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There seems to be a surfeit of leaded crystal out there. I have some glasses and don't know what to do with them.

Can someone help me to make a decision about what to do with the box of crystal glasses sitting by my front door?

I can't bring myself to use them anymore because of the lead content (though we do still seem to have our faculties).

Giving them away seems unethical in case someone else uses them. Throwing them away seems insane. Keeping them is a bit burdensome, even for a keeper like me, since crystal isn't really our taste and I'm not swimming in space, and selling them unlikely as they are a bit cloudy, SOMEONE having put them in the dishwasher, plus the ethics thing. Is anyone doing anything with leaded crystal besides using it to collect dust? I can't even think of a way to make garden ornaments out of them!

I have some crystal bowls and vases and can be rational about them, but the glasses have me stumped. Can the leaded glass even be recycled? If so, I suppose I could just put them in the blue box.


Sours: https://www.houzz.com/discussions/2261797/uncollecting-what-to-do-with-old-leaded-crystal

Top 10 Bohemia Crystal Vases: buy the best Crystal Vase online

Czech Republic > Bohemia Crystal Vases

Bohemia crystal vases have been made in Czech Republic for hundreds of years and are very popular items which tourists buy during their visit to Czechia.

Thanks to its exceptional quality Bohemia Crystal Vase is the great gift idea for any special occasion as weddings, Christmas, birthday, Mother's Day or christenings. Bohemia crystal vase is made in Czech Republic.

Lead crystal vase is also a perfect decoration of every home. It brings beauty to every place where it is exposed. The beauty of precise handwork, Czech tradition and skills.

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It is not necessary to travel to the Czech Republic to buy lead crystal vase. If you want to know how to choose the right Czech crystal vase or where to buy the most beautiful Bohemia Vases then keep reading.

You will also learn how to take care about Bohemia crystal glass and discover the history of famous Bohemian crystal glassware.


  1. Top 10 Bohemia Crystal Vases: overview
  2. What is Bohemia Crystal Glass?
  3. Why to buy Bohemia Lead Crystal Vase?
  4. How to choose the right Bohemian Crystal Vase?
  5. 10 best Crystal Vases from the Czech Republic
  6. How to take care about Bohemian Crystal Vases?
  7. History of Bohemian Crystal Glass
  8. How is crystal glassware made?

#1 Top 10 Bohemia Crystal Vases

#2 What is Bohemia Crystal Glass?

Maybe you have already heard about Bohemia Glassware and maybe you want to buy a nice piece of cut glass vase, therefore we are here to help you with the choice.

Bohemia Crystal Glass is a special kind of hand cut glass manufactured in the Czech Republic, a small Central European Country.

Bohemia Crystal products are a guarantee of quality and craftsmanship, Czech glass factories are recognized worldwide as leaders in the production of high quality crystal glassware.

It is not easy to produce somethings so beautiful like this.

2.1 What is Crystal Glass?

If we speak about crystal glass we actually speak about lead glass.

Lead crystal glass means that lead oxide is added to the basic glass mixture. The amount of lead oxide added, determines the strength and malleability of the crystal. It also enhances the brilliance and clarity of the crystal glass. Lead crystal glass generally contains a minimum of 24% PbO (lead oxide) in Europe.


The most important reason for using lead oxide is to soften the glass to decorate it by cutting and engraving. There are obviously disadvantages of having a softer glass product, i.e. it is more unstable during temperature changes; it can be more easily scratched or broken. Read more, how to tell if it is ordinary glass or crystal glass here.

Vintage Bohemia Crystal Vase made in Czech Republic is a popular wedding gift.

Lead crystal glass means, that lead oxide (24% PbO) is added to the basic glass mixture.

2.2 What is made of Czech Crystal?

There are many luxury products made from Czech Crystal as chandeliers, bowels like this, decanters like this or wine glasses like this. All of them are rigorously hand cut and decorated by ornaments.

And I specially love Bohemian Crystal Vases. Would you like to know why Bohemian vases are so special?

#3 Why to buy Bohemia Crystal Vase?

Of course, because Bohemia Crystal Vase is so beautiful.

I so much love cut crystal vase like this or this crystal bud vase. Crystal flower vase brings a beauty and nobleness to every home. And Bohemia vase will delight everyone. Is there a better feeling than to see that your gift has made someone happy?

