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Our selection of Swing GateHardware includes hinges, door closers, positive stops, cane bolts, drop rods, and gate catches. We carry a wide variety of brands including Duragate, Locinox, Counsel Industries, D&D, DoorKing, Liftmaster, Ramset, Lockey, Platinum Access, Cornerstone Fencing, FAAC, Bommer, and Kant-Slam. If you are looking for gate locks you will want to go back a page and click on the Gate Locks category. If you have any questions on a particular piece of hardware or can't find the part you need give us a call at (888)818-4283.

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Our price is lower than the manufacturer's "minimum advertised price." As a result, we cannot show you the price in catalog or the product page.

You have no obligation to purchase the product once you know the price. You can simply remove the item from your cart.

Picture this: Your backyard renovation is finally finished! You invested in a beautiful well-built wood gate, you purchased architectural hardware to complement it and your home’s style.  Other than mowing and pulling some weeds every week, you are set for the next 10-15 years.

Let’s throw a backyard BBQ to celebrate!  Friends and neighbors walk through your open gate admiring your new digs. Burgers are sizzling, beer is icy cold, the kids are laughing and spraying each other with the garden hose. Life is good.

Just then, a rogue group of 6-year-old boys breaks loose from the pack. They run around and end up at your gate. Bobby Johnson stands just outside the gate post making funny faces at the kids in the yard. Little Jimmy McLeish doesn’t like the face and grabs the edge of the gate. You look up from your beer and see the gleam in his eye.

Suddenly, everything’s moving in slow motion: you pivot toward the gate, yelling “Noooooooo” as you toss your beer and fly across the yard in a dive that would make Joe Montana proud. As you belly flop on the grass, the gate SLAMS closed.

Everything is silent; you could hear a pin drop. In fact, you do hear something drop: that’s the arm breaking off your gate latch.

The purpose of a gate stop is to prevent the Little Jimmy McLeishes in your life from damaging your gate and hardware. Gate latches have arms that latch into a strike when the gate is closed. They’re designed to make contact with the front edge of the strike, rise up and fall neatly into the catch. The arm’s purpose is to latch the gate, not stop it.

Stainless steel gate latch hardware

There are two types of gate stop: a wood stop and a metal stop. The wood stop blends into the installation so that it’s not a visual element. Usually they’re installed at the same time as the gate is built and installed. The finish on the wood is the same as the finish on the gate and posts.

Wood Gate Stop

The metal stop, on the other hand, can easily be installed after the fact, and can be an added visual element to the gate. On this project below, the stops were installed to the gate. When the gate closes, the stops hit the post before the latch-arm makes contact with the post. We carry gate stops in three finishes: stainless with black powdercoat, brushed stainless for contemporary and modern designs, and bronze gate stops for traditional or rustic designs. Click to watch an installation video.

Moda Stainless Steel Contemporary Gate Latch on Horizontal Wood Gate - Inside View
Stainless Steel Gate Stop
Stainless steel gate stop
How to install a gate stop on a double gate


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Gate Stops

Read More:Installing Gate Stops on Swing Gates.

Protect your gate, fence, and gate hinge/ closer investment with a gate stop! Few things are as inexpensive and easy to install as a gate stop and better suited to prevent damage from gates which are swung open too far, or closed past too far. Opening a gate past the point of the hinge design can break hinges, ruin expensive gate closers, shear mounting screws, break springs, and even split the gate or fence material. Repairs can be tricky, expensive, and sometimes leave marks. They can be prevented with a simple Gate Stop for the ‘open’ and ‘close’ position.

Gate Stops prevent swing gates from opening or closing too far. Some gate latches have a gate stop built in, meaning it would be physically impossible to over close the gate without breaking latch, gate upright, or latch post. An example could be a typical gravity latch where the striker overlaps past latch post. Some don’t. If gate overcloses, additional strain may cause damage on gate hinges, gate closer, gate, or fence. A small ‘lip’ of material matching fence/ gate attached to gate to overlap, or latch post can prevent damage (think of a door jamb on a house with trim to prevent overclosing). Our gate stops are designed to mount on gate or latch post to prevent overclosing. We also have Gate Stops to prevent over opening a gate (again - think of the peg on the wall of a house to prevent door from opening too far). With gates, you’ll need to attach gate stop to concrete surface (if one exists), or set an additional post in the ground to mount gate stop too.

How to Install a Boerboel® Gate Stop

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Hardware gate stop

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114 Making Gate Stops and remote latch pulls for wood gates

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