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Top 50 iPhone And iPad Games Of 2012: 10-1

Here we are, the best iOS games of the year. We started with a list of 200, whittled that down to about 100, then the gloves came off, as we fought to include certain titles and said painful goodbyes to others. The result is a snapshot of 2012, the 50 iPhone and iPad games that stood out the most. That said, join us each day as we make the countdown. On that note, it's time for games 10-1.

Find out which iOS games made the top 50. The full list: 50-41, 40-31, 30-21, 20-11, 10-1

10. Angry Birds Star Wars

The Force is strong with this one, as Rovio and Lucasfilm teamed to present the most exciting Angry Birds yet. The developers did masterful work integrating the beloved Star Wars license, transforming its iconic flock into characters from George Lucas' celebrated franchise. Red Bird became Luke Skywalker, while the Yellow Bird did its best Han Solo impression, complete with signature abilities, such as lightsaber and blaster attacks, respectively. That said, the familiar puzzles were intact, with players launching their feathered friends via slingshot into forts containing their archenemies, the pigs. Stages based on iconic locations like Hoth and the Death Star, combined with fun takes on John Williams' award-winning soundtrack, round out the package.

Angry Birds Star Wars Review

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9. Fieldrunners 2

When it came to designing a sequel to one of the best-selling App Store games of all-time, developer Subatomic Studios knew exactly what it had to do: add more units, more missions and give the game an even slicker visual appearance. Boy, did they deliver with Fieldrunners 2. Deep strategic thinking is required if you're to survive all 20 of the game's gorgeous levels, and there are more than enough gameplay modes to keep you absorbed in this puzzle strategy title for hours.

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8. Puzzle Craft

The first time we got our hands on Puzzle Craft, we have to admit we let out a slight groan at its empire-building gameplay. How wrong we were. All of those expansions and upgrades are earned by participating in some of the best match-three gameplay we've seen. Reap a bountiful harvest to feed your miners, who'll get minerals to expand your town, which will then tempt new workers into joining your village in an endless chain of interconnected puzzle mechanics. Bliss.

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7. New Star Soccer

New Star Soccer is a deceptively simple game where you take a fledgling soccer star through the trials and tribulations of growing fame, while improving your flicking skills on the pitch. This combination of arcade flick-soccer and lifestyle management will consume as many hours as you're willing to give it.

New Star Soccer Review

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6. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Ten Year Anniversary

After the rather disappointing release of Grand Theft Auto 3 for mobiles at the end of last year, we were a little wary about how one of our favorite GTA titles, Vice City, would fare. The great news is that the controls of this latest release are light-years ahead of GTA 3's, with tighter directional movement and a much improved aiming system. Vice City never looked slicker, either, so don't hesitate to get stuck into this fantastic port of one of gaming's brightest stars.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Ten Year Anniversary Review

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5. Magic 2013

Magic 2013 is the perfect fit for touchscreen gaming, and not only does this outstanding edition of the famous Magic: The Gathering card strategy series look superb on the iPad, it also plays perfectly. We reckon there's a big future for bringing card games to tablets, so that players can focus their attention on deep strategy instead of endless effect tracking. It'll be some time until Magic 2013 is knocked off its throne, and we can't wait to see the game that topples it.

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4. The Walking Dead: The Game

Of all the zombie games that debuted on iOS this year, Telltale's point-and-click episodic series was by far the best. Based on Robert Kirkman's powerful comic book series and the resulting TV show, The Walking Dead: The Game tells a thoroughly engrossing and heart-wrenching story of a convict and young girl making their way through the undead apocalypse. Although the cell shaded graphics make this superb title resemble a cartoon, the gruesome situations the pair find themselves in, along with shocking deaths, stay with players long after they've put the game down. A gripping horror yarn from start to finish.

The Walking Dead: The Game Review

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3. Final Fantasy IV

Just as it did with Final Fantasy III, Square Enix wisely ported the Final Fantasy IV DS remake to iPhone and iPad. In the process, the publisher greatly exceeded expectations with this new edition, which features enhanced 3D graphics and music, tweaked difficulty and impressive voice acting. Beyond that, Cecil's classic tale remains intact, with players exploring the Valley of the Mist, fighting monsters using the Active Time Battle system. It's a remarkable game that every role-playing fan should own.

Download Final Fantasy IV (iOS)

2. Slydris

It takes one hell of a game to pick up a five-star rating on Modojo, and after just a short time with Slydris, we knew this would be one such title. Blending the gameplay of Tetris with the aesthetics of Lumines, you'll need to carefully position the falling blocks to complete solid lines of colors and stay one step ahead of the approaching top line. There's a great selection of gameplay modes, each of which would make a fine standalone game in its own right.

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1. Bastion

John: Acres of coverage have been written about Bastion since it first appeared on the Xbox Live Arcade platform in 2011, and with good reason. It's a visually stunning, deeply atmospheric action RPG, rounded off with a very original dynamic narration system that draws you deeply into The Kid's world. This may not be the year of Bastion's original release, but this mobile edition is the finest game to grace the App Store in 2012.

Chris: How dare we choose a game that first appeared on Xbox 360, right? Please. Bastion was built for iPhone and iPad, with effortless touch controls and gorgeous environments that take advantage of each device. The voice acting is superb, the story mysterious and the hack-and-slash gameplay compelling. Selecting the game of the year was no easy feat, but at the end of the day, we both love this pick.

Bastion Review

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Sours: https://modojo.com/article/6188/top_50_iphone_and_ipad_games_of_2012_101

100 awesome games for the battered old iPhone or iPad you inherited this Christmas

