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Laughing Lizard is an image macro featuring a photograph of a horned lizard and an interior monologue caption that reads "hhhehehe." Due to the lizard's facial expression resembling the laughter of a human, the captioned photograph is also used as a reaction image to indicate a sense of amusement, especially when triggered by something that is deemed silly or lowbrow.


On April 24th, 2009, nature photographer Casey Myers uploaded a photograph to the image-sharing site Flickriver of a horned lizard spotted in the Tonto National Forest Campgrounds at Lake Roosevelt in Arizona. In the photograph, the lizard appears to be chuckling or smiling, as suggested by its slightly agape mouth.

Lizard reptile lizard fauna scaled reptile close up eye lacertidae agamidae agama terrestrial animal

On August 17th, 2011, Tumblr user effington posted the same image, but this time, with the caption "hhhehehe" overlaid by the lizard's mouth in the style of interior monologue captioning. As of July 2014, the post has gained over 14,000 notes.

hhhehehe Komodo dragon Lizard reptile fauna lizard scaled reptile close up eye agama agamidae


On September 12th, 2011, Redditor discovergeneralmills created the subreddit /r/laughinglizards/. In 2012, at least three Tumblr posts filed under the tag #laughing lizard gained some traction with hundreds of notes, including sweetneverafter's post on June 16th and vaalon's post on November 18th, both of which have gained more than 600 notes, and dandy-pants' post on November 28th, which has accumulated over 92,000 notes. In 2013, the trend continued with at least two Tumblr posts garnering more than 5,000 notes, including memelibrarian's post on January 17th and voldyrule's post on January 18th. By 2014, the popularity of the laughing lizard had waned significantly, though the image continued to spread in the form of an animated GIF published via MemeCollection on July 15th, 2014.

heheheheheheheh Lizard reptile fauna lizard scaled reptile close up eye agamidae

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blue is a rational color. it enhances concentration. it also helps the development of the decision making mechanism.

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(mahnke, meerwein, and rodeck, 2007).

it is associated with deep thinking and meditation. (grangaard, 1993)
it is linked to attention, reading and vitality. (morton, 1998)
it is related to feelings of security and safety.
it is the favorite color of children in the 7-11 age group. (terwogt &hoeksma, 2001)
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it slows down the heart rate and breathing as it has a calming effect. (engelbrecht, 2003)
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it reduces appetite. (walker, 1991; morton, 1998)
the color blue was associated with sadness in a study conducted with elementary school senior class students. (karp&karp, 1988)

green is associated with feelings of security, relief and relaxation.

it stimulates the mind both emotionally and logically. (mahnke, meerwein, and rodeck, 2007)
green is the predominant color in nature. it is a combination of yellow with connotations of happiness and joy on one end of the spectrum and blue that is in the shorter spectrum and linked with peace and calmness. it is the color of flora. (grangaard, 1993)
it is related to the vocal cords. it affects developing language skills. (torrice & logrippo, 1989)
it is the color that is the most soothing on the eyes.
it has an impact on reaching correct decisions.
due to the fact that it emits a soft level energy, its use in artistic activities, dancing and cooking schools is appropriate.
its use in language laboratories and creative activities helps learning.

purple supports non-verbal activities.

it can be used in drama rooms. (torrice & logrippo, 1989)
it is not a color that is generally preferred in schools.
its excessive use may lead to over thinking and fear in children.

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Do you have a wacky AI that can write memes for me?

Funny you ask. Why yes, we do. Here you go: imgflip.com/ai-meme (warning, may contain vulgarity)

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hehehe meme

I’m a big real-life laugher, and in recent years, in e-mails, chats, and texts, I’ve become a big “haha”-er. You say something hilarious, I’ll write a few “ha”s. That’s how I e-laugh. I realize that this isn’t especially dignified. My “haha”s make me look the way I do in party photos: open-mouthed, loud, a little vulgar. Writing “hahaha” makes you look deranged, but, then again, so does laughing. I’ve accepted this state of affairs, and my friends have, too, for the most part. I like a good-faith representation of how much laughing we’re doing and how hard we’re doing it. Some of my friends are above it—they don’t “ha” much or at all, which makes me self-conscious. They accept an amusing back-and-forth as a normal course of events and press on hilariously, without a lot of ha-ha goofery. I can’t do that. Even among those regal beagles, I have to laugh away.

