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Costco Flowers - Save Money on Flower Bouquets & Arrangements

 Costco Flowers – Beautiful Flowers as low as $9.99/ Bouquet

If you’re wanting to get flowers for someone special, many people don’t realize that Costco is one of the most affordable places around to find flower bouquets and arrangements.  Their flower bouquets are huge & they offer fresh looking flowers in fun varieties to make gorgeous bouquets that anyone would love to have brightening up their rooms!

I headed in a few days ago to check out all of the options they have available right now. This is just to give you some ideas on the types of flower bouquets you can find at Costco for the price.

{Disclaimer: Costco stores most likely will vary with the variety they offer for flower bouquets and these will definitely change based on the season, these are just some ideas to show you what you can get for the price.}

$9.99 Flower Bouquets:

Costco Bouquets for $9.99

My Costco had a variety of bouquets for $9.99, including white hydrangeas, star gazer lilies, a pretty garden bouquet & more! This is one of the best deals on flower bouquets around!

Costco Garden Bunch of Flowers for $9.99

They also had this garden bunch of flowers in fun, bright colors that I think are a fun way to brighten someone’s day!

We also found Tulip plants at our Costco for $12.99. I love the idea of living plants, they last longer.

$14.99 Flower Bouquets: 

Costco Flowers for $14.99


They have everything from the simple & elegant white bouquets to garden-style bouquets.

Costco Flower Bouquets for $14.99

I love these cheery bouquets with those pops of color!

$17.99 for 2 Dozen Roses::

2 Dozen Roses at Costco for $16.99

Costco has the most beautiful rose bouquets with a variety of color combinations. Best part of all is the price – just $17.99 for 2 dozen roses! Definitely one of the best prices around! These are perfect for Valentines if your looking for a great deal on flowers to give someone.

$19.99 Flower Arrangements: 

Costco Floral Arrangements for $19.99

Floral arrangements can get so expensive when you send them and in some cases, there is no option but to send flowers if you live far away. However, if you do live close enough that you could drop off flowers, definitely consider Costco’s flower arrangements. They are significantly cheaper, up to 50% off cheaper than sending flowers from a florist, and as you can see, they have some beautiful variety in the arrangements!

Costco Floral Arrangements

I love the color combinations they put together and the flowers look so fresh & vibrant!

Have you bought flowers regularly from Costco? How do you feel they compare to prices at other locations? Do you have any other favorite places to buy flowers frugally? 

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Costco Flowers

Costco is a United States chain of stores that specialize in providing customers with items in bulk. Conveniently offering multiple services, Costco members can find everything from car batteries to floral arrangements in one location. Those who need fresh flowers will love the selection of live plants, mixed floral bouquets, and other arrangements that can be found at any Costco.

Costco Flower Occasions

Costco flowers are ideal for large events such as weddings, sweet sixteen parties, and other occasions that traditionally feature fresh flowers. Available primarily in bulk, mixed bouquets, leis, and other Costco flowers are a lovely and affordable addition to any event. Costco bulk flowers are perfect for weddings because they are available in large quantities and at great wholesale prices. Costco wedding flowers will make your special day even more memorable and at affordable Costco flower prices. Costco Flowers are also sold in smaller bouquets, fresh roses or a Costco floral arrangement featuring lilies that make a wonderful Valentine’s Day surprise. Any mother who enjoys gardening will love to receive a fresh plant from Costco for mother’s day or as a birthday gift. Don’t wait for a special occasion , surprise the special women in your life with Costco flowers when she is not expecting it and see what true love really is.

costco flowers 2

Costco Flower Prices

Costco flower prices are affordable with prices starting at $54.99 for three dozen long stem roses.  Smaller bouquets can be purchased for as little as $15.99 with Costco offering seasonal sales to celebrate Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day.  For special events requiring several dozen flowers, boxes containing carnations, roses, or hydrangeas, or a combination of flowers are available for prices starting at $99.99. Pre-made centerpieces that include a vase can be purchased for $119.99 and up.  Coscto bulk flowers for Wedding and events that include rose petals for scattering, mini bouquets for wedding parties, and boutonnieres can be purchased for $200.00 to $500.00.