Angry Birds Star Wars - Rovio - 79p
Star Wars-themed take on the epochal casual game.Anomaly Korea - 11bit - 79p
Technically impressive tower defence in reverse.Async Corp. - Powerhead Games - 79p
Utterly addictive, original, and loveable puzzler.Bad Piggies - Rovio - 79p
Angry Birds from the pigs' point of view. Sort of.Bastion - Warner Bros. - 79p
Top notch touchscreen port of the acclaimed RPG.Broken Sword: Director's Cut - Revolution - £3.99
One of the best point and click adventures ever made.Call of Duty: Zombies - Activision - £3.99
Surprisingly good multiplayer shooter for touchscreens.Candy Crush Saga - King - Free
Notorious free-to-play monster, but surprisingly good.Carcassonne - TheCodingMonkeys - £7.99
Excellent empire-building boardgame on iPad.Catcha Catcha Aliens! - Hotsauce - Free
Ace casual game from the mind of Jonathan Ross.Chrono Trigger - Square Enix - £3.99
Indifferent port of a bonafide classic J-RPG.Clash of Clans - Supercell - Free
The pre-eminent free-to-play social multiplayer game.Cut the Rope - ZeptoLab - £1.49
Adorable puzzler about feeding sweets to a monster.DrawRace 2 - Redlynx - £2.29
Innovative touchscreen-friendly take on racing.Edge Extended - Mobigame - £2.29
Formerly beleaguered isometric action puzzler.Fieldrunners 2 - Subatomic Studios - £2.29
Charming and accessible tower defence classic.Blood of the Zombies - Tin Man Games - £1.49
Marvellous facelift for choose-your-own-adventuresFinal Fantasy IV - Square Enix - £5.99
See "Chrono Trigger"Final Freeway 2R - Newtype - 79p
Slick and faithful modern take on OutRun.
Flick Kick Football - Sidhe Interactive - £1.49
Clever, tactile casual game that popularised flicking.Flight Control HD - EA - £3.99
This ingenious line-drawing classic works best on iPad.Forget-Me-Not - Nyarlu Labs - £1.49
Ingenious, stylish, and artsy take on Pac-Man.Galaxy on Fire 2 - Fishlabs - Free
Ambitious and epic space trading game.Game Dev Story - Kairosoft - £3.99
The original and best wacky Kairosoft strategy gem.Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective - Capcom - Free
Excellent port of a Phoenix Wright-esque cult classic.GTA: Chinatown Wars - Rockstar - £3.99
Top-down GTA with an ace drug-dealing meta-game.GTA: Vice City - Rockstar - £3.99
Indisputably the best of the noughties 3D GTA games.Groove Coaster - Taito - 79p
Sexy minimalist rhythm-action game.Hypership Out of Control - Fun Infused - 79p
Classic arcade action done by clever indie developersI Dig It Expeditions - InMotion - £2.29
Addictive spiritual ancestor to Steamworld Dig.iBlast Moki 2 - Godzilab - £2.29
Mostly immaculate bomb-themed puzzler.Incoboto - Fluttermind - £2.99
Beautiful and charming heliocentric puzzler.Infinity Blade - Chair Entertainment - 79p
Visually splendid gesture-based fighting game.Jetpack Joyride - Halfbrick - 79p
Frenetic and addictive casual action game.Kingdom Rush - Ironhide - Free
Conventional but immaculate tower defence game.Knights of Pen & Paper - Paradox North - £3.99
Charming take on pen and paper tabletop gaming.Lego Harry Potter: Years 1-4 - Warner - £1.49
Just another lovely TT Lego game, but on mobile.LostWinds 2 - Frontier - £2.99
Polished puzzle-platformer from the creator of EliteMachinarium - Amanita Design - £3.99
Utterly adorable hand-drawn point-and-click adventure.Magnetic Billiards: Blueprint - Zee 3 - Free
Clever and fiendishly addictive puzzler.McPixel - Sos - £2.29
Like WarioWare if WarioWare was a puzzle game.Micro Miners - BonusLevel.org - £1.49
Unique mix of Lemmings and Where's My Water?Need for Speed: Most Wanted - EA - £3.99
Polished high octane racing on your mobile.New Star Soccer - New Star Games - Free
Super smart and addictive free-to-play football game.Organ Trail: Director's Cut - The Men... - £2.29
Amusing zombie-themed retro take on Oregon Trail.Peggle Classic - PopCap - 79p
Hugely popular videogame pachinko.Pizza Vs. Skeletons - Riverman Media - £3.99
Zany action game with a huge variety of stages.Plague Inc. - Ndemic Creations - 79p
Strategy game about trying to kill everybody.Plants vs Zombies - PopCap - 79p
Excellent lane-based casual defence game.Pocket Planes - NimbleBit - Free
Charming ultra casual free-to-play game.Prince of Persia Classic - Ubisoft - £1.49
Well-judged update to the classic platformer.Punch Quest - Rocketcat - Free
Ill-fated but brilliant casual arcade game.Puzzle Quest 2 - Bandai Namco - £2.29
Influential mash-up of puzzle game and RPG.Random Heroes - Ravenous Games - Free
Impressive and slick pixel-art platform-shooter.Rayman Jungle Run - Ubisoft - Free
Super-smart mobile version of Ubisoft's classic series.Real Racing 2 - EA - £3.99
Visually splendid and playable arcade racer.Reckless Racing 2 - Pixelbite - £1.49
Pretty and fun top-down racer with drifting.Retro Racing - Mr Qwak Limited - £1.49
Simplistic but mechanically perfect racer.Robot Unicorn Attack - Adult Swim - 79p
Exuberant high score chaser complete with Erasure.Saturday Morning RPG - Joystick Labs - Free
Solid RPG stuffed with knowing '80s references.Score! World Goals - First Touch Games - Free
Relive a number of glorious moments in football.Sentinel 3: Homeworld - Origin8 - 79p
High quality early tower defence game.Shantae: Risky's Revenge - WayForward - Free
Well-made port of a well-made DS platformer.Sid Meier’s Pirates! - 2K - £2.29
Top quality port of a vast and innovative classic.Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders - Atypical - £3.99
Accessible and technically impressive WWII flight simSkylanders Lost Islands - Activision - Free
Loveable and astute free-to-play game based on toys.Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing - Sega - £2.99
Flawless port of Sega's triumphal kart racer.Sonic CD - Sega - £2.29
Faultless port of arguably the best Sonic platformer.Space Invaders Infinity Gene - Taito - £1.49
Super-slick and stylish update of Space Invaders.Space Miner - Venan Entertainment - £2.99
Mine stuff in space, upgrade your gear, do it again.SpellTower - Zach Gage - £1.49
Tasteful letter puzzle from an acclaimed developer.Spider: Secret of Bryce Manor - Tiger Style - 79p
Creepy action game with an intriguing story.Splice: Tree of Life - Cipher Prime - £2.99
Stylish puzzler based on manipulating genes.Street Fighter IV - Capcom - £3.99
The '90s arcade cabinet crammed into your phone.Street Fighter X Tekken Mobile - Capcom - £2.29
Capcom's best brawler adapted perfectly to mobile.Super Crate Box - Vlambeer - £1.49
Frenetic, difficult, and oft-copied arcade masterpiece.Super Monsters Ate My Condo! - Adultswim - Free
Surreal, funny, and polished casual puzzlerSword & Sworcery - Capybara Games - £3.99
Beautiful, mercurial pixel-art adventure.Temple Run: Brave - Disney - £1.49
Polished 3D endless runner with a Brave theme.The Big Big Castle! - Beep Games - 79p
Frustrating but compelling casual architecture sim.The Journey Down - SkyGoblin - £3.99
Well-written and tightly constructed adventure game.The King of Fighters-i 2012 - SNK - £2.29
Generous mobile brawler for genre enthusiasts.The Lords of Midnight - Chilli Hugger - £2.99
Well-considered iOS port of an ages-old classic.The Room - Fireproof Games - Free
One of the biggest and best puzzle games on mobile.The Sims 3 - EA - £4.99
Live vicariously though small people on your phone.The Walking Dead: The Game - Telltale - £14.99
Utterly devastating adventure game about zombies.The World Ends with You - Square Enix - £13.49
Reassuringly expensive port of the acclaimed JRPG.Ticket to Ride - Days of Wonder - £2.29
Brilliant mobile version of a brilliant boardgame.Tiny Wings - Andreas Illiger - 79p
Inventive and hugely successful casual game.Tongue Tied! - Mojo Bones - 79p
Very strange but undeniably polished platformer.Total War Battles: Shogun - Sega - £1.49
Stripped down version of the respected franchise.Trainyard - Matt Rix - 79p
Ingenious train-based puzzler from a celebrated dev.Triple Town - Spry Fox - Free
A cute match-three puzzler with a killer hook.True Skate- True Axis - £1.49
Polished and playable sim made for touchscreens.Virtua Tennis Challenge - Sega - £3.99
The gold standard tennis sim, but on a mobile.Waking Mars - Tiger Style - 79p
Explore Mars in this unbelievably likeable game.Where's My Water? - Disney - £1.49
Surprisingly inventive, unsurprisingly polished.World of Goo - 2D BOY - £3.99
Making bridges with goo is as fun as it sounds.Worms Crazy Golf - Team17 - £1.49
An obvious and perfect use of the Worms licence.Zen Bound 2 - Secret Exit - £2.29
Meditative and beautiful proto-touchscreen puzzler.
Sours: https://www.pocketgamer.com/articles/068672/100-awesome-games-for-the-battered-old-iphone-or-ipad-you-inherited-this-christmas/
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  3. Wrightsville boardwalk
  4. Universal 12v battery
  5. 2010 phoenix cruiser

The 10 Best iOS And Android Games Of 2012

Editor’s note:Stephen Danos is the associate editor for the mobile app discovery site Appolicious. Follow him on Twitter @sdanos.

This year’s most captivating games either pushed the envelope with state-of-the-art graphics and rich narratives or perfected already proven formulas for touch-based devices. The best titles also bridged the gap between casual and hardcore gamers.

Some developers (Phosphor Games and Vivid Games, most notably) went for realistic 3D graphics that often packed in hours of story-based gameplay similar to console titles. Others like Rovio and RocketCat Games, stuck to churning out repetitive, casual gaming experiences that kept us fully engaged. All being equal, these disparate approaches produced truly riveting games that took full advantage of the features and processing capabilities of mobile devices.

The developers with games in this list should be very proud of their creations. Despite certain genres being oversaturated (such as pick up and play or side-scrolling games) and the unpopular monetization trend of forcing customers to pay for content through in-app purchases, these geniuses managed to make games that are infinitely addictive and rewarding. The picks listed below were curated by Appolicious advisors (most notably gaming guru Andrew Koziara) and members of our user community.

We also have a separate list of the best iOS and Android apps of 2012.

HornHorn (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Android $6.99)
The character Horn is a young blacksmith’s apprentice who must defeat giant monsters who are villagers transformed by a horrible curse. Using a melee combat system similar to Infinity Blade, but with major gameplay enhancements like using a crossbow and puzzle-solving, the developers on the Phosphor Games team were truly pensive during Horn’s development. Horn is the best game of 2012 because it combines an imaginative narrative with top-of-the-line graphics, proving that mobile games with endearing stories can be beautiful despite the limitations of iOS devices. Horn appeals to gamers young and old, and is a great title that will enlighten you as to just what your smartphone or tablet is capable of handling. We should note that Horn does suffer a bit on earlier generation Android devices and operating systems.

ARC SquadronARC Squadron (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad free – limited time only)
ARC Squadron is a rail shooter game that combines the retro experience of playing an old Nintendo 64 console game with state-of-the-art graphics geared specifically to touchscreen devices. Powered by the Unreal Engine 3 development toolkit, ARC Squadron has players try their hands (and fingers) in intergalactic warfare. Each area of the galaxy involves a handful of levels with bonus challenge levels along the way, culminating in an epic boss fight. ARC Squadron is very arcade in nature, as scores in each level directly translate into currency that lets players upgrade and purchase new ships, weapons, and skins. Somehow ARC Squadron manages to ape the gameplay of classic console titles like Star Fox 64, yet feel fresh in a mobile media environment.

Angry Birds Star WarsAngry Birds Star Wars (iPhone, iPod touch 99 cents, iPad $2.99, Android smartphones free, Android tablets $2.99)
Star Wars merchandising, both before and after the Disney acquisition, has never felt so good. The newest edition to the Angry Birds family is just plain awesome. Old birds are re-dressed as Luke, Han, Obi-Wan, Chewie, and the rest. The birds also get all new powers, including shooting blasters and swinging light sabers. The game is a brilliant mix of the old school Angry Birds mechanics and the gravity mechanics of Angry Birds Space (also a worthy addition to any “best of 2012” list). Add all the Star Wars references and visuals (from the original trilogy, only) and you have a game that is out of this world.

Rayman Jungle RunRayman Jungle Run (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Android $2.99)
Apple named this Ubisoft title the 2012 game of the year, and for good reason. Many of us were totally praising this game before it was cool. Based on the utterly brilliant Rayman: Origins (a console-based platformer to rival even Mario), this auto-scrolling runner manages to keep all the creativity and bizarre charm of its predecessor, but with bite-sized levels and half of the controls removed. Seriously though, Ubisoft stripped ‘Origins’ down to its core for this simple game, but it’s just as fun and the visuals are just as jaw-droppingly crisp and vibrant as ever. It’s a bit more challenging than other runners, but do not skip this one.

