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Jim Fink Net Worth : $ 3,00,000

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Jim Fink 's Salary / Income:

Per Year: $ 4,00,000

Per Month: $ 32,000

Per Week: $ 8,000

Per Day:Per Hour:Per Minute:Per Second:
$ 1140$ 19$ 0.3$ 0.05

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Net Worth$3,00,000

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John Fink

John Fink
Portrays: Doctor Paye
Date of Birth: February 11, 1940
Date of Death: ,
Age: 77
Nationality:USA USA

[{{{site}}} Official Site]

IMDb profile

John Fink (born 11 February 1940) is an American actor.

Born in Detroit, Michigan, Fink is billed as a supporting actor in "Saga of a Star World". However, due to his character being pivotal to Serina's "space cancer" storyline, and that storyline being removed from the final version, his scenes were reduced to the brief appearance where he is fixing Cassiopeia's broken arm.

Fink's other appearances on television include Quincy, M.E.' and Ally McBeal. He recently appeared in the Jim Carey movie, The Number 23.

External links

Sours: https://en.battlestarwikiclone.org/wiki/John_Fink
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  2. Asi convention 2020
  3. 8700 vs 3600
  4. Highlight model studio

James Fink

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James Fink is a video game developer and tester. He served as part of Acclaim development for The Black Team for The Simpsons: Bart's Nightmare, The Simpsons: Bartman Meets Radioactive Man and The Simpsons: Bart & the Beanstalk.


Acclaim development by the Black Team[edit]

Acclaim development[edit]

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Give Me 9 Minutes a Week and I Guarantee You $75,568 a Year

Commissioner Jim Gordon

Full name

James Worthington Gordon


GCPD Commissioner
GCPD Captain (formerly)
GCPD Detective (formerly)
Soldier (formerly)
GCPD Traffic Duty Officer (formerly)
Arkham Asylum guard (formerly)
Bounty hunter (formerly)

"From the first day I put on the badge, I was told things could never change. Gotham was corrupt. GCPD was corrupt. Criminals and lowlifes ran things. You just showed me different."
—Jim Gordon to Gotham Central[src]

James Worthington "Jim" Gordon is the commissioner of the Gotham City Police Department. He is the son of the late  Peter Gordon, the nephew of the late Frank Gordon, the best friend/partner of Harvey Bullock, the ex-fiancé/ex-lover of Barbara Kean, the father of Barbara Lee Gordon, the husband of Lee Thompkins, the ex-boyfriend of Valerie Vale and the ex-lover of Sofia Falcone. He started as a homicide detective within the GCPD. After being demoted to traffic duty by the corrupt then-police commissioner Gillian Loeb, Jim collected debt for Oswald Cobblepot to get his job back. He later murdered Theo Galavan, afterward was framed for Carl Pinkney's murder by Edward Nygma. After escaping from prison and clearing his name, Jim decided against re-joining the GCPD and sought to solve the mystery of who was behind the Waynes' murders once and for all.

Later on, after being dosed with the "Red Queen" drug by Jervis Tetch, he went through a hallucinogenic experience which helped him come to terms with his past enough to convince himself to re-join the GCPD as a detective once again. After he was infected with the Alice Tetch virus, Jim was going to leave Gotham with Lee until Bullock convinced Jim to cure himself and Lee. When Penguin came up with a new license of crime, Jim looked to Carmine Falcone for help but actually ended up working with his daughter, Sofia. Jim is later promoted to the rank of captain after saving a squad of cops from Professor Pyg's trap.

After Gotham is reduced to a lawless no man's land by Ra's al Ghul and Jeremiah Valeska, Gordon remains with Harvey, Lucius Fox, and a dozen other cops to fight for the evacuated city. He activates a searchlight atop the GCPD, intended both to draw his enemies out of hiding and as a beacon of hope.

During the events of the No Man's Land crisis, Jim has a brief fling with his ex-fiance Barbara, which led to her getting pregnant. The subject of the pregnancy garnered conflict between him and Lee which was eventually put to rest when the two of them finally get married in a ceremony inside the GCPD. Following the end of the No Man's Land crisis and Gotham joining the mainland, Jim was promoted to commissioner of the GCPD, a position he would serve in for 10 years.


