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The Mag'har orcs are one of the playable Hordeallied races in World of Warcraft, introduced in Battle for Azeroth. After the events of Hellfire Citadel on the alternate Draenor, the remnants of the Iron Horde and the Frostwolf clan united into one clan simply known as the "Mag'har", meaning "uncorrupted" in Orcish. During the Fourth War, the Horde opened a portal back to the alternate Draenor, only this time many years later from their point of view, to recruit them in the conflict against the Alliance. After saving their kin from the Lightbound, the Mag'har were stranded on Azeroth as the portal closed behind, and agreed to join the Horde.

Geya'rah, the alternate universe counterpart to Thrall, serves as the Mag'har leader now that they have settled on Azeroth. Much like their main universe allies, they prefer to ride wolves, and speak Orcish as a main language.


Main article: Iron Horde#History

Race preview

For untold generations, the orc clans of Draenor battled one another in endless war. But when Gul'dan offered them the blood of his demonic masters, the disparate tribes of Mag'har—the orcish word for "uncorrupted"—refused the dark bargain and banded together to drive out the Burning Legion. United under the leadership of Grommash Hellscream, the Mag'har pledged to one day repay Azeroth's heroes for aiding their cause. As war against the Alliance intensifies, the Horde must call upon the might of the Mag'har to seize victory.[1]

Note: the official Battle for Azeroth website says "In the aftermath of the fall of Hellfire Citadel..." instead of "United under the leadership of Grommash Hellscream..."[2]

Creation screen description

The orc clans of Draenor never drank the demon blood that corrupted their distant kin. Proud and defiant, they stood united as one tribe--the Mag'har. With their unrelenting courage and fierce sense of honor, the Mag'har now fight to claim a new home on Azeroth.

Opening cutscene

Overlord Geya'rah:Strength and honor. Blood and thunder. Mere words to others... but everything to us. We are the last survivors of a proud tribe. The uncorrupted... the unbroken... the Mag'har!


Mag'har can have:

  • Black skin and rocky growths (Blackrock)
  • Gray skin, can also be mutilated (Burning Blade, Laughing Skull, Shadowmoon, Shattered Hand)
  • Brown skin, can also have brown or white tattoos (Bleeding Hollow for white tattoos, Burning Blade, Frostwolf, Shadowmoon, Thunderlord, Warsong for brown tattoos)

The gray skin tone with yellow eyes (Dragonmaw) and the pale white skin tone (Shattered Hand) are not available. The latter is likely not unavailable because it is tied to a separate, unique model unable to equip armor.


Mag'har orcs can be unlocked by Horde players who complete the achievement Horde  [Ready for War].

Players must then complete the following recruitment questline:

  1. H [120] Vision of Time
  2. H [120] Caverns of Time
  3. H [120] Echo of Gul'dan
  4. H [120] Echo of Warlord Zaela
  5. H [120] Echo of Garrosh Hellscream
  6. H [120] Restoring Old Bonds
  7. H [120] Calling Out the Clans
  8. H [120] Bonds Forged Through Battle
  9. H [120] Tyranny of the Light
  10. H [120] The Uncorrupted


Racial traits



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  • On Draenor and in Orgrimmar, each clan is represented by a particular type of recurring Mag'har NPC: Deadeyes, Grunts, and Warders for the Blackrock, Impalers for the Bleeding Hollow, Blademasters for the Burning Blade, Warriors for the Frostwolf, Limbflayers for the Laughing Skull, Darkcasters for the Shadowmoon, Rippers for the Shattered Hand, Giantslayers for the Thunderlord, and Outriders for the Warsong.
  • Mag'har shaman totems look like small cups of unity.
  • One of the playable Mag'har haircut is called "The Dreadnaught".
  • Mag'har were initially planned to become available in patch 8.1.5, with Dark Iron dwarves and Zandalari trolls being the allied races slated for the launch of Battle for Azeroth. However, when Blizzard settled on making Kul Tiran humans an allied race in 8.1.5, they felt that it made the most sense from a story perspective to pair Kul Tirans with Zandalari. Thus, the Zandalari allied race was moved back until 8.1.5 so they could be released alongside Kul Tirans, while Mag'har were moved forward to 8.0 as the Horde equivalent to Dark Irons.[3]
  • A Thieving Scoundrel wearing alternate Frostwolf armor can be seen in the Underbelly of Dalaran.
  • Mag'har orcs wearing alternate Warsong armor can be seen playing drums on the Horde gunship during the Seething Shore battleground.
  • The Hood, a Shattered Hand rogue that looked like those of the Iron Horde was originally planned to appear in Legion.
  • They are the first and currently only Horde allied race to not have reputation bonus to their specific faction, diverging from the Paragon chest bonuses awarded to other factions, tied to their former exalted reputation requirements. These were removed, along with all other allied race reputation requirements in 9.0.