Letterpress - Word GameLetterPress – Word Game (iPhone, iPad free)
Move over, Words With Friends. Developed by atebits, Letterpress is an inventive multiplayer word game that mixes the strategies of Boggle and Chess. The virtual board of this game is covered in red and blue tiles, each representing you or your opponent. The objective is pretty basic: change as many tiles as possible to match your color while spelling words. Games end when tiles run out. It helps to both have a high letter count and know when to play defensively, blocking off letters by placing your tiles around them. LetterPress supports asynchronous multiplayer through Game Center, so you can face off against as many players as you desire from all over the world at the same time.

Beat Sneak BanditBeat Sneak Bandit (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad $2.99)
Beat Sneak Bandit elegantly combines rhythm games (in which players tap along to the beat of the music playing in the game), with puzzle gameplay and stealth action. You’ll need to tap to the beat to make the Beat Sneak Bandit character take his sneaky steps, and time your way through the game’s obstacles and traps. The game is really a clever take on touchscreen games, has a great art style and musical selection, and is easy to play while challenging to master.

Punch QuestPunch Quest (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad) (Free)
Punch Quest is an impressive side-scrolling, endless running game where the main objective is to meet monstrous obstacles head-on with a barrage of uppercuts and jabs. Enemies include feeble skeletons, shield-wielding orcs, fire-breathing imps, and spellcasting wraiths. During the game your fully-customizable protagonist collects coins called “punchos” for buying skills, super moves, boosts, and upgrades. There are even bonus levels where your warrior rides a dinosaur that shoots lasers out of its mouth or transforms into a cartwheeling gnome! RocketCat Games, one of the most reliably talented and awesome developers in the iOS gaming space, are is responsible for the Hook Champ games and the excellent Mage Gauntlet.

Real BoxingReal Boxing (iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, iPad mini) $4.99
Real Boxing, developed by Vivid Games, delivers a one-two punch of well-designed gesture controls for a touchscreen combined with beautiful, console-quality graphics. Your device’s camera catches punch gestures using the V-Motion Gesture Control System. The game features a surprisingly effective Career Mode, where you develop, train, and customize your prizefighter. You’ll be hard-pressed to find flaws with this game as you build up your fighter and even take him online into real-time multiplayer fights over Game Center.

Jetpack JoyrideJetpack Joyride (Android) Free
Jetpack Joyride, released by Halfbrick Studios on Android in September, is the endless running game closest to perfection. Although it launched and rocketed to the top of the charts on iOS in 2011, the game’s presence in the Android Market was substantial. In Jetpack Joyride you play as the fiery and uber-manly Barry Steakfries who swipes a top-secret machine gun-powered jetpack from a laboratory only to be met by thousands of obstacles including electric pillars, rockets, and terrified scientists. Your goal is to collect coins and get as far as you can before dying. The game has an exceptional sense of humor and an impressive array of interchangeable costumes, jetpacks, power-ups, and vehicles. What sets Jetpack Joyride apart is that behind its simple formula, there’s a hugely addictive mission/challenge system which pushes you to play again and again. The difficulty and learning curve are set perfectly so even casual gamers will never feel overwhelmed.

The RoomThe Room (iPad, iPad mini) $1.99
With The Room, Fireproof Games delivered the most intriguing puzzle game of the year. Mind-bending puzzles, a surreal atmosphere, and delectable 3D graphics in stunning HD quality make The Room a necessary app for every gamer who owns an iPad 2 or higher. The game works ostensibly as a mystery that you solve using a single finger control scheme through puzzles contained within ornate boxes. It is definitely the most realistic looking game released in 2012, even more so than titles from the Zen Bound series. The Room was designed to be a pick up and play game, and although it is rated 9+ for Infrequent Horror/Fear Themes, it is the sort of game you can play with your family if they’re cool enough and can handle the suspense.

Sours: https://techcrunch.com/2012/12/29/the-10-best-ios-and-android-games-of-2012/
Best IPhone4s and iphone 5 games 2012-2013 and little tweaks

Apple has selected what it calls the year's best releases for iOS, naming platformer Rayman Jungle Run and puzzle game The Room the best iPhone and iPad games of 2012, respectively.

Multiplayer word game Letterpress for iPhone and space adventure Waking Mars for iPad were named as game of the year runners-up, with the editors at the App Store highlighting other key 2012 releases in various categories.

The App Store also gives a shout out to some iOS "Hidden Games" from 2012, including Nihilumbra, The Sandbox, Triple Town, Sir Benfro's Brilliant Balloon Games, Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective and Wizorb for iPhone and Eufloria HD, Gasketball and Incoboto for iPad. The Best of 2012 list names iOS titles like The Walking Dead, The World Ends With You: Solo Remix and Bastion as "Showpiece Games" for the platform.

The App Store's Best of 2012 list also lists the year's top sellers, which was led by Rovio's Angry Birds Space. Other iOS games in the year's best-selling apps list include Draw Something, Where's My Water, Fruit Ninja, Angry Birds Star Wars and Bejeweled.

In addition to games and apps, the iTunes' Best of 2012 touches on the best music, movies, books and podcasts.

Sours: https://www.polygon.com/2012/12/13/3765266/app-store-names-best-of-2012-games-for-iphone-and-ipad

