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Deploying Custom Profiles with Jamf Now


To use this feature, you need to be on the Jamf Now Plus plan. To view or edit your plan, navigate to your section. Click on Upgrade to Plus to upgrade from the Jamf Now Standard plan.

  1. Create a configuration profile via Apple Configurator 2 or iMazing Profile Editor, and then download the profile to your computer.
  2. Log in to Jamf Now.
  3. Click Blueprints.
  4. Select the Blueprint you want to add the configuration profile to, or create a new Blueprint for the profile.
  5. Click on the Custom Profiles tab, and then click Add Profile.

    This tab will only display if you are on the Jamf Now Plus plan.

  6. Drag and drop or click Browse to upload your configuration profile, and then click Add Profile.
  7. Click the Devices tab, and then click Add a Device.
  8. Select the devices you want to deploy this Blueprint to, and then click Add Devices.
Sours: https://docs.jamf.com/jamf-now/documentation/Deploying_Custom_Profiles_with_Jamf_Now.html

Jamf Now adds custom iOS app and macOS package deployment in Jamf Now Plus plan

For three years, Jamf Now has been a tool that streamlines some of the most complicated workflows of mobile device management (MDM).

We’re excited to announce that Jamf Now is continuing to evolve by adding support for two powerful new features: custom iOS app (.ipa) deployment and macOS package (.pkg) deployment.

Two incredible features in the Jamf Now Plus plan

One of our design pillars is to build software that helps our customers transform business processes. When we added Web Clips and OS Updates earlier this year, we made sure to add them in a way that meshed with existing workflows so users could spend less time learning a new process, less time working on MDM and more time focused on growing their business.

Jamf’s mission statement is: Helping organizations succeed with Apple. With the addition of custom iOS app and macOS package deployment, we’re enabling even greater success with the Apple platform by empowering you to deploy any app in your environment, regardless of where it’s sold or how it’s developed.

Custom iOS apps

With custom iOS app deployment, you’re able to deploy and manage any app your team needs — no matter where it lives.

In addition to our existing support for App Store and B2B App Store apps, custom iOS apps developed in house or by a third party are now easy to deploy with Jamf Now. Simply add a custom iOS app (.ipa file) to your account via the top-level Apps menu, then begin assigning that custom app to Blueprints as needed.

macOS packages

Whether you are looking to deploy an app not currently listed in the Mac App Store or want to utilize the advanced workflow of building your own packages, now you can take your macOS management to new heights with package deployment.

Jamf Now plans

We are also giving you more options based on the functionality you need by offering two plans: Standard and Plus.

Jamf Now Standard contains all of the current features up until this point. From configuring device settings to setting minimum security standards, Standard is designed from the ground up to give you more time in your work week by rapidly modernizing your device management workflows.

Jamf Now Standard is still just $2/device/month for all devices in your account.

The Jamf Now Plus plan is a new premium tier of service. Designed for users that need more advanced features in a streamlined, easy-to-use MDM tool. The Plus plan contains all of the features available in Standard as well as custom iOS app deployment and macOS package deployment.

Jamf Now Plus is available today and is $4/device/month for all devices in your account.

Whichever plan is right for you and your organization, Standard and Plus give you the flexibility to choose a Jamf Now experience that fits your needs and arms you with appropriate tools. No matter which plan you end up on, you can continue to enjoy the most streamlined MDM experience in the industry with both Jamf Now plans.

Next Steps

The new features and service plans are available immediately. Head to www.jamfnow.com for more information about custom app and package deployment and to create an account.

If you already have a Jamf Now account, log in and compare the new plans.

Sours: https://www.jamf.com/blog/jamf-now-adds-custom-ios-app-and-macos-package-deployment-in-jamf-now-plus-plan/
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Deploying Mac Packages

Deploying package files to computers is a powerful workflow in Jamf Now.

This is a fairly technical process, so reach out to our support team by emailing [email protected] if you have any questions.