Patch changes



The Mag’har Allied Race has a very impactful questline. The quest starts at the Horde Embassy in the Valley of Spirits (Orgrimmar).

If you haven’t started the questline, be ready to throw the canon you know of out of the window. We don’t go to the Dark Portal to enter AU-Draenor. Instead, we spend the first 3-4 quests putting together a piece of the Vision of Time — recovered from Garrosh — to travel to AU-Draenor.

However, and this isn’t quite explained, we land some time in the future of the Draenor we visited during Warlords of Draenor. A future where Grommash and Lantresor of the Blade have white hair.

In this future, Yrel and the Lightbound have forced the Light upon the draenei and the orcs. Anyone who refuses to embrace the Light is erradicated.

And so, we arrive in that future at the moment the Mag’har are about to be wiped by Yrel’s forces. We escape Draenor with Geya’rah and a small force of Mag’har — who become the new Allied Race.

This storyline leaves so many plotholes that need to be explained. Who knows when we might hear more about the events that led to that future. Toward the end of the questline, before you escape Draenor in the quest “Tyranny of the Light,” you loot a book from an Exarch — where you can read some of the lore behind this apocalyptic Draenor where the Light is portrayed as tyrants.

Watch the gameplay videos below:

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How to Unlock Mag’har Orcs Fast in Shadowlands [2021]

A quick guide to every step required to unlock the Mag’har Orcs allied race in World of Warcraft: Shadowlands

If you are looking to unlock the Mag’har Orc allied race in Shadowlands, you have come to the right place! Mag’har Orcs were introduced in the Battle for Azeroth expansion and require you to complete older content to unlock them. Unfortunately, this is a pain if you are a new or returning player without any BFA playtime. In this guide, I will walk you through travel directions and the quests you need to complete to unlock the Mag’har Orcs.

At a high level, there are two things you need to do to unlock the Mag’har Orc allied race in Shadowlands.

  1. Earn the Ready for War achievement by finishing the 1st part of the war campaign.
  2. Complete a series of recruitment quests (requires level 50+ Horde character).

You need to complete the 1st part of the war campaign before you can start the recruitment. To get started, you will need to be level 35 and travel to Zandalar.

How to get to Zandalar in Shadowlands [2021]

Screenshot of pyramid in Zandalar World of Warcraft

If you have never been there, you can get to Zandalar by talking to Sylvanas in Orgrimmar (Grommash Hold) to pick up Battle for Azeroth: Mission Statement. This will take you on a short quest chain through Stormwind and eventually to Zandalar. If you have been to Zandalar before, you can take the portal in the Orgrimmar portal room (58.5, 91.3).

The War Campaign

Footholds – Level 35+

You can begin the war campaign after reaching Zandalar and at least level 35 on a Horde character. To be clear, you can start the campaign at level 35, but some of the later chapters are gated behind a level 50 requirement. You will have to decide if you want to start the campaign earlier or knock it all out after reaching level 50.

Either way, you can begin the campaign on the boat in the Port of Zandalar at coordinates (51, 100).

The first 3 chapters of the campaign will take you to the alliance continent of Kul Tiras to set up footholds. You can set up the first 2 at level 35 and the last one after level 40. All war campaign quests will place an orange exclamation point on your world map that makes them easy to find.

Campaign Storylines – Level 50+

Once you have footholds, you will need to reach level 50 to continue the storyline. The next quest you are looking for is offered by Nathanos Blightcaller on the same boat and is called Breaking Kul Tiran Will.

If you have reached level 50 and Nathanos isn’t offering the Breaking Kul Tiran Will quest, you will need to obtain The Heart of Azeroth (a legendary necklace). You can do this by completing the A Dying World quest chain, which should pop up once you reach level 50 and visit Dazar’alor.