Flower TypePrice
Roses$54.99 - $349.99
Mixed Bouquets$49.99 - $89.99
Seasonal Arrangements$38.99 - $69.99
Event Flowers$69.99 - $399.99
Live Plants$24.99 - $34.99
Bulk Flowers$69.99 - $249.99
Filler Greens$89.99 - $99.99

costco flowers 1

How to Purchase Costco Flowers

Costco floral arrangements are available for purchase in all locations during normal business hours. Whenever a large number of flowers are needed all Costco locations recommend placing an order as far in advance as possible. Several floral arrangements can also be purchased online at the Costco website and picked up at your nearest location or delivered to your home. Several smaller bouquets are advertised as “overnight bouquets” meaning they can be delivered to a recipient overnight for an additional shipping and handling fee. To learn more about Costco flowers click HERE.

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If you shop at Costco, then you probably already know about their expansive floral section. But does Costco deliver flowers? Read on to find out!

Does Costco Deliver Flowers In 2021?

Yes, Costco does deliver flowers as of 2021. Costco members can order flowers online for next-day delivery as long as it is made before 11 am PST. Floral arrangements and bouquets start from $39.99 and include delivery free of charge. Additionally, Costco can only deliver flowers Monday through Friday.

To learn more about placing a floral order, prices, types of flowers, plus more, keep on reading!

How Much Are Flowers from Costco?

Costco has some of the best flower prices out there. For example, customers can get 50 stems of roses for only $39.99, 100 stems of Carnations for $49.99, and a garden bouquet for $39.99. 

If you have an event, such as a wedding, and you need to purchase a lot of flowers, you can’t beat Costco. They have wedding collection pieces starting at $49.99! 

How Long Does Costco Flower Delivery Take?

When ordering flowers on, customers can get arrangements and bouquets delivered the next day. However, there are some exceptions to be aware of:

  • The order must be placed before 11:00 am PST for next day delivery
  • Costco does not ship flowers from Friday – Sunday.
  • Flowers can only be delivered through Monday – Friday

Additionally, Costco customers can also select a date in advance for the flowers to be delivered.

Where Does Costco Deliver Flowers to?

Costco will deliver flowers anywhere in the United States, except for Puerto Rico, Alaska, and Hawaii. You need to pick an address where the flowers will be cared for immediately after delivery because they are perishable and need to be cared for properly. 

Does Costco Sell Flowers for Special Occasions?

Yes, Costco sells flower arrangements for special occasions. Some of the occasions that they sell arrangements for include: 

  • Birthday arrangements 
  • Baby arrangements 
  • Get well soon arrangements 
  • Holiday arrangements 

Some of these arrangements need to be preordered. For example, a mother’s day arrangement must be preordered. 

How Can I Order Flowers from Costco?

When you’re ordering flowers from Costco, you need to do some planning. Below are some details that you might want to keep in mind when buying fresh flowers from Costco: 

  • When you’re checking out, you’ll need to pick your arrival date from the calendar. The arrival dates are based on the farm’s flower availability.  
  • Because flowers are so perishable, orders will not ship Friday through Monday. Orders will only arrive Tuesday through Friday.  
  • If you want a next-day delivery, you must place your order before 11:00 pm PST Monday through Thursday for the flowers to arrive the next day.  
  • Deliver exclusions can apply, so make sure to check the calendar when you’re checking out.  

If you plan out what you want and when you want it, then you’ll be able to get a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers delivered for free when you want them.

What Kind of Seasonal Flowers Does Costco Offer?

