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Minecraft: 15 Insane Things You Never Knew You Could Do

Minecraftis a survival/creative game that was created by Markus “Notch” Persson in 2009. What started as a bare-bones side project, quickly turned into a multi-million dollar juggernaut that’s spun off into toys, books, and currently has an animated feature film in development.

Inside the world of Minecraft, players can use almost any material they can think of to produce wondrous, intricate structures, gadgets, and worlds. In Survival Mode, that same creativity becomes a defense against a rogues gallery of monsters and ghouls that players must defeat or avoid while trying to find food and build shelter.

The game is the embodiment of the phrase “easy to play, difficult to master," and with each new update, the game gains a plethora of secrets waiting to be discovered. The beauty of the game is that players can become as invested in the game’s mechanics as they want to be.

On a surface level, players can just go around building houses, killing monsters (referred to as “mobs” in the game), and gather food. For hardcore players, there are secret mechanisms, magics, monsters, and entire other dimensions to the game to find, along with little quirks and tricks you’d never know were there.

Here are the 15 Insane Things You Never Knew You Could Do In Minecraft.

15 Become invisible to Endermen

Endermen are the mysterious, gangly mobs that roam the world of Minecraft, occasionally picking up and moving around blocks for a purpose known only to them. They are completely peaceful unless the player attacks them, or looks directly into their eyes, at which point they turn into shrieking, charcoal terminators that relentlessly pursue the player.

Luckily, there’s a handy trick that players can use to avoid the danger of accidentally making eye contact with the purple-eyed demons-- all they have to do is equip a pumpkin as their head armor on the inventory screen.

The player’s viewpoint will be severely restricted since they’re looking out the eyeholes of a jack-o-lantern, but they can stare at Endermen all they want without fear.

14 Blow things up with a bed

A lot of Minecraft tricks are based on exploiting quirks of the physics of the game, using them in inventive ways that the programmer never foresaw. This trick seems almost like a glitch in the code, and it’s not the most practical way to blow something up in Minecraft, but it sure is fun.

As pointed out by YouTube user TurtleDerp, players can place a block of material on the ground, then place a bed immediately adjacent to the block. After this, all the player has to do is position themselves so that the block is between them and the foot of the bed, push themselves right up against the block, and try to sleep in the bed.

The result is a TNT-like explosion that makes for an easy way to mine materials and clear obstacles if you’re low on gunpowder.

13 Walk through walls using a boat

Players have now had almost a decade to figure out how to game the little quirks of Minecraft’s physics in order to do and make things that the original designer Notch never intended or conceived of. One of the more useful quirks to exploit is using the humble boat to be able to walk through walls.

“Walking” may be a bit of a misnomer, but the result is the same; all a player has to do is place a boat in front of a wall and gently push it into the blocks of the wall until about half of the boat is inside it.

Then, the player can left-click on the boat to enter it, then left-shift to exit it. Since players always exit off of the front of the boat, they’ll find that they’ve phased through the wall that the boat was sticking into and out the other side.

It’s incredibly useful for making quick escapes or for breaching into a structure during player-vs-player survival matches, but be warned: it only works in one direction. Once you’re through the wall, you can’t use the boat to go back.

12 Milk a Mooshroom for mushroom soup

Most players know that the cows that populate the game world can be milked with a glass bottle, in addition to providing meat and leather when killed. These animals in Minecraft actually have an incredibly rare cousin known as the Mooshroom-- a red-and-white cow with mushrooms sticking out of its back that looks like the most adorable science experiment gone wrong.

The mooshroom only spawns on the incredibly rare “mushroom island” biome, an oasis of fungus typically found at sea and covered in mycelium blocks with mushrooms growing as big as trees. As a result, some casual players may never encounter the mushroom island, or the mooshrooms that typically swarm it.

Each one can be milked like a normal cow, but it’s trickier. Instead of a glass bottle, players must use a wooden bowl, and instead of milk, delicious, food-bar-refilling mushroom soup is the result. For the lucky player, mooshrooms can be an unlimited source of food.

