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Alternative clues for the word oolite

Word definitions for oolite in dictionaries

The Collaborative International DictionaryWord definitions in The Collaborative International Dictionary
Oolite \O"["o]*lite\, n. [Gr. w,'o`n an egg + -lite: cf. F. o["o]lithe. So named from its resemblance to the roe of fish.] (Geol.) A variety of limestone, consisting of small round grains, resembling the roe of a fish. It sometimes constitutes extensive...

WiktionaryWord definitions in Wiktionary
n. 1 (context geology English) A rock consisting of spherical grains within a mineral cortex accreted around a nucleus, often of quartz grains. 2 (context countable rare English) An ooid or oolith.

Douglas Harper's Etymology DictionaryWord definitions in Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary
"rock consisting of fine grains of carbonate of lime," 1785, from Modern Latin oolites, from oo-, comb. form of Greek oon "egg" (cognate with Old English æg, see egg (n.)) + lithos "stone" (see litho- ). So called because the rock resembles the roe of fish....

WikipediaWord definitions in Wikipedia
Oolite ( egg stone ) is a sedimentary rock formed from ooids , spherical grains composed of concentric layers. The name derives from the Ancient Greek word ᾠόν for egg . Strictly, oolites consist of ooids of diameter 0.25–2 mm; rocks composed of ooids larger...

Usage examples of oolite.

Record in Oolite of Fear, whose, and how much, and of how a Village broke in two.

They passed from the district of chalk, successively into the districts of clay, of sand-rock, of oolite, and so forth.

The pavement is of fine oolite, or skylight, or some other stone of that geologic period, and is laid almost flat on the ground, in places.

In the Oolite System, mostly consisting of calcareous beds, mammals make their appearance.

The boat idled down an oolite canal cut through Ramrod and docked behind the Looe Key Reef Resort.

Line yet attempted, in America, where undertakings of its scale are possible, astronomically precise, carefully set prisms of Oolite, the Master-valve of rose Quartz, at the eastern Terminus.


Constructor: Elizabeth C. Gorski

Relative difficulty: Easy

THEME: "Magic Square" — isolated 3x3 grid in the center of the puzzle is a magic square, a concept which is defined by the puzzle's core theme answer

119A: With 98-Across, 34-Down and 48-Down, what each line in the center square should do (ADD UP TO FIFTEEN / HORIZONTALLY / VERTICALLY / DIAGONALLY)

Bonus theme answer: MATHEMATICAL (36A: Like magic squares)

Word of the Day: TALL TEES (78A: Knee-length hip-hop shirts) —
[clue is about the best definition I can find]

• • •

Congrats to Liz Gorski on her 200th NYT puzzle!

Love this non-standard grid and the non-standard numerals inside it. Once you grok the concept, though, it's Phenomenally easy. Once you've got a few of the numbers filled in, you can deduce the others, and since the others are actual answers in the grid, much of the grid just fills itself in (down to the adverbs in the main theme answer). So it's clever and surprising, but not in a way that increases the challenge. This isn't to say I didn't struggle here and there with the fill (which is mostly quite nice). Didn't know where to put OSHAand where to put whatever the other one was at 2D: Workplace welfare org. and 3D: Workplace rights org.I knew one of them was OSHA, but the only other initialism I could think of was NTSB, so I needed crosses to get NLRB. Hesitated for quite a bit until BIENNIALcame into view (54A: Poison hemlock or Queen Anne's lace)—figured that [Hitch] was RUB, but thought it might also be RUN ... can you get a "hitch" in your stockings? Y LEVELnearly crushed me, as I didn't parse it right at first (one word???) and then thought the Mercedes were SES, giving me Y LEVEE ... also considered Y LEVER, since a lever is a tool, but there aren't Mercedes SRS, are there. In the end, I figured that since there were other better clues for both SES and SRS, SLShad to be right. Had WOW where OOHwas supposed to go, and had Noooo idea what OOLITEwas (22A: Limestone variety). But I'm happy to learn the word because it means I'll have a good rhyme ready when I finally get around to writing that limerick about OOCYTEs. As for other hang-ups—there were none.

There were some very cool answers I'd never seen in a grid before. I've seen TALL TEES before, but didn't know they had a name (until now) (78A: Knee-length hip-hop shirts). I've eaten many a [Steamed bun in Chinese cookery], but either never learned or forgot that such a bun is called a BAO. And [Start of an agreement that's not really an agreement] is a great way to clue the partial-yet-somehow-also-self-standing "YES, BUT ..." Can't say I've seen many SATANISTs in puzzles before (84D: Worshiper with a pentagram)—that was interesting. So was the LOWISHbidding at 122A: Like some unexciting bids. The grid features of cavalcade of crossword characters, none of them real Crosswordese but all of them fairly common to crosswords—people like Peter O'TOOLEand Frank CAPRRAand Carrie Chapman CATTand ATHOLFugard and Ilie NASTASE(who appears here in his less crosswordesey last-name form) (126A: Tennis Hall-of-Famer born in Bucharest). Lastly, I enjoyed REAR EXIT (70A: Back door), both for its originality and its hidden "REX." It's like Liz is waving at me.

See you tomorrow,

Signed, Rex Parker, King of CrossWorld
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Limestone type

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Lime stone Mines /limestone mining process, limestone mining in india, limestone quarry mining

Limestone topography

The clue "Limestone topography" was last spotted by us at the Crossword Champ Premium Crossword on November 6 2018.

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Variety crossword limestone

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