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Reading Blaster ages 9-12
Original Box art
TitleReading Blaster ages 9-12
DeveloperDavidson & Associates
PublisherDavidson & Associates
Platform(s)Windows, Macintosh
ReleasedOctober 30, 1997

Reading Blaster ages 9-12 features Rave in some reading challenges. It was released on October 30, 1997.


Dr. Dudley Dabble invites everyone to a party and tries to turn them into household appliances, and it's up to Rave to rescue them.


One night, Dr. Dabble invites his acquaintances to dinner. After dinner, Dr. Dabble shows his guests to his lab and then torments them. Meanwhile, Rave is at his house eating dinner and watching TV. Suddenly, the news, interrupting the TV program, states that the people at Dr. Dabble's have disappeared. When Rave hears this, he goes to Dr. Dabble's mansion to save the guests. Upon entering, he meets Lydia, a ghost who used to live in the mansion. She tells Rave about Dr. Dabble, and warns Rave not to wake Dr. Dabble who is asleep. The guests that Rave saves after finding evidence are: Lou and Bobbi Fright, Coach Gulliver Lilliput and Gloria Ghastly, and Mayor Jackie O'Cassidy and Gorky Barf. After Rave saves all the guests, Lydia reveals the password to her diary.


  • Rave
  • Lydia
  • Dr. Dudley Dabble
  • Lou Fright
  • Bobbi Fright
  • Coach Gulliver Lilliput
  • Gloria Ghastly
  • Mayor Jackie O'Cassidy
  • Gorky Barf

Blaster Learning System

Educational video game franchise

Video game series

The Blaster Learning System is an educational video game series originally created and published by Davidson & Associates, but is now owned and published by Knowledge Adventure, after the two companies were acquired and merged by CUC Software. Titles in the series have been produced for several computer systems, video game consoles, and as standalone handheld units. Originally, the series simply learned mathematics, but eventually expanded to other subjects, such as language arts (reading) and science. Due to the popularity of the original Math Blaster series, Davidson introduced Reading Blaster in 1994, which also went on to become successful.

Science Blaster was introduced in 1996, but never reach the same popularity as its predecessors.


The first reboot of the Davidson fundamentals line came in 1989. The original Math Blaster was written in Applesoft Basic and the Microsoft equivalent. Under Mike Albanese, the Davidson programming crew created a cross-platform development system based on Fig Forth. The product was well received and was the first of many Forth-based products developed at Davidson.

After starting off with a huge boom and providing the base for the establishment of a very successful public corporation, the Blaster series eventually fell victim to marketing cuts. In an attempt to sell both up and down the age group added more, Blasters were designed with increasingly thin, fuzzy and overlapping target age groups. Finally, the line came under fierce attack from the Gross brothers of Knowledge Adventure, led by Barton Listic. Knowledge Adventure countered with a simple grade-based sub-division with their JumpStart logo. Eventually, Knowledge Adventure and Davidson were acquired by CUC International to form CUC Software, and the company lines were merged.

In the year of 1999, coinciding with the CBS' Saturday morning cartoon Blaster's Universe animated by Canada-based Nelvana. The characters once again changed, probably to be more identifiable as people, with Blasternaut becoming Max Blaster, a 12-year-old boy obsessed with science and space in the 21st century, and his assistant Galactic Commander (short for G.C.), a cool 12-year-old girl who looks like an earthling but is really an alien. Together they must secretly work to save G.C.'s universe, using logic and creativity to outsmart the intergalactic bandits. Spot, the robot companion was removed and replaced with a robot dog named "MEL" ("Mechanically Enhanced Lapdog").

During the late 1990s and early 2000s, for the entire section after Davidson began its series of being bought and merged into other companies, these titles were renamed and repackaged without any change in content. One example is the latest release of Math Blaster for 3rd Grade in which the box art features the brand's all-new CBS cartoon characters, while the screen grabs of the game unveils a very different Blaster character and style; "Powerful Praise" quoted on the box gave 4½ stars for the game while admitting it was "previously published as "Math Blaster Ages 6–9," but ironically that was itself previously published as "Mega Math Blaster."



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The Blaster series[edit]


Games Platforms and Release Years
Math Blaster!
Math Blaster Mystery[3]Apple II, Macintosh (1989)
Math Blaster Episode II: Secret of the Lost City
Math Blaster Mystery: The Great Brain Robbery
Math Blaster Jr.
Geometry Blaster
Math Blaster for KindergartenWindows, Macintosh (1999)
  • Re-released as Math Blaster Mission 1: Cosmic Critter Challenge
Math Blaster for 1st Grade
  • Re-released as Math Blaster Mission 2: Race for the Omega Trophy
Math Blaster for 2nd Grade
Math Blaster Cross Terrain Challenge: Ages 9–12Windows, Macintosh (2001)
Math Blaster: Master the BasicsWindows, Macintosh (2006)
Math Blaster in the Prime AdventureNintendo DS (2008)
Math BlasteriOS (2013)
Math Blaster HyperBlastiOS (2013)
Math Blaster HyperBlast 2
  • Re-released as Math Blaster HyperBlast 2 HD
Math Blaster Space ZapperiOS (2013)
B-Force BlasteriOS (2013)


Games Platforms and Release Years
Reading Blaster: Invasion of the Word SnatchersWindows, Macintosh (1994)
Reading Blaster 2000
Reading Blaster Jr.
Word Blaster
Reading Blaster: Ages 9–12
Spelling Blaster
Reading Blaster for Kindergarten
  • Re-released as Reading Blaster Mission 1: Secret Of the Sunken
Reading Blaster for 1st Grade
  • Re-released as Reading Blaster Mission 2: Planet of the Lost Things

Other subjects[edit]


Year Title Games
Math Blaster Anniversary
  • Math Blaster: Ages 6–9
  • Spelling Blaster: Ages 6–9
Blaster Learning System 3R's: Ages 4–6
  • Reading Blaster: Ages 4–6
  • KidWorks Deluxe
  • Math Blaster: Ages 4–6
Blaster Learning System 3R's: Ages 6–9
Blaster Learning System 3R's: Ages 9–12
  • Reading Blaster: Ages 9–12
  • Multimedia Workshop
  • Math Blaster: Ages 9–12
2005Math Blaster Game Pack: Ages 6–12

Other languages[edit]


  • Swedish (titled "Matte Raketen")
  • Finnish (titled "Matikkaraketti")
  • Japanese (titled "算数戦士ブラスター(Sansū Senshi Burasutā)")



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II Computing listed Math Blaster second on the magazine's list of top Apple II education software as of late 1985, based on sales and market-share data.[7]


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Reading Blaster 2000

1996 video game

Reading Blaster 2000 is a remake of Reading Blaster: Invasion of the Word Snatchers created by Davidson & Associates in 1996. The game was later resold as Reading Blaster: Ages 6–9 in 1998 and, under Knowledge Adventure, as Reading Blaster for 3rd Grade in 2000. It is part of the Blaster Learning System series.

The game features a premise involving the characters depicted in previous Blaster products (Blasternaut, Galactic Commander and Spot) competing in a game show set in outer space. The user chooses which Blaster character to play and may either compete against a friend, playing another Blaster character, or the computer, in which case the player's opponent is Illitera, who was previously the main villain of the original Reading Blaster.

This is one of the few multiplayer video games in the Blaster series. It is also one of the few entries in the series to not have a plot involving foiling a villainous character's evil plan. Also in this game, Illitera becomes the only recurring villain in the Blaster games, although here she does nothing worse than bad-mouthing the show's hosts and eliciting boos from the unseen audience.

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Reading Blaster Jr. Full Walkthrough

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