Early life

Jim Gordon grew up within the suburbs of Gotham City, as the son of a successful but corrupt district attorney Peter Gordon. He was sheltered as a child, giving him a different perspective of Gotham as a child, opposite to the one he would be exposed to during his career as a police detective. As a child, he favored his mother and resented his father's strength.[1] When Gordon was nine and riding in the car with his father their car was hit by another car and Gordon watched his father die. Gordon and everyone else believed Michael Ness, the other driver, was drunk at the time but in reality, he'd been hired to kill Peter Gordon. In his later years, he joined the army and became a war hero by the time he retired from the service.[2] During his time in the army, he had saved and befriended another soldier, Eduardo Dorrance. He also became engaged to Barbara Kean at some point. After returning to his home city, Jim joined the Gotham City Police Department in hopes of cleaning up and saving the city which he had romanticized in his mind over the years.[3]

Joining the GCPD

"I know how you feel right now. And I promise you, however dark and scary the world might be right now... there will be light. There will be light, Bruce."
—Jim Gordon to Bruce Wayne[src]

As his first case, Detective Jim and his partner Harvey Bullock was assigned the case of Thomas and Martha Wayne's murder. After arriving at the crime scene, Jim comforted the Waynes' son, Bruce, who had survived the ordeal, promising him that he would do everything in his power to find the murderer and bring him to justice. Though several of his colleagues berated him for doing so, insisting he and Bullock drop the case as it would bring unwanted attention, Gordon continued looking for leads anyway, determined to keep his promise to Bruce. After several cold leads and unproductive interrogations, Jim was taken to Fish Mooney's Nightclub by Harvey Bullock, to see if they could further their leads on the investigation. The two Detectives were led to a recently paroled felon, named Mario Pepper who was rumored to have attempted to sell Martha Wayne's stolen pearl necklace. After arriving and interrogating Pepper at his apartment, the Detectives requested to search the premises. Nervous because of this, Pepper made a run for it. After making the two chase him through the streets of Gotham, Jim cornered Pepper in an alleyway in which the two fought, and Pepper bested him in combat. However, Bullock, shot him before he could kill James. Returning to Pepper's apartment, the GCPD found Martha Wayne's pearl necklace within a box belonging to Pepper.[3]

Jim would later go onto discovered Pepper was simply framed and wasn't the Waynes' murderer, after being questioned to whether he had taken any part in the heinous act by Barbara. Nevertheless, Jim mentioned the possibility to Bullock, not sure of whether his partner would tell him the truth, Jim went to Fish in search of his answer, finding out from her that the Mario Pepper was in fact, framed. He was then beaten and captured by Fish Mooney and her associates. Bullock later went searching for him and was captured alongside him. The two were freed by Carmine Falcone, the head of the Falcone Crime Family in Gotham, as well as an old friend of Jim's deceased father. In return, Jim was asked to kill Oswald Cobblepot, a former umbrella man for Fish Mooney, who had snitched to the Major Crimes Unit. However, when brought to the docks and faced down with the decision of whether to kill Cobblepot or not, Jim faked Cobblepot's death, pushing him into the Gotham River, and ordering him never to come back to Gotham.[3]

In the weeks following, Jim and Bullock investigated the death of a homeless war veteran, discovering it was connected to recent kidnappings of homeless children, by people claiming to be with the Mayor's Homeless Outreach Program. After reporting this to Captain Essen, she demanded the two get to the bottom of the case, though not before emphasizing that neither of them goes to the press about this. Later that night while having dinner with Barbara, he mentioned the case which provoked her to call the Gotham Gazette with the news, anonymously, despite Jim telling her not to. The next day after narrowing down the suspects, Jim and Bullock arrived at Quillinformer, one of the pharmaceutical manufacturers suspected of supplying the snatchers with ATP, a drug previously used at Arkham Asylum to put the patients to sleep. There, the two detectives discovered the snatchers and a group of the missing homeless children.

Jim Gordon looking up at Selina Kyle.png

Although the two kidnappers escaped, Jim and Bullock were able to recover the children, allowing Mayor Aubrey James to send them all upstate. The Gotham City Police Department soon learned the buses taking the children upstate had been hijacked by the child snatchers. Jim and Bullock attempted to discern their location by interrogating Morry Quillan who was in GCPD custody, learning from him that the truck the snatchers used had a plate with a fork on it. After getting every truck with a plate on a fork on it searched, Jim realized it wasn't a fork that was on the truck, it was a trident. Jim arrived at Trident Intercontinental Shipping, just in time to save Selina Kyle, and rescue the other homeless children who were in the process of being ready to be shipped overseas. At the GCPD headquarters, he later learned from Selina that she had seen the Waynes' killed, and the face of their murderer.[4]

