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Replace Gears in Traxxas 2075 Servo



Traxxas has a waterproof servo which is great because it's attached to the Slash that an 8 year old likes to drive straight to the water. Unfortunately the gears in them are plastic, so I have replaced a few of these servos already. Keeping the truck waterproof.


For some reason Traxxas doesn't offer a metal gear upgrade but they do offer the gears to replace which is a lot cheaper than shelling out $40 every time the gears strip.


This one stripped in the center where the screw holds it to the servo saver/arm.


Stripped Traxxas 2075 Servo



I needed Traxxas part #2072. Part runs about $4. Comes with all the gears and bearings.


Traxxas 2072



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traxxas servo spur gears 2072

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      Published 2020-01-25T08:55:15+00:00


      UPDATE: Uploaded the wrong file by mistake so please dowmload the gear-Bv2 .  Sorry for the mistake

      Broke the plastic spur gears on mt traxxas 2075 servo so designed mt own , you might have to file the centre holes a tad bit to fit but working efficiently on mine. 

      part 2072a

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       i made with 100% infill cause if structural integrity @0.12 layer height

      Technical Information

      Date published25/01/2020
      Dimensions14.4mm x 14.4mm x 6mm
      1. Avi schwartzman
      2. Sw bodyguard holster
      3. Scooby doo samples
      4. Aluminum rustoleum paint
      5. Puma thong

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      From Traxxas:

      Traxxas 2065X & 2080X Metal Gear ServosTraxxas 2065X & 2080X Metal Gear Servos

      2065X Metal Gear Servo

      The new waterproof 2065X metal gear servo is the perfect upgrade for the shifting mechanisms found on TRX-4 and 1/10 Summit models. It is also a great performance steering upgrade for all LaTrax vehicles. Available Mid-March 2019.


      • Fully waterproof
      • Fits TRX-4 and 1/10 Summit
      • Fits steering in LaTrax models
      • 32 oz-in. of torque
      • .020 sec/60° transit time
      • All metal gears

      #2065X – $50.00

      Traxxas 2065X & 2080X Metal Gear Servos

      2080X Metal Gear Servo

      Engineered to handle the speed and torque of the 1/16 E-Revo VXL, the waterproof 2080X metal gear steering servo is the perfect performance accessory for Traxxas 1/16 vehicles. Now available.


      • Fully waterproof
      • Fits all Traxxas 1/16 scale vehicles
      • 41.7 oz-in. of torque
      • .017 sec/60° transit time
      • All metal gears

      #2080X – $48.00
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      How to replace Traxxas Rustler 4x4 VXl 2075 servo gears-Same method for all servos

      Traxxas 2075 Metal servo gear upgrade - Which is best?

      Originally Posted by GotNoRiceView Post

      ... I have so many of them, in so many different vehicles at this point...

      I was under the impression you were looking to buy a new servo and wanted to help steer your toward a higher quality servo for the same price or cheaper than what you were looking at.

      Originally Posted by GotNoRiceView Post

      I don't want each vehicle to have a totally different feel to it's steering...

      I don't believe this will be the case unless all your cars share the same geometry, normally folks buy a servo that is too fast for their reaction skill level, then they use the "Steering Speed" feature on the radio to slow the servo down for their preference. I use the same servo in many of my cars but no 2 cars use the same "Steering Speed" settings in order for me the get the same feel of steering across all my cars

      If your radio doesn't have a steering speed option, then I would consider that the most important feature to get when you are shopping around for a new radio system in the future:

      Originally Posted by GotNoRiceView Post

      I'm just trying to figure out which metal set of gears to choose from. They both fit the 2075, but I have no idea what the differences are. Does one set of gears result in different amounts of torque or speed compared to the other? What are the pros/cons to the different types of metal that have been chosen for the different gears?

      More than likely you are correct, the gear ratios will be different to trade off torque for speed, if you want to minimize the chance of stripping your gears again, then I would go with the higher torque/ slower speed gear set.

      Good Luck!

      Servo gears traxxas

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