Tubing reducer fittings

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Fittings and Connectors


Pneumatic push-to-connect fittings and connectors link pneumatic tubing to direct air through pneumatic systems. The connection of tubing to fittings maximizes control of flow in the system from the air compressor to the application.

The comprehensive air line equipment product range is versatile:

  • Threaded ends or tube-to-tube ends
  • Available in inch or metric sizing
  • More than 40 body styles: elbow, straight union, bulkhead connector, etc.
  • Thread material types: stainless steel, brass
  • Seal types: sealant, uni-fit gasket, face seal
  • Specialty fittings:
    • speed controllers
    • quick couplers
    • check valves

The design construction of the one-touch, push-to-connect fittings and connectors allows for:

  • easy and secure installation of tubing from strong holding force of chuck and collet
  • air or fluid leak prevention, avoiding costly waste

Pneumatic Tube Fittings, One Touch Tube Fittings, Air Cylinder Speed Controls, PTFE Fittings and Tubing

SMC is your single source option for all of your pneumatic fitting, tubing, and air cylinder speed control needs.

Instruction Manuals



The large collection of one-touch, quick connect fittings and connectors can be used in general applications or can be used in special environments. Various configuration types are available to optimize flow through a diverse range of systems including flame-resistance or anti-static applications.

Speed Controllers

Speed Controllers

Speed controllers have capability to adjust flow to applications with built-in options of integrated check valves, meter-in/meter-out dual flow control, accurate flow indicators and more. Tamper-proof abilities also ensure protected speed measures to the application.



Tubing comes in a variety of material types to accommodate for various media through the connectors. Some material types include: polyurethane, fluororesin, polyolefin, spark resistant, water resistant and polyethylene. Varying materials prevent corrosion, damage from high temperatures and hydrolysis.

Tubing is available in sizes of 1/8”, 5/32”, 3/16”, ¼”, 5/16”, 3/8” and ½”. Metric tubing sizes of 3.2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12 and 16 mm are also available.



Manifolds save time and space with its compact and central push-to-connect tube connections. It reduces time required for connecting and difficult wiring of tubing from supply to applications. There are multiple styles to choose from and multi-tube size options are available.

Quick Couplers

Quick Couplers

Quick couplers series KK employ a unique construction that does not utilize steel balls or valve springs, so therefore does not restrict the flow path. They may be used with water or air, and have a sleeve lock mechanism to prevent accidental detachment.

Check Valve

Check Valve

Check valves block the flow of media in one direction while permitting flow in the other. The prevention of back flow can be an integral part of a circuit to maintain pressure, hold actuator position or to protect devices from reverse flow. Additionally, it can restrict potential contaminants from entering the upstream systems.



Connector accessories like the TK tube cutter, TG tube release tool or the TB tube stands makes for easy organization and can increase productivity of maintenance work.

Clean Room Products

Clean Room Products

Clean room application fittings, speed controllers and tubing are available. These products are designed to be used in clean room applications and have low particle generation.

Sours: https://www.smcusa.com/products/fittings-and-connectors/

Straight Couplings Reducer Couplings

A complete range of couplings is offered for flexibility in going from tube to tube and from tube to pipe. 
      All standard coupling bodies are made from high tensile 316 stainless steel. Standard tubing glands and collars (sleeves) are provided with adapters unless otherwise specified.

Taper Seal Straight Couplings

Catalog No.Pressure
15-21AF1150001/16" O.D. TUBINGAF1AF11"3/8"
15-21AF2150001/8" O.D. TUBINGAF2AF21 1/8"3/4"
10-21AF410,0001/4" O.D. TUBINGAF4AF41 3/4"1"
10-21AF610,0003/8" O.D. TUBINGAF6AF61 3/4"1"

