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Cuddlers love to help people heal, relieve loneliness, listen to your problems, share your hobbies, and provide a comforting and caring embrace to anyone who may need it.

Travel Cuddlers

The cuddler would love to travel with you on vacation and around the world. Perfect for those seeking exciting adventures with a fun companion and friend to travel world wide.

Outcall Cuddlers

The cuddler would like to travel to your private home, hotel, city, and maybe even your beautiful country. Please review the cuddler's profile for more details on their preferences.

Incall Cuddlers

The cuddler invites you to visit their private home, hotel, and city. Please review the cuddler's profile for more details on their preferences, and instructions when booking.

Tour Guides

The cuddler can show you around their city and/or country. Perfect for the lone traveler looking to have a fun and easy going local experience with the bonus of a fun cuddle companion.

Cuddler Hobbies

Every cuddler has exciting hobbies such as video games, reading, sightseeing, hiking, etc.. If you share a hobby with a cuddler, you have a great ice breaker for your first meeting.


From “Snuggleguy”, Stockton, 8/9/2018
“I appreciated that the appointment process was very user friendly with good directions and great communication. The Snuggle Room in Santa Clara was quite cozy and Beth is a fantastic cuddler. She is sensitive and caring, and a great conversationalist. I look forward to future snuggles.”

From K, San Jose, 1/9/2018
“Beth is a sweet, warm-hearted person. She’s an amazing snuggler and always has cool things to talk about during our sessions. She is also great at creating an safe environment where we both feel comfortable asking for what kinds of platonic touch we would like to give/receive. I always leave feeling much more relaxed, while also eager for future sessions!”

From Ron G., Pleasanton, 10/6/2017
“I suffer from intimacy related, low self-esteem. Its been crippling for me and prevented me from dating and moving on with my life. In other areas, I’m fully confident, but dating has been a no-go. Now that I’m single, I need to get past this. I went pro-active and made a snuggle appointment with Beth to work on this issue. I canceled the first appointment, not having the courage to show up. The second appointment was difficult, and we mostly just talked, due to my nervousness. Finally, the third appointment was a break-through! I’m a snuggler now!

Beth is wonderful and so very understanding. She is helping me overcome my fear of non-sexual intimacy, and boosting my confidence to return, once again, to the normal dating process. Thank you sooo much, Beth!”

From John, Palo Alto, 8/18/2017
“Beth is lovely, and spending two hours cuddling with her and talking with her was thoroughly enjoyable.”

From Marc in Redwood City, CA, 6/28/2017
“I really enjoyed my Snuggle session with Beth. It was both nurturing, fun and a learning experience. It provided a much needed opportunity for me to grow up. You see, all too often as males we come to equate touch with sexual arousal and this was a wonderful opportunity to be with someone affectionately in a non-sexual, heart based way. Beth provides a safe place for boys to become men in that respect. Beth is intelligent and interesting to talk to, grounded, a good listener and conversationalist. She’s adorable. My two hour session went by almost too fast and I got exactly what I was looking for from the experience. Highly recommend.”

From Anonymous, South Bay, 5/27/2017
“Sessions with Beth are something I always look forward to. Beth is just an adorable and charming lady. I enjoy her company; just being close to her physically and emotionally is something that enhances my emotional well being.”

From Bertie, San Ramon, 5/12/2017
“I enjoyed just about everything about my session with Beth, except that it had to end at all! Beth is vivacious, smart, kind, very beautiful and selflessly giving. I enjoy her company.”

From Bertie in San Ramon, CA, 3/29/2017
“First of all, I enjoyed Beth’s personality more than anything else. This being my first session with Beth, all we did was to hold hands and talked for 90 minutes. I had to stop at 90 minutes only because Beth had other commitment following our session. In the future it’s going to be two hours every time. [The question about whether I was unsatisfied — does not apply.] She is very loving and lovable….”

From G., San Jose, 11/16/2016
“I’m so happy I became a client of Snuggle Salon. Beth is the 4th Snuggle Partner with whom I’ve had a session. And she was so wonderful! She started off with a really nice shoulder massage, and then we lay down on the big comfy mattress and, after a couple snuggle positions, we ended up in what she calls the “koala” position. She essentially wrapped her arms around me like a koala wraps its arms around a tree…me being the tree! And we just cuddled and talked for a long time. It was so enjoyable. She has such an interesting back story about her life before she moved here. I’m really looking forward to seeing her again.”

From F., San Jose, 12/28/2016
“I enjoyed to a great extent my snuggling experience with Beth. She is someone that, when you’re with her time flies by unnoticed, as she charmed me with the intellectual conversation I had with her, as well as her attention to details and professionalism. It was an experience I’m looking forward to have over and over again.”

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Paying for cuddling? Trust-based touch therapy in San Diego

SAN DIEGO (KGTV) -- Paying to get cuddled with sounds unusual, but it’s a unique business model that is thriving in San Diego.

Cuddlist is a professional cuddling service based on the premise that touch is essential to human beings and that we do not get enough of it in our lives.

“Getting the word out about what it isn’t is probably the most difficult part,” said professional cuddler Care Messer, “it’s thing that truly helps people.”

Messer says the people that visit her Scripps Ranch office range from those that are just trying to get a break from stress at work or sometimes more extreme circumstances.

“You might get a client that had a spouse pass or a loved one pass and they don’t know who to turn to,” said Messer. 

Messer is among three Cuddlist therapists based in the San Diego area that have undergone hours of training and certification exams.

For $80 an hour, people partake in trust-based touch therapy.

Messer says she sees anywhere from 2 to 9 cuddle patients a week in addition to her regular job as a doula.

“There’s somebody that can hold you and listen to you,” said Messer, ”and they’re not going to pass judgment on you.”

Paul Dziazio has been going to cuddle therapy for two years and says it helps him be more present.

“It’s like maintenance for your soul,” said Dziadzio.

NYC's first professional cuddler comforts New Yorkers

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Diego cuddle san

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Watch a Professional Cuddling Session

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