Costco offers a variety of seasonal flower bouquets that come to your house and are farm fresh. Some of these arrangements include: 

  • Always there for your floral arrangements 
  • Loving arms arrangement 
  • All my love arrangement 
  • Mother’s Day tulips 
  • Festive floral bouquet 

All of Costco’s seasonal flower arrangements must be preordered and have a last day to order. So, if you want a seasonal flower arrangement from Costco, make sure that you’re checking the preorder date and when the final day is to order them. 

Where Do Costco Flowers Come from?

All of the gorgeous flowers that Costco sells come from South America – Columbia, to be exact. All the roses that Costco sells are Rainforest Alliance Certified and are ethically sourced. 

For more delivery options, you can also see my posts on getting alcohol, furniture, TVs, pizza, and prescriptions delivered from Costco. Additionally, don’t forget to see my guide on if Costco delivers groceries.

Conclusion: Does Costco Deliver Flowers?

Yes, Costco delivers flowers. If you want to have flowers delivered for a special occasion like Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or you want wedding flowers, but you don’t want to spend a lot of money, Costco is your best option. Costco flowers come at a great price without sacrificing the quality of the flowers. Plus, how can you beat free next–day delivery with your order of flowers?


Looking for fresh flowers? If you haven’t checked out the selection of fresh flowers at Costco, you’re missing out! Not only does Costco have tons of great types of flowers and floral bouquet arrangements…the fresh flowers at Costco are very reasonably priced!

Whether you’re planning fresh flowers for a wedding, bridal shower, baby shower, funeral, staging an open house, giving a gift of flowers or just looking for fresh floral arrangements for your home, there are TONS of choices for fresh flowers at Costco!

  • Roses in multiple colors including pink, red, yellow and white
  • Mums
  • Spider Mums
  • Sunflowers
  • Hydrangea in multiple colors including white, green and purple
  • Daisy
  • Peonies
  • Stargazers
  • Fresh cut arrangements
  • Arrangements in glass vases
  • Seasonal arrangements and centerpieces

Seasonal Fresh Flowers at Costco

Seasonally, Costco has an influx of new floral options including centerpieces, gifts and other arrangements designed for various holidays including Mother’s Day, Christmas, Easter, 4th of July and more. You can see more floral and hosting ideas for the Boho Brunch we hosted recently.

So many people love the flowers at Costco, here is some #costcoflowers love from the gram’ to see what people are finding and how they’re styling them!

Fresh Peonies – Seasonally in June

Floral Arrangements at Costco as low as $12

Fresh Hydrangeas at Costco

Plumeria Lei at Costco in Hawaii

White Roses from Costco

Costco Fresh Flowers Display

FAQ’s – Fresh Flowers at Costco

Are Costco flowers a good deal?

Yes! Costco flowers are considerably cheaper than a local flower shop. Deluxe arrangements or 2 dozen roses will cost around $19, with small bouquets of individual flowers starting starting around $9.99. Keep your eye out for sales, these prices do get marked down a few dollars on occassion.

When can I buy flowers at Costco

Costco carries flowers year-round, and you can buy fresh flowers and flower arrangements at Costco all year long. Seasonally there are more choices both in terms of flowers that are in season (Peonies in June, for example) and based on holidays (around Mother’s Day you’ll see centerpiece arrangements, for example).

Does Costco deliver flower arrangements?

Yes, when you order a flower arrangement on they include flower delivery, on a specified date and a gift message. Costco requires floral arrangement orders for delivery be placed about a week in advance (no same day/last minute deliveries), so make sure you order gift flowers in advance!

Does Costco charge for flower delivery?

No, Costco does not charge a delivery fee on flower delivery. Their arrangements include delivery, on a specified date, and a gift message.

Does Costco sell wedding floral centerpieces?

Yes, Costco does sell wedding flowers online, including bulk flowers, garlands, rose petals, bouquets and wedding floral centerpieces. These also work well for baby showers, bridal showers, and other events. Many of the arrangements and flowers available in-store could be used to DIY wedding flowers.

Hosting during Covid-19 can be tricky, so make sure you check out our tips for hosting socially distanced gatherings!


Costco fresh flowers

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