Female Taper Seal to Female NPT

Catalog No.Pressure
15-21AF1NFA150001/16" O.D. TUBE TO 1/8" NPTAF1NFA1 1/8"5/8"
15-21AF1NFB150001/16" O.D. TUBE TO 1/4" NPTAF1NFB1 1/8"3/4"
15-21AF1NFC150001/16" O.D. TUBE TO 3/8" NPTAF1NFC1 3/8"1"
15-21AF1NFD150001/16" O.D. TUBE TO 1/2" NPTAF1NFD1 3/4"1 1/8"
15-21AF2NFA150001/8" O.D. TUBE TO 1/8" NPTAF2NFA1 1/4"5/8"
15-21AF2NFB150001/8" O.D. TUBE TO 1/4" NPTAF2NFB1 1/4"3/4"
15-21AF2NFC150001/8" O.D. TUBE TO 3/8" NPTAF2NFC1 1/2"1"
15-21AF2NFD150001/8" O.D. TUBE TO 1/2" NPTAF2NFD1 3/4"1 1/8"
10-21AF4NFA10,0001/4" O.D. TUBE TO 1/8" NPTAF4NFA1 5/8"1"
10-21AF4NFB10,0001/4" O.D. TUBE TO 1/4" NPTAF4NFB1 3/4"1"
10-21AF4NFC10,0001/4" O.D. TUBE TO 3/8" NPTAF4NFC1 7/8"1"
10-21AF4NFD10,0001/4" O.D. TUBE TO 1/2" NPTAF4NFD1 7/8"1 1/8"
10-21AF4NFF10,0001/4" O.D. TUBE TO 3/4" NPTAF4NFF2 3/8"1 3/8"
10-21AF4NFH10,0001/4" O.D. TUBE TO 1" NPTAF4NFH2 5/8"1 7/8"
10-21AF6NFA10,0003/8" O.D. TUBE TO 1/8" NPTAF6NFA1 5/8"1"
10-21AF6NFB10,0003/8" O.D. TUBE TO 1/4" NPTAF6NFB1 3/4"1"
10-21AF6NFC10,0003/8" O.D. TUBE TO 3/8" NPTAF6NFC1 7/8"1"
10-21AF6NFD10,0003/8" O.D. TUBE TO 1/2" NPTAF6NFD2 1/8"1 1/8"
10-21AF6NFF10,0003/8" O.D. TUBE TO 3/4" NPTAF6NFF2 3/8"1 3/8"
10-21AF6NFH10,0003/8" O.D. TUBE TO 1" NPTAF6NFH2 5/8"1 7/8"

Female Taper Seal to Female Female High Pressure

Catalog No.Pressure
15-21AF1HF2150001/16” O.D. TUBE TO 1/8” H.P.AF1HF21 1/8”5/8”
15-21AF1HF4150001/16” O.D. TUBE TO 1/4” H.P.AF1HF41 1/4”3/4”
15-21AF1HF6150001/16” O.D. TUBE TO 3/8” H.P.AF1HF61 3/8”1”
15-21AF1HF9150001/16” O.D. TUBE TO 9/16” H.P.AF1HF92 3/8”1 3/8”
15-21AF2HF2150001/8” O.D. TUBE TO 1/8” H.P.AF2HF21 1/8”3/4”
15-21AF2HF4150001/8” O.D. TUBE TO 1/4” H.P.AF2HF41 1/4”3/4”
15-21AF2HF6150001/8” O.D. TUBE TO 3/8” H.P.AF2HF61 7/8”1”
15-21AF2HF9150001/8” O.D. TUBE TO 9/16” H.P.AF2HF92 3/8”1 3/8”
10-21AF4HF210,0001/4” O.D. TUBE TO 1/8” H.P.AF4HF21 3/8”1”
10-21AF4HF410,0001/4” O.D. TUBE TO 1/4” H.P.AF4HF41 1/2”1”
10-21AF4HF610,0001/4” O.D. TUBE TO 3/8” H.P.AF4HF61 7/8”1”
10-21AF4HF910,0001/4” O.D. TUBE TO 9/16” H.P.AF4HF92 3/8”1 3/8”
10-21AF6HF210,0001/4” O.D. TUBE TO 1/8” H.P.AF6HF21 1/2”1”
10-21AF6HF410,0003/8” O.D. TUBE TO 1/4” H.P.AF6HF41 3/4”1”
10-21AF6HF610,0003/8” O.D. TUBE TO 3/8” H.P.AF6HF61 7/8”1”
10-21AF6HF910,0003/8” O.D. TUBE TO 9/16” H.P.AF6HF92 3/8”1 3/8”

Taper Seal Reducer Couplings

Catalog No.Pressure
15-21AF1AF2150001/16” O.D. TO 1/8” O.D. TUBEAF1AF21 1/8”5/8”
10-21AF1AF410,0001/16” O.D. TO 1/4” O.D. TUBEAF1AF41 3/8”1”
10-21AF1AF610,0001/16” O.D. TO 3/8” O.D. TUBEAF1AF61 3/8”1”
10-21AF2AF410,0001/8” O.D. TO 1/4” O.D. TUBEAF2AF41 1/2”1”
10-21AF2AF610,0001/8” O.D. TO 3/8” O.D. TUBEAF2AF61 1/2”1”
10-21AF4AF610,0001/4” O.D. TO 3/8” O.D. TUBEAF4AF61 3/4”1”