2012 iphone games

List of iOS games

Title Developer(s) Publisher(s) Genre Release date Lite version Date No Longer Claimable on ios Ref.Animal Crossing: Pocket CampNintendo Social simulation
  • AU: October 25, 2017
  • WW: November 21, 2017
[1]Apollo Justice: Ace AttorneyCapcomCapcom Adventure, visual novelDecember 1, 2016[2]Bleach: Brave SoulsKLab Games KLab Games Social network
  • JP: July 23, 2015
  • NA: January 13, 2016
[3]Brawl StarsSupercellSupercell Third-person shooterDecember 12, 2018[4]Broken AgeDouble Fine ProductionsDouble Fine Productions AdventureApril 28, 2015[5]Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars – The Director's CutRevolution SoftwareRevolution Software AdventureMay 26, 2010[6]Broken Sword: The Smoking Mirror - RemasteredRevolution SoftwareRevolution Software AdventureDecember 16, 2010[7]Broken Sword 5: The Serpent's CurseRevolution SoftwareRevolution Software AdventureFebruary 6, 2014[8]Cube Escape CollectionRusty LakeRusty LakePuzzleOctober 14, 2020DigiDrummerMagnick Software Magnick Software MusicSeptember 26, 2008Dissidia Final Fantasy: Opera OmniaSquare EnixSquare Enix Endless runnerMarch 6, 2013[9]Dr. Mario WorldNintendo PuzzleJuly 9, 2019[10]EA Sports UFCEA CanadaEA SportsSports, fightingApril 21, 2015[11]The Elder Scrolls: LegendsDire Wolf Digital Bethesda SoftworksCollectible cardMarch 23, 2017[12]Forma.8 GoMixedBag MixedBag PlatformerJune 14, 2017[13]Fortnite Battle RoyaleEpic GamesEpic Games Battle royaleApril 2, 2018Futurama: Worlds of TomorrowTinyCoJam CityCity building, adventureMarch 3, 2017Game Dev StoryKairosoftKairosoft SimulationOctober 9, 2010✔ Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games SeriesTelltale GamesTelltale Games AdventureDecember 4, 2014Game of War: Fire AgeMachine ZoneMachine Zone MMO, strategyJuly 25, 2013Gems with FriendsZynga with FriendsZyngaTile-matchingSeptember 6, 2012✔ Geometry DashRobTop Games RobTop Games ArcadeAugust 13, 2013✔ Goat SimulatorCoffee Stain StudiosCoffee Stain Studios ActionSeptember 16, 2014[14]Grand Theft Auto IIIRockstar NorthRockstar GamesAction-adventureDecember 15, 2011Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown WarsRockstar Leeds, Rockstar NorthRockstar GamesAction-adventureJanuary 17, 2010Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City StoriesRockstar Leeds, Rockstar NorthRockstar GamesAction-adventureDecember 17, 2015Grand Theft Auto: San AndreasRockstar NorthRockstar GamesAction-adventureDecember 12, 2013Grand Theft Auto: Vice CityRockstar NorthRockstar GamesAction-adventureDecember 6, 2012GrowtopiaUbisoft Abu Dhabi, Robinson Technologies, Hamumu Software UbisoftMMONovember 30, 2012[15]Hanging with FriendsZynga with FriendsZyngaWord gameJune 9, 2011✔ Harry Potter: SpellsMikoishi StudiosWarner Bros. Entertainment Inc.ActionNovember 15, 2009[16]Hay DaySupercellSupercell SimulationJune 21, 2012[17]HearthstoneBlizzard EntertainmentBlizzard Entertainment Card battleApril 14, 2015[18]Hector: Badge of CarnageTelltale GamesTelltale Games AdventureJune 2, 2010Hello NeighborDynamic Pixels tinyBuildSurvival horrorJuly 27, 2018[19]Hitman GoSquare Enix MontrealSquare EnixPuzzleApril 17, 2014[20]Human Resource MachineTomorrow CorporationTomorrow Corporation PuzzleJune 1, 2016Inazuma Eleven: Great Road of HeroesLevel-5Level-5 Role-playingTBA Infinity BladeChair EntertainmentEpic GamesFightingDecember 9, 2010Infinity Blade IIChair EntertainmentEpic GamesFightingDecember 1, 2011Infinity Blade IIIChair EntertainmentEpic GamesFightingSeptember 18, 2013Injustice: Gods Among UsNetherRealm StudiosWarner Bros. Interactive EntertainmentFightingApril 3, 2013Injustice 2NetherRealm StudiosWarner Bros. Interactive EntertainmentFightingMay 16, 2017InsidePlaydeadPlaydead PlatformerDecember 15, 2017[21]Jetpack JoyrideHalfbrick StudiosHalfbrick Studios Endless runnerSeptember 1, 2011[22]The Journey Down - Chapter One: Over the EdgeSkygoblinSkygoblin AdventureMay 20, 2012The Journey Down - Chapter Two: Into the MistSkygoblinSkygoblin AdventureAugust 28, 2014KamicrazyFluid Pixel Fluid Pixel Puzzle, platformerDecember 12, 2008Kim Kardashian: HollywoodGlu MobileGlu Mobile AdventureJune 21, 2014[23]Kingdom Hearts Unchained χSquare EnixSquare Enix Role-playing
  • JP: September 3, 2015
  • NA: April 7, 2016
  • PAL: June 16, 2016
Layton's Mystery JourneyLevel-5Level-5 Puzzle, adventureJuly 20, 2017[24]Law & Order: LegaciesTelltale GamesTelltale Games AdventureDecember 22, 2011LimboPlaydeadPlaydead Puzzle, platformerJuly 3, 2013[25]Lineage 2 RevolutionNetmarbleNetmarble Massively multiplayer online role-playingNovember 15, 2017Little InfernoTomorrow CorporationExperimental Gameplay Group PuzzleJanuary 30, 2013[26]Little Tail StoryCyberConnect2Namco BandaiRole-playingMarch 25, 2014Love Plus EverySegaSega Dating simOctober 31, 2019[27]Marvel: Future FightNetmarble GamesNetmarble Games Role-playingApril 30, 2015[28]Mario Kart TourNintendoNintendo RacingSeptember 25, 2019[29]Max Payne MobileRemedy EntertainmentRockstar GamesThird-person shooterApril 12, 2012Mega Man 2Beeline Interactive CapcomPlatformerMarch 26, 2009✔ Mega Man MobileCapcomCapcom Platformer
  • JP: January 5, 2017
  • NA: January 6, 2017
[30]Mega Man Mobile 2CapcomCapcom Platformer
  • JP: January 5, 2017
  • NA: January 6, 2017
[30]Mega Man Mobile 3CapcomCapcom Platformer
  • JP: January 5, 2017
  • NA: January 6, 2017
[30]Mega Man Mobile 4CapcomCapcom Platformer
  • JP: January 5, 2017
  • NA: January 6, 2017
[30]Mega Man Mobile 5CapcomCapcom Platformer
  • JP: January 5, 2017
  • NA: January 6, 2017
[30]Mega Man Mobile 6CapcomCapcom Platformer
  • JP: January 5, 2017
  • NA: January 6, 2017
[30]Mega Man XBeeline Interactive CapcomPlatformerDecember 3, 2011Mega RunGet Set Games Get Set Games PlatformerMay 29, 2012[31]Metal SlugSNK PlaymoreSNK Playmore Run and gunDecember 13, 2012Metal Slug 2SNK PlaymoreSNK Playmore Run and gunFebruary 7, 2013[32]Metal Slug 3SNK PlaymoreSNK Playmore Run and gunJuly 12, 2012[33]Metal Slug DefenseSNK PlaymoreSNK Playmore Tower defenseMay 1, 2014[34]Metal Slug XSNK PlaymoreSNK Playmore Run and gunMarch 7, 2013[35]Might & Magic: Clash of HeroesTag GamesUbisoftPuzzle, role-playingJanuary 24, 2013[36]MiitomoNintendoNintendo Life simulation
  • JP: March 17, 2016
  • WW: March 31, 2016
MinecraftMojang SandboxNovember 17, 2011[37]Minecraft: Story ModeTelltale GamesTelltale Games AdventureOctober 15, 2015Minecraft: Story Mode – Season TwoTelltale GamesTelltale Games AdventureJuly 11, 2017Moe! Ninja GirlsNTT Solmare NTT Solmare Visual novel, fightingDecember 20, 2016Moe! Ninja Girls RPGNTT Solmare NTT Solmare Role-playingMay 19, 2019[38]Mobile Legends: Bang BangMoonton Moonton Multiplayer online battle arenaNovember 16, 2016Mobile StrikeMachine ZoneMachine Zone StrategyJuly 10, 2015MonopolyEA MobileElectronic ArtsPartyNovember 20, 2009Monument ValleyUstwo Games Ustwo Games PuzzleApril 3, 2014[39]Monument Valley 2Ustwo Games Ustwo Games PuzzleJune 5, 2017[40]MorphiteCrescent Moon Games Crescent Moon Games AdventureSeptember 20, 2017[41]Mushroom Wars 2Zillion Whales Zillion Whales Real-time strategyOctober 13, 2016[42]Mutant MuddsRenegade KidRenegade Kid PlatformerDecember 6, 2012My Talking TomOutfit7Outfit7 Virtual petNovember 15, 2013[43]Need for Speed: Hot PursuitCriterion GamesElectronic ArtsRacingNovember 10, 2010Need for Speed: Most WantedCriterion GamesElectronic ArtsRacingOctober 18, 2012Nintendo Switch OnlineNintendoNintendo Application softwareJuly 18, 2017[44]Nintendo Switch Parental ControlsNintendoNintendo Application softwareMarch 3, 2017[45]Oddworld: Stranger's WrathSquareOne Oddworld InhabitantsAction-adventureNovember 27, 2014[46]Pac-ManNamco BandaiNamco Bandai ArcadeJuly 11, 2008✔ Pac-Man + TournamentsNamco BandaiNamco Bandai ArcadeMarch 22, 2013Pac-Man 256Hipster Whale, 3 Sprockets Bandai Namco EntertainmentArcadeAugust 20, 2015[47]Pac-Man BounceNamco BandaiNamco Bandai ArcadeSeptember 16, 2015Pac-Man Championship EditionNamco BandaiNamco Bandai ArcadeDecember 10, 2009Pac-Man Championship Edition DXNamco Bandai EntertainmentNamco Bandai Entertainment ArcadeJuly 23, 2015Pac-Man Dash!Namco BandaiNamco Bandai ArcadeJuly 18, 2013Pac-Man GamesNamco BandaiiNPLAS ArcadeMarch 29, 2012Pac-Man Kart RallyNamco BandaiNamco Bandai ArcadeDecember 3, 2012Pac-Man Pop!Mine Loader Software Namco BandaiArcadeAugust 18, 2016Pac-Man Puzzle TourNamco BandaiNamco Bandai ArcadeFebruary 25, 2016Part Time UFOHAL LaboratoryHAL Laboratory Arcade
  • JP: November 14, 2017
  • WW: February 26, 2018
[48]Perils of ManIF Games IF Games AdventureApril 28, 2015Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney − Spirit of JusticeCapcomCapcom Visual novelSeptember 21, 2017[49]PictowordKooapps Kooapps Word gameMarch 1, 2013PictionaryEtermax Etermax Word gameApril 26, 2017Plants vs. ZombiesPopCap GamesPopCap Games Tower defenseFebruary 15, 2010✔ Plants vs. Zombies 2PopCap GamesElectronic ArtsTower defenseAugust 15, 2013[50]Pocket DevilEyedip Eyedip God gameOctober 12, 2009Pocket GodBolt CreativeBolt CreativeGod gameJanuary 9, 2009[51]Pocket MasterGameDreamer GameDreamer Role-playingJanuary 26, 2016[52]Pokémon DuelHeroz Japan The Pokémon CompanyBoard game
  • JP: April 19, 2016
  • WW: January 24, 2017
Pokémon GoNianticNiantic Augmented reality
  • NA: July 6, 2016
  • AU: July 6, 2016