Alternatively, you can grab it from the Earthen Guardian outside the Great Seal in Dazar’alor.

Screenshot of Earthen Guardian who offers quest to unlock heart of azeroth necklace.

With Breaking Kul Tiran Will in hand, you can start working your way through The First Assault storyline. As soon as you finish that series of quests, the game should auto accept the next quest in the campaign.

I put together a little graphic that shows all of the requirements of the first part of the war campaign. Once you finish these, you will receive the Ready for War achievement and be ready to start the recruitment questline.

Storylines required to unlock the Mag'har Orc allied race

Do the recruitment quests

With the first part of the war campaign out of the way, it is time to recruit the Mag’har Orcs into the mighty Horde (and onto your character creation screen).

You can begin the recruitment questlines by visiting the Orgrimmar embassy to pick up a quest called Vision of Time.  This requires you to have a level 50+ Horde character, which shouldn’t be a problem if you have completed the war campaign.

Screenshot of Orgrimmar embassy where you can begin the Mag'har Orc allied race recruitment quest.

There are 10 quests in the recruitment chain that will take about 30 minutes to complete (although most of this is travel time). Once you finish those quests, you can now create your very own Mag’har Orc complete with Mag’har Direwolf mount.

If you are looking to unlock other allied races, please check out my other guides in the table below. I plan on writing one for each race but still have a few more to write. The ones I have done have links attached and are blue.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How long does it take to unlock Mag’har Orcs?

If you have BFA flying unlocked, it will take around 3 – 4 hours to unlock Mag’har Orcs. Without BFA flying or a level 50 Horde character, it could easily take you anywhere from 6 – 8 hours or longer.

Q. What classes can Mag’har Orcs be?

The Mag’har Orcs allied race can play as 8 different classes in World of Warcraft. They cannot play as demon hunters, druids, paladins, or warlocks. The classes they can play include:

Death Knight

Q. What racial traits do Mag’har Orcs have?

Mag’har Orcs have 1 active racial ability and 3 racial passives.

Their active ability is called Ancestral Call. When used, it increases a random secondary stat for 12 seconds.

Their racial passives include:
· Open Skies  – Mount speed higher by 10%.
· Savage Blood  – Poison, disease, and curse duration 10% lower.
· Sympathetic Vigor– Pets have 10% more HP.

Q. How do I get the Mag’har Orc heritage armor in Shadowlands?

Once you have unlocked Mag’har Orcs, you can begin working on acquiring their heritage armor. To do this, you need to earn the Heritage of the Mag’har achievement. This requires you to reach level 50 on a new Mag’har Orc.

As an important side note, you will not earn the achievement if you reach level 50 by using a level boosts, race change, or recruit a friend levels to unlock the armor.   

Final Thoughts

The process of unlocking Mag’har Orcs has 2 major requirements — completion of the first part of the Horde War Campaign and a short recruitment quest chain. Beginning the war campaign requires you to have a level 35+ horde character; however, later chapters are gated behind a level 50 requirement. Because of this, you can choose to start working on the campaign while leveling or wait until level 50.


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Guía para DESBLOQUEAR Orcos MAG'HAR - WoW Shadowlands
This article is about the lore of the Mag'har orcs. For information about the playable Mag'har allied race, see Mag'har orc (playable). For other uses, see Mag'har (disambiguation).
Grommash wallpaper.jpg

Grommash Hellscream, a Mag'har orc

Faction/AffiliationHorde, Warsong Offensive, The Mag'har, Mag'har Clans (Blackrock clan, Bleeding Hollow clan, Burning Blade clan, Frostwolf clan, Laughing Skull clan, Shadowmoon clan, Shattered Hand clan, Thunderlord clan, Warsong clan), Lower City, True Horde, Iron Horde
Character classes

WoW Icon update.pngHunter, Mage, Monk, Priest, Rogue, Shaman, Warrior

Beastmaster, Berserker, Blademaster, Bonecrusher, Dark shaman, Far seer, Gladiator, Grunt, Peon, Raider, Scout
Racial capitalHordeGaradar (Outland)
NeutralHellsreach Citadel (Draenor)
Racial leader(s)

Horde Geyah

Alternate Draenor:
Horde Geya'rah

Neutral Grommash Hellscream †
Racial mountIconSmall Worg.gifWolf
IconSmall Rylak.gifRylak
IconSmall Clefthoof.gifClefthoof
IconSmall Talbuk.gifTalbuk
HomeworldDraenor, alternate Draenor
Area(s)Outland, Azeroth, alternate Draenor
Organization(s) Clans

“Do you know who we are, stranger? We are Mag'har - brown orcs, as I have heard your kind call us. The Mag'har are survivors: Survivors of a fallen dynasty; Survivors of the Red Pox; Survivors of a shattered world...”

