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thepettymachine replied:

5: A song that needs to be played LOUD

Honestly I like playing Tempo - Lizzo out loud. Especially with the bass in my car.

9: A song that makes you happy

I’m Every Woman - Chaka Khan. Especially towards the end of the song.

A song that makes you sad

Amsterdam - Imagine Dragons. It’s a song I use to listen to alot when I was younger and still resonates with me now.

A song that you think everybody should listen to

Les Fleur - Minnie Riperton.

It makes you feel like the sun is rising from its sleepy slumber into the sky, greeting everything to wake up and then, when the chorus hits, it makes you feel like the rays shoot out across the sky along with a plethora of shooting stars from one end to other and then a soft breeze of the morning blows you to the awe of true awakening of the sun. Then you truly can start the day determined.

Or I like listening to this song in the early morning.

Sours: https://thepettymachine.tumblr.com/page/2
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He's kind. Although it's all because of her. What was left for me.

Cozy Winter ☕ - [lofi hip hop/study beats]

Irina went and sat down again at our "seamstress" of Chinese production, and I sent Linochka to the kitchen in a commanding voice - Vanya and Natka were. To arrive soon, walk together around the city, so to speak - to see people and show themselves. And just before noon, a brother and sister had just sailed, Natka looked very pleased, everything was clear with them, depraved relatives - they fucked until the morning.

Autumn lofi

Lost in thought, he did not notice the peasant walking towards him, flying straight into his belly. When a bustle arose in the castle, they, according to. The instructions, rushed to the guarded object, but, of course, they did not find it.

Autumn Chill - Music to put you in a better mood ~ Lofi hip hop mix 🍂

At first Veronica resisted and protested, saying that she was starting a new life, but no one just believed her. That summer in Crimea was too hot even for swimming. We just sat all days at the dacha in the shade and boozed. Lenka and her husband were visiting us again.

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Everything that happened does not confirm anything, and there is nothing to blame the father. Yes, he stimulated himself and his prostate with the handle of the comb, yes, he finished in my mouth, but at. The same time, he allowed me to continue sucking on his cock, he did not say anything to me when I finished, did not push me away.

Didn't utter a sound.

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