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Design Dilemma

In conjunction with our last major renovation we first replaced all the downstairs flooring with large terracotta (saltillo) tiles . . . then redid the kitchen with Santa Isabella granite (soft green with gray and white veins) counters and backsplash.

When it came to the backsplash (for which the installer rotated 12" matching tiles 90° (to form diamonds), he asked if we had any floor tiles left in order " Since we had an ample supply left over, he used a couple to cut four 4" squares, which he placed strategically across the backsplash (beneath the new cupboards above).

MY DILEMMA: I'm not sure why they never bothered me all these years, but in the past 6 months or so, those squares have become an eyesore to me (albeit a minor one). Still, I've been trying to think of an easy way to blend them into the background, instead of sticking out visually as much as they seem to.

The most practical idea I've been able to come up with would be a decal or sticker that incorporated both colors — that would stick to a vertical ceramic wall. Actually thought I had found two perfect solutions on a website called "Zazzle": (1) a 3" x 3" ceramic Mexican-style tile called "Mexican Talvera" that seemed to offer the perfect color balance I've been visualizing . . . and (2) the option to submit my own design (possibly the better solution, since I still have one of the remaining 2" x 2" tiles . . . which our decorator referred to as "dots" . . and used to punctuate the floor in our kitchen area and the tiled top of our hearth in the adjoining family room.) The colors are perfect and I'm pretty sure the tile would be easy to scan.

Luckily I contacted Zazzle before ordering either . . . only to learn that the term "ceramic tile sticker" only referred to the style of pattern — not recommended application. Their stickers are just printed on ordinary paper with an adhesive backing, so are not waterproof, even if sealed with an art spray. Other websites I've visited either caution against using them on a backsplash or clearly state that their products must be oven-fired.

I'm hoping someone out there in "Houzz-ville" can lead me in the right direction.

Sours: https://www.houzz.com/discussions/816170/does-anyone-make-decals-or-stickers-that-will-adhere-to-ceramic-tiles

Tile’s latest Bluetooth tracker is a tiny, waterproof sticker

Tile is so well-known for its Bluetooth trackers that it's practically synonymous with the category. But as useful as they are for finding your stuff, they can only be attached via a keychain or slipped into a pocket. Sure, you could stick them on with an adhesive, but that can be a little awkward and unwieldy, especially on smaller devices. Today, Tile has unveiled a potential solution to that with the Tile Sticker. It retails for $39.99 for a pack of two or $59.99 for a pack of four.

Gallery: Tile 2019 lineup | 11 Photos

The Sticker is by far the smallest Tile yet. Measuring 27mm in diameter and 7.3mm thick, it's shaped like a tiny disc. That makes it a lot more versatile than the other Tile trackers, and more practical for items like cameras, headphones and remote controls. The Sticker is also waterproof, which makes it ideal for sticking onto outdoor gear like skateboards or coolers.

As its name suggests, you just peel the plastic off the back for it to adhere. Tile partnered with 3M to create the adhesive, which was designed to bond to most metal and plastic surfaces. According to Tile, if the Sticker is placed on a clean, flat surface, the bond should last three to five years. I placed a Sticker on my laptop, after which I tried to remove it by pushing and pulling on it a few times, and it didn't budge even the slightest.


If you do want to remove it, Tile says you just have to yank on it really hard and it'll eventually come off (much like you would 3M hooks that you have on the wall). I decided to test this with the Sticker on my laptop. I dug my nails and fingers around the sides and pulled really hard several times, almost to the point where I was afraid I would damage my laptop. Finally, the Sticker did release, with only a tiny bit of adhesive residue left on the surface. Tile recommends you use another adhesive backing on the Sticker after removal, but mine still had enough adhesive left that I could reuse it.

As mentioned earlier, the Sticker is also the most affordable Tile product at around $15 or $20 per tracker (depending if you buy a 2- or 4-pack). Like other Tiles, it has a three-year battery life and a 150-foot range (the maximum distance from which you can detect it with your phone).


Along with the new Tile Sticker, the company announced a refreshed lineup as well. The biggest change was to the new Tile Slim, which is now in a credit card style design (the previous version was simply a wider and flatter version of the original Tile). This newer iteration is a much better fit for wallets, luggage tags and ID badges. It has a 200-foot range, which is double that of the original Slim. It also apparently has twice the alert volume, has a three-year battery life and is waterproof. The Slim costs $29.99 for a single unit.

Next up are the new Mate and Pro models, which are slightly improved from their predecessors. Design-wise, the Mate is practically unchanged, while the new Pros no longer have a textured surface (also, instead of being called "Sport" and "Style," they're simply just black and white). The Mate now has a 200-foot range, while the Pro now has a 400-foot range. The Pro also apparently has the loudest ring of the bunch. Both the Pro and the Mate are water-resistant -- not waterproof like the Sticker and the Slim -- and have replaceable batteries, which the others do not. The Mate costs $24.99 while the Pro is priced at $34.99 per device.


As a reminder on how Tile works, on top of using Bluetooth to help you find your stuff, it uses a crowd-finding feature where other Tile app users can ping the whereabouts of a Tile that's out of Bluetooth range. It's this "crowd-sourcing" feature that sets it apart from just a regular location tracker.