11 Build a computer out of redstone to play Minecraft in Minecraft

The thought process of Minecraft player Hans Lemurson must have been something like: “Yo dawg, we heard you like Minecraft, so we built a computer in your computer so you can play while you play!”

Lemurson successfully built a working, rudimentary computer within Minecraft using redstone and redstone components. The magical crimson dust and its related interactables allow users to construct basic electrical circuits in-game.

Combining these circuits with sensors and input devices lets them create doors that open automatically, lights that turn on when the sun goes down, and a host of other useful gadgets. However, those weren’t enough for Lemurson, who managed to create a working binary computer using a massive web of redstone circuitry and interactive blocks.

After building his computer, he was apparently bugged by users on Minecraft forums sarcastically asking if his in-game computer could run Minecraft. He then successfully programmed a 2-D version of Minecraft into his Minecraft computer, proving once and for all that some good can come out of internet comments.

10 Make an automatic cooked chicken farm

Unlike in Creative Mode, Survival Mode requires players to continually find and consume food to survive. If a player’s food meter goes too low, their health stops regenerating from damage. If it continues to deplete, the player stops being able to sprint, and finally starts taking damage when it gets close to zero.

So players need to find or cultivate a steady, reliable source of food. Some resort to farming, some to hunting, but truly clever players have found ways of ensuring a never-ending food supply with a little help from redstone circuitry. Enter the automatic chicken-cooking farm.

YouTube user TheBeached Hippo created a “farm” that automatically spawns chickens, kills them, cooks them, and then uses water to wash all of the finished chicken and feathers out to the waiting player. It's harder than just farming wheat, but arguably much more satisfying.

9 Trap players with ice and soul sand

In Survival Multiplayer, Minecraft users have the option of working together to survive, build, explore, and create, or fight each other using endlessly more inventive deathtraps and weapons to kill each other before plundering.

While there are more complicated traps that one can construct and automate with redstone, pistons, etc., one of the simplest ways to make an enemy slow and vulnerable involves using ice and soul sand. Ice is fairly easy to find (just find snow, then find water near it), but soul sand can only be find in the spooky alternate realm known as The Nether. Players must construct portals to reach it, and one of the many materials inside is soul sand.

Players normally slow down when they walk over soul sand, but a lot of players don’t know that burying a block of ice underneath a block of soul sand multiplies the effect, reducing the speed of a sprinting player to a snail-like creep.

8 Create Command Blocks

Command Blocks are really far down the redstone rabbit hole in Minecraft. They contain commands that are executed when the blocks are powered by a redstone source, and allow for advanced programmable actions to be executed in the game.

The casual player will likely never encounter them or know what they are, since they have to be obtained by typing commands into the command line interface of Minecraft creative or multiplayer or by using cheats in single-player Survival Mode.

They have a variety of different uses when integrated with other redstone gadgets and machinery, but require a certain mastery of programming, logic, and sequencing in order to unlock their full potential. That, plus the slightly laborious process of spawning one, means that they’re for hardcore players only.

7 Create Invisible Blocks

Not to be confused with see-through blocks, such as blocks made of glass and ice, players can actually spawn blocks that are entirely invisible. Available only in creative mode and only obtainable through a command line prompt, players can spawn blocks known as “barriers” by simply typing in: “/give minecraft:barrier”.

The blocks appear in the player’s inventory as a red box with a slash through it and otherwise function as a normal block aside from a few exceptions. They can’t be pushed by pistons, nor can they be broken if the player switches to normal survival mode. However, their invisibility makes them excellent for setting traps, and they are able to suffocate enemy mobs like normal solid blocks.

6 Turn the graphics black-and-white or upside-down

Lots of classic video games have fun unlock-able Easter eggs that allow players to mess with the visuals (such as Big Head mode in Goldeneye), and Minecraft is no exception. Players can access one of 25 different graphics shaders by pressing a button in the Options menu marked: “Super Secret Settings...”

