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Hello everyone and welcome back to Pojo’s Card of the Day!

Today we’re taking a look at a chonky Azorius finisher that isn’t a Planeswalker this season! When I saw the spoiler for Dream Trawler it really had me thinking about the previous incarnation of this card, Dragonlord Ojutai and it gives a bit of a baseline of where we can see this card.

First off let’s talk about this boy in limited, his colors are incredibly heavy so he’s not much of a splashable rare as he is a dedicated pick. In hardcore competitive drafts there’s a chance if you’re not already in UW you’re probably shipping this card down the river and avoiding those two colors entirely throughout the pack… Unless he wheels (he won’t.) Now if you’re playing for fun at a draft, or doing something like Theros FNM draft, then chances are you’ll snag this guy asap and do pretty well in the draft as card advantage, and a way to protect himself by turning all your excess cards in hand into a Blossoming Defense sans the p/t bonus. The fact that it’s also free to ‘cast’ the blossoming defense puts another point in favor of this card.

The only problem with this card is that the hexproof comes with a ‘Tap it’ clause which I think is unnecessary for this card, especially since it has lifelink! However with removal being so few and far between in limited this card is a bomb-diggity-bob-omb that will probably put you out of reach really quickly after a swing or two, and drawing extra cards off the attack is pivotal as well!

In commander I don’t think this guy is going to do so much, six mana is a heavy investment and there’s much stronger and more versatile threats at less costly CMC, *coughTefericough*

I think the current Standard Season is going to be great for this guy, he’s able to play a bit of defense with his lifelink ability and while they’re going to be able to twiddle this guy a few times at the cost of your excess lands he’s going to pair very well with Teferi, Time Raveler and the new 4 mana Day of Judgment in Standard. I’m also very interested in this card because an Azorius Control deck made it to the finals of last weeks Pioneer FNM after 5 rounds and this was one of his finishers.

Lastly, in Cube I’m also curious about this card but I don’t think it’s as strong as Dragonlord Ojutai who is more splashable in his color restrictions and also plays defense much better by not being tappable and having hexproof without any investment. There is the argument that this guy attacks better and the lifelink is very relevant, but we’ll have to see. I think I’ll pick up a full art foil copy of him to test out.

Constructed 3.5/5 – I think he’ll be a good standard finisher, at least until we get a Papa Teferi planeswalker again.

Limited 5/5 – So amazing, following ‘BREAD’ he’s the Bomb you’re looking for. Color restrictive but as long as it’s not too late in Pack 2 you can make him work.

Commander 2/5 – Weaker here but fine if you’re looking to play a control deck in Commander.

Cube 3/5 – There’s many arguments against this guy vs Ojutai, I think Ojutai wins out based on colorless rocks and general CMC, but testing is warranted.

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Dream Trawler {2}{W}{W}{U}{U}

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Dream Trawler… Is Mike’s favorite card from Theros Beyond Death

Now that the whole set has been revealed, Mike has a slam dunk favorite card… And it’s this big sphinx!

  • Flying, Lifelink
  • Discard a card: Dream Trawler gains hexproof until end of turn. Tap it.

A large flyer with five toughness and lifelink is reminiscent of Baneslayer Angel. This card actually costs a little more (6 instead of 5 mana). But this one offers a little something extra: It doesn’t die to Doom Blade.

“Protect the Queen”

One of the most celebrated blue strategies of all time is “protect the queen”. Rather than using your permission to stop threats like a Draw-Go deck; or to force through your combo like Trix or High Tide… Protect the Queen seeks to use permission to defend a key creature.

Usually the creature — often a large flyer — will win the game in just a few swings. You don’t need enough permission to stop everything… Just enough to keep the creature alive for as long as it takes to win. Finite and finite.

There are two advantages for protecting this sphinx.

First, you can use any card to give Dream Trawler hexproof. You don’t need to draw into particular permission.

Secondly, and subtly, you can consistently attack. Because of its draw-aligned ability (and lifelink) Dream Trawler is better on offense than defense. The trick is, if the opponent lets you attack, your Dream Trawler will already be tapped. If they use removal mid-combat, you can discard without losing the damage.

Everything to Every One

Dream Trawler has a little something from all the great and iconic control finishers from over the years. Like evrything from Serra Angel on down, it’s a large flyer… Six mana instead of five, maybe, but similar.

While it doesn’t have vigilance, Dream Trawler’s lifelink allows it to play offense and defense simultaneously. Its hexproof makes protecting it easier.

But how about those other two lines?

  • Whenever you draw a card, Dream Trawler gets +1/+0 until end of turn.
  • Whenever Dream Trawler attacks, draw a card.

It’s got some power-buffing like Psychatog.

It draws cards when attacking like Ophidian.

But even more than its nostalgia; even more than its improvement on just dying to Doom Blade; Dream Trawler is an elegantly designed card. Come listen to Patrick’s breakdown on how this creature is a masterwork:

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Fun with Dream Trawler

In the middle there was a huge carved round table, surrounded by equally rich chairs. The walls were painted with someone's art, and a huge, luxurious chandelier hung from the ceiling. In addition to the entrance to this room, it had two more doors.

As it turned out later, it was a bathroom and a toilet.

Trawler dream

" Natalie began to carry out her plan of revenge. The role of the imperious mistress has already thoroughly aroused her. Taking the champagne, she took a sip, poured the remaining contents of the glass through the ring into Petra's unclosed mouth. Part of the sparkling drink spilled onto the elastic breasts and protruding nipples of the excited bride.

She was glad that Max and Natalie appeared.

BATTLE FOR TOP 1200 MYTHIC FINALE - Azorius Dream Trawler Control

The shoulder. Opening my eyes, I saw the most desirable woman for me, wrapped in a towel. Although I already knew what was hidden under it, I was still greatly aroused by this look.

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