The terms of e-laughter—“ha ha,” “ho ho,” “hee hee,” “heh”—are implicitly understood by just about everybody. But, in recent years, there’s been an increasingly popular newcomer: “hehe.” Not surprisingly, it’s being foisted upon us by youth. What does it mean?

Let’s start with the fundamentals. The basic unit of written laughter, which we’ve long known from books and comics, is “ha.” The “ha” is like a Lego, a building block, with which we can construct more elaborate hilarity. It sounds like a real laugh. Ha! The “ha” is transparent, like “said.” If you’re chatting or texting, a single “ha” means that a joke has occurred, and you’re respectfully tipping your hat to it, but that’s all it deserves. If I say something hilarious and I get one “ha,” it’s a real kick in the teeth. If I make a mild observation, a “ha” is just great.

The feel-good standard in chat laughter is the simple, classic “haha”: a respectful laugh. “Haha” means you’re genuinely amused, and that maybe you laughed a little in real life. (The singsong Nelson Muntz-style “ha ha,” of course, is completely different—we don’t do this to our friends. There’s also the sarcastic “ha ha,” a British colleague reminded me: he’s used to reading “ha ha” as “Oh, ha ha,” as in, Aren’t you a wag. “But I’m learning to read it as good,” he said. Poor guy.) “Hahaha” means that you’re really amused: now you’re cooking. More than three “ha”s are where joy takes flight. When you’re doing this, you’re laughing at your desk and your co-workers can hear you, or you’re texting with both hands, clacking and laughing away. Somebody has been naughty and fun: a scandalous remark, a zinger, a gut laugh, the high-grade stuff. If things get totally bananas, you might throw a few “j”s in there, because you’re too incapacitated by joy to type properly.

I tend to put spaces between my “ha”s, but, if I’m laughing and typing like a house afire, I leave them out. If I’m about to lose my marbles, I’ll use all caps, maybe an exclamation point, but at that point exclamation points are mostly superfluous. My phone has a “haha” autocorrect that turns a reasonably good laugh into a deranged mess—an incoherent hahhhahaahahhh or a crazy HAHAHAHAHA—and if I hit send before catching it, I send a retraction. You need to be judicious with your all-caps—honest about how violently you’re laughing and how sane you are.

There are other terms in the lexicon. “Heh” is for a sort of satisfyingly good point, a nice moment shared, with a possible hint of down-home vulgarity. “Ho ho” indicates that someone needs a mild scolding after a bad joke, as when a friend mentioned “the Genesis stuff” and I, knowing that he meant Noah’s ark, typed something about Phil Collins and Peter Gabriel. That was beneath me, and I deserved “ho ho,” or worse. (My friend who often uses a single “ha,” a “heh,” or a “ho ho” is also my friend who is most reluctant to high five. If you get a high five or a “ha ha” out of him, it’s a red-letter day. If he ever wrote “hahaha,” I’d take him to the emergency room.) “Hee hee” is cute and conspiratorial. Hee hee, we’re gossiping in the corner! Hee hee, he texted me! Hee hee, isn’t life grand! It’s similar to “tee hee,” which is extremely cute. Possibly too cute. If you’re saying “tee hee,” you’re in love, beautifully giddy, or up to no good. You might need to take it down a notch.