Female Medium Pressure to Female Medium Pressure

Catalog No.Pressure
20-21LF4LF620,0001/4” M.P. to 3/8” M.P.LF4LF61 3/4”3/4”
20-21LF4LF920,0001/4” M.P. to 9/16” M.P.LF4LF92 1/8”1"
20-21LF6LF920,0003/8” M.P. to 9/16” M.P.LF6LF92 1/8”1"
20-21LF4LF1220,0001/4” M.P. to 3/4” M.P.LF4LF122 1/2”1 3/8”
20-21LF6LF1220,0003/8” M.P. to 3/4” M.P.LF6LF122 1/2”1 3/8”
20-21LF9LF1220,0009/16” M.P. to 3/4” M.P.LF9LF122 1/2”1 3/8”
20-21LF4LF1620,0001/4” M.P. to 1" M.P.LF4LF163 1/2”1 3/4”
20-21LF6LF1620,0003/8” M.P. to 1" M.P.LF6LF163 1/2”1 3/4”
20-21LF9LF1620,0009/16” M.P. to 1" M.P.LF9LF163 1/2”1 3/4”
20-21LF12LF1620,0003/4” M.P. to 1" M.P.LF12LF163 1/2”1 3/4”

Female Medium Pressure to Female Pipe

Catalog No.Pressure
20-21LF4NFA150001/4" M.P. to 1/8" NPT FEMALELF4NFA1 5/8"3/4"
20-21LF4NFB150001/4" M.P. to 1/4" NPT FEMALELF4NFB1 5/8"3/4"
20-21LF4NFC150001/4" M.P. to 3/8" NPT FEMALELF4NFC2"1"
20-21LF4NFD150001/4" M.P. to 1/2" NPT FEMALELF4NFD2"1 1/8"
10-21LF4NFF10,0001/4" M.P. to 3/4" NPT FEMALELF4NFF2 3/8"1 3/8"
10-21LF4NFH10,0001/4" M.P. to 1" NPT FEMALELF4NFH2 5/8"1 7/8"
20-21LF6NFA150003/8" M.P. to 1/8" NPT FEMALELF6NFA1 3/4"3/4"
20-21LF6NFB150003/8" M.P. to 1/4" NPT FEMALELF6NFB1 3/4"3/4"
20-21LF6NFC150003/8" M.P. to 3/8" NPT FEMALELF6NFC2 1/8"1"
20-21LF6NFD150003/8" M.P. to 1/2" NPT FEMALELF6NFD2 1/8"1 1/8"
10-21LF6NFF10,0003/8" M.P. to 3/4" NPT FEMALELF6NFIF2 3/8"1 3/8"
10-21LF6NFH10,0003/8" M.P. to 1" NPT FEMALELF6NFH2 3/4"1 7/8"
20-21LF9NFA150009/16" M.P. to 1/8" NPT FEMALELF9NFA2 1/8"1"
20-21LF9NFB150009/16" M.P. to 1/4" NPT FEMALELF9NFB2 1/8"1"
20-21LF9NFC150009/16" M.P. to 3/8" NPT FEMALELF9NFC2 1/8"1"
20-21LF9NFD150009/16" M.P. to 1/2" NPT FEMALELF9NFD2 1/4"1 1/8"
10-21LF9NFF10,0009/16" M.P. to 3/4" NPT FEMALELF9NFF2 1/2"1 3/8"
10-21LF9NFH10,0009/16" M.P. to 1" NPT FEMALELF9NFH2 7/8"1 7/8"
20-21LF12NFA150003/4" M.P. to 1/8" NPT FEMALELF12NFA2 1/2"1 3/8"
20-21LF12NFB150003/4" M.P. to 1/4" NPT FEMALELF12NFB2 1/2"1 3/8"
20-21LF12NFC150003/4" M.P. to 3/8" NPT FEMALELF12NFC2 1/2"1 3/8"
20-21LF12NFD150003/4" M.P. to 1/2" NPT FEMALELF12NFD2 1/2"1 3/8"
10-21LF12NFF10,0003/4" M.P. to 3/4" NPT FEMALELF12NFF2 3/4"1 1/2"
10-21LF12NFH10,0003/4" M.P. to 1" NPT FEMALELF12NFH3"1 7/8"
20-21LF16NFA150001" M.P. to 1/8" NPT FEMALELF16NFA3"1 3/4"
20-21LF16NFB150001" M.P. to 1/4" NPT FEMALELF16NFB3"1 3/4"
20-21LF16NFC150001" M.P. to 3/8" NPT FEMALELF16NFC3"1 3/4"
20-21LF16NFD150001" M.P. to 1/2" NPT FEMALELF16NFD3"1 3/4"
10-21LF16NFF10,0001" M.P. to 3/4" NPT FEMALELF16NFF3 1/4"1 3/4"
10-21LF16NFH10,0001" M.P. to 1" NPT FEMALELF16NFH3 1/4"1 3/4"