Bohemia lead crystal vase:

  • is not only the popular wedding gift, but also it delights every mum, friend, employee or business partner.
  • makes the home look bright and welcoming.
  • is the unique combination of Czech glass-making traditions and advanced technologies.

And the price of crystal glass grows as the price of every art.

#4 How to choose the right Bohemian Crystal Vase?

Lead crystal vases are made in a different sizes and shapes.

Some of them are very rich decorated, while others keep very clean and simple design. And of course you will choose according the price.

We strongly recommend to buy bohemian glass vases from certified manufactures, because it can be difficult to recognize lead crystal.

When searching for the right bohemian vase you have to consider following options:

4.1 Floor large crystal vase or a small one?

First of all you have to decide if you are looking for tall crystal vases which can be put on the floor or you want to have a standard glass vase for a table decoration.

4.2 Clear crystal vase or engraved?

If to choose the cut crystal vase or the clear one is the matter of a personal style.

Clear crystal vases are elegant; they are made of lead free crystal, so they are very durable and long-lasting. Clear glass vase is ideal for holding fresh flowers.

The simple silhouette and minimalistic design of clear crystal vase will easily complement even the most upscale table setting or interior. See some nice items here » and this beautiful one here »

The engraved or cut crystal vase (vintage design) is perfect for a formal dinner, it will look great on your dining table. It will surely become a great conversation part and the envy of all who enter your home. Look at this one here »

4.3 Painted vases

Czech crystal glass is available also in painted versions or decorated with gold like this beautiful piece.

4.4 The size of glass vase

The size of vases is given in inches (") or centimeters (cm). For you easy understanding here is the conversion rate:
1 in = 2,54 cm

The most common sizes of glass vases are:
10" = 25,40 cm
12" = 30,48 cm
16" = 40,64 cm

4.5 Bohemia Crystal vase: price

Maybe you ask: Is Czech crystal vase worth the money? Maybe you think that Bohemia Crystal vase price is a little bit higher.

When we want to evaluate how much is Bohemia crystal worth, we should consider following factors: cut crystal is a unique hand made product, which value will only grow. So, you can buy it also as an investment. A beautiful investment.

Before you totally fall in love with Bohemia lead crystal you can check some cheaper options of Bohemia lead crystal vases here »

#5 The best Crystal Vases made in the Czech Republic

1. Aurum Crystal AU50335, 13" Tall Crystal Bud Vase with Hand Cut Design

High quality crystal vases made in the Czech Republic are an alternative to Waterford crystal vases.

Why it is the best crystal vase?

  • Rich engraved masterpiece.
  • This cut crystal vase fits any interior.
  • Ideal as a wedding gift.
  • Simple shape highlights the hand cut ornaments.
  • This unique and elegant crystal glass vase has very stable base.

Click here to check the latest prices.

2. Aurum Crystal AU50067, 14" Tall Crystal Bud Vase with Hand Cut Design

Cheap crystal vases made in the Czech Republic are so beautiful.

Why to buy crystal vase like this one?

  • 14'' tall czech crystal vase has unique design and was made by Aurum Crystal, following the legendary Bohemian glassmaking tradition combined with modern technologies.
  • Bohemian glass vase with a beautiful sophisticated design.
  • It is one of not many large vases for weddings.

Click here to buy crystal vase online.

3. Czech Bohemian Crystal Glass Vase 12"- Height Hand Cut Gold Plated / Vintage

Best crystal vases: buy crystal vase online here.

Why to buy crystal vase like this one?

  • Beautiful lead crystal vase gold plated and hand painted.
  • This Bohemia Glass vase is an luxury gift idea.
  • Colorful glass vase like this one will decorate every interior.

Click here to check the latest prices.

4. Aurum Crystal AU50514, 12"

Why to buy crystal vase like this one?

  • This decorative Bohemia Vase was made of the top quality Czech lead crystal.
  • It will delight every mum.
  • Precise work of glass masters.

Click here to buy crystal vase online.

5. Crystal Classic Shape Vase (12in) Orchidea Floral

Why to buy crystal vase like this one?

  • Elegant hand-blown classic shape crystal vase decorated with hand-cut modern floral Orchidea pattern, which is growing in a popularity.
  • The simple blossom decoration combines pure crystal cut with a exacting matte cut.
  • Are you not decided if to buy clear or cut crystal vase? This is the best option.
  • Packed in a secure hard gift box.

Click here to check the latest prices.