— Jorin Deadeye[1]

The Mag'har orcs[2][3] ("uncorrupted" in Orcish), also known as "brown orcs",[1][4][5] are the orcs that escaped the corruption of the Burning Legion and thereby retained their natural brown or gray skin color. On Draenor, they were a result of isolation from the Horde due to being quarantined in Garadar. They have a noble shamanistic tradition cultivating a mighty tribal society that was centered around survival, regulating themselves through ritualized combat and personal honor. On the alternate Draenor, the orcs did not take up the fel because of the intervention of Garrosh Hellscream, causing them to remain uncorrupted.


Outland Mag'har

Years prior to the Blood Pact with Mannoroth, a virulent plague known as the "red pox" spread among the orcish clans, and Geyah established a quarantine village in Nagrand, naming it Garadar after Garad.[6] Those that were quarantined managed to avoid the corruption that plagued even their parents and the rest of the world. The orcs, and Nagrand, came to be referred to as "Mag'har" — which in Orcish means "uncorrupted".[7]

The Burning Crusade

Bc icon.gifThis section concerns content related to The Burning Crusade.

The current leader of the Mag'har, the venerable Greatmother Geyah, is an old and wise orc, yet she recently fell extremely ill. Garrosh Hellscream, the son of Grommash Hellscream, served as the Mag'har's military chief, aided by Jorin Deadeye, son of the venerable chieftain of the Bleeding Hollow clanKilrogg Deadeye. Garrosh was to succeed Geyah as chieftain of the Mag'har should she pass. Warchief Thrall of the New Horde met with the Mag'har and reconnected with the old traditions. The Mag'har joined the Horde, and taught the orcs about their past and the old ways.

Several Mag'har orcs also traveled to Shattrath City, allying with Lower City.

Wrath of the Lich King

Garrosh was the first Mag'har to set foot in Orgrimmar. A number of Mag'har joined the Horde's war effort, notably during the campaign against the Lich King and the Alliance, Deathwing and in the Pandaren Campaign. Mag'har orcs in the Horde became a more common sight once Garrosh became its Warchief.

Among the Mag'har who joined Garrosh on Azeroth are Dranosh Saurfang, Cromush, Grebo, Glubgok, Lucretia, Saurboz, Gash'nul, Rok'nah, Dalgan, and Ishi. Even children like Namond and Gogu ventured beyond the Portal. Korgol Crushskull can be found at the Darkmoon Faire. Mag'har war drummers also participate in the assault on the Seething Shore.

Mists of Pandaria

While many members of the Horde rebelled against Garrosh's reign as Warchief, many loyal Mag'har sided with him and could be found in Orgrimmar and the Underhold as part of the True Horde.

Alternate Draenor Mag'har

Main article: Iron Horde#History

For untold generations, the orc clans of Draenor battled one another in endless war. But when Gul'dan offered them the blood of his demonic masters, the disparate tribes of Mag'har—the orcish word for "uncorrupted"—refused the dark bargain and banded together to drive out the Burning Legion. United under the leadership of Grommash Hellscream, the Mag'har pledged to one day repay Azeroth's heroes for aiding their cause. As war against the Alliance intensifies, the Horde must call upon the might of the Mag'har to seize victory.[8]


LegionThis section concerns content related to Legion.

Several Mag'har orcs were captured on the Broken Shore during the Burning Legion's third invasion.

Battle for Azeroth

A lot of Mag'har from the alternate Draenor, enough to field a significant force,[9] have joined the Horde through efforts of Eitrigg.