Pressing it will randomly apply one of the graphics shaders, and while some tweak the graphics so subtly it’s almost unnoticeable, others are delightfully weird. One turns everything black and white and reminiscent of a pencil drawing, while another completely inverts the screen so all the action takes place upside-down.

Sadly, as of the Minecraft version 1.9, the feature has been disabled, but players still running earlier builds can access the graphical wackiness.

5 Create pockets of air underwater with torches, doors, signs, and ladders

There's nothing worse in Minecraft than being trapped in water, with the current pushing you down, as you watch your oxygen meter slowly deplete, the screen going red and quaking as your health bleeds out from suffocation.

However, it need not happen, and a lot of players don’t know that torches, doors, signs, and ladders can be placed just so underwater to create a pocket of air around them, saving players from certain, choking doom.

Not only that, but just like fences placed next to each other form one long fence, the pockets of air generated chain together, allowing players to create underwater passageways. It’s not only cool, but a handy practical way to create secret tunnels between bases or houses that are invisible to the casual observer.

4 Use torches to hold any amount of weight

Not only can torches form life-saving bubbles of safety underwater, but they can also hold any amount of weight. Once a torch is placed on a wall or floor, you can place any kind and any number of blocks on top of it, such as sand, dirt, wood, steel, diamond, and the torch will bear the weight no matter how high the stack of blocks is.

It seems like a simple gimmick, but it can be incredibly useful when creating building structures out of materials that normally fall with gravity such as sand. More than that, it can also be used to rig such structures for easy demolition, creating a handy and deadly trap should you be ambushed in your home base and need to beat a quick retreat.

3 Cure zombie Villagers

Zombies are one of the most pesky and annoying enemies in the game. Slow but relentless, they will dole out a poisonous bite that will sap your health long after you’ve killed the creature that bit you. Villagers, meanwhile, are found in randomly generated settlements around the map, and are neutral, occasionally having goods you can trade for.

Sometimes, they can become zombified, but unlike regular zombies, they can be cured, restoring their usefulness as a trading resource. The process requires being able to make potions and having the necessary ingredients to brew a Splash Potion of Weakness as well as having a Golden Apple.

A player who successfully brews the potion just has to throw it at a zombie Villager, then use the Golden Apple on it, and within five minutes the village be back to their old self.

2 Create an infinite water source

The epitome of “boring but practical," this tip lets you have an infinite source of water, and all you need is an existing water source, a bucket, and a hole in the ground.

It takes advantage of the quirks of Minecraft physics: all the player has to do is dig a hole three blocks long and one block deep in the ground. Then, simply pour the water into the blocks to the left and right of the center block before pouring one final bucket of water into the center block.

Again, a fun quirk, but boring, right? It’s actually more useful than you’d imagine, especially if a player wants to get into potion-making. Using materials and items found in the Nether and the game world, players can craft potions making them faster, tougher, or able to deal damage to enemies by throwing the bottle at them. However, they all need water as a base, and with this trick, a player will never run out of the vital potion-making part.

1 Put collars on dogs you’ve tamed

By far the cutest tip on this list, most players know that you can tame a number of the animals that you find in the world. Ocelots are tamed into cats, wolves are tamed into dogs, and horses are tamed into... horses, but ones you can now ride.

If you have a dog, most players don’t realize that you can also change the color of the collar on them. All a player has to do is equip one of the 16 possible dyes in the game and use it on your canine companion, and you can personalize your hound’s collar to your liking.

It’s a completely useless trick, but it is completely adorable. It's so subtle that it’s no wonder most players haven’t heard of it.


Can you think of any other survival secrets from Minecraft that we missed? Let us know in the comments!