Jim and Bullock were later assigned to investigate the death of con man Ronald Danzer, who was killed when a man tied him to a balloon and let him fly away. At the same time, Montoya and her partner Crispus Allen asked Jim about what happened to Cobblepot. Jim denied knowing about him, and Montoya later visited Barbara at her house to discuss Jim's "corruption" - Barbara refused to believe Montoya and told her to leave. Jim later met Bill Cranston, a lieutenant of the GCPD at the office, and shortly after, Cranston was killed by the vigilante with a balloon as he beat down a drug dealer. The Balloonman was becoming a real threat to the police, so Jim and Bullock traced stolen balloons to Carl Smikers. Smikers told them that he sold the balloons to an unknown man but told him that there were only four; after Cardinal Quinn's death, there was one left. Jim's boss Sarah Essen ordered Jim and Bullock to find the man as soon as possible, and Jim then had a hunch that the Balloonman was living in the old orphanage. When they headed there, they found Davis Lamond, who held Bullock at gunpoint while telling Jim about his reasons for the murders - he wanted to bring justice to corrupt officials. Unswayed, Jim was then shot at by Lamond, but he was able to beat him down. Bullock tied Lamond to a balloon and let it go, but Jim sensed that this was the wrong thing to do and grabbed Lamond's leg, flying with him. Bullock reluctantly shot the balloon and Lamond was put on a stretcher to enter an ambulance, and Jim found out that Lamond's next target "didn't matter"; it could be any corrupt official in the city. When Jim returned to his apartment, he returned to Barbara, but a man knocked on the door. Barbara opened the door and let the man in, and it turned out to be Oswald Cobblepot, who needed to talk with Gordon.[5]

Jim walked Cobblepot to the street, where he furiously berated him for coming back. However, Cobblepot then offered to work for Gordon as his underworld informer, telling Jim that though other lies to him, he would never lie to him. Jim questioned him about the "war" he spoke of us, and Oswald told him that war was just another form of politics and that it was all centered around Arkham. A couple of teenagers then arrived laughing and shouting, giving Cobblepot the opportunity to take off. The next day, Gordon is assigned the case of Councilman Ron Jenkins' murder. He later meets with Alfred to inquire about the Waynes' plan for Arkham. With the information he gets from Alfred, Gordon discovers that Jenkins was working for Falcone. After Councilman Zeller was killed, Gordon and Bullock learned that Zeller and Jenkins had been killed by the same killer. Gordon and Bullock visited another hitman at a prison, bribing him for information about the Councilman's killer, learning his name was Gladwell and his job location. The Detectives quickly went to the Lansky building where they failed to intercept Gladwell, though found a paper at his desk with the letters C, L, and M written on it. Jim later is told about Renee Montoya and Barbara Kean's relationship by the latter, when Barbara questions him about Cobblepot. Gordon received a call from Oswald informing him that Maroni had planned to attack a politician that night. Jim quickly went to get a list with the names of the policemen assigned to protect the city councilmen and noted that Officers Campos, Lazenby, and Martins were in charge of guarding the mayor. With time running out, Gordon went to the mayor's house where he discovered that none of the police officers were present. Knocking on the Mayor's door, Gordon informed Mayor James that he thought someone was coming to kill him. While trying to escape with Mayor James, Gordon encountered Richard Gladwell, and the two engaged each other in combat with Gladwell gaining the upper hand. However, Bullock arrived threatening to shoot if Gladwell didn't back away. Soon after Gladwell, attempted to finish his job to kill the mayor, despite being surrounded by Gordon and Bullock. This caused the two Detectives to fire at Gladwell, killing him.[6]

