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Alpinestars Honda Andes V3 Drystar Jacket

The Alpinestars Honda Andes V3 Drystar Jacket is new for 2021 and is a special Honda “branded” version of the standard Andes V3 jacket. The feature list is similar to the standard version, but with this jacket, you get the specail Honda badging. Here is a reprint of our review on the standard version: _The Alpinestars Andes V3 Drystar Jacket is new for 2021 and is an upgrade from the V2 version. It remains an excellent choice for all types of riders for wet and/or cooler or even cold conditions. Armor is included for the shoulders and elbows. A back protector and chest protector inserts are optionally available. Both men’s and women’s (Stella) sizes are available, so take the link below to view the other gender. Links are also provided below to check out the matching men’s or women’s Andes V3 pants. The jacket and pant combo will make an excellent touring or adventure riding suit for a very reasonable sum.

The Andes jacket and pant have been staples in the Alpinestar’s lineup for a long time. The first Andes jacket version we reviewed back in 2013, and the v2 appeared in 2017. This current V3 version, as with prior versions is made for use in mild to cold weather and/or wet weather. The overall styling is generic enough to appeal to any kind of rider from sport to adventure. The jacket includes an integrated waterproof liner situated between the jacket’s outer shell and inner lining so it will keep you dry in case of rain. The rain barrier will also act as a barrier to ward off biting wind. And when you ride in really cold weather, you can install the removable thermal liner which gives a very generous blanket of insulation for your torso and arms. Like the matching pant, the V3 version of the jacket improves temp range versatility by including a pair of zippered vents. These vents situated to face the wind on the upper chest have two improvements over prior year’s versions. The vent is “direct” meaning air passes through the vent directly to your skin. In prior versions, the venting wasn’t direct and was blocked by the waterproof liner. In order to be a direct vent, the zipper is waterproof and also they’ve included a neat little snap arrangement to allow you to prop the vent open to catch more air. Even with venting, I wouldn’t recommend this jacket for warm or hot weather though. But the new design features will take you further into spring. Also, check out the new collar tie back loop. In warmer weather when you don’t want the collar buttoned up, you can tie back one end of the collar to keep the tab out of your way.

Armor is included in this jacket for shoulders and elbows. It is Alpinestars Nucleon Flex Plus type which is thin and VERY flexible and it works well for a street jacket like this. A pocket is built into the rear lining to accept a back protector. You actually have three back protector options… the KR-CELLi, KR-2i, and the KR-1i. I’d recommend the KR-CELLi in a street jacket like this. It is light and flexible and fairly robust feeling. You can also add chest armor pieces as well (link below).

Of course you get a good selection of pockets both inside and out including a waterproof chest pocket inside the jacket and also a very large rear fanny pocket. Another small thing that looks functional is the slightly raised main zipper. There is a small “V” notch at the bottom of the jacket and the main zipper starts a few inches up, so that way you have a bit more room for the bottom of the jacket to drape over your legs when you sit. Overall, these jacket remains an excellent value with very good quality and I continue to recommend it. :: Paul, 07-19-21_

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Jacket Alpinestars Honda Andes V3 Drystar

Alpinestars is proud to present you his new waterproof textil moto riding jacket for man, the Honda Andes V3 Drystar Jacket.

For the new 2021 collection, the Italian brand offers you the evolution of his best-seller in the trail/touring motorbike clothing sector, with the new Alpinestars Honda Andes V3 Drystar man jacket which changes design, looks and moves up the range to offer a more technical product!

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  • Main construction made of polyfibre textile which remains soft and pleasant while providing a very high level of tear and abrasion resistance.
  • Elbows and forearms are equipped with a new reinforced polymer insert for a higher level of protection.


  • Thermal lining with warm padding (body 100 g, sleeves 80 g) fully removable.


  • Waterproof and breathable Drystar fixed membrane for good protection against cold and humidity.


  • New ventilation system on the chest thanks to new panels that are larger than on the previous version to reduce heat stress.
  • In order to guarantee good air circulation, the jacket has adjustable extractors in the back position.


  • Soft and comfortable Nucleon Flex Plus removable elbow and shoulder protectors, CE EN1621-1:2012 approved.
  • Optional pocket for Nucleon approved back protection.


  • Comfortable 3D Mesh soft collar.
  • Pre-formed cut at arm level for a perfect riding position and to limit fatigue on long rides.


  • Various adjustments at the forearms, biceps and waist for a perfect fit of the jacket, especially when removing the double to avoid floatation.
  • Sleeves adjustable by velcro.

Other features:

  • Zip to connect jacket/trousers.
  • 2 large waterproof cargo pockets on the front.
  • 1 large rear cargo pocket.
  • 1 100% waterproof inside pocket.
  • Inside pockets on the lining.
  • Main closure by YKK double slider zipper.


  • Men's motorbike jacket CE approved Category II prEN17092 Class A.

Data sheet

Collection2021, 2022
TypeLong jacket
Series especialesHonda/Honda HRC
SeasonWinter, Mid-season
WaterproofnessFix waterproof insert
FeaturesRemovable hot lining, Waterproof, Jacket / pant connection, Ventilations
ProtectionsElbows, Back Protector optional, Shoulders


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Alpinestars Andes Honda V2 Drystar Jacket

These jackets are sold in US based “alpha” sizes, so selecting a size is basically pretty easy. The size Medium and XL jackets fit Huey and Dewey, our Fit Check mannequins very nicely! Also, we checked several sizes with a tape. We found the sizing to be comparable to standard men’s clothing sizes. So our primary advice would be to choose the size you normally wear in men’s clothing.

Alpinestars publishes a super-complicated size chart which can be used to pick a size based upon your chest and waist. We’ve condensed their chart down to make it easy to read (see below). You can use this size chart to check your own measurements against the size chart to make sure the size you select will work. Choose a size that is big enough for both your chest and belly.

The max waist of a jacket style like this is only a couple inches smaller than the max chest, so the style is very forgiving in case you have a bit of a belly, but don’t be concerned if your belly is smaller than the size listed below because this jacket has some very effective side waist adjustment straps.

Jacket SizeChest RangeWaist/Belly Range
Small37.5 to 3937
Medium40 to 41.539.5
Large42 to 43.541.5
XL44.5 to 4644
XXL47 to 4947
XXXL49 to 5149
XXXXL51.5 to 5351

Need help measuring? Get it here.

Sizing information provided by Alpinestars

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