  • EU: July 13, 2016
  • JP: July 22, 2016
[53]Pokémon: Magikarp JumpSelect Button The Pokémon Company Incremental gameMay 24, 2017[54]Pokémon MastersDeNADeNA Role-playingAugust 29, 2019[55]Pokémon PlayhouseThe Pokémon CompanyThe Pokémon Company EdutainmentSeptember 21, 2017[56]Pokémon QuestGame FreakThe Pokémon CompanyAction-adventureJune 28, 2018[57]Pokémon Rumble RushAmbrellaThe Pokémon CompanyActionJuly 23, 2019Pokémon Shuffle MobileGenius SonorityThe Pokémon CompanyPuzzle
  • JP: August 24, 2015
  • WW: August 31, 2015
[58]Pokémon SleepThe Pokémon CompanyEdutainmentTBA [59]Pokémon TVThe Pokémon CompanyThe Pokémon Company EntertainmentMarch 1, 2013[60]Poker Night 2Telltale GamesTelltale Games Card gameMay 23, 2013Pretentious GameKeybol Bulkypix Puzzle platformerDecember 5, 2013Pro Evolution Soccer 2017KonamiKonami Sports
  • NA: September 13, 2016
  • EU: September 15, 2016
  • JP: September 15, 2016
[61]Professional Baseball Spirits AKonamiKonami Simulation[62]Puzzle AgentTelltale GamesTelltale Games Adventure, puzzleJune 30, 2010Puzzle & DragonsGungHo Online EntertainmentGungHo Online Entertainment Tile-matching, role-playingFebruary 20, 2012[63]The QuestRedshift Chillingo, Redshift Role-playingFebruary 20, 2009Quest of DungeonsUpfall Studios Upfall Studios RoguelikeMarch 25, 2014[64]QuizUpPlain Vanilla GamesPlain Vanilla Games TriviaNovember 7, 2013QvoidGavina Games Gavina Games PuzzleJuly 21, 2011R.B.I. Baseball 14MLB Advanced MediaMLB Advanced Media SportsApril 8, 2014Rayman Fiesta RunPastagames UbisoftPlatformerNovember 7, 2013[65]Rayman Jungle RunPastagames UbisoftPlatformerAugust 14, 2012Reader Rabbit: JumpsmarterDashalope Games Games4Kids PlatformerSeptember 25, 2018RépubliqueCamouflaj, Logan Games Camouflaj StealthDecember 19, 2013[66]Retro City Rampage DXVblank Entertainment Vblank Entertainment Action-adventureMarch 10, 2016[67]Ridiculous FishingVlambeerVlambeer Action, sportsMarch 14, 2013Robot Unicorn AttackSpiritonin Media Games Adult SwimEndless runnerJune 2, 2010Robot Unicorn Attack Heavy MetalSpiritonin Media Games Adult SwimEndless runnerOctober 13, 2010Rome: Total WarFeral InteractiveFeral Interactive Real-time tactics, turn-based strategyNovember 10, 2016[68]The RoomFireproof GamesFireproof Games PuzzleSeptember 12, 2012[69]The Room TwoFireproof GamesFireproof Games PuzzleDecember 12, 2013[70]The Room ThreeFireproof GamesFireproof Games PuzzleNovember 4, 2015[71]Sam & Max Beyond Time and SpaceTelltale GamesTelltale Games AdventureJanuary 26, 2012Sam & Max: The Devil's PlayhouseTelltale GamesTelltale Games AdventureApril 2, 2010Score! Classic GoalsFirst TouchFirst Touch Puzzle, soccerMay 17, 2012Scramble with FriendsZynga with FriendsZyngaWord gameJanuary 4, 2012✔ Scribblenauts Remix5th Cell, Iron Galaxy StudiosWarner Bros. Interactive EntertainmentPuzzle, actionOctober 11, 2011Secret Files: Sam PetersAnimation Arts Deep SilverAdventureOctober 29, 2014Secret Files: TunguskaFusionsphere Systems, Animation Arts, Kaiko Deep SilverAdventureJuly 16, 2014Secret Files 2: Puritas Cordis
  • Fusionsphere Systems, Animation Arts, Kaiko
Deep SilverAdventure
  • EU: May 8, 2009
  • NA: March 29, 2011
The Secret of Monkey Island: Special EditionLucasfilm GamesLucasArtsAdventureJuly 15, 2009✔ Shin Megami Tensei: Liberation Dx2SegaSega Massively multiplayer online role-playingOctober 23, 2016[72]Skullgirls MobileLab Zero Games Autumn Games FightingMay 25, 2017[73]The Simpsons ArcadeEA MobileEA Mobile Beat 'em upDecember 21, 2009The Sims FreePlayFiremonkeys StudiosEA Mobile Life simulation gameDecember 15, 2011The Sims MobileFiremonkeys StudiosEA Mobile Life simulation gameMarch 6, 2018The Simpsons: Tapped OutEA MobileEA Mobile SimulationFebruary 29, 2012Skylanders: SuperChargersVicarious Visions, BeenoxActivisionToys-to-life, role-playing, action-adventure, platform, racingSkylanders: Trap TeamToys for BobActivisionToys-to-life, role-playing, action-adventure, platform
  • AU: October 2, 2014
  • NA: October 5, 2014
  • EU: October 10, 2014
Sneaky SneakyNaiad Entertainment Naiad Entertainment StealthNovember 12, 2014Sonic & All-Stars Racing TransformedSumo DigitalSegaRacingJanuary 2, 2014Sonic & Sega All-Stars RacingSumo DigitalSegaRacingJune 18, 2011Sonic CDSonic TeamSegaPlatformerDecember 15, 2011Sonic DashHardlightSegaEndless runnerMarch 7, 2013[74]Sonic Dash 2: Sonic BoomHardlightSegaEndless runnerOctober 8, 2015[75]Sonic Forces: Speed BattleHardlightSega Endless runnerNovember 2, 2017Sonic the HedgehogSonic TeamSegaPlatformerDecember 18, 2007[76]Sonic the Hedgehog 2Sonic TeamSegaPlatformerApril 20, 2010[77]Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode ISonic Team, DimpsSegaPlatformerOctober 7, 2010[78]Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode IISonic Team, DimpsSegaPlatformerMay 17, 2012[79]Sonic JumpHardlightSegaVertical platformerOctober 18, 2012[80]Sonic Jump FeverHardlightSegaVertical platformerJuly 10, 2014Sonic RacingHardlightSega RacingSeptember 19, 2019Sonic RunnersSonic TeamSegaEndless runner, platformerJune 25, 2015Sonic Runners AdventureGameloftGameloft Endless runnerDecember 20, 2017[81]Space AceDigital Leisure Digital Leisure Interactive movieMay 27, 2009Space MarshalsPixelBite PixelBite Third-person shooterJanuary 9, 2015[82]Spy MouseFiremonkeys StudiosElectronic ArtsPuzzleAugust 25, 2011Star Wars: Galaxy of HeroesEA Capital Games Electronic ArtsPuzzleNovember 24, 2015[83]SteamWorld HeistImage & FormImage & Form Turn-based strategy, action-adventureNovember 9, 2016✔ Stranger Things: The GameBonusXP, NetflixBonusXP Action-adventureOctober 4, 2017Streets of RageSegaSega Beat 'em upSeptember 14, 2009Super HexagonTerry CavanaghTerry Cavanagh TwitchAugust 31, 2012Super Mario RunNintendo EPDNintendoPlatformerDecember 15, 2016[84]Super Meat Boy ForeverTeam Meat Team Meat ActionTBA Super Monkey Ball BounceSega NetworksSegaPuzzleSeptember 3, 2014[85]Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EPCapybara Games, SuperbrothersCapybara Games AdventureMarch 24, 2011Tales from the BorderlandsTelltale GamesTelltale Games AdventureDecember 11, 2014Tales of Monkey IslandTelltale GamesTelltale Games, LucasArtsAdventureNovember 4, 2011Temple RunImangi StudiosImangi Studios Endless runnerAugust 4, 2011Temple Run 2Imangi StudiosImangi Studios Endless runnerJanuary 16, 2013Temple Run BraveImangi StudiosDisney Interactive StudiosEndless runnerJune 14, 2012TerrariaCodeglue 505 GamesAction-adventure, sandboxAugust 29, 2013Terminator Genisys: Future WarPlariumPlarium MMO, strategyMay 18, 2017[86]TetrisEA MobileElectronic ArtsPuzzleDecember 1, 2011[87]Theatrhythm Final FantasySquare EnixSquare Enix RhythmDecember 13, 2012[88]Thomas Was AloneMike BithellBossa StudiosPuzzle-platformerMay 15, 2014Threes!Sirvo Sirvo PuzzleFebruary 6, 2014Tiny TroopersKukouri Mobile Entertainment Chillingo ActionJune 7, 2012Tiny WingsAndreas Illiger Andreas Illiger ArcadeFebruary 18, 2011Toy Story 3: The Video GameAvalanche SoftwareDisney Interactive StudiosAction, platformJune 15, 2010Toy Story Mania!Walt Disney Internet GroupWalt Disney Internet Group PartyAugust 14, 2009TrismDemiforce Demiforce PuzzleJuly 13, 2008Trivia CrackEtermax Etermax TriviaOctober 26, 2013UnoGameloftGameloft Card gameNovember 14, 2008Valiant Hearts: The Great WarUbisoft MontpellierUbisoftPuzzle, adventureSeptember 4, 2014VS. RacingMaciek Drejak Labs Northcube RacingJune 17, 2011VS. Racing 2Maciek Drejak Labs Northcube RacingAugust 31, 2012VoezRayark Rayark RhythmMay 26, 2016[89]VVVVVVTerry CavanaghTerry Cavanagh PlatformerMay 30, 2014The Walking Dead: Season OneTelltale GamesTelltale Games AdventureJuly 26, 2012The Walking Dead: Season TwoTelltale GamesTelltale Games AdventureDecember 18, 2013The WallLudiaNBCGame show
  • JP: December 28, 2016
  • NA: March 22, 2017
We Bare Bears Match3 RepairsSundayToz SundayToz PuzzleApril 10, 2018Whale TrailUstwo Ustwo Endless runnerNovember 20, 2011Wheels of AureliaSanta Ragione Santa Ragione Visual novelSeptember 20, 2016[90]Where's My Mickey?Creature Feep Disney MobilePuzzleJune 19, 2013✔ Where's My Perry?Creature Feep Disney MobilePuzzleJune 28, 2012✔ Where's My Water?Creature Feep Disney MobilePuzzleSeptember 22, 2011✔ The Wolf Among UsTelltale GamesTelltale Games AdventureDecember 4, 2013[91]Words with FriendsZyngaZynga Word gameJuly 9, 2009✔ The World Ends with You -Solo Remix-h.a.n.d., Square EnixSquare Enix Role-playingAugust 27, 2012World of Goo2D Boy2D Boy PuzzleDecember 16, 2010XCOM: Enemy WithinFiraxis Games2K GamesTurn-based tacticsNovember 13, 2014[92]X-Men: Battle of the AtomPlayNext 51 PlayNext 51, Marvel EntertainmentCard battleAugust 28, 2013[93]Yakuza OnlineSegaSega Massively multiplayer online role-playingOctober 23, 2016Year WalkSimogoSimogo AdventureFebruary 21, 2013[94]Yo-kai Watch: Wibble WobbleLevel-5Level-5 Puzzle, Role-playing
  • JP: October 28, 2015
  • NA: March 24, 2016
  • EU: March 30, 2017
Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel LinksKonamiKonami Card game
  • JP: November 17, 2016
  • WW: January 11, 2017
[95]Zombie GunshipLimbic SoftwareLimbic Software ArcadeJuly 21, 2011Zombie Parkour RunnerUp Up Down Down Break Media PlatformerOctober 8, 2011Zynga PokerZyngaZynga Card gameMay 14, 2010[96]
Sours: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_iOS_games
OLD MOBILE GAMES! - Diamondbolt