  • The Jamf Now Plus plan is required to deploy packages. For more information, see Changing Your Service Plan.

  • Packages need to be signed and built as a distribution package. For more information, see Building and Signing Mac Packages. If you already have a PKG on your local computer, deploying an existing PKG with Jamf Now is easy.

  • Packages must be 20 GB or smaller.

  1. Log in to Jamf Now.
  2. Click Apps.
  3. Click Add an App.
  4. Click Upload Your App.
  5. Drag your custom .pkg file onto the upload page or click Browse to search for it on your computer.

    When the file has been uploaded, it will appear in your Apps page and is ready for deployment via a Blueprint.

Sours: https://docs.jamf.com/jamf-now/documentation/Deploying_Mac_Packages.html
Jamf Now: Setting Up Automated Device Enrollment via Apple Business Manager

Jamf Now Plans

Pick the plan that’s right for your team's Apple device management.

All the features you need for Apple device management — and nothing more.

Jamf Now gives you the option to choose the device management software solution that helps teams work at their best — all in one streamlined tool.

Regardless of your environment, we have the right device management software plan to fit your needs.

Jamf Now offers two plans — no matter what environment you have, we have your Apple device management covered with all the features and functionality you need.

Jamf Now Standard plan

Set up, manage and secure your Apple devices in minutes with the Jamf Now Standard plan. Standard is designed from the ground up to give you more time in your workweek. From configuring device settings to applying security and privacy restrictions, Jamf Now Standard rapidly modernizes your device management workflows

Jamf Now Plus plan

The Jamf Now Plus plan is a premium tier of service offering all the functionality of Jamf Now Standard and then some. While still designed to be a streamlined, easy-to-use mobile device management (MDM) tool, Jamf Now Plus gives you the flexibility to expand your Jamf Now capabilities by arming you with just the right tools for your more advanced workflows.

Advanced features included in the Jamf Now Plus plan:

Custom applications

With custom app deployment, you’re able to deploy and manage any iPad and iPhone app your team needs — no matter where it lives. Custom apps developed in-house or by a third party are now easy to deploy with Jamf Now. Simply add a custom app to your account and then begin assigning that custom app to Blueprints.

Deploy macOS packages

Whether you want to deploy an app not currently listed in the Mac App Store or want to build your own packages, you can now take your Mac management to new heights with package deployment.

Custom Profiles

If you want to deploy a configuration profile that goes beyond what is currently offered in the Jamf Now Blueprint user interface (such as a VPN configuration) look no further. Custom Profiles give you the benefit of unlimited configurations without sacrificing the simplicity of Jamf Now Blueprints.

Enhanced support

Even the simplest MDM solution could still use some backup. We’ve got you covered with chat, email and phone support with priority escalation if any issues arise.

Jamf Now Standard


First 3 devices free

Jamf Now Plus


First 3 devices free

Your MDM solution. Your choices.

Jamf Now offers flexible billing options.

Monthly Billing

Only pay for the service you use with monthly billing. Available directly in the product, monthly billing makes it easy to pay as you go.

Jamf Now Balance

Jamf Now Balance allows you to have stored credit on hand to pay for seamless MDM service so you can set it, forget it and get even more time back in your day.

Sours: https://www.jamf.com/products/jamf-now/plans/

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Custom iPad and iPhone App Deployment


  • Ensure you have the custom or in-house app located on your desktop as an .ipa file.

  • Ensure you have one of the following:

    • An Enterprise provisioning profile. This will allow for the app to be used post-deployment with Jamf Now. To learn more about Enterprise provisioning profiles, see the Apple Developer Enterprise Program.

    • Each target device's serial number added to the Apple Developer account if no Enterprise provisioning profile is available.

  • Deploying custom or in-house iPad and iPhone apps outside of the App Store with Jamf Now requires the Jamf Now Plus plan.