6. Czech Bohemian Crystal Glass Vase 12''-Height Hand Cut Gold Plated

Why to buy crystal vase like this one?

  • Beautiful lead crystal vase gold plated and hand painted.
  • This Bohemia Glass vase is an luxury gift idea.
  • Colorful glass vase like this one will decorate every interior.

Click here to buy crystal vase online.

7. Decorative Crystal Flower Vase "Oklahoma" 13-in, Clear Elegant Centerpiece Bud

8. Aurum Crystal AU50281, 12"H Crystal Cut Decorative Flower Vase

Why to buy crystal vase like this one?

  • This stylish crystal vase will be an excellent accent to your interior.
  • The perfect solution for all kinds of floral compositions.

Click here to buy crystal vase online.

9. Czech Bohemian Crystal Glass VASE ''Plantica'' H-12" Pink-Rose Decorative

10. Aurum Crystal V5331, 9"H Crystal Cut Decorative Flower Vase

#6 How to take care about Bohemian Crystal Vases?

First keep on mind, that hand cut crystal is VERY fragile.

Therefore, crystal glass vase needs your special care and treatment. To enjoy your piece of hand cut glass for a long time follow these steps:

6.1 Washing

  • DO NOT wash cut crystal glassware in a dishwasher, because alkaline dish soap from the dishwasher could cause the lead crystal to become cloudy.
  • Cut glass gains the best brilliance if hand washed: Wash your glass vase in warm water with a mild detergent, and rinse with warm water.
  • Dry cut vase with a soft clean lint free cloth or paper towels and never use anything abrasive.

6.2 Thermal shocks

  • Temperature changes can affect the crystal glass and cause cracking.
  • Do not use the glass while is still warm after washing. Avoid the temperature change especially from high to low temperatures, such as putting ice to the warm glass. Thermal shocks may cause the cut glass to break. Wait until the crystal glassware reaches room temperature.

6.3 Storage

  • Crystal glassware is “softer” than regular glass, so it should be stored where it will not touch other pieces of glass. This way you protect your crystal vase against the stretch.
  • Do not store glasses upside down.

#7 History of Bohemian Crystal Glass

Bohemia crystal Glass is produced in the regions of Bohemia and Silesia, now parts of the Czech Republic.

The name Bohemia crystal glass has been used for cut and engraved glass for more than 500 years.

What is Crystal glass?

Crystal, more known as Lead Glass, is over 1000 years old. Where a common drinking glass is largely composed of silica + sodium oxide + calcium oxide, "crystal" adds 24% of lead (PbO).

Lead oxide is added because it allows a softer glass body, which makes deft shaping and cutting less difficult. Lead also increases material clarity and brilliance. Higher lead content also makes the material more elastic and easier to work with at lower temperatures (1000 - 2000 degrees Celsius) and therefore eliminates air bubbles, which has helped build crystal's reputation as a flawless and pristine material.

Lead Crystal vase in manufactured in the Czech Republic.

Chandeliers are very popular products made of Bohemia Crystal Glass.

The birth of glassmaking

Glassmaking is one of the oldest handicrafts. It originated more than 5 thousand years ago.

We can't obviously imagine life without glass today. Glass is all around us and guides us at almost every step: windows, mirrors, chandeliers, glasses, vases, bottles, jewelry and a variety of decorative products.

Archaeologists believe that the glass was first manufactured either in Mesopotamia on the territory of today's northern Syria, or in ancient Egypt. The first signs of the production of glass dates back to the time of 3500 years BC.

Blowing tube

Expansion in manufacturing glass came with the invention of the blowing tube, which blows glass. The discovery of this technology that gave a completely different dimension of glass dates back to around the year 30 BC.

Clear glass from Venice

Neither Egyptians nor Chinese, but Romans brought the glassmaking to the perfection. They were very skilled and able to make a clear glass.

In the middle ages, the glass-blowing became art craft. Well known are masters from Venice, who began to produce all kinds of glass items in the 13th century. The name of the "Venetian glass" is known to this day.

We began to speak about Crystal Glass in a time when glassmakers managed to remove the green tint from the glass. In the 16th century, the Italians from Murano close to Venice were the firsts, who started to produce from a completely clear glass.

Glass blowers from Venice are known for their colorful and clear glass, which they additionally decorated with gold, colors and various ornaments. Venetian glass was basically a symbol for luxury goods, including mirrors and beautiful chandeliers. However, Venetian glass soon got a big and perhaps even surprising competitor – Czech glass.

