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Nissan Frontier


Daily Price: $39.99

Weekly Price: $199.99

Nissan Rogue


Daily Price: $44.99

Weekly Price: $249.99

Nissan Maxima


Daily Price: $49.99

Weekly Price: $299.99

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Nissan NVP 12 Passenger Van


Daily Price: $99.99

Weekly Price: $499.99

Nissan Pathfinder


Daily Price: $59.99

Weekly Price: $349.99

Nissan NV200


Daily Price: $29.99

Weekly Price: $149.99

Nissan Versa


Daily Price: $24.99

Weekly Price: $149.99

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Nissan Quest


Daily Price: $89.99

Weekly Price: $399.99

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Nissan Armada


Daily Price: $99.99

Weekly Price: $499.99

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Nissan Altima


Daily Price: $39.99

Weekly Price: $199.99

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Was working with another Nissan dealership in Florence, SC and the agreed upon car that was shipped was damaged during transport. The only options given by the manager was to take another color or pay an additional 1000 dollars to have another shipped in the color I wanted. (they were willing to cut the shipping cost to 500 but I said no). I was not going to pay more to get the car we agreed I would be getting. So I told them I will take a higher end model for a discount. They gave me a quote and I told him that was not good enough, and I gave him a number I thought was fair. He completely blew my number off and repeated the options he listed before. So, I stated calling around and worked with multiple Nissan dealerships in the region and came across Dick Smith Nissan of Columbia. More specifically I spoke with Joseph Rafail. He worked with me over the phone in a very timely manner getting various quotes and deals to beat the dealership in Florence. Eventually Joseph had a great offer lower than the "discounted price" the manager in Florence was offering. I ended up not purchasing from Dick Smith, but not because they didn't provided great service. The manager in Florence caved and offered a deal lower than Joseph could reasonably compete with. BEST YET, the price the manager offered was even lower than the first price I told him I would pay for the higher end model to start with. MUAHAHAHAH!!!! Thanks Joseph for the help, and sorry I couldn't do business with you this time, but I will remember you when talking to others and for future purchases.

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This is the 4th car I have purchased from ya'll,and it all boils down to how I was treated when I stepped foot through the door.I was greated with kindness,and understanding of my needs,and they were meet to the best of their ability from all that worked with me.Robby Way is the nicest and most honest man,and gives his all in trying to work it where your totally happy with the picking out your new car.Angel is the most patient,and caring sales person I have ever meet also, he makes you feel so comfortable,and goes out of his way to please you in any way he can making the time it takes to buy a car very pleasureable.Bill McCartney is another special part of the team that will make people continue to return to buy over,and over as I have ,because he works hard for the buyer to give them the payment they desire,and the rates they can afford at the best of his ability.He is the last link to a special team that will make this dealership prosper for many years to come. I thank these people from the bottom of my heart for helping me find a beautiful car I'll love for many years to come,but the best thing of all,is going to buy a new care,and not only getting a great deal,and the car of my dreams,but when I left I felt I was leaveing a part of my family behind thats what a good experence I have had each time I have walked through the front doors.I will definetly be back again........Thanks again,Shirley Bolin

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New 2021 Nissan Titan Columbia, SC #BL6502

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New 2021 Nissan Titan Columbia, SC #BL6502

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