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Brought here against your will, No one has ever escaped alive.

Isle is a Battle Royale Game created on Roblox by the Badorkbee Roblox group in which you navigate an island after the boat were you were travelling as a prisoner with up to 23 other inmates mysteriously crashed.

You can join forces with fellow prisoners to discover what the island has to offer and escape or backstab them to ensure your survival. Regardless of your goal the island has the means to help you acquire it with various items scattered across the map to fight survive and thrive.

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  • Air-Vent Passageway: The laser passage in the facility qualifies as this, with players having to click various times on a vent to open it and climb it on time as to avoid the lasers from dicing any unfortunate soul trapped in the hallway.
  • Bloodless Carnage: In the whole game NPCs and other players never show any blood when shot or killed, instead ceasing all movements and falling over dead before disappearing.
  • Cavalry Betrayal: The Mercenaries, new players might confuse the helicopter as a chance to escape due to the beacon near their landing zone displaying "Rescue en Route", that is until they are shot down.
  • Conspicuous Trenchcoat: Agent B6, the robot that appears after collecting one artifact to hunt you, sporting a trenchcoat and a fedora. However, he's missing the glasses.
  • Danger with a Deadline: Stan, also known as the Night Monster, attacks people at well, you guessed it, night. However this trope is downplayed later on when Stan can attack during the day from day 3 onwards, increasingly becoming more hostile but still retaining his nightly encounters and the need to have a gun to fend him off.
  • Darkest Hour: When reaching the beginning of day 6, the player character will have lost all hope of escape and accepts their fate, with the storm making any attempt fruitless and thus dooming them, this is not a Despair Event Horizon due to the respawn mechanics and the player character commenting on their need to escape the island before the storm makes them unable to do so, with no major changes being made in the overall game or the player's character and his behavior.
  • Door of Doom: The Ape City entrance qualifies because it holds various high to mid tier spawn spots, the Orbital Strike a unique item that Only Works Once and is a guaranteed One-Hit Kill on any target that isn't an npc, an entrance to Monkey land and by extension a path to Artifact B and it's guardianAgent S also known as The Snake along with the Lotus altar to escape the simulation, thus making it a Point of No Return if one wishes to achieve the True Ending.
  • Super Serum: Downplayed, while the Healing Spray and Strange Drink (two underwater loot drops) can heal you quickly and make you shoot faster respectively they will not save you if outnumbered or outgunned, besides players without these can get the job done just as effectively with no need for them.

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How to See the Mercs Messages (and using it against them) - Roblox Isle

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Prologue 2. Home collection, part 13. Home collection, part 24.

The Roblox Island Experience

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