The 25 best-reviewed iPhone games of the year

ImageBelow, we rank the best-reviewed iOS games released during 2012. All of the games below are playable on all types of Apple portable devices (iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad); any restrictions are noted. (iPad-only titles are listed separately at the end of this article.)

Only those games with a minimum of 7 reviews were considered for inclusion, and games are ranked by Metascore prior to rounding.

Get This Game1.Bastion94
Action-RPG, Warner Bros., $4.99 iPhone 4S/5 iPad 2/3 iPod Touch 5

"It proves that quality titles can make it on Apple's mobile devices without compromising gameplay, graphics, audio, or any other aspect that makes them fit for consoles or the PC/Mac."

TouchGen More reviews...

Metacritic's iOS Game of the Year!
After earning strong reviews for its Xbox 360 and PC releases last year (especially for its strong storyline and hand-painted artwork), this award-winning action-RPG title from Supergiant Games made its debut on iPads in August, and is now available for newer-model iPhones and iPod Touch devices as well.

Get This Game2.Punch Quest93
Action/fighting, Rocketcat Games, $0.99

"What is better than punching everything in the face, Chuck Norris style? Nothing, that's what."

AppAdvice More reviews...

If you like punching things, you'll like this arcade-style endless runner from the creators of Hook Champ. (Just don't punch your iPhone.)

Get This Game3.Beat Sneak Bandit 92
Rhythm/puzzle, Simogo, $2.99

"A true work of art, in so many ways. It's smart. It's challenging. It's gorgeous. But most importantly, it's fun - dizzying, dreamy, and delightful fun."

Gamezebo More reviews...

You and your pall Herbie must recover all of the world's clocks that have been stolen by Duke Clockface—but you can only move in time to the music—in this fun rhythm/puzzle hybrid that also drew praise early this year for its sound and graphic design.

Get This Game4.Mikey Shorts92
Platformer, BeaverTap Games, $0.99

"Mikey Shorts manages to stand tall amongst the best the platform genre has to offer, and you should make a point to download it in the very near future."

Modojo More reviews...

This fast-paced, retro-styled platformer offers gameplay in two different modes (story and challenge) and six different playing environments.

Get This Game5.Reckless Racing 2 91
Racing, Polarbit, $1.99

"Fast and furious, Reckless Racing 2 raises the bar for iOS racing games through a combination of deft handling, gorgeous looks, and addictive gameplay."

Pocket Gamer UK More reviews...

The year's best-reviewed iOS driving game is a much-improved sequel to 2010's top-down arcade-style racer Reckless Racing that ditches the country theme and adds new career and challenge modes.

Get This Game6.The World Ends with You: Solo Remix91
Action-RPG, Square Enix, $17.99 iPhone 4/4S/5iPod Touch
A separate iPad version is also available for $19.99

"A love-letter to Japanese youth culture and a staggeringly deep RPG with style in abundance. It's an iOS must have. The high price might give you pause, but do your best to let it slide and enjoy this one; it's unique & very special."

IGN More reviews...

This iOS port of the 2008 RPG classic for the Nintendo DS retains the Shibuya, Tokyo setting but adds a new soundtrack, control scheme, and improved graphics. Note that the iPhone version will not run on iPads.

Get This Game7.FIFA Soccer 1390
Sports, EA Sports, $0.99

"FIFA 13 continues the tradition of 'fixing' previous iterations by only a small degree, thankfully the sum-weight of these changes turns out to be quite a lot, making it a worthy pick up for fans of Football games."

AppSpy More reviews...

EA Sports' annual licensed soccer title offers modest improvements over previous versions, but that's good enough to make it the year's best-reviewed iOS sports game.

Get This Game8.The Last Express90
Adventure, DotEmu, $4.99

"The Last Express is just one of those games that adventure fans, or just fans of a good story, need to play. This iOS port isn't perfect, but it's still a pretty faithful translation of one the best tales ever told in a videogame."

Slide to Play More reviews...

An iOS remake of the 1997 PC game that asks you to solve a mystery aboard the Orient Express.

Get This Game9.Pizza vs. Skeletons90
Action, Riverman Media, $0.99

"Pizza vs. Skeletons is what I love about reviewing. In an endless queue of redundant concepts out pops a game that is utterly unexpected, irreverent and loads of fun to play. Expect this one to be a long-time hit and to spawn many cheesy copycats; it's just that tasty."

148Apps More reviews...

How do you stop a group of marauding skeletons? With pizza, of course. But the precise way you do so changes in each of 100 short, quirky levels. A free version (available as a separate download) includes just the first 10 levels.

Get This Game10.AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! Force = Mass x Acceleration 90
Action, Dejobaan Games, $3.99

"A white-knuckled, well designed thrill-ride, this game is some of the most fun you'll get from the App store."

Slide to Play More reviews...

The 2009 indie computer game and its humorous take on base jumping comes to iOS (without misplacing a single vowel in the process!) in a port from the creator of Snuggle Truck.

Get This Game11.Organ Trail: Director's Cut89
Adventure, The Men Who Wear Many Hats, $2.99

"Despite its inspiration lying in classic games, Organ Trail can really stand on its own with a tricky resource management, mini-games well suited to touch control and a bitingly witty sense of humor."

Digital Spy More reviews...

Definitely not to be confused with Oregon Trail—though it does utilize '80s-style computer graphics in tribute to that classic game—this Kickstarter-funded project is a zombie survival adventure.

Get This Game12.SQUIDS Wild West 89
Strategy/RPG, The Game Bakers, $1.99

"For a ridiculous price, Squids Wild West features an interesting story, great amounts of content and a brilliant strategic-action-rpg hybrid gameplay. Definitely one to pick up."

Multiplayer.it More reviews...

This sequel to the tactical RPG SQUIDS improves everything about the original while retaining its casual and accessible approach to turn-based strategy. It's easily the best (though, quite possibly, the only) undersea-based, Wild West-themed game this year.

Get This Game13.Girls Like Robots88
Puzzle, Adult Swim, $2.99

"Girls Like Robots is as charming as the title suggests. There's depth to the intricacies of the puzzles and creativity in the various gameplay types."

IGN More reviews...

Adult Swim somehow managed to churn out a well-reviewed game every few months this year, but this, their best-reviewed overall, is a clever logic puzzler with a distinctive hand-drawn visual style.

Get This Game14.Fieldrunners 288
Action/strategy, Subatomic Studios, $0.99
An HD version for iPads sells for $2.99

"Fieldrunners 2 keeps the best aspects of the original title while borrowing from its brethren to come up with a fantastically fine-tuned challenge that remains rewarding whether you take the easy route or bash your head against its harder challenges."

AppSpy More reviews...

Currently discounted for the holidays, this sequel to the acclaimed 2008 tower defense game Fieldrunners offers a ton of content and hours of gameplay.

Get This Game15.Rayman Jungle Run88
Platformer, Ubisoft, $2.99

"It is with no hesitation that I say Rayman Jungle Run is a must-own title for every iOS user. Its bite-sized structure fits perfectly on iOS, and Ubisoft has done a fantastic job crafting a complex experience that works perfectly with a touch screen interface."

Gamezebo More reviews...

Named the best iPhone game of the year by Apple's editors, this auto-runner utilizes the visual style of last year's console hit Rayman Origins. Ten new levels were added to the title earlier this month.

Get This Game16.Angry Birds Star Wars88
Action/puzzle, Rovio, $0.99

"It is a great addition to the Angry Birds universe, giving you more of what you had before whilst feeling fresh enough to warrant the small expenditure. And the best part is this: There's not a bloody Jar Jar Binks in sight. Splendid."

AppGamer More reviews...

What do you get when you cross the most popular mobile casual game series with a legendary film franchise? Quite unsurprisingly, another hit—and one that is one of the better entries in either series in some time.

Get This Game17.Alien Breed88
Shooter, Team17 Software, $0.99

"Alien Breed is a throwback to simpler times that works just as well today as it did back on the Amiga-- possibly even better."

Slide to Play More reviews...

The classic, top-down, sci-fi shooter—first released for the Amiga over two decades ago—is reinvented as an iOS title that adds a few new levels and allows you to choose between the original graphics or new, more modern, styling.

Get This Game18.ARC Squadron87
Action, Psyonix, freeiPhone 4 or newer iPod Touch 4/5 iPad 2 or newer

"ARC Squadron is easily one of the best shooters on the AppStore right now."

TouchGen More reviews...

This on-rails space shooter comes across as a more streamlined take on the Star Fox formula. Normally $0.99, the game is now on sale at the welcome price of $0 (at press time).

Get This Game(tie) 19.Letterpress87
Board game, atebits, free

"A word game that's as addictive as it is entertaining, Letterpress is a brilliant addition to anyone's app collection."

Pocket Gamer UK More reviews...

This free, head-to-head word game has proven to be just as addictive as Words With Friends, while adding a strategic new twist—and a modern, minimalist design—to the genre.

Get This Game(tie) 19.WarGames: WOPR87
Puzzle/strategy, Be-Rad Entertainment, free

"Simply put, WarGames is awesome. Head-to-head multiplayer would sweeten the deal, but as it stands, this is one of the finest match-three puzzlers on the App Store, as well as a shockingly good movie-based game; there aren't many of those available."

Modojo More reviews...

While it is officially licensed, this strategic puzzle game actually bears little resemblance to the 1980s movie War Game in terms of gameplay, though it does use the characters' voices, and fans will notice references throughout. (At any rate, it beats global thermonuclear war.)