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There's now an official 'Minecraft' gaming chair

Themed gaming chairs aren't completely new, but this example is rather unusual. According to Windows Central, Microsoft and Mojang have collaborated with Secretlab on a Minecraft chair. The Minecraft Edition Titan Evo 2022 includes the obligatory game logos, but it's also made to look like you're sitting on one of the game's infamous Creepers. That sounds more than a little... creepy, but it might be just what you're looking for if you livestream Minecraft or otherwise want to advertise your fondness for the classic creative title.

And unlike the in-game Creepers, this chair shouldn't explode. This is Secretlab's first special-run chair to use the company's SoftWeave Plus fabric, which promises to blend durability with comfort. You might not have to worry quite so much about spills or tears ruining your gaming throne.

You can pre-order the Minecraft gaming chair today starting at $549 for small and regular versions, and $599 for XL. That's a lot to spend on any chair, especially a special edition — you might want to be sure your love of the game is more than just a short-term fling. If it is, though, the expense might be worthwhile to improve your comfort (and hopefully posture) for those lengthy world-building sessions.

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Secret Locations are hidden levels that can be unlocked by obtaining maps that are usually found in level secrets. There currently are 6 Mainland secret levels, 7 DLC ones and 4 Ancient Hunt exclusive ones. They include:


Ancient Hunt Exclusive[]

Secret levels do not show up on the minimap until the level the secret level is unlocked from is cleared excluding ??? which only show up on the map when its scroll is collected. They possess no value to the main story and therefore are not needed to unlock other levels.

Most of the secret levels are unlocked by finding scrolls in secret areas in the main levels. All levels have a 100% chance for the scroll to generate, with the exception of the Panda Plateau (from Dingy Jungle) (Jungle Awakens DLC), Lost Settlement (from Frosted Fjord) (Creeping Winter DLC), Colossal Rampart (from Windswept Peaks) (Howling Peaks DLC) and the Radiant Ravine (from Coral Rise) (Hidden Depths DLC), which have a chance of the secret area generating.

The ??? level is unlocked differently. After entering the church area at camp (which can be accessed after completing Obsidian Pinnacle on default), players can access the rune rooms in each main non-DLC level. After obtaining all the runes found in each rune room and placing them at the church area at camp, a room is revealed where the "???" can be unlocked along with 2 obsidian chests.

There are also a set of special locations that can only be found during Ancient Hunts. These levels cannot be unlocked by any means, unless hacks are used.


  • The secret level Creepy Crypt

  • The secret level Arch Haven

  • The secret level Soggy Cave

  • The secret level Lower Temple

  • The secret Level Underhalls

  • The secret level Panda Plateau

  • The secret level Lost Settlement

  • The secret level Colossal Rampart

  • The secret level Nether Fortress

  • The secret level Crimson Forest

  • The secret level Soul Sand Valley

  • The secret level Radiant Ravine

  • The secret level ???

  • The secret level Spider Cave

  • The secret level Woodland Mansion

  • The secret level Woodland Prison

Sours: https://minecraft.fandom.com/wiki/Minecraft_Dungeons:Secret_Locations
Finding Secret Houses in Minecraft - Triggered Insaan

Minecraft: 15 Cheats, Special Features, & Secret Locations

After a decade or so of existence, it's no wonder many of Minecraft's features are still a mystery to some players. Every update introduces something new and fun into the game, from easter eggs to special features, or even brand new commands and cheats which spice up the game experience.

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While seasoned players might be well aware of some of these tricks, secrets, and special features, those who play more casually or who have just begun their deep dive into Minecraft might be less familiar with them. Next time you load up a new world, why not give some of these a shot?

Updated on July 29th, 2021 by Anastasia Maillot: Given how big Minecraft is as a game and how much it tends to grow with every update on both Bedrock and Java Edition, it's no surprise there's still a lot that remains unknown among most fans of Minecraft. From secrets to cheats to locations players may have never found, the game is just an endless ocean of details that keeps on giving.

With that, there's five additional little lesser-known details about the game that can be both useful and interesting to discover, especially for newer players not as well acquainted with the game.

