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House Fights in Warzone – How to clear Campers from Buildings

Everyone has met that one opponent that simply never wants to leave a house. Often you can ignore campers and wait until the shrinking safe zone forces them to move. But in some situations you cannot avoid house-to-house fighting and you need to clear them out. Easier said than done, so how to best tackle that challenge?

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The correct weaponry

To have any success clearing an occupied building it is important to use the correct weaponry. With an LMG or an Assault Rifle it is usually a difficult taks as you lack mobility and will get overwhelmed before being able to properly take aim.

Instead you should try to clear out houses with SMGs or shotguns. Shotguns are limited by their range so in the end SMGs are the best choice for urban fighting.

Using Equipment

Never forget to use all of your equipment! Grenades are very important to gather information in house fights. The more you know, the less risk you run of being surprised and taken out without being able to respond.

Hitmarkers can tell you on which side of the room opponents are standing in. The Heart Rate Sensor is very strong early on before most players get their Ghost perk active. This is where the recently buffed Snapshot Grenade comes in. The developers not only buffed the duration, but also changed its effect to revealing the opponents’ to your entire teams. Even better are Flash and Stun Grenades. If you get a Hitmarker from those, you should storm the building as fast as possible. Also make sure to coordinate with your teammates on who takes which kind of utility.

Gathering Information

Utility is just one part of the way to collect information on your enemies. Your teammates are actually the best ones at that. Always communicate with them and stay in contact through voice chat.

One way you can also gather intel on your own is tracking the shots fired. That should allow you to know in which room or floor your opponent is hiding. While they might move, it still gives you a good grasp on their general location.

Each building obviously has a different layout as well, so make sure to familiarize yourself with each type of house you can find in Warzone.

Keep moving

To collect as much intel as you can your positioning is key. Never stand in front of a window. Always try to approach from narrow angles to minimize your chances of getting shot. Also try to not look into a single room for too long of a time, a quick peek into a room as you pass by is usually sufficient to spot opponents.

Once you have found out where your opponent is, you can clear him out. But don’t just storm through a door for that. Always try to distract him before going in to try and take someone out. Try breaking a window for example while silently opening the door to surprise campers.

More tips can be found in this video:

Never stay in one location too long. Keep moving to make yourself a difficult target. If playing in one of the team modes you should also change the room immediately after taking one opponent out. Just jump through a window and attack from a different angle.

Clearing an occupied house seems like a daunting task but with good positioning, utility usage and picking the correct fights you can go through houses with confidence.

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COD Snapshot grenade

Someone asked to desing this model so here it is. The model is in three parts: the axle, the main body and the wings. Each model can be removed, so wings can be switched to opened or closed ones.

Models with '_hollow' are, like the name says, hollow. So they can be plugged into each other, which might (or might not, depending of the infill amount) save filament usage and printing time. Or if you want, you can fill them with metal bolts and nuts to get more realistic weight.

There is three different types of wings. One of them is opened model, where the wings are perpendicular to axle. Other two are closed ones, where one have more steep angle, where the lower wings should rest against the body.

3D printer file information

  • Publication date: /03/26 at





I mainly use this account to publish models that are requested by others in r/3drequests or private messages, and some sculptures that people might like to print.

Since some models are banned from Thingiverse, I use this site to include them. Also, since my models are usually from Thingiverse through Cults3d sync system, there might be more models available in my Thingiverse page. I suggest you to check if the thingiverse version of the same model has actually more files available:

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It&#;s no secret that there have been issues with hackers since the very start of Call of Duty: Warzone&#;s life cycle. Over time, the abilities of hackers have evolved from the standard wall hacks, to aimbots, silent aim, and much more. Now, a Call of Duty: Warzone player has come up with an innovative loadout trick which allows them to see through walls without actually hacking.

The player shared the trick that allows them to see through walls on Reddit. With the gunsmith in Call of Duty: Warzone, you are able to customize your weapon and create a loadout which suits your play style. However, the loadout chosen by the user &#;LordTexugo&#; is definitely a unique one.


As you can see from the clip, the player uses the FAL assault rifle. The key attachments they have equipped are the snapshot grenade underbarrel launcher and FMJ rounds. While hunting down an opponent in a building, the player activates an underbarrel which lets off the snapshot grenade near the wall and highlights the player on the other side. The player is then able to eliminate the enemy through a strong wall with the powerful FAL bullets.