Then there’s the mysterious “hehe.” “Hehe” is a younger person’s e-laugh. My stepsister has used it, and she’s a person who also says “hiiii”—but, reassuringly to me, she’s also one of the best hahahahaha-ers in the business. A friend who’s in his thirties and savvy, with friends of all ages, uses “hehe.” I find it charming—he’s a perfect speller, and he’s a lively, tidy writer, and his “hehe”s are a strange mystery. I know what they mean: friendly, somewhat sneaky giggling at a shared joke. But why the single “e”?

I consider “hehe” to be the “woah” of laughter—an odd but common enough misspelling of a common term of social communication. I think it’s “hee hee,” our conspiratorial buddy, sweetly shortened to “haha” length in a slightly bizarre way. Is it more a masculine “hee hee”—literally a bunch of “he”s? Is it a squished-up “heh,” with some filigree? Is it a cross between “haha,” “hee hee,” and “heh”? I asked around.

First, I asked people my age and older. (I’m forty-two.) A TV writer said, “ ‘Hehehe’ reminds me of Scooby-Doo. Unless it’s ‘heh’ as in ‘hepatitis’?” Good point: Scooby’s laugh is a sneaky, musical series of “hee-hee”s. And he’s no speller. (I don’t think it’s heh as in “hepatitis.”) A writer and professor visiting the office said that his students use it, perplexing him. He imagines it sounding like a lofty “Hee-hee-hee!,” which, as he pronounced it, was an airy la-di-da sound that evoked brandy snifters and drollery. He, too, has to remind himself to read it as standard giggling.

Then, the nitty-gritty: the hehe-ers themselves. One user said that she thought of “hehe” as “more of an evil giggle and less of a straightforward crack-up.” That’s definitely a hee-hee. Her friend thinks of it as “a more covert laugh” and pronounces it “heh heh,” and said that it can be “evil or private and shared.” Was it like “hee hee” and “heh heh” smashed together? I asked. Yes, it was, she said. An adventurous writer in his mid-thirties agreed that it was a mischievous laugh, pronounced “heh heh,” and said that he uses it to indicate that he’s being “super-casual,” and as a “sort of knot to tie off a back-and-forth exchange.” If he senses that there’s a “small amount of awkwardness” in the exchange, he uses “hehehe” to dissolve it or to inoculate both parties against it. He waved his hands around while describing this, and I imagined a baker using frosting to cover imperfections in a cake.

My savvy friend whose use of “hehe” provoked all these questions said that “hehe” is one of his favorite words. He pronounces it “heh heh,” to indicate mild amusement “without having to resort to emoticons, LOLs, or ROTFLs.” He said that “haha” indicates “more serious amusement,” and adds extra “ha”s for “more serious mirth.” He wrote, “There is no such thing as “hehehe” in my vocab, though.” Noted.

Another young “hehe”-er thinks that it’s “hee-hee,” doesn’t know where he picked it up, and enjoys that it helps him avoid older terms like “hahaha” and “LOL.” “Have to keep things updated,” he wrote me in a chat.

That’s just what I’d suspected and feared: while I’m ha-ha-ing my way into middle age, younger people have coined a new laugh. Good for them. They’re “heh-heh”ing to professors who hear “hee-hee”ing; they’re being conspiratorial with fortysomethings confused by the terms of the conspiracy. I’m just glad we’re all having a good time. If you’ll excuse me, I’m off to watch “Hee Haw.”

Sours: https://www.newyorker.com/culture/cultural-comment/hahaha-vs-hehehe

Meme hehehe

Just as modestly, in spite of all my fears, she. Was present on the sidelines at the scene "the same and Larik", when the last one appeared, and we chirped for several minutes at the bus stop, expressing the pleasantness and pleasantness of personal acquaintance, asking each other how our trips went from regional centers in the regional, and specifying the route of further travel.

Then I opened the car door in front of the girl, sat down in my seat, answered "yes" to Emma's text message "Are you going to the same cafe?".


Nora, do you recognize Kostyan. That shy, angular teenager who was ashamed of you to the point of trembling cold hands. Hello Larissa.

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