15 Boats Can Be Named

Anvils were a great addition to Minecraft, as they allowed players to attach enchantments and even give names to their armor and weapons. However, what most players don't know, is that in the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft, anvils can actually be used to name boats as well. Place a boat in the first square in the anvil UI and type a name for it.

So, forget about naming farm animals and mobs with name tags or naming gear. By naming boats, players can build their own little fleet of special boats. It's not the most useful feature, but it's definitely something Java Edition players need just for the fun and giggles.

14 Mobs Can Be Trapped Using Rails

Trapping mobs is a classic struggle every Minecraft player has to deal with at some point. With passive mobs the task tends to be a bit easier, but who's to say players can't also trap hostile mobs and put a name tag on them to have a permanent evil friend as their prisoner?

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While the classic way is to use boats, mobs can also be trapped in locations using rails. Surround a hostile mob with rails from all sides. This works because mobs don't always know how to path across rails, so by closing them off into a corner surrounded by rails, their AI gets confused. Don't rely on this for too long, however, since some reports state that eventually, mobs will be able to escape this trap.

13 Water Bottles Can Be Used In The Nether To Extinguish Fires

The Nether is an immensely dangerous place, and burning alive is a reality that many Minecraft players come face to face with pretty quickly. With water not functioning in the Nether, the only plausible solution is to make Fire Resistance potions. That is, unless one happens to be playing on Bedrock Edition.

By using a splash water bottle, players can actually extinguish themselves while in the Nether. Throw the splash water bottle down to your feet and the fire will disappear instantly. If only this existed on Java Edition as well.

12 Pink Wool Can Be Found Naturally

Most sheep in the overworld of Minecraft come in natural colors of white, black, grey, and brown. Using dye, it's possible to change the color of any sheep on the go. There is, however, one very special type of sheep that spawns once in a blue moon if one is lucky enough.

The pink sheep has a legendary status among rare Minecraft mobs. A pink sheep has a 0.1% chance of spawning, making it one of the rarest mobs in the entire game. Its baby version is even rarer, with a spawn chance of roughly 0.0082%.

11 The Color Of The Fog Underground Tells The Time Of The Day

Especially early on in survival Minecraft, knowing the time of the day is crucial. For the sake of efficiency, most players will spend their first nights awake mining underground. However, it can be difficult to know exactly when to come back up and wander the overworld again.

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Those with fog on have a small advantage, actually. Underground, the color of the fog depends on the time of the day above. Dark fog means it's nighttime, while greyish fog signifies it's daytime again. Keep an eye out for that fog next time, since it might save you time and effort.

10 Clone Entire Buildings

There are generally two different types of Minecraft players: those who love building houses and spend all their time in creative mode making elaborate builds and villages, and those who much prefer the survival RPG experience. If you're part of the former, there's a cheat that massively improves the quality of life in creative.

When building large cities or towns, or when you just want to make two of the same quickly without having to place down blocks, the clone command cheat is your best friend. In the chat, type in the /clone (BEGIN) (END) (DESTINATION). The beginning and end are the coordinate values of your original build.

9 Make Your Crops Grow Faster

Alright survival players, listen up. It's time to stop building those wheat-only farms right off the bat, especially if you happen to have some other crops like carrots and potatoes. Rather than making neat separate farms for all of them, mix them together by putting them into alternating rows (or just placing them randomly).

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This actually makes the crops go faster in the game. At the beginning of the game, where you just want to get food fast, this is a huge help. After a while, you can just go back to building organized separate plots for each crop, but while there's a rush for food, who cares about organization?

8 Boats Are Basically Overpowered

The humble wooden boat might not seem like a lot, but it's capable of doing much more than most players can even imagine. Boats are able to not only act as mob traps for hostile and passive tameable mobs, but they're also fantastic for never ever taking any fall damage, no matter how high you fall from.

Plus, boats move extra fast on packed ice. It's a big favorite among players to build packed ice walkways and then travel across them using boats. The speed is even greater than when using an Elytra, so next time, don't underestimate the utility of your humble boat.

