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Roommates are sometimes the best. They'll order pizza with you, watch movies with you, and split your electricity bill. But, having a roommate can also just be really stressful. Take, for example, Mishka and Cayenne. These two oddly named cats are new roommates — a choice made by neither kitty. Mishka is a six-year-old Munchkin Napoleon, while Cayenne is a tiny Scottish Fold Munchkin kitten.

Though their names alone would seemingly make them an ideal pair, their first meeting didn't go so well. Cayenne, contrary to what she may have said on Craigslist, clearly takes the party home. And, Mishka is having none of it. Though, unlike you and your roommate, these two confront their problems head on. No Post-it notes on the fridge in this apartment. Watch as the Munchkin kitties work out their problems, and become better felines because of it. (Jezebel)


Cute of the Day

Calico Munchkin KittenI already find kittens ridiculously adorable, doubly so if they’re calico. So when Bernardo found this cute video of a calico munchkin kitten I couldn’t stop myself from smiling as I watched it. Sure sure the video has other kittens, but the little calico kitten is the star of the video. She seems to have trouble staying on the little ledge but has no problem entertaining herself.

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Cutest of the week: “Cute munchkin baby kitten talks too much”

This week’s Cutest of the Week features a cute little fluffy munchkin cat who has a lot to say. Is he hungry? Annoyed? Wants to play? We will never know.

The munchkin cat is a newer breed of cat, according to Wikipedia. Similar to the body of a corgi, this feline’s short legs were caused by a natural genetic mutation. This kind of cat is still healthy, and is known for its playful tendencies.

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Munchkin Kitten In Very Deep Sleep

The 20 Cutest Munchkin Cat Videos of 2017

Munchkin cats are one of the most adorable breeds on the planet. They have a soft coat with a thick undercoat of fur that makes them look like little bears. This isn’t their most unique feature though. Munchkin cats have very short legs that set them apart from all other breeds. It doesn’t seem to slow them down though. They’re known for their athleticism and for performing feats that seem impossible, given their obvious structural limitations. They are by nature a very sweet and quiet cat, but are also full of energy and like to stay active. We’ve found the cutest munchkin cat videos that have been made this year to share with you. Whether you’re a cat lover or not, you won’t be able to help but think that they’re amazing little creatures.

Munchkin Cat: The Most Adorable Cat Ever, Funny Cats Compilation

If you don’t have any experience with a munchkin cat, then you’ll want to see this to get an education. The tiny little guy that serves as the featured star looks like an adolescent kitten and his curiosity is absolutely getting the best of him. It’s both entertaining and relaxing to see how this lovely kitten navigates his way through the house, carefully checking it out. The next clip in this compilation shows what happens when one munchkin offends another. The two cats lie facing one another in their wire kennel and square off. It’s hilarious to watch them batting each other with their cute little furry paws. You’ll enjoy the different colors, markings and downright funny behavior of these cool cats.

Munchkin Cat: The Purrfect Cat Breed

Follow this adorable little ginger and white munchkin cat with his extremely large eyes and broad face that makes you just want to pick him up and hug him. This video was posted in February of 2017 and it starts off with captions that offers quite a bit of useful information about the breed while the clip is rolling. We get a good look at this little munchkin from all angles, and he’s a great example of the perfect munchkin, which in our opinion, are one of the most remarkable of the newer breeds. This little guy just can’t seem to sit still. He has a calm demeanor, but he’s just so darn curious that he is compelled to move from one interesting thing to another. It’s entertaining to watch him as he checks out his environment. Munchkins are very social cats and he shows you how much they love to interact with humans. If you’ve been thinking about making your next furry family member a munchkin and you’re on the fence about it, watch this video because it is guaranteed to help you make up your mind. Plus, it’s is just too cute to miss.

Munchkin Cat Meow Compilation

What kind of a representation would we be making if we didn’t include a meow compilation? Munchkins have a sweet and calm voice, even when they are doing a lot of talking. They’re generally known for being moderately quiet, but when they have something to say, you can’t shut them up. This fellow is an expert talker. The Munchkin meow compilation is a brilliant collection that follows a small ginger and white kitty around the house to show you what an average day in his life is like. He makes several commentaries along the way as he gives you a tour of the home that he shares with his human companions. It’s really his house, and the rest of the family is just privileged to be there. This video was shared in April of 2017 and we’re sure that we’ll be “hearing” more from him.