    If you are unsure of which account type you are currently using or need to upgrade to the Plus plan, navigate to the Account page in Jamf Now and look at the Plan section.

  1. With Jamf Now open and the .ipa file ready on your desktop, click on Apps in the left-hand sidebar, and then click Add an App.
  2. Click Upload Your App, and drag your app into the window (or click browse to manually find the app).
  3. With your app uploaded, click on Blueprints in the left-hand menu bar.
  4. Select a Blueprint or create a new one using the buttons at the top of the screen.
  5. Within a Blueprint, click on the Apps sub-menu to view the apps currently deployed to devices in that Blueprint.
  6. Click Add an App on the right-hand side of the screen, and then select the custom app from the menu that pops up to deploy it to all devices assigned to that Blueprint.
Sours: https://docs.jamf.com/jamf-now/documentation/Custom_iPad_and_iPhone_App_Deployment.html
Creating and deploying packages with Jamf Now - JNUC 2020

Jamf Now or Jamf Pro: Which is right for you?

Since 2002, Jamf has been laser-focused on helping organizations succeed with Apple. We are more focused on that goal than ever and with two solutions for managing Apple in commercial organizations – Jamf Now and Jamf Pro – you might find yourself asking which solution is a better fit for your needs.

With employees expecting the ability to use Mac, iPad, iPhone and Apple TV for their work, many organizations are discovering that a purpose-built Apple management solution is the best way to accomplish their goals.

Today Jamf helps more than 38,000 organizations manage more than 16 million Apple devices. There are a few common questions when organizations begin adopting Apple:

  • Now that we bought Macs for our staff, how do we deliver the apps and resources they need to be productive?
  • How can I use my iPad as a kiosk or point-of-sale device?
  • How do I protect company data while also protecting the privacy of my team?
  • How can I reduce the volume of help desk tickets?

A common thread in all these questions is the need for an end-to-end management platform for every Apple device in an organization.

Since expertise, goals, and requirements vary, we created two distinct tools — both of which have always offer same-day support for Apple operating system releases — to address your unique needs: Jamf Now and Jamf Pro.

Jamf Now

Most commonly used by small to mid-sized businesses, Jamf Now is streamlined Apple device management; no IT experience required. When IT is not your day job, or you have a more simplified environment, Jamf Now is for you.

What do the “basics” get you?

For starters, here’s what you won’t get: a sales pitch, software training or extensive product documentation and manuals. There’s no need! We’ve designed Jamf Now so that you can, well, start now. Jamf Now walks you through every stage of your account creation to ensure you have all the necessary pieces in place to start managing devices. Tailor-made for small to medium-sized organizations, Jamf Now helps you:

Setup: Enroll devices into Jamf Now via user-initiated enrollment or zero-touch through Automated Device Enrollment, a part of Apple Business Manager. Once enrolled, configure Wi-Fi, email, calendar and contacts, and set basic iPhone, iPad and Mac restrictions on your devices. You can enjoy ongoing device customization by leveraging a Blueprint in Jamf Now. Create multiple Blueprints to define settings, restrictions and apps, then deploy a Blueprint to a device or set of devices. For example, Retail organizations can use the Retail Blueprint to automatically apply settings needed, along with the most commonly used apps. This way everyone is enabled with the exact tools they need to get the job done.

Inventory: Keep track of device settings and details by viewing inventory status within Jamf Now or by exporting inventory reports to spreadsheets to demonstrate compliance. From email configurations or Wi-Fi deployment to serial numbers, operating system and capacity, everything about a device is visible on this page. In addition to being able to check in on specific devices, you can filter your inventory to check all the devices that need your attention or many other filters to keep you on top of your entire deployment. All in a simple and intuitive manner.