The wall hack trick could be problematic in Warzone

Players were quick to comment their praise and frustrations at the wall hack trick. However, it appears that many players agree that if they encountered the trick, they would report the player. Although the player used a legitimate way to kill the enemy, it is definitely a frustrating way to die.

With the already viable FAL and snapshot grenades giving you the exact position of an enemy, it will be interesting to see if the wall hack trick becomes more popular in Warzone. All you can do is hope that you do not run into a player using this loadout.

Fal Snapshot underbarrel kill from CODWarzone

Using FMJ and Snapshot Grenades to Wallhack in Search and Destroy

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Grenade snapshot

Call of Duty

Call of Duty: Warzone players are growing more and more fed up with cheaters capable of seeing through walls, perfectly tracking their movement with aimbots, and all the other myriad ways those hackers can ruin matches with unfair advantages.

But one player has come up with a way to approximate wall hacks without actually breaking any rules. All it takes is a FAL, a Snapshot Grenade launcher, and a little ingenuity.

Warzone player and Reddit user u/LordTexugo designed a FAL loadout that uses the Snapshot Grenade underbarrel launcher and FMJ rounds as a perk attachment. They can then use these tools to check the other sides of walls and fire through them, killing enemies who are none the wiser.

LordTexugo posted footage of their loadout in action to the game's subreddit. The clip starts with LordTexugo using a UAV to find the approximate location of an enemy player. When they climb the stairs to the floor the enemy is hiding on, they fire a Snapshot Grenade through the wall into the room they think the enemy is inside.

The Snapshot highlights the player through the wall, lying prone and watching the doorway in anticipation. LordTexugo simply raises their FAL with FMJ rounds and fires through the wall at the highlighted silhouette, killing the enemy before they know what hit them.

Are Snapshot Grenades Any Good? (Full Breakdown)

Warzone | Call of Duty Modern Warfare

Snapshot Grenade - Tactical Guide

Read this guide to learn about the Snapshot Grenade Tactical equipment in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare & Warzone! Find out how & when to use, gameplay tips, tricks, and more!!

Table of Contents

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Snapshot Grenade - Tactical Overview

Snapshot Grenade Tactical Equipment

Snapshot Grenade Tactical Equipment

Snapshot Grenade Basic Information

Press Q to use tactical equipment (Default)!!

Unlock Rank20
Max Stack1
DescriptionProvides a momentary glimpse of enemies within the blast radius.

The Snapshot Grenade provides you with useful information when thrown by showing a momentary glimpse of enemies and their locations on your HUD! Use this to strategize how you will engage enemies.

Snapshot Grenade - Traits & Tips

Snapshot Grenade - Tactical Traits

Paints Enemies In Green

Paints Enemies In Green

The Snapshot Grenade is a throwable equipment that will paint all enemies within its blast radius green. This is useful for scouting areas since you can use the information to take out targets, or avoid getting ambushed!

Effects Work Through Walls

The Snapshot Grenade's effect paints enemy's silhouettes green on your HUD. This effect will work through walls, giving you more detailed information regarding specific locations of enemies.

Blast Is Noticeable

The blast of the Snapshot Grenade is noticeable as it will start to hover before exploding. This may catch the attention of enemies and alert them that they're being scouted.

Snapshot Grenade - Tactical Tips

Use During Firefights

The Snapshot Grenade is useful for painting targets in firefights. It is best used when there are several things going on so the blast is barely noticeable. Use it while behind cover, then shoot down targets once they're marked!

Use In Conjunction With Lethals

The Snapshot Grenade can also be used in conjunction with Lethals that cause AoE damage. If the Snapshot Grenade alerts you of several enemies, you can throw in a Frag Grenade or Semtex to at least damage enemies before rushing in.

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Blast May Not Paint All Enemies

Be careful when using the Snapshot Grenade as it may not be able to catch all enemies in an area within its radius. Always proceed with caution even after using the Snapshot Grenade as there may be more enemies in an area.

What Is Tactical Equipment?

Gain the Advantage During Encounters

What Is Tactical Equipment

Tactical Equipment can be used to give you the upper hand during different situations. These do not necessarily damage enemies, but can disorient them, or even heal you to increase your survivability in matches.

Unlock Tacticals

Leveling up your ranks in CoD: MW will unlock various tacticals that you can use in various multiplayer game modes! These include Perks, other equipments, weapons, and more!

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