Czech Glass

The first glassworks in the Czech Republic were established in the second half of the 13th and in the first half of the 14th century.

Great development of Czech glass production took place in the 16th century and 17th century. At that time, however, the Czech products were not better than glass items from neighboring countries.

Invention of Crystal Glass in the Czech Republic

Everything changed with the production of Czech crystal glass in the 17th century. Czech crystal was invented in Müller´s glasswork in the Šumava Forest and for domestic glass industry marked a breakthrough.

Crystal was due to its chemical composition not hard enough, which did not allow the engraving and grinding. New discovered chemical composition allowed perfect cutting and engraving.

Czech glassmakers decorated the beautiful crystal glass with sharpening, painting and perfect ornamental carvings. Czech glass become to be popular also abroad. Afterwards, European countries improved the composition of Crystal Glass by adding of lead oxide.

Czech Crystal Glassware is the symbol of superior quality to this day.

Read more about the history of Bohemia Crystal here.

#8 How is Bohemian crystal glassware made?

Bohemia glassware is internationally recognised for its high quality, craftsmanship, beauty and innovative designs. Hand-cut, engraved, blown and painted decorative crystal glassware ranging from bohemian vases to crystal chandeliers, wine glasses, decanters, bowls and other Czech glass items are among the best known.

Czechoslovakian glass vase is a popular item which tourists buy in Czech Republic.

See, how Bohemia Crystal Glassware is made in one of Czech factories here.

Many factories dealt with the production of bohemia glassware. Some of them do not exist anymore; others succeeded and promote the Czech glass not only at home but even abroad. Their names have changed, but the beautiful crystal glassware is produced till today.

Bohemia Crystal Glassware is something unique and extraordinary. By buying Bohemian cut crystal glass you also buy a piece of Czech tradition, history and skills. Thank you for admiring the beauty of Bohemia glassware.

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3 Simple Ways to Clean a Cloudy Glass Vase

If you’ve ever let the water go a bit too long in a floral arrangement, you know the mayhem of murkiness stems and spare leaves can make in just a few days. Even after you’ve disposed of the dirty water, the residue left inside a glass vase can be hard to scrub.

But cleaning a cloudy glass isn’t just for your sanity. As much as a dirty vase in a tidy room can make you cringe, your flowers may actually be bothered even more by a vase with a layer of grime. Cut flowers are very sensitive to their environment, and starting flowers in a fresh, clean vase is just as important to their longevity as it is to maintaining your standards.

Luckily there are a few ways to make sure your glass vases are as clear as can be. Here are three of our favorite ways to get rid of residue and cloudiness with ease.

How to Clean a Glass Vase with Vinegar and Salt


  • Distilled white vinegar
  • ½ tablespoon salt
  • Sponge, bottle brush, or old toothbrush
  • Warm water
  • Microfiber cloth

Mix together vinegar and salt in a small bowl to make a paste. Rub it onto the inside of the vase using a sponge, bottle brush, or old toothbrush. Let it sit for 10 minutes before rising the paste off using warm water. Use a microfiber cloth to dry.

How to Clean a Vase with Baking Soda and Vinegar


  • 1 teaspoon baking soda
  • Distilled white vinegar
  • Sponge, bottle brush, or old toothbrush
  • Warm water
  • Microfiber cloth

Fill your vase with warm water, making sure any residue is submerged. Add white vinegar and 1 tablespoon of baking soda or more depending on the size of the vase. Let it sit until the fizzing stops. Empty the vase, and use a sponge, bottle brush, or old toothbrush to loosen up any grime that remains. Rinse with warm water. Use a microfiber cloth to dry.

How to Clean a Glass Vase with Denture Tablets


  • Denture tablets
  • Sponge, bottle brush, or old toothbrush
  • Warm water
  • Microfiber cloth

Fill your vase with warm water, filling to the point that any residue is submerged. Drop in 1-2 denture tablets and let sit until fizzing stops. Empty the vase, and use a sponge, bottle brush, or old toothbrush to loosen up any grime that remains. Rinse with warm water. Use a microfiber cloth to dry.

Sours: https://www.southernliving.com/home/organization/how-to-clean-cloudy-glass-vase
How to Identify Crystal Glass

Antique Glass Vases

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Vase old crystal

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