Manage: With Jamf Now, we took the challenges of device management and simplified them, creating an intuitive environment for users. Jamf Now can help you purchase apps in mass through Volume Purchasing, another part of Apple Business Manager, and centrally deploy them to the appropriate devices. Additionally, the Jamf Now Plus plan provides the ability to deploy custom applications developed by your organization or apps that are not available in the App Store. In addition, you can manage OS Updates, customize, alter and deploy Blueprints without disrupting teams, or use Single App Mode which allows you to lock your iOS device to a single app, turning it into a point-of-sale or kiosk in retail locations. All of this is done with the goal of letting you “set it and forget it” until you need to come back and make changes.

Secure: You can require that a complex, rotating passcode be on all Jamf Now enrolled devices and enforce native Apple security features such as FileVault 2 for Mac. Also, if an iPad or iPhone is lost or missing, you can disable and locate and/or remotely lock and wipe it to ensure the device, user and data remains secure.

Jamf Pro

Since 2002, Jamf Pro has been the gold standard in managing Apple in the enterprise. Jamf Pro customers typically have a dedicated IT admin – or a team – to oversee their organizationally-owned hardware and are looking for rich management to help automate their day-to-day administrative work.

Let’s take a look at a few reasons organizations choose to manage Apple with Jamf Pro. For a more in-depth tour of the product, get in touch with our team.

Deployment: Often one of the most stressful parts of being an IT admin is making sure new employees have everything they need to be productive as quickly as possible. The work is time sensitive and can be repetitive. With Jamf Pro, you’re able to build true “zero-touch” deployment: order an Apple device, ship it directly to an end user…no IT interaction needed.

Jamf Pro also integrates with Apple Business Manager, a free deployment program from Apple that can help you streamline your procurement process. And if you already have Apple devices in use, Jamf Pro’s network scan tool can help identify unmanaged Macs so you can make plans to bring them under management.

Employees can also feel free to bring personally-owned devices into the workplace thanks to User Enrollment, a modern “bring your own device” (BYOD) enrollment method that helps protect corporate data while maintaining end user privacy

Inventory: As employee demand for Apple grows so too will your need to keep track of all the new Apple devices deployed in your organization. Jamf Pro’s advanced inventory tracks more than 300 data points about every device, allowing you to get as granular as needed.

Furthermore, inventory information can be fed into our patented Smart Groups technology, an automated way to manage your fleet. With Smart Groups, you can easily define parameters for a group and let Jamf Pro do the heavy lifting. Identify mobile devices with an outdated operating system or build a computer group for a specific team or department – the possibilities are virtually limitless.

Device management: Go beyond basic configuration profiles and use policies and scripts to truly customize your devices. Want to modify account permissions? No problem! Need to have a custom script run every time a user logs in? Easy! No macOS or iOS restriction is off limits. Run custom scripts and advanced configuration profiles to open the door for infinite device management capabilities. Plus, Jamf Pro provides full Apple TV support, so you can manage them just like an iPhone or iPad.

App management: The App Store is the global marketplace for personal and professional apps alike. With Jamf Pro, you can identify and deploy key apps that your entire organization will use or tailor an app’s deployment to a specific site, team, or user. And if your team needs an app not available in the App Store, we’ve got your back. With Jamf Composer – included with Jamf Pro – you can package any app before deployment.

Self Service: Give users a curated catalog of apps, documents, and resources so they can quickly find what they need — all without ever submitting a help desk ticket. You can even personalize Self Service with custom branding on the logo, banner image, or dock icon.

Security: Apple is known for its focus on security and with Jamf Pro you can take it one step further. Monitor and enforce Apple security tools like FileVault encryption or Gatekeeper. You can also configure a secure VPN manage local macOS accounts and administer management privileges at a granular level. Even block specific software from running, enforce restrictions – like disabling the camera or iCloud — and manage kernel extensions all with a single click.

Patch management: Outdated software is one of the biggest threats to your corporate data. Jamf Pro helps keep you secure with patch management, the best way to automatically deploy software and OS patches to eligible computers and bring them into compliance. With Jamf Pro, you define user interactions and set deadlines for when updates need to occur. Jamf Pro also has automated patch alerts for popular third-party apps baked natively into the product. No other tool helps you identify, distribute and report on patches like you can with Jamf Pro.

