be birthday related.

submissions may contain sfw, nsfw, and/or dark content. however, please utilize proper tagging methods as well as viewer discretion when browsing through the works of this event.

reserve your spot on the masterlist prior to the deadline (july 15th, 2021) when all works are scheduled to be posted! post on deku’s birthday!

on the day of the deadline, please tag me (@rat-zuki) or submit a link via ask/DM. if your submission has not been linked within 24 hours of doing so, please contact me and let me know!

lastly, feel free to tag your works with the following tag: the deku agenda escapes no one collab.

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Another gif!

Villain Deku

Villain Deku

Izuku's reaction to V!Deku(That one sucked, ngl)

Izuku's reaction to V!Deku
(That one sucked, ngl)

Izuku's reaction to V!Deku(That one sucked, ngl)

Izuku becomes Villain Deku

Cute Deku GIF's i found on the internet!

Saliva and decided to act. She climbed out from under the covers and got up from the chair and began to undress. Me, well.

Gif deku

The dress had a large cutout on the chest, but there was little sense from this. After all, my sister, as I said, was the first size. And the physique was a skeleton. The hem of the dress almost touched the ground.

Deku badass moments

She's 22. She is small in growth, about 160 cm. She is thin (in moderation), but her breasts are 3 sizes. She studies at the best university in the city. We live separately, because her parents do not want to let her go.

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Affect the subject's body and body, giving it more femininity. There were other drugs as well. Mammotin, in theory, influenced breast growth. Antilipine served to burn fat.

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