Mag'har of Outland

IconSmall Aggra.gifAggralanMember of the Earthen Ring and wife to ThrallAliveVariousHorde, Frostwolf clan, The Mag'har, Earthen Ring
IconSmall Geyah.gifGeyahMother of Durotan. Spiritual leader of the Mag'harAliveGaradar, NagrandThe Mag'har, formerly Frostwolf clan
IconSmall OrcBrown Female.gifKashurPrevious elder shaman of the Frostwolf clan and Drek'Thar's mentor GhostSpirit Fields, NagrandThe Mag'har, Frostwolf clan
IconSmall Garrosh.gifGarrosh HellscreamSon of Grom Hellscream, former warchief of the Horde, mastermind behind the Iron Horde on alternate DraenorDeceasedVariousIron Horde formerly The Mag'har, Warsong Offensive, Horde
IconSmall OrcBrown Male.gifGarm WolfbrotherLast Chieftain of the Thunderlord clan DeceasedThunderlord Stronghold, Blade's Edge MountainsThe Mag'har, Thunderlord clan
IconSmall Dranosh.gifDranosh SaurfangSon of Varok Saurfang, killed at the Battle of Angrathar the Wrathgate, Soul claimed by Frostmourne and raised as a death knight, Slain by adventurers DeceasedBuried in the Ancestral Grounds, NagrandThe Scourge, formerly Horde, Warsong Offensive
IconSmall OrcBrown Male.gifJorin DeadeyeSon of Kilrogg Deadeye and Warchief of the Bleeding Hollow clan AliveGaradar, NagrandBleeding Hollow clan, The Mag'har
IconSmall OrcBrown Male.gifIshiBlademaster and champion of Warchief Garrosh Hellscream DeceasedGarrosh'ar Advance, Kun-Lai SummitHorde
IconSmall Cromush.gifCromushWarlord of the Horde AliveHillsbrad FoothillsHorde

Mag'har of alternate Draenor


The architecture of the Mag'har seems to be inspired from the orcish buildings from Warcraft: Orcs & Humans. This suggests that during the First War, orcs used similar building types to those back at home on Draenor. However, over time, their buildings become more and more "warlike" and less nomadic. Those back on Draenor/Outland never changed their building style.

Notes and trivia

  • Geyah once called the land of Nagrand itself "mag'har", uncorrupted.[10] As such, the term does not apply only to orcs.
  • The adjective derived from "Mag'har" is "Mag'hari".[11][12]
  • Representatives of the alternate universe Mag'har orcs appeared in Orgrimmar with the 8.0 pre-patch, before they were supposed to show up and be made available, due to an unintentional phasing error.[13] They were removed shortly after.
  • A large number of skins for orc characters in Heroes of the Storm make them look like Mag'har, such as Mag'har Shadow Council Gul'dan, Warsong Hellblade Samuro, and Mag'har Johanna.
  • Mag'har, being a type of Orc, are also largely based upon Balkan, West Asian (particularly Turkish), with other varied and specific elements from other cultures.
    • For general Orc cultural inspiration, see Orcs#Notes and trivia
    • Mag'har is pronounced similar to the name Hungarians have for themselves, "magyar".
    • The seven clans of the Iron Horde resemble the seven clans of the Magyar tribes, as well as the dynamic between the clan chieftain and farseershaman resembles the balance between the magyar gyula, which means warchief, and kende, which means sacred prince and oversaw spiritual matters.
    • The unification of the Iron Horde's seven clans through a blood oath resembles the Hungarian blood oath unifying the seven magyar tribes.
    • The Shadowmoon clan's lunar basis may be based upon the lunar calendar used by Mongolians, Turkic peoples traditionally, and others.
    • Likewise the "moonwillow" in the area whose roots extend into the Shadowmoon Burial Grounds may be based upon the recurring death-related myths and practices involving willow trees.



This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.

Since mok'nathal and Mag'har orcs largely look the same, the ethnicity of characters like Orhan Ogreblade, Uda the Beast, and Lucretia is unclear.


  • Original male Mag'har orc NPC model.

  • Original female Mag'har orc NPC model.

  • Male Mag'har orc NPC model from 6.0.

  • Female Mag'har orc NPC model from 6.0.

  • Non-brown skin colors were added from 6.0.


Wow maghar orc

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Guía para DESBLOQUEAR Orcos MAG'HAR - WoW Shadowlands

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