Integrations: Jamf remains laser focused on building the best Apple management platform on the planet. To extend the value of Jamf Pro even further, we have 300+ integrations available on the Jamf Marketplace. Take advantage of your existing tech stack by seamlessly integrating Jamf Pro with the other tools and services you already use.

Furthermore, industry-leading partnerships with Microsoft, Google and more help take their tools to a new level in Jamf Pro. Microsoft customers will love the ability to use Active Directory information to help scope groups and policies, seamlessly manage and deploy Office 365, or enforce Conditional Access for Mac.

The Jamf Pro Experience

There are a number of ways we work alongside you as you adopt, deploy and manage a Jamf product and Apple hardware.

Support: Our world-class support team is on the frontline of ensuring your success. Support is available via chat, email or phone during business hours, and there’s no max number of support cases you can create. Premium Support is also available should you desire round-the-clock support, priority escalation, product issue reports and a dedicated Jamf expert. Also, all Apple admins are welcome to join Jamf Nation, a community of more than 100,000 Apple IT admins.

Services: If you would like an extra hand to ensure success, our services team is standing by to bring their years of experience to bear. Whether on-site or remote, Jamf services help equip you with the tools necessary to take your next step in managing Apple. Following your initial engagement, Premium Services are also available to focus additional resources on enhanced workflow design, implementation strategies, security management and more.

Training: Holding a Jamf training certificate is more than just a point of pride for our community – in some cases it got them a job! Training is the best way to take your product knowledge to a new level and become an even more valuable asset to your organization. Basic-, intermediate- and expert-level training courses are offered to get you the hands-on experience and in-person access to Jamf and Apple experts you need to succeed.

Still not sure which is right for you?

Whether you’re looking for a streamlined solution or a comprehensive management platform, you can’t go wrong with choosing Jamf.

Our 96% Jamf Pro customer retention rate and industry-leading customer satisfaction scores speak for themselves. If you’re ready to take one of our solutions for a spin, click below to get started.

Sours: https://www.jamf.com/blog/jamf-now-or-jamf-pro-which-is-right-for-you/

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Jamf Now Service Plans

When you upgrade from Standard to Plus:
  • Custom iPad and iPhone app (.ipa) deployment is available on your account.

  • You have access to Composer, our proprietary packaging tool.

  • Mac package (.pkg) deployment is available on your account.

  • You can deploy Custom Profiles via Blueprints.

  • Support is escalated, including an optional phone line for support calls.

  • Billing changes from $2.00/device/month to $4.00/device/month.

When you switch from Plus to Standard:
  • All custom iPad and iPhone apps are uninstalled from your managed devices.

  • All custom iPad and iPhone apps are deleted from your Jamf Now account.

  • All custom Mac packages are deleted from your Jamf Now account.

  • You no longer have access to Composer included with your Jamf Now service plan. However, you can purchase Composer for a one-time fee of $99.00.

  • All Custom Profiles are deleted from your Jamf Now account.

  1. To upgrade your account:
    1. Log in to Jamf Now.
    2. Click the account name in the bottom left, and select .
    3. Click Upgrade to Plus in the Plan section.
  2. To downgrade your account:

    Important: Everything not included in Jamf Now Standard will be deleted immediately when you downgrade from Jamf Now Plus. If you upgrade again in the future, you will need to upload your custom apps and packages again.

    1. Log in to Jamf Now.
    2. Click the account name in the bottom left, and select .
    3. Click Switch to Standard in the Plan section.
    4. Select the checkbox to confirm you want to switch plans.
    5. Click Change Plan.
Upgrading or downgrading is an account-wide change and takes effect immediately.
Sours: https://docs.jamf.com/jamf-now/documentation/Jamf_Now_Service_Plans.html

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