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Made by Shibuz4.

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  • Poster size: A1 (23.4 × 33.1 Inch | 59 × 84 CM) A2 (16.5 × 23.4 | 42 × 59.4 CM)
  • Printed on premium quality photo paper that has a semi-matt pearly finish, but still does not reflect the light.
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Dragon Ball: 10 Amazing Goku Cosplays That Look Just Like The Anime

The benchmark for shounen and one of the most popular anime series of all time is Dragon Ball Z. If it weren't for this series, the My Hero Academias of the world wouldn't be reaching the heights they are currently. It's the grandfather of the genre and deserves all the credit it receives, despite the flaws the show has.

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What's always been most peculiar about it, however, is how little you see its main character cosplayed. Some of this has to do with how insanely difficult it is to mold wigs into the hairstyles of Dragon Ball characters. It's why these Goku cosplayers deserve credit for not only managing that, but also being in nearly as good of shape as the character.

10 Ultra Instinct

This positioning works really well for Goku, a fighter that while at times incredibly dumb, is very in tune with himself. While he's not in a complete state of zen, he tends to control his emotions far better than, say, a Vegeta does. Unless of course, you kill his best friend Krillin, then all bets are off.

As mentioned earlier, many of these cosplay exhibit the figure of Goku, seeming like all they do is eat, sleep and train. Cosplayminney is a prime example of that, looking absolutely jacked in this photo. If we were to have a real-life world tournament, he's the type of guy you'd want defending the earth.

9 Fighting Stance

It's unfortunate this seems to be the only picture of this cosplayer on the internet, of which is uncredited. They deserve all the credit in the world for that hair. While it has that clumped look that is entirely unnatural looking, it's still realistic to the show, a show where no one besides maybe Chi-Chi has natural-looking hair.

The rest of the cosplay is rock solid too, even with the jacket on. His fighting stance is a dead copy of the one Goku does from the anime, always welcoming his foes to come at him first. Underrated detail is his shoes, something that isn't always pulled off well with any Dragon Ball character.

8 Powered Up

When talking about dudes that look the part, none compare to Goku Flex. The man is shredded beyond belief, looking like he doesn't have an ounce of body fat on him. He's as close to a real-life Goku as you're going to get. All that's missing from the picture above is floating rocks and pulses of energy around him.

Cosplay isn't all about his muscular look either. That wig is fantastic, the color being perfect, and the style of the hair looking as close to the show as you're going to get. To be honest, he's always going to be the guy who sets the bar for Goku cosplay. You can't make one of these lists without him on it.

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7 Female Goku

As with many of the cosplays later on the list, this one is of a more battle-worn Goku, pants torn to shreds and top ripped apart for obvious reasons. Despite that, this isn't a cosplay that's overtly sexual, Slmissy doing a really good job of remaining accurate to the character. Unfortunately, her Instagram is private, so you won't be able to see the rest of her collection.

What's so great about this beyond the torn up clothing, is the lack of thickness in the hair. It always looks more real and authentic when the hair doesn't look like blond stalagmites. It looks like you could actually run your hand through it if you wanted to.

6 Barely Standing

Wow is all you can say when you see something like this. Are either the cosplays technically perfect? No, of course not, Krillin's wearing sneakers after all. Does any of that matter though? Of course it doesn't! There's more to cosplay than just being a hundred percent accurate.

In this case, Dat-baka recreates a scene straight out of the Saiyan saga, battle-worn Goku being carried off by Krillin while Vegeta is allowed to escape. The red streaks across his body are one thing but what really sells this is the torn gi. It's ripped in such a way that you could believe he just had an epic fight with someone. Just incredible work.

5 Battle Worn

While this photo Elita-01 isn't recreating a scene from the anime or manga, it's still outstanding. The wound on her right shoulder is so well done, looking like something out of Hollywood. In fact, there have been many movies with far less realistic wounds than she has here. It truly looks like she got blasted in the shoulder by a Ki blast. It's also a battle-worn look that is rarely, if ever, done for Dragon Ball characters, most going for scrapes and cuts.

The rest of the effects used here are great as well, patches of dirt all along her face and body is very realistic for the show. As is the hair, which surprisingly foregoes any transformation, and settles in with Goku's original look of black.

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4 Never Surrender

Trying to do Super Saiyan with practical effects isn't something we've ever seen before. Usually, when a cosplayer wants to simulate that effect, they turn to a computer. Alexcloudsquall said the hell with that and wrapped blue wiring around him to create crackling electricity. For some, it may look tacky, but the creativity to come up with something like that ought to outweigh that.

The fact he's struggling up to his feet, refusing to give up, just like Goku does in about every major fight, is a big-time plus. You can't understate how important it is to capture a character in these one-off photos, particularly when they aren't just taken at a convention.

3 Super Saiyan 4

While it may no longer be canon due to how god awful and atrocious Dragon Ball GT was, Super Saiyan 4 will always be hands down the coolest transformation in the series. It combined the great ape form of the Saiyan's with their smaller form, creating a unique and eye-catching look.

