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An Angel

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single by The Kelly Family

"An Angel" is a song by European-American pop group The Kelly Family. It was produced by Kathy Kelly and Hartmut Pfannmüller for their eighth regular studio album Over the Hump () and features lead vocals by Angelo and Paddy Kelly. Paddy wrote the song for his mother, Barbara Kelly, who died in from breast cancer. He wrote it on the family's boat, Santa Barbara.

In , the song was also covered by English singer Declan Galbraith and served as the first single and opening track from his second album Thank You (). In , The Kelly Family re-recorded the song for their We Got Love (). Other remakes were also recorded by Silbermond lead singer Stefanie Kloß for the compilation album Sing meinen Song – Das Tauschkonzert Vol 4 () and by Gregor Meyle for his album Meylensteine Vol 1 ().

Track listings[edit]

1."An Angel"
2."Break Free"

Credits and personnel[edit]

Credits adapted from the liner notes of Over the Hump.[1]

  • Songwriting&#;– The Kelly Family
  • Production&#;– Hartmut Pfannmüller, Kathy Kelly
  • Executive production&#;– Dan Kelly, Mike Ungefehr
  • Engineering&#;– Günther Kasper


Weekly charts[edit]

Year-end charts[edit]



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Such a Pretty Face: Short Stories About Beauty


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Other authors:Louise Hawes (Contributor), J. James Keels (Contributor), Ron Koertge (Contributor), Chris Lynch (Contributor), Norma Fox Mazer (Contributor) — 7 more, Lauren Myracle (Contributor), Jamie Pittel (Contributor), Anita Riggio (Contributor), Mary Ann Rodman (Contributor), Ellen Wittlinger (Contributor), Jacqueline Woodson (Contributor), Tim Wynne-Jones (Contributor)


Every person lives with his or her ideal concept of beauty. As a teenager, this ideal can be challenging: Am I pretty enough? What does it mean to be pretty? Is beauty fair? Ranging from funny to desperate, each of the stories in this collection portrays a turning point moment when individual dreams of beauty collide with reality. In Lauren Myracle's story, a Homecoming Queen deals with a truly enormous and possibly enchanted chin hair. In Ellen Wittlinger's contribution, a young model questions the career her mother has foisted on her. In Mary Ann Rodman's piece, a white American feels baffled by her beautiful Thai's classmates desire to be pale. Perceptive and unexpected, these stories challenge readers to question their own thoughts about beauty.… (more)

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Over the past few years, Myra shared that generous spirit with many, regaling us all with tales of her life as the publicist for the first queen of rock and roll. When I began work on Janis Joplin: Rise Up Singing, I phoned Myra, whose number I had gotten through my editor. I explained that I was writing a young adult biography of the famous rocker and asked if I could interview Myra about her years working for Janis. I expected Myra to give me a few brief anecdotes and that would be it. But she was excited by the idea of sharing her friend&#;s life and music with a new generation, and willingly gave me hours of her time. What began as a series of formal interviews soon became a friendship. Myra told such vivid stories of Janis, her voice adding italics to moments of drama or hilarity, that I felt I was witnessing these times alongside her. Myra adored Janis, and spoke of her brilliant intellect, her keen business acumen, her wit and, of course, her talent.

Myra was a brilliant woman, too, knowledgeable about history and music, especially classical and jazz. She sometimes wished she&#;d had a husband and children, but never wanted a do-over in her career as a publicist, or in her friendship with Janis. Still, she always wished she could have prevented the tragedy that ended Janis&#;s life; she often wondered if there was something she could have done to change that story&#;s end.

Myra was a true friend to Janis, patient with her excesses but willing to call her on her occasional &#;phoniness&#; and constant drug use. It seemed she tried harder than anyone to save Janis. After she died, Myra shared her broken heart with the world in her critically-acclaimed biography, Buried Alive, an insightful portrait of Janis that was unflinchingly honest about the inner demons and bad influences that destroyed her, while also celebrating her as a woman far ahead of her time.

Myra was ahead of her time, too. Working in the male-dominated world of rock when it wasn&#;t any easier for women to be backstage (unless they were groupies), than it was to be center stage.

Myra&#;s strength and heart shone through in our unusual telephone/e-mail friendship. Her first bout with cancer had left Myra with nerve damage, so she typed with just two fingers. We talked at length about whether voice recognition software might help – she said she couldn&#;t be bothered training it to understand her New York accent – which was classic by the way.

This past summer I made plans to visit Myra at the end of October. I imagined proudly handing her a copy of my finished book, inscribed to the friend I&#;d come to adore. But that visit would never come to pass. By September, Myra grew weaker, and our calls grew shorter. We realized we might never meet face-to-face. When we talked in mid-September, Myra knew she wasn&#;t going to beat the beast called cancer.

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She died in the midst of friends with Janis playing in the background, singing Myra out of this life and into the next. I hope Janis was there smiling and laughing that trademark cackle as she waited in the wings for Myra. I imagine the heavens grew raucous with their shared banter.

It seems odd that I never saw Myra&#;s face except in photos, because I felt I knew her so well. I never held onto her hand or hugged her, but we were friends. I was honored to be her friend. I have no doubt that there are countless others who can say the same, because Myra was so interested in life. She so loved people. And we loved her in return.

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perrya (author) on March 20,

Perhaps, but the photo of Anna was claimed to be Evdokimova. Maybe this is the source of the confusion. But the Ann Angel is not Anna E. This we know.

UmbertoPMarocchi on March 20,

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Wikipedia ann angel

Anne Neilson

Anne Herring Neilson began her artistic career with a successful pottery business, Herring Designs, Inc. ( to ). After a brief interlude spent focused on her growing family, she rekindled her lifelong passion for art in when she began painting in oils. Neilson quickly became nationally known for her ethereal Angel Series paintings which are inspiring reflections of her faith and flair for color and light. In addition to her popular Angel paintings, Neilson&#;s repertoire includes dramatic landscapes featuring scenes from her travels.

In October , Neilson self-published Angels In Our Midst, an inspirational coffee table book featuring Neilson&#;s signature, original artwork alongside stories of faith. In the fall of , she published Strokes of Compassion, a companion book to Angels In Our Midst. Recently, in the fall of , Neilson released Angels: The Collector&#;s Edition, her largest coffee table book to date, combining favorite content from Angels In Our Midst as well as pages of new stories from celebrated musical artists like Steven Curtis Chapman and Amy Grant. Proceeds from the sales of Angels: The Collector&#;s Edition are dedicated to organizations fighting homelessness across the world.

As a result of her successful national shows and the growing popularity of her work, Neilson&#;s art has captured the interest of discerning art collectors. Her works hang in both public and private collections internationally, including those of several celebrities. Anne lives in Charlotte, NC, with her husband and their four children.

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