Get This Game21.Outwitters87
Turn-based strategy, One Man Left, free

"If you're looking for a competitive turn based strategy game, Outwitters delivers with an easy to grasp play system and the ability to have numerous games playing at the same time."

AppSpy More reviews...

The makers of iOS classic Tilt to Live return with something completely different: a free-to-play strategy board game with online multiplayer.

Get This Game22.Blast-A-Way87
Adventure/puzzle, Illusion Labs, $4.99

"While Illusion Labs doesn't particularly offer anything innovative, Blast-a-Way proves that there is still room in the overcrowded puzzle arena for games that excel in pure execution."

TouchArcade More reviews...

Blast-A-Way is an approachable 3D adventure game filled with physics-based puzzles from the creators of Touchgrind.

Get This Game23.GHOST TRICK: Phantom Detective87
Adventure, Capcom, free-$9.99

"Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective was a real jewel on the Nintendo DS and it's more so on the iOS platform, thanks to the high-resolution graphics and sounds. Don't miss it."

Multiplayer.it More reviews...

Based on the Nintendo DS title, this adventure game from the creator of Ace Attorney features a storyline reminiscent of the film Source Code. Note that while the first two chapters are free, it will run you $9.99 to play through to the end.

Get This Game24.Catch-22 87
Arcade, Mango Down, $0.99

"Blending together equal parts simplicity and self-induced complexity, the game is an ideal fit on the platform. Don't even bother to debate this ninety nine cent purchase. It should become a mandatory staple of your collection as soon as possible."

148Apps More reviews...

Relaxing and frustrating? Simple and complex? Those are the contradictions that arise when you play against the toughest possible opponent: yourself.

Get This Game25.Swordigo86
Action-adventure, Touch Foo, $1.99

"Swordigo treads the line between slavish homage and love-letter to a genre and style of action-adventure that remains exciting thanks to its almost unstoppable pace that keeps you hooked the entire way."

AppSpy More reviews...

Swordigo's gameplay blends platformer-style action with a basic RPG system, and Zelda fans should find elements of this retro-styled adventure game not unfamiliar.

Bonus: The best iPad games

While iPad owners can play most of the 25 games above, these next few titles were the best 2012 HD releases designed specifically for the iPad. (Minimum 5 reviews.)

Get This Game1.The World Ends with You: Solo Remix for iPad95
Action-RPG, Square Enix, $19.99 iPad 2/3

"Yes, the price tag is rather astronomical when compared to bargain-bin, $0.99 titles but there's a reason for that. The World Ends With You: Solo Remix is not a game built for five-minute diversions; it's a solid game, one meant to leave a permanent impression."

TouchArcade More reviews...

iPad version of the iPhone game listed at #6 above.

Get This Game2.Tiny Wings HD92
Action, Andreas Illiger, $2.99

"It's remarkable that this revised edition of one of mobile gaming's brightest gems not only preserves the simplistic elegance of the original, but introduces new gameplay elements that shine just as brightly."

Modojo More reviews...

Last year's acclaimed iPhone game finally came to the iPad this summer in an HD version that added some new gameplay modes (including multiplayer) in addition to the larger resolution.

Get This Game3.Magic 201391
Card battle, Wizards of the Coast, free-$9.99

"Wizards of the Coast has done a phenomenal job of bringing the tabletop game to the iPad. The gameplay, despite a few small problems, is incredibly well done and we honestly can't think of a better way to do it."

Slide to Play More reviews...

The popular collectible card game comes to the iPad for the first time with both single- and multi-player modes. After playing the free version for a while, though, expect to shell out $9.99 to get the premium version, which brings many more decks, cards, and levels.

Get This Game4.Spin Up89
Action, Nenad Katic, $0.99

"An iPad game that combines the foresight of chess with quick, agile gesture control in a constantly changing tunnelscape."

AppSafari More reviews...

Filled with nifty sci-fi-themed pixel art, this arcade-style actioner asks you to "spin" various levels of a quickly-changing game board to guide your player to safety.

Get This Game5.The Room88
Puzzle, Fireproof Games, $1.99 iPad 2/3

"The Room is a must have for the iPad 2/New iPad with the best puzzles, and puzzle mechanics of 2012. Everything about the game is polished, and highly compelling."

TouchGen More reviews...

No, it's not a spin-off of the worst movie ever made; instead, this Room is a mystery-filled 3D puzzler that was recently picked by Apple editors as the year's top iPad game.

What do you think?

What were your favorite iOS games of the past year? Let us know in the comments section below.

Sours: https://www.metacritic.com/feature/best-ios-games-of-2012

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50 best iPhone and iPad games of 2013

There was a great comment on the 50 Best Android Games article earlier this week, in response to carping about smartphones and tablets still not being proper games devices. “I have a Windows laptop, an Xbox One, an iPad and an Android phone. I like playing games on all of these, because I'm a gamer, not a snob,” wrote @cypherspace. Yes.

One exciting thing about mobile gaming in 2013 was the diverse fare on offer, whether you were a veteran gamer or a newcomer surging through Candy Crush Saga levels on the train home from work. There was something for everyone: even snobs, if they’d given it a chance.

Below is a very subjective roundup of 50 of the best iOS games from 2013, and while there is plenty of crossover with the Android feature, there are a fair few exclusives too. One important note: the two biggest iOS hits of 2013 – Candy Crush and Minecraft – aren’t included because they came out in 2012 and 2011 respectively.

Cross at your favourite game being omitted? Make a case for it in the comments section, so people happening on this article in the days and weeks ahead can hear about it. Here’s the initial 50 to start that debate.


Angry Birds Star Wars II

This was the second Angry Birds game to be set in the Star Wars universe, with characters turned into birds and pigs, and 120 levels to fling them through. This time round, you could play as both sides, and there's a range of Telepods toys that interact with the game too, Skylanders-style.
iPhone / iPad


Justifiably recognised by Apple in its Best of 2013 awards, Badland is the perfect game to get stuck into over Christmas: a platform-adventure set in an eerie forest, with beautiful visuals, slick physics and plenty of exploration. There was real imagination at work here, and iOS gamers responded.
iPhone / iPad

Call of Duty Strike Team

Activision's latest Call of Duty game was made for mobile devices from the ground up. Some elements were familiar – ie all the shooting – but new twists included the ability to swap between first-person action and a more tactical third-person view to plot your squad's tactics.
iPhone / iPad

Clumsy Ninja

Clumsy Ninja was first shown off at Apple's iPhone 5 launch in 2012, but took a while to reach the App Store. It was worth the wait though: it sees you taking ownership of a ninja and training him up with a series of activities: a virtual pet game, almost, but with startlingly-good character animation. Utterly charming.
iPhone / iPad

Despicable Me: Minion Rush

This was publisher Gameloft's official game for the Despicable Me movies, putting you in the shoes of a scampering minion for this Temple Rush-style endless runner. Leaping, sliding and dodging obstacles while earning or buying costumes and power-ups proved hugely popular among children and adults alike.
iPhone / iPad

Fish Out of Water!

This game from Halfbrick Studios – the developer behind Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride – was an addictive treat this year. You skim colourful fish across the ocean, get rated by crabs, and unlock gems to build power-ups. Which may sound strange, but it plays marvellously.
iPhone / iPad

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Just in time for Christmas came this iOS version of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, originally released in 2004 for consoles. It's nostalgia, yes, but the game still packs a mighty punch with its sandbox gameplay. It plays well with Bluetooth controllers too.
iPhone / iPad

Impossible Road

Yes, modern smartphones and tablets can deliver graphical bells and whistles by the ton. But it’s often the minimalist visuals that pack the greatest punch. Impossible Road was another example: a stylish ball-rolling racer that encourages you to bend the rules.
iPhone / iPad

Infinity Blade III

iOS’ epic trilogy reached its conclusion this year, with more eye-popping scenery, more characters (two) and many more enormous monsters to stick a sword through. There was also the usual levelling up, and “massively social" clashmob challenges to co-operate with players around the world.
iPhone / iPad

Limbo Game

Platformer Limbo was one of the creepiest, most atmospheric games currently available on any platform this year, let alone mobile. With stylish monochrome graphics and frequently fiendish puzzles, it's a rewarding and original adventure.
iPhone / iPad

Nimble Quest

Having made its name with Tiny Tower and Pocket Planes, developer Nimblebit turned to the action genre, blending Snake gameplay with RPG-style characters and upgrades. You swiped your party of heroes to guide them through levels of increasing difficulty. It's genuinely addictive.
iPhone / iPad

Rayman Fiesta Run

Rayman often gets underrated in the history of great game characters, but his mobile games have been top-notch in recent times. This was the latest one: a colourful platformer with more than 75 levels to scoot through, and bags of charm.
iPhone / iPad


Out in time for Christmas, Republique justified its pre-launch hype: a stealth-action adventure with startling graphics, properly challenging puzzles, and a storyline that draws you in. Calling it the Metal Gear Solid of iOS sounds like hyperbole, but the comparison wasn’t ridiculous.
iPhone / iPad

Ridiculous Fishing

Ridiculous Fishing IS ridiculous: you lower your bait down as far as possible while avoiding a variety of creatures, then haul it back up again catching as many as possible along the way, hurl them into the air, and blast them to bits with a shotgun. Bad in real life, but fun virtually.
iPhone / iPad

Sid Meier's Ace Patrol: Pacific Skies

This second dogfighting game from industry veteran Sid Meier saw you patrolling the Pacific, re-enacting famous World War II battles. The basic action across 180 missions was really fun, but there's some extra strategy in upgrading your pilots with new skills as you go. Multiplayer was the icing on the cake.
iPhone / iPad