The fur here is pretty well done, as is the entire chest of the cosplay. The amount of work Songoku-cosplay had to put in was no doubt plentiful. Not only did he have to simulate the fur, but he had to get the hair down (which he did), find contacts that fit the character and add that gaudy looking eye shadow.

2 Super Saiyan 3

It's crazy that the Super Saiyan 4 costume may not have been the hardest cosplay that Songoku-cosplay pulled off. While you can't see the full look from this view, you can see the most important part of the cosplay. That Super Saiyan 3 wig is majestic, looking like a dog was draped across his back. It's hard to imagine just how long something like that took to make. It has to be the hardest of any anime character to make.

If you check his deviant art profile, he has just about every Goku transformation imaginable, as well as one of Bardock and fused Zamasu.

1 Son Goku

There's nothing out there that could top how adorable this cosplay is. He's the cutest looking kid, hair looking like he'd just roll out of bed. Not only is the cosplay on point, he even has the tail and power pole. All that's missing is the flying nimbus to haul him around the convention.

Now, since it's a child, there isn't any link to Instagram or any form of social media. Judging by his face, this may be the only time he even agrees to get dressed up like this. Regardless, we are glad he went for it at least once, giving us this awesome cosplay.

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Super Saiyan Blue Goku

Get transported to the fierce battles and imaginative worlds of Dragon Ball with these super exciting Dragon Ball Evolve figures. These 5-inch favorite are expertly crafted and intricately detailed with over 16 points of articulation. So authentic and realistic you may think they’re the real thing.

Super Saiyan Blue is born out of Goku’s attempt to go pass Super Saiyan God. His Super Saiyan Blue power and mastery of techniques allows him to defeat even the strongest opponents. His appearance is a look as cool and calm as his actions.

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World Record KAMEHAMEHA with Sean Schemmel (Goku Voice Actor)

Son Goku "Dragon Ball Z", Bandai Tamashii Nations Imagination Works

Tamashii Nations brings you to a new pinnacle of posable action figures: Imagination Works! The first release is Son Goku from Dragon Ball Z. Designed to bring this 2D character to ultra-realistic 3D life, it was created in 1/9 scale, which is larger than the standard 1/12, to capture accurate sculpting, exquisite detail, and the ultimate in visual appearance. That's what Imagination Works is all about! The head features two-tone metallic coloring plus added highlights, accentuating its three-dimensionality while replicating his appearance from the anime. The addition of painted shadows brings out the detail in his outfit, for an even more realistic appearance. And the eyes are mounted separately, allowing them to be swapped to re-create different expressions. The arms feature a newly developed "seamless" material that hides the seam lines where natural musculature would be. Each Two types of facial expression parts and three types of eye parts are included for black hair and Super Saiyan, and you can reproduce up to 12 patterns.The set contains the figure, an optional face parts of black hair, two types of eyes for black hair, an optional head parts of Super Saiyan, three types of eyes for Super Saiyan, four pairs of optional hands, and a stand.


Goku realistic

Take a look at this Goku cosplay using the Ultra Instinct technique in Dragon Ball Super that is attracting attention


Dragon Ball Super came to represent a change when it comes to the franchise created by Akira Toriyama. Before this anime and associated Z series movies, many were left with the idea that GT was the sequel to the story.

Because Toriyama did not participate, it was not considered canon for a long time. But many did take it into account, including the Super Saiyan 4 transformation that is so popular.

Ultra Instinct is one of Goku’s newest techniques

When Super was released, said status of the Saiyans was left aside, and now it is only taken into account in derivatives or spin-offs of the series, in addition to video games.

A series of new transformations arrived with this new stage of the saga. The hair changed to red, blue or even pink (Goku Black). But it was finished off with the Ultra Instinct, which although it is a separate technique has changes that can be seen with the naked eye and attract attention.

When Goku executes the Ultra Instinct a halo of white energy surrounds him. There are times when the hair takes on a white or pale gray hue. The way things turned out in Dragon Ball Super could be the last transformation in the series.

But it is impossible to trust, since Akira Toriyama and Toyotarou always surprise fans. In the meantime, the popularity of this alternate version of the ultimate Z Warrior will continue for a long time.

This Dragon Ball Super cosplay is well done

This is why it is the central theme of multiple fan arts and cosplays. In the case of the latter, we bring you a contribution from Goku Flex.

As can be seen, he respected Goku’s suit very well, although in this case he only kept the pants, torn at the waist, and the boots.

The same can be said for the belt and wristbands. This cosplayer has a good complexion that helps complement this performance. Then he follows the hair.

Although he lacks a little more volume, he managed to recreate Goku’s hair when he is using Ultra Instinct in Dragon Ball Super. It is a design that adheres to what is seen in manga and anime.

As an extra detail, this cosplayer is found between an effigy of this Saiyan warrior and another of Jiren, one of the most powerful beings among the different universes. In short, it is a cosplay that fits well with the image of this beloved character.

Kaitlyn Kubrick


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