7 Switching To LAN Enables Cheats

If you've ever started a new world and realized that you actually much preferred to build in this Minecraft seed or use cheats to help yourself out (we're not judging by the way!), then don't worry because that can be done easily by opening the world to LAN in the game menu. Go into the Game Menu and select Open to LAN. Select Allow Cheats: On.

This also allows you to tweak the difficulty of the game easily and without restarting it all over. It's a nice little safety net to fall back to if everything goes wrong in the world and you feel like you'd prefer to play on Peaceful or rather bump up the difficulty to Hard instead.

6 Give Item Cheat

Another essential command that comes in handy for players who don't mind cheating in their worlds or just want to troll their friends is the /give command. Depending on the item, you can even change the details of an item, such as enchanting a sword or a pickaxe.

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Simply type in /give (PLAYER NAME) (ITEM NAME) (AMOUNT) and then any additional information on the type of item you'd like to give to the player in question. Gifting your friend with 64 golden shovels that they'll do absolutely nothing with is always a good time.

5 Hidden Second Chest In Jungle Temples

Jungle temples are just one of the many structures you can find while exploring your Minecraft world. Typically found in the jungle forest biome, it has a hallway downstairs that leads past several tripwires to a chest in the back with varying loot. However, there's also a second chest hidden within the temple.

Mine the wall right next to the levers by the stairs and you should find a second chest hidden by the mechanism. Don't forget to pick up this double loot next time you stumble by a desert temple, because you never know what kinds of treasures are hidden in the second chest as well.

4 Special Name Tags

Name tags are a fun way to give some character to your favorite hostile and passive mobs. There's also a bunch of names that act as easter eggs. For instance, naming a Vindicator as Johnny will make him hostile towards absolutely everyone and everything, even passive mobs like cows, sheep, or fellow hostile mobs.

The name "Dinnerbone" will put a mob upside down, while naming a sheep as "jeb_" makes the sheep's wool cycle through all the different wool color options. Finally, if you find a rabbit, try naming it "Toast," which will unlock a new appearance for it made in memory of Toast, the pet of a Minecraft fan's girlfriend on Reddit.

3 Charged Creepers And Mob Heads

You haven't known real terror until you've come across something as horrifying as the charged creeper. This rare variation of the regular creeper has a small chance of spawning during a thunderstorm when a creeper is hit by a lightning strike.

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If any hostile mob is killed by the charged creeper's explosion, the mob will drop its head. Keep an eye out on these charged creepers during thunderstorms if you'd like to grab a zombie, skeleton, or regular creeper head to show off on an item frame.

2 Igloo Basements

Snow biomes might not be a favorite among players due to how difficult it is to grow crops and find animals. Forests are usually decent locations, but snowy plains biomes are often devoid of any life and make survival particularly hard. However, there is a chance you might find an igloo.

Igloos at first glance might just seem like regular little homes with a bed to sleep in, but some of these igloos hide a dark secret. If you remove the carpet and find a set of ladders leading downstairs, you'll be able to unlock an achievement in the game: turning a zombie villager into a regular villager.

1 The Nether Roof

When it comes to game-breaking features, the Nether roof is a great example. This area is basically a flat area on top of the entire Nether world, its outer layer. Nothing spawns here, and it's absolutely ideal for making mob farms in the Nether since controlling spawning is so easy. Moreover, it's also fantastic for traveling and making an extensive Nether portal network.

To start off, dig straight up in the Nether to an elevation of Y=121, and you should start seeing bedrock spawn among netherrack. Press F3 and on the right-hand side check the "Targeted Block" coordinates. You want to find a piece of bedrock that has 127 as its second number. Create a ladder up to this piece of bedrock and aim an ender pearl through it and an adjacent piece of bedrock, which should send you to the roof. Just make sure you have what's needed to make a portal to get out of here, since otherwise you'll be stuck.

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18 Secret Features You Missed in Minecraft! (Minecraft Easter Eggs)

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