Munchkin Cat plus a British Shorthair

This is what happens when you cross a munchkin cat with a British Shorthair. These kittens haven’t had their eyes open for very long and they’re already trying to get away to go exploring. That’s the one thing that you need be prepared for when you adopt a munchkin cat. They are naturally inquisitive from the cradle to the grave, and as soon as they can become mobile to boot. You’ll see what we mean in this video that shows them on the move. These kittens are so adorable and when this breed is still in the kitten stage, their eyes are so humongous that it absolutely melts your heart. This very social cat is among the sweetest, friendliest and most loving creatures on the planet. If you think that Yoda is cool, you’re going to love watching these little fellows because it looks like a litter of little Jedi masters running around. This video was posted in January of 2017.

Scottish Fold Munchkin Kittens Playing

This outstanding video was published in April of 2017 and it features two kitties named Timon and Pumba. They are a little older than the younger litter mates shown, that consists of five tinier kitties. The younger ones are doing their best to find the toy to play with but in the end, they decide that it’s not worth the hassle. Note the way that the Scottish fold’s ears are folded neatly over to give their faces an even cuter and chubbier appearance. When compared with the other kittens, you can really tell the difference between the two breeds. This is an adorable video of Scottish fold munchkin and other kittens who are attempting to play together, but it seems that the age difference is just a little too much. Maybe in a few weeks guys.

Solid Black Munchkin Kitten

If you think that tiny kittens are adorable, then you’ll want to watch this video of a solid black munchkin kitten. It’s really something of a novelty as most them are born with multiple colors, including: white and gray, white and ginger, white and black and so forth. Really you can get any kind of color or marking patterns with a munchkin cat, but this solid black is a real beauty with a coat coloring that you don’t see very often. This little fellow is barely old enough to walk around on his own, but true to the nature of the breed, he’s already trying to explore his surroundings.

Belly rubbing a Scottish Fold Munchkin Kitten

Oh yeah! This is what happens when you give a Scottish fold munchkin kitten a good belly rubbing. This highly socialized kitten just lies back and enjoys all the tender loving care he’s getting. You can tell that he really likes having his tummy rubbed, but even when he’s in a relaxed position, his eyes are following every movement of master’s hand. This kitten is very alert and aware of what is going on around him. He’s almost sitting in the position that a person would be in. You can tell by looking at him that he believes that he is the king of the castle.

Adorable Munchkin Kitty

What do you get when you combine a string and bauble on the end of it? A very entertained munchkin kitty. This adorable tabby munchkin is quite entertained with just an old necklace as his owner dangles in front of his face. He just can’t stop himself from doing a little batting as it moves from side to side. Have you ever wondered what a cat is thinking when they are focused on an object that they badly want? This little fellow is fairly determined and we can almost see him working out in his head how he is going to snag the pretty bauble that’s being bandied in front of him, yet just out of reach. Oh, for an index finger and opposable thumb! You’ve got to catch this cute video and share it with your friends.

White Munchkin Kitten Ball

We’ve pulled out all the stops by showing you this video. This has got to be the cutest munchkin kitten on the face of the earth. This tiny little fellow has snow white fur that really does look like a big ball of yarn. This is by far the cutest and fluffiest kitty that we’ve seen. He’s a Scottish fold munchkin that has a cute little set of ears with a round shape, giving him the appearance of a white teddy bear, except for this little guy is quite animated. If you’d like to see one of the most interesting kittens on the internet, here is your chance. He’s a fantasy come true for every child that ever wished that their teddy bear would come to life and play with them.

Little Kitten Can’t Stay Awake

This little kitty is really fighting the nap that’s coming, but he’s losing the battle. This is one of the most precious clips of a young munchkin kitten who’s sitting in an upright position, but beginning to weave and bob as the sandman does his work. We highly recommend this video, but it comes with a warning, there are graphic depictions of an adorable kitten falling asleep and it may make you feel very sleepy yourself, if you watch it for too long.

Pair of Adorable Munchkin Kittens

These little munchkins are really into slapstick. They’re cute enough on their own, but when the owner goes to tickle their noses or give them some love, they become animated. We can see how small they really are in comparison to the size of a human hand. The tiny little mini munches make the best possible representatives of the munchkin breed because of their sweet little personalities and love to be social. Who could possibly be lonely with a couple of characters like this in the house? They’re great entertainers and they’re also very nice to be around.

