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GPI – LS3 Cam


In./Ex. Duration224/237In./Ex. Valve Lift.646/.637LSA112ICL+4

Works well with a stock torque converter, offers stable idle, excellent low end torque, and smooth lobe design for quiet valve train operation and longevity. We designed this camshaft for use in cars with minimal modifications. Idles stable around 675 RPM, and is very strong off idle to 6600 RPM.

In./Ex. Duration228/240In./Ex. Valve Lift.646/.637LSA112ICL+4

Tailored for the street / strip individual that runs a 3000+ RPM converter. It rivals the torque output of the SS1 but packs on about 10-15 additional horsepower up top. Strong to 6700 RPM. This cam requires 3200+ RPM converter and increased rear end gear ratios are recommended.

In./Ex. Duration233/253In./Ex. Valve Lift.646/.637LSA112ICL+4

This is our most popular street / race cam, and for good reason. This is the perfect cam for the hardcore street / strip enthusiast, and makes more torque and horsepower than our SS1 and SS2 VVT cams. Very strong to 6900 RPM. Track tested, developed,and proven! This cam requires 3600+ RPM Converter, and loves 3.91 gearing.

In./Ex. Duration

236/252In./Ex. Valve Lift.646/.637LSA



All out performance application. Very street able, requires 4000 plus converter, prefers 3.91 to 4.10 gearing and requires no flycutting. Track tested and developed 10 second cam with heads and supporting mods. Strong to 7200 rpm. Specifically designed to clear on stock heads and gaskets with no milling.

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  1. Unhappy Help! GPI SS3 cam install LS3 needing a base tune to get to dyno!

    I just installed a GPI SS3 camshaft kit from gwatney Performance. i have long tubes and cold air bolt ons and needing either a base tune or a similar tune to go by to get this thing to idle around till i get to the dyno/tuner the car is my daily and running but super rich and and all help would be greatly appreciated. i have hptuners and the car is unlocked.

  2. Tuner in Training
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    Mar 2018
    Does Qwantney Performance use HP Tuners or EFI Live? If you bought the parts there and you plan to use them for dyno tuning, can they help with a "temp" tune just get the vehicle to the shop?

  3. No i wish....they are an amazing company and great parts but their remote tuning isn't available

  4. Tuner
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    Jun 2015
    You could email [email protected] He does remote tunes for gpi products for their customers. Currently they are swamped with work and getting ready for camarofest in bowling green. I'll send you a PM. I just did that cam in a friends 1LE

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    Kook's Headers
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    Cold Air Inductions cai
    GPTuning 2.5 Cam
    9.1 Lower 2.5 Upper
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InFiD3ViL's Avatar
Drives: 2010 CGM 2SS/RS LS3 Swapped A6

Join Date: Sep 2016

Location: Spring Hill, FL

Posts: 4,287

Tune almost complete. The last revision Ryan sent made a huge difference. The shifts are so much better now, even better than my last tune when bolt on. No lurching forward on the shift, just quick, firm, and done. The top end is incredible. It actually scared me on my first WOT pull lol because I wasn't expecting it. Then I did 7 more.

I am not used to my tuner wanting datalog after datalog. I think this is the 6th one I am sending him, which makes me very happy.

Coolant temps are only a couple degrees hotter than previous and he got the fan activation dialed in. But I do notice underhood temps are crazy now. Both my O2 extensions, the plastic looming melted completely off. Those were not touched during the cam swap, so I obviously have increased heat now. I'm going to get some heat wrap today and reroute them. I also need a hood vent.


2010 CGM Camaro 2SS LS3 Swapped A6 - GPI LS3 SS1 .647/.638, (224/237, 112 +4) on CamMotion 8620 core, BTR Platinum .660" Dual Spring kit w/titanium retainers, CHE bronze trunnion upgrade, stock heads milled @ .015, Melling HV 10296 oil pump, TSP 1-7/8" long tube headers (W/Catless Off-road Pipes), FlowMaster Outlaw axle back/X-Pipe, Stage 2 Ported Throttle Body, Vararam OTR CAI, Mike Norris Gen 2 catch can + GM 1LE clean side separator, 160º thermostat - Megan Racing adjustable coilovers (lowered 1.75"), MRR M017 10/11" wheels - Tuned by Ryan @ GPI via HP Tuners

Stupid Loud straight pipes GPI SS4 Cammed Camaro SS is back! Cold start,idle clips,7k rev up and POV
WHAMMO's Avatar
Drives: 13' 1LE

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Location: Canada

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Originally Posted by NetraaView Post

So, now that we've seen the difference in horsepower and tq. what's the rest of the story?

Is the ss3 just the 'next gen', a further evolution of the vvt technology, or is it harder on parts, requiring more and more supporting mods and walking more from street car to race car?

He said its for LS3. I wonder whats the drivability like between both. What about specs on both?

13' 1LE, TSP 231-236/Tick 660/.105 PR, UDP, SW LT 2'' & HFC, stock NPP & H pipe, VR-DRX CAI, air scoop, Goertz1 manifold, 102mm BBK, 26" Toyo DRs, Forgestars R17x10 & F18x8, rear seat delete, remote Pat G tune Autocal, 7400 limiter, Spec Mini Twin. 91oct.

[email protected], 0-60ft 2.0 / [email protected]123.6, 0-60ft 2.1 DA+819 ...519RWHP SAE

FED TFS 262cc & LLSR [email protected] N/A ... HP still climbing.
[email protected] 1.90 0-60ft


Cam gpi ls3

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Drives: 2016 Camaro

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Location: Texas & Uncle Sam's Choice

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Sometimes the Piston to Valve clearance is safe if the vendor sinks the valves in the head a little bit. A compression check might tell you if there's P/V touching and things are bending. The engine can run with bent valves. It's when parts break that it gets noisy.

My LS2-402 ran with eleven bent valves, but it only made noise after a piece of broken valve guide was bigger than the piston to head quench area. The speed shop advanced the camshaft without properly checking piston to valve clearance with hydraulic lifters. It lost like thirty horsepower on the chassis dyno.


2015 Chevrolet 2500HD Z71, LTZ, 4x4, 6.6 ltr. LML long-bed, Fass Titanium, Edge Tuner, K&N Air Filter & Air Bags.
2016 Camaro 2SS Six-speed, Hotchkis sway bars, Eibach .750" drop springs, Mamo throttle body, E85, BMR stuff.
2006 Quicksilver 6-speed GTO ERL LS3-430, All-Pro 285cc heads, 262/273 .758/.742 116+3 cam, Sheet-metal Intake, 70lb Siemens injectors, SLP, GMM Ripshifter, QA1 Coil-overs front and rear, nylon suspension bushings, Hotchkis, RPM Trans, SPEC twin clutch, SpinTech, Kooks 1 7/8 -2.0", BMR drive train, Kaaz 3.91, Lingenfelter CAI, Baer brakes, mini-tubs, E85.

Stupid Loud straight pipes GPI SS4 Cammed Camaro SS is back! Cold start,idle clips,7k rev up and POV

Dialed her and said that let's let him stay overnight. I was a little shocked, but still I realized that everything was not as simple as it seems to me, because today she looked at me somehow differently. or I screwed myself up, or it really is.

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