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

BioWare's game was originally released in 2003 and still one of the best Star Wars games ever. It's an RPG where you get to learn to use the Force, wander through a succession of famous Star Wars scenes, and can even turn to the dark side. Engrossing and epic in scope.
iPhone / iPad

Temple Run 2

Temple Run was one of the biggest "endless runner" games on mobile devices, and the sequel did a good job of bumping up the graphics and adding more depth to the gameplay. At its core, you're still swiping to jump, slide and turn your way through paths to escape an angry giant monkey.
iPhone / iPad

Tiny Games

Tiny Games is brilliant: an app that asks you where you are and how many people you're with before suggesting micro-games to play in the real world, using the objects at hand. There are hundreds to discover, and it's an ideal way to avoid anti-social mobile use when out with friends.
iPhone / iPad

The Wolf Among Us

Just ahead of releasing its Walking Dead sequel (see below) developer Telltale Games surprised us with this: based on the Fables graphic novels, you play Bigby, the Big Bad Wolf of fairytale legend reinvented as a sheriff. Even a little way in, A well-crafted take on an already-characterful series.
iPhone / iPad

The Drowning

The Drowning tried to rethink the way first-person shooter controls work on a touchscreen. In a nutshell, you tap on the screen to walk to a specific point, swipe to look around, and tap two fingers to shoot – the bullets fire in the middle of them. It works well: a breath of fresh air for the genre.
iPhone / iPad

Walking Dead: The Game - Season 2

Developer Telltale Games' first Walking Dead game was a justified hit, packed with atmosphere (and zombies). This follow-up was thus hotly anticipated, and turned out to be well worth the wait: atmospheric action and one of the relatively rare iOS games this year with wake-up-at-night scariness.
iPhone / iPad

Tiny Thief

Tiny Thief was a release from Rovio Stars, the new publishing business that's part of Angry Birds-maker Rovio. Inspired by classic point'n'click adventure games, it sees the titular hero exploring six quests, with some delightful puzzles and surprises in store.
iPhone / iPad


Blip Blup

Blip Blup was a hypnotically-addictive puzzle game from UK studio ustwo, which sees you tapping to fill a screen-full of tiles with colour. The complication being walls and obstacles that get in the way of your colour-pulse's path. More than 120 levels to work through provided plenty of challenge.
iPhone / iPad

Cut the Rope 2

There have been a succession of Cut the Rope games in the last few years, but this was the first proper sequel: 120 levels of rope-slashing puzzle action, as you try to guide sweets into cute monster Om Nom's mouth. This time round, there were also new gameplay elements – "nommies” – to take things forward.
iPhone / iPad

Doctor Who: Legacy

The latest Doctor Who game was instantly familiar to anyone who's played Puzzle & Dragons – one of the few mobile games to be making as much money as Candy Crush Saga. It sees you swapping colourful orbs around to attack monsters while building a team of the Doctor and his companions.
iPhone / iPad

Dots: A Game About Connecting

Dots was the most addictive iOS game this year, thriving on the simplicity of connecting same-coloured dots on a grid in 60-second rounds. Twitter and Facebook are plumbed in to compare your scores to friends, and there is also an untimed mode for practice.
iPhone / iPad

Juice Cubes

Essentially Candy Crush Saga with square-shaped fruit rather than sweets, but it's very well done. Published by Rovio, it features hundreds of levels of fruit-matching puzzling, with combos, Facebook integration and in-app purchases used to buy power-ups when it gets too tough.
iPhone / iPad

Papa Sangre II

The first Papa Sangre was a real treat: an eerie audio-only adventure game voiced by the (then not-so-well-known) actor Benedict Cumberbatch. For the sequel, developer Somethin' Else roped in Sean Bean for narration duties, and the gameplay was as creepy as ever as you explored a world conjured up by your own imagination.
iPhone / iPad

The Room Two

The original The Room was a huge hit on iPad, selling more than 1m copies by the start of this year – hugely impressive for a paid game given current App Store trends. This follow-up is well worth tearing a few follicles out over: physics-based puzzles in a wonderfully-realised 3D environment.


Asphalt 8: Airborne

Gameloft’s street racing games were popular on mobile phones long before the App Store even existed. The eighth incarnation offered more cars – 47 in total – nine locations to race them in, and a new emphasis on ramps, rolls and stunts (hence the "Airborne" aspect) and online multiplayer races for up to eight players at once.
iPhone / iPad

Angry Birds Go!

The latest Angry Birds game was controversial for its enthusiastic adoption of pretty much every free-to-play gaming mechanic going, but underneath that is a genuinely impressive karting game with smooth handling, well-crafted tracks and familiarly-fun characters.
iPhone / iPad


Even FIFA went free-to-play this year with in-app purchases to unlock all the single-player modes, and for packs of players in the Ultimate Team mode. Otherwise, it was business as usual: slick action, thousands of licensed players, and inventive touchscreen controls.
iPhone / iPad

Flick Kick Football Legends

The original Flick Kick Football was fantastic, but returned this year as a freemium game with a retro look, and an emphasis on team-building as well as goal scoring. The gameplay was richer too: besides pinging shots you also have to master tackling, intercepting and passing.
iPhone / iPad

Fluid Football Versus

Another polished football game, with more of a focus on multiplayer matches as well as a single-player mode. As in its predecessor, it sees you trying to score goals by drawing lines for your players' runs, then (hopefully) flicking the ball into the net. A real tactical challenge.
iPhone / iPad

Football Manager Handheld 2014

The latest mobile version of the world's best football management franchise adds more depth, a redesigned user interface, the ability to create your own club (yes, with you as the star striker if you're in that frame of mind), and the ability to manage in more than one country. Engrossing.
iPhone / iPad

Real Racing 3

Another game whose switch to freemium was controversial, but after some tweaks to its timers, Real Racing 3 really impressed. Dozens of cars, hundreds of events and genuinely console-quality graphics, plus clever asynchronous multiplayer races to compete against offline friends.
iPhone / iPad


Adventure Town

Supersolid had a big free-to-play hit with Super Penguins, with Adventure Town the follow-up. Familiar elements – build a town, harvest crops, compare with friends etc – have some neat twists and lots of gameplay polish. A cut above the FarmVille-style herd.
iPhone / iPad

Band Stars

A game about forming your own band, training them up and aiming for the charts, mastering different genres and lyrical subject matter along the way. It's got similar addictive qualities to the games of Japanese developer Kairosoft – Game Dev Story being the obvious comparison.
iPhone / iPad


The most thought-provoking iOS game of 2013 by some distance, Blackbar takes censorship as its main theme: a collection of text-based puzzles with the titular black redaction bars providing the challenge. Its storyline and themes stayed with me for weeks after playing it.
iPhone / iPad

Device 6

Year Walk and this game made Simogo one of the most talented and intriguing iOS developers in 2013. Device 6 is part book and part game: an inventive example of interactive narrative deservedly singled out by a number of critics in their end-of-year best games charts across all platforms, not just mobile.
iPhone / iPad

Frozen Synapse

If you like a real challenge with your mobile games, then Frozen Synapse was a fiver well spent this year. It's a turn-based strategy game originally released for computers, as you guide your squad through a succession of levels. 55 missions to play by yourself plus five multiplayer modes.

Galaxy on Fire - Alliances

As epic space adventures go, the Galaxy on Fire series is in the same space sector as Wing Commander and Elite. Tough company, but it doesn’t shrink in the comparison. This new game was set in the Galaxy on Fire universe, but focused more on colonising planets and interacting with other human players.
iPhone / iPad

Plants vs Zombies 2

Another game switching to freemium, but Plants vs Zombies 2 just about survived the transition: a strategic defence game where you fend off zombie hordes by placing plants. It was also an example of a game that got more features over time through updates, keeping fans playing.
iPhone / iPad


QuizUp aimed to be "the largest real-time trivia game ever" with 150,000 questions in a host of categories, and global high-score tables to show exactly how your general knowledge skills compare to the rest of the world. Its strong community angle helped it spread rapidly after its release.


An addictive, accessible game that offers a sci-fi twist on the real-time strategy genre. The emphasis is on building a space-base through Tetris-like block-placement, while fending off waves of enemies. It was simple in all the best ways, and well worth the purchase price.
iPhone / iPad

Samurai Siege

Another big free-to-play success story on iOS (and Android) this year was Samurai Siege, as you built a thriving village and constructed an army capable of fending off other players. The samurai and ninja characters put a neat spin on the real-time social strategy genre, too.
iPhone / iPad

Star Wars: Tiny Death Star

This game was based on the equally-marvellous Tiny Tower, where you had to build a tower level-by-level, populating it with "bitizens" to work, play and rest. In this officially-licensed Star Wars version, the tower is a Death Star, and the bitizens are characters from the films. Very moreish.
iPhone / iPad

Warhammer Quest

The first official iOS game based on Games Workshop's famous Warhammer world and roleplaying games. This brought classic tabletop Warhammer to iOS devices, as you take a party of heroes into sundry dungeons for battling, looting and levelling up. Thoughtful use of downloadable content provided depth too.
iPhone / iPad

XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Another classic hardcore game, this: a conversion of the much-loved PC and console game: a strategy epic where you build a base, research new technology and send your troops out into battle. It launched with a premium (for iOS) price, but it was notable that nobody seemed to be complaining about its value for money.
iPhone / iPad

Year Walk

One of the standout iOS games in recent memory. Based on Swedish mythology, it's a first-person adventure set in a wintry landscape, in which you have to wander in search of a glimpse of your future. There are puzzles, characterful graphics and a creepily atmospheric soundtrack.
iPhone / iPad

The 50 best apps of 2013

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