Baby Kitten Sleeping in Palm of Hand

This sleeping baby munchkin kitty will take you over the top with a sensory overload of cuteness that will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy. You must see this tiny kitten as he sleeps in the palm of a hand. You could literally watch this one for hours. The music for the clip is perfect and it seems to be a lullaby written just for this precious little Scottish fold munchkin. It captures every cute little movement that he makes with is back leg and tail. It’s amazing to watch him stretch, then snuggle right back into the palm that is so lovingly and caringly holding him. Guys, if you’re looking for a great Valentine’s Day present, then give her a view of this sleeping kitten video. She’s going to want to go out and get one just like this.

Three Cute Kittens

Just when we didn’t think it could be any sweeter we come across this. These three little munchkin kitties are posing pretty for the camera, but the one on the left can’t seem to keep her eyes open. The other two decide that it’s time to have a batting contest. Have you ever watched munchkins try to bat at each other with their short little legs? This is truly a comedy that must be seen. The two characters begin to get a little rowdy with each other, but all the other one wants to do is have a little shut eye, and this makes the scene even more adorable.

Munchkin Kitten in Very Deep Sleep

This little munchkin thinks it’s a human being. The video kitty is not only adorable but it’s also hilarious to watch. You’ve got to see how this kitty is all stretched out on the bed with his little paws down to his sides. He’s in such a deep sleep that when the owner lifts his paw upwards, then drops it back on the bed, he doesn’t even stir. What will it take to wake this little guy up? He’s out for the count, but looks so very comfortable that it makes you want to join him for a siesta. The lullaby of ‘twinkle, twinkle, little star” was also a very nice touch.

“I got a Munchkin cat”

This is a cool story about a Munchkin cat that is ten years old, named Mugsy. He doesn’t have any front teeth and he does have a nub, but his pet parent thinks he is the most perfect pet in the world. In fact, he is just what she was looking for. This round bellied, short legged little fellow is her new companion and the girl tells us about how difficult it was for her to find him, because there aren’t that many munchkins up for sale. She finally found him advertised in a Craig’s list ad and she knew that she had to have him. She went to his temporary home and brought him home to his new forever home with her. It’s a touching story and Mugsy is a real cutie.

Munchkin Cat vs Feather

What happens when a munchkin cat finds a feather near a drain pipe? It kicks off frenzy of wild play that can literally go on for hours. This video teaches us something very important about munchkin cats, and that is that they really enjoy a good time and they can have a ball without spending a dime. Just find an old feather that is lying on the ground at the bottom of a gutter drainage pipe, and you have your whole afternoon’s entertainment taken care of. We think that the munchkin vs feather battle is going to go in the direction of the cat for a win.

Munchkin cat singing to music

This has got to be the best short clip of a munchkin cat singing to canned music that we’ve seen. The owner couldn’t just let him sing either, there had to be back scratching involved as a distraction. This zany cat moves its mouth in sync with the song that is playing regardless of the interruptions. We can tell that this cool cat is one heck of an entertainer, in this unique, and one of a kind clip that is hilariously funny. As if this wasn’t good enough, the video rolls on with a compilation of a long line up of the most adorable little munchkin kittens around.

Munchkin kittens synthetic video compilation 2017

This is a whimsical compilation that starts out with the belle of the ball, a little fluffy white munchkin, then moves ahead to more active clips of munchkins caught in the act of being themselves. This amazing montage includes munchkins at their finest, whether tearing through the house, gently biting one another about the head and ears, or having it out with a silky terrier pup. There are so many good scenes in this collection that it is a must watch for any cat lover.

Munchkin Cat Jumping Skills

If you have any doubts about the jumping ability of a munchkin cat, then you sincerely need to watch this video. It shows how high this short legged little fellow can jump. It’s actually quite surprising, given its’ body structure, but did you know that this breed is very high in energy and is also generally athletic?

Munchkin cat running up and down the stairs

Here is yet further proof of the athleticism of the munchkin. We see it in this hilarious clip that you need to watch. It features a cat with such short legs racing up and down a stair case. We think that she’d make a good hurdle jumper if given the chance. She clears every step expertly and seems to glide up and down the stairwell. Could it be that because her body is so close to the ground it’s less of an effort? We’re not sure how she does it, but it’s hilarious to watch.


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