That said, Tile may be facing some tough competition in the not-too-distant future. There have been rumors that Apple is working on location-tracking hardware of its own. But instead of using Bluetooth, it'll apparently utilize a tech called ultra-wideband (UWB), which is said to be much more precise -- almost a hundred times more accurate than Bluetooth. The only caveat is that UWB only works if both devices have the tech, but seeing as the new iPhone 11s do have it, there's a possibility that this rumor could be true. Even then though, the rumored Apple tag will likely only work with Apple products, while Tile works with both Android and iOS. There's also no telling just how much it would cost.

The new Tile products are available starting today at Tile.com as well as major retailers like Amazon, Best Buy, Target and others. They're also available in combo packs: You can get a Tile Essentials bundle with two Tile Stickers, one Tile Slim and one Tile Mate for $69.99; a Pro Combo 2-pack for $59.99 or a 4-pack for $99.99; a 4-pack Mate for $69.99; and a Tile Mate/Slim Combo with two Mates and two Slims for $74.99.

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Sours: https://www.engadget.com/2019-10-08-new-tile-sticker-2019.html
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Vinyl Tile Sticker Flooring Update

Last year when I participated in the Spring 2019 One Room Challenge, I revamped our main bath on a teeny tiny budget. The most fun feature in the room was definitely the vinyl tile sticker flooring! I’ve gotten so many compliments on this particular flooring, and people are often surprised when I tell them that they are vinyl tile stickers.

After being installed in a very frequently used bathroom for a family of four, I’m giving an update on how they’ve held up one year later.

Budget Flooring is my Jam

In our home I’ve tried a few different budget flooring updates. I’m all about immediate satisfaction and super low price tags! Not only did I give these vinyl tile sticker flooring a try, I have painted my kitchen floors, my basement flooring, AND our outdoor patio. I shared an update on the kitchen floors in this post, so I thought I’d also toss in an update on the bathroom tile stickers!

Painted Flooring Update - One Year Later
The RADical Basement Transformation - ORC Week 6

The Flooring Before

The floors before definitely weren’t what I had always dreamed of, but then again, nothing in this bathroom was.

A Glam Green Getaway- Main Bathroom Update
Glam Gold Peel-and-Stick Tile - Main Bathroom Update

The Concern

Before I began this flooring transformation, I was a little bit concerned with how much water would get on the vinyl tile sticker flooring from showers, baths, and from when my 2-year-old overflows the sink. I was also a little worried with peeling or discoloration from cleaning products. However, I planned on this being a temporary solution for our bathroom, so I went for it.

The Tile Choice

Many companies offer vinyl tile sticker flooring, but I went with Decoriia Studio and recommend them for a few different reasons:

By the way— this is NOT a paid post. I just really like this product! **NOTE** Decoriia Studio is temporarily closed due to the COVID-19 epidemic, but please check back!

First, Decoriia Studio is a small business in Singapore with an Etsy shop. Anytime that I can shop small and support individuals over corporations, I will.

Second, they have the most glorious colors and patterns! I mean, metallic tile? So many choices? Yes. These below are just a small sampling that I was personally choosing from.

Third, (though I didn’t know it at the time of purchase), the customer service and response time to messages was awesome. I was somewhat of a bugaboo with my questions, and the owner, Tom, was fantastic from start to finish.

glam gold peel-and-stick vinyl tile - main bathroom update

Where They Are Now….

After one year of standing water, messy shoes, potty training, and mopping, here they are!

Vinyl Tile Sticker Flooring Update

Not too shabby…

I will say that when I installed, I caulked around the toilet, tub, cabinetry, and walls to provide some extra time watertight-ness. So worth it. You can see my caulking job in the two pics below. I’m no pro, but it definitely helped to seal my work.

This vinyl tile is scrubbable and I’ve bleached without issue, but I would NOT suggest doing any kind of steam cleaning. I think that it could raise the edges of the tiles, though I haven’t tried it.

The one area of wear is near our bathroom door. A toy was jammed under the door and when the door was shut and the toy squeezed out, a small snag was created in the tile, as you can see in the pic below. I do have a few extra pieces left over and I plan to replace this piece.

Vinyl Tile Sticker Flooring Update

Tip- you should always get a little extra square footage in tile in case you make mistakes during install OR you have children that jam toys under doors.

These tiles are thinner than some I’ve seen, so an existing floor texture WILL be visible through the tile, as you can kind of see in my close-up pics. It doesn’t bother me a bit, and I’m a forever customer. I’ve thought a lot about trying these on wall tiles that I have in our mini master bathroom. That revamp is coming sooommmmmeday….

Vinyl Tile Sticker Flooring Update

In all, I could not be more pleased with this flooring and how it has held up to constant use over the last year! For the full install tutorial, you can head to this post.

Keeping it short and sweet— I’d be happy to answer more in-depth questions in the comments below or via email.

Vinyl Tile Sticker Flooring - Update One Year Later
Sours: https://blueagateabode.com/vinyl-tile-sticker-flooring-update-one-year-later/
Tile Stickers

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How to apply flat tile stickers

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