Medium Pressure Straight Couplings

Catalog No.Pressure
20-21LF420,0001/4" O.D. TUBINGLF4LF41 9/16"5/8"
20-21LF620,0003/8" O.D.TUBINGLF6LF61 3/4"3/4"
20-21LF920,0009/16" O.D. TUBINGLF9LF92 1/8"1
20-21LF1220,0003/4" O.D. TUBINGLF12LF122 1/2"1 3/8"
20-21LF1620,0001" O.D. TUBINGLF16LF163 1/2"1 3/4"

Female Medium Pressure to Female High Pressure

Catalog No.Pressure
20-21LF4HF420,0001/4" M.P. to 1/4" H.P.LF4HF41 5/8"3/4"
20-21LF4HF620,0001/4" M.P. to 3/8" H.P.LF4HF61 7/8"1"
20-21LF4HF920,0001/4" M.P. to 9/16" H.P.LF4HF92 3/8"1 3/8"
20-21LF6HF420,0003/8" M.P. to 1/4" H.P.LF6HF41 3/4"3/4"
20-21LF6HF620,0003/8" M.P. to 3/8" H.P.LF6HF61 7/8"1"
20-21LF6HF920,0003/8" M.P. to 9/16" H.P.LF6HF92 3/8"1 3/8"
20-21LF9HF420,0009/16" M.P. to 1/4" H.P.LF9HF42 1/8"1"
20-21LF9HF620,0009/16" M.P. to 3/8” H.P.LF9HF62 1/8"1"
20-21LF9HF920,0009/16" M.P. to 9/16” H.P.LF9HF92 3/8"1 3/8"
20-21LF12HF420,0003/4" M.P. to 1/4” H.P.LF12HF42 1/2"1 3/8"
20-21LF12HF620,0003/4" M.P. to 3/8” H.P.LF12HF62 1/2"1 3/8"
20-21LF12HF920,0003/4" M.P. to 9/16” H.P.LF12HF921/2"1 3/8"
*20-21HF16HF420,0001" M.P. to 1/4” H.PHF16HF431/2"1 3/4"
*20-21HF16HF620,0001" M.P. to 3/8” H.PHF16HF631/2"1 3/4"
*20-21HF16HF920,0001" M.P. to 9/16” H.P.HF16HF93 1/2"1 3/4"

High Pressure Straight Couplings

Catalog No.Pressure
60-21HF260,0001/8" O.D. TUBINGHF2HF21 1/8"3/4"
60-21HF460,0001/4" O.D. TUBINGHF4HF41 3/4"1"
60-21HF660,0003/8" O.D. TUBINGHF6HF62"1"
60-21HF960,0009/16" O.D. TUBINGHF9HF92 3/8"1 3/8"
30-21HF1630,0001" O.D. TUBINGHF16HF163 1/2"1 3/4"

High Pressure Reducer Couplings

Catalog No.Pressure
60-21HF2HF460,0001/8" O.D. TO 1/4" O.D. TUBEHF2HF41 1/4"3/4"
60-21HF2HF660,0001/8" O.D. TO 3/8" O.D. TUBEHF2HF61 5/8"1"
60-21HF2HF960,0001/16" O.D. TO 9/16" O.D. TUBEHF2HF91 3/4"1 3/8"
60-21HF4HF660,0001/4" O.D. TO 3/8" O.D. TUBEHF4HF61 5/8"1"
60-21HF4HF960,0001/4" O.D. TO 9/16" O.D. TUBEHF4HF91 3/4"1 3/8"
60-21HF6HF960,0003/8" O.D. TO 9/16" O.D. TUBEHF6HF92"1 3/8"

Female High Pressure to Female NPT Pipe

Catalog No.Pressure
30-21HF2NFA150001/8" O.D. TUBE TO 1/8” NPTHF2NFA1 1/2"3/4"
30-21HF2NFB150001/8" O.D. TUBE TO 1/4” NPTHF2NFB1 1/2"3/4"
30-21HF2NFC150001/8" O.D. TUBE TO 3/8” NPTHF2NFC1 1/2"1"
30-21HF2NFD150001/8" O.D. TUBE TO 1/2” NPTHF2NFD1 3/4"1 1/8"
10-21HF2NFF10,0001/8" O.D. TUBE TO 3/4” NPTHF2NFF2"1 3/8"
10-21HF2NFH10,0001/8" O.D. TUBE TO 1” NPTHF2NFH2 1/2"1 3/4"
30-21HF4NFA150001/4" O.D. TUBE TO 1/8” NPTHF4NFA1 1/2"1"
30-21HF4NFB150001/4" O.D. TUBE TO 1/4” NPTHF4NFB1 1/2"1"
30-21HF4NFC150001/4" O.D. TUBE TO 3/8” NPTHF4NFC1 7/8"1"
30-21HF4NFD150001/4" O.D. TUBE TO 1/2” NPTHF4NFD1 7/8"1 1/8"
10-21HF4NFF10,0001/4" O.D. TUBE TO 3/4” NPTHF4NFF2"1 3/8"
10-21HF4NFH10,0001/4" O.D. TUBE TO 1” NPTHF4NFH2 1/2"1 3/4"
30-21HF6NFA150003/8" O.D. TUBE TO 1/8” NPTHF6NFA1 7/8"1"
30-21HF6NFB150003/8" O.D. TUBE TO 1/4” NPTHF6NFB1 7/8"1"
30-21HF6NFC150003/8" O.D. TUBE TO 3/8” NPTHF6NFC1 7/8"1"
30-21HF6NFD150003/8" O.D. TUBE TO 1/2” NPTHF6NFD1 7/8"1 1/8"
10-21HF6NFF10,0003/8" O.D. TUBE TO 3/4” NPTHF6NFF2 1/8"1 3/8"
10-21HF6NFH10,0003/8" O.D. TUBE TO 1” NPTHF6NFH2 5/8"1 7/8"
30-21HF9NFA150009/16" O.D. TUBE TO 1/8” NPTHF9NFA2 3/8"1 3/8"
30-21HF9NFB150009/16" O.D. TUBE TO 1/4” NPTHF9NFB2 3/8"1 3/8"
30-21HF9NFC150009/16" O.D. TUBE TO 3/8” NPTHF9NFC2 3/8"1 3/8"
30-21HF9NFD150009/16" O.D. TUBE TO 1/2” NPTHF9NFD2 3/8"1 3/8"
10-21HF9NFF10,0009/16" O.D. TUBE TO 3/4” NPTHF9NFF2 3/8"1 3/8"
10-21HF9NFH10,0009/16" O.D. TUBE TO 1” NPTHF9NFH2 5/8"2"



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Sours: https://www.highpressure.com/
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Swagelok® Tube Fittings and Adapters

Tube Fittings and Adapters up to 11 000 psi (757 bar)

The robust tube grip of the Swagelok tube fitting with its patented, two-ferrule technology is resistant to vibration fatigue and withstands high pressures and temperature extremes.

In the two-ferrule, mechanical grip design, the two ferrules separate sealing and tube gripping functions with each ferrule optimized for its function. The front ferrule creates a seal against the fitting body and on the tubing outside diameter. As the nut is turned, the back ferrule axially advances the front ferrule and radially applies an effective tube grip.

An advanced-geometry, hinging-colleting back ferrule design is standard on all 1/4 to 1 in. and 6 to 25 mm Swagelok stainless steel tube fittings to help installers make more consistent, leak-tight tube connections. In these sizes, a patented case hardening process and patented recessed and contoured geometry provide unique engineering to the Swagelok back ferrule. The hinging-colleting back ferrule design expands on the already robust performance of the traditional ferrule design.

Sours: https://products.swagelok.com/fittings/tube-fittings-adapters/c/154?clp=true
How to Assemble Tube Fittings (1″ and Under) - Tech Tips - Swagelok [2020]

Plug-In Tube Reducer – Fractional – Brass Series

Categories: Technifit Brass Series, Technifit Plug-In Fittings


Plug-In Tube Reducer – (Fractional) – Brass Series

Plug-In Tube Reducers feature a plug-in stem opposing a push-to-connect port of a different size.

Working Pressure217 psi
Temperature Range 4F to 160F
Vacuum Rating28" HG
Body MaterialNickel-Plated Brass
O-RingNBR (Buna-N)
Grip RingStainless Steel
Release RingNickel-Plated Brass
MediaCompressed Air – Inert Gas

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Sours: https://www.atp4pneumatics.com/product/plug-tube-reducer-fractional-brass-series/

Fittings tubing reducer

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Flare Connector Reducer Special (FCRS) Installation

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