Gordon and Bullock who were in the middle of lunch, hear the sound of the alarm and went to the store where the owner informs them that the attacker had stolen his ATM, with his bare hands. At the GCPD, Gordon and Bullock went over the evidence they had obtained with Captain Essen. Gordon and Bullock began to explore Gotham in search of information about the drug addict musician, Benny, who they ended up finding under a bridge. There, surrounded by milk containers, Benny asks them to find the man with the mangled ear for more of the drug that he gave him before trying to attack them and afterward dropped dead before Gordon and Bullock. Gordon and Bullock later received a visit Taylor Reece, a public relations lawyer for WellZyn, quickly assuring them that WellZyn had no connection to it, after hearing about the man with a mangled ear she blames Stan Potolsky, a former employee of WellZyn. When Harvey leaves to get an arrest warrant for Potolsky, Jim receives a visit from Frankie Carbone who persuades him to accompany him to talk about Oswald Cobblepot. Arriving at Bamonte's, Gordon is greeted by Maroni who orders him to tell him the story Penguin had told him, or else Gordon and Cobblepot would both be killed. Reluctantly Jim is forced to tell Maroni everything, including the murder of the Waynes, the death of Mario Pepper and faking Cobblepot's death. Ecstatic that the two stories matched, Jim was allowed to leave by Maroni. Jim returns to GCPD where among the things left by Potolsky at WellZyn is a photograph of him with an old college professor of his. The Detectives then went to Gotham University where they discovered Professor Isaac Steiner assisted Potolosky, and they were then attacked by Steiner who had inhaled a vial of Viper. Gordon is forced to shoot down the old man as he got the upper hand of Bullock. Though before he died, the Professor informs them that Potolosky would strike back against Wayne Enterprises. There, Gordon went to the roof in order to to get Potolosky to stop the spread of Viper. Though already having fulfilled his plan to expose WellZyn, Potolosky asks Bullock and Gordon to visit Warehouse 39 before throwing himself off the ledge of the building to his death. Later, Gordon and Bullock visited the Warehouse but are surprised to find an empty lab inside. [7]

Arriving at the scene of a crime, Gordon was informed by Bullock of what they were dealing with, and the two went to see Amanda Hastings' parents, where they inquired whether they knew anyone who would want to cause harm to Amanda. There they meet the Hasting family's therapist, Dr. Marks, who specialized in hypnotherapy. The two Detectives were unable to get any useful information out of Mr. Hastings. Comparing the murders of the Spirit of the Goat in the past with the murders committed by the Goat's imitator, Gordon realizes that in the absence of signs of intrusion into the homes of the victims, perhaps the murderer had a set of keys to their homes, which would only be available to some of the companies responsible for providing clean services. In the medical examiner's room, Gordon and Bullock attended the autopsy of Amanda Hastings to verify that the murder had been executed following the same exact methodology of the Goat. After discovering that the imitator had a penny into the back of the head of Amanda Hastings, Gordon and Bullock were sent to see Bullock's former partner Dix. He theorized that Randall Milkie hadn't worked alone in the past and instead had been apart of a conspiracy. The two began to argue, and when the Detectives began to leave, Gordon was told by Dix to watch out for Bullock as he was a loose cannon and thought of himself as a hero. They later find Ember Copley at an abandoned theater, and Gordon freed her while Bullock went after the Goat. Afterward, Gordon goes to help Bullock, knocking the Goat unconscious. Gordon is later arrested at the GCPD by Montoya and Allen of killing Oswald Cobblepot, despite Jim's objections that he hadn't killed Cobblepot, he isn't believed until Oswald Cobblepot arrives. [8]

After the Penguin is discovered to be alive, Gordon, attempted to call Barbara to ask her to leave the city but is forced off the phone, when Bullock punches him and attempts to assassinate him, in order to placate Falcone. Gordon is able to disarm him, and returns home and quickly defeats both Gilzean and his associate. Fearing for Barbara's life, Gordon takes her to the bus station where he asks her to leave for a few days until he solved the situation. Later, Gordon returns to the GCPD, asking Alvarez for several blank arrest warrants signed by Judge Bam Bam. Essen tried to advise Gordon to leave town before he was killed because no one would help him. Victor Zsasz and his two female companions arrived at the GCPD looking for Gordon. A shootout between the two began, with Gordon being wounded in his side, escaping into the parking lot bleeding. While there, Gordon was almost caught by Zsaz, though an officer arriving in the parking lot gave Jim time to escape. Though he ended up getting shot again, this time in the leg. Fortunately, Montoya and Allen arrive on the scene to rescue Gordon. Hours later Gordon woke up in the veterinary department of the Gotham University, where Dr. Thawson managed to extract the bullets. Later, Jim and the Detectives went to Wayne Manor, where the Jim informed Bruce that if something were to happen him, Montoya and Allen would continue with the investigation into the murder of his parents. That night Jim hid out at his home while preparing his arsenal to carry out the suicide mission to arrest Falcone. Surprisingly, he is visited by Bullock, who somewhat drunk, offers his help in the madness that occurred since he figured he was dead either way. The next morning, the two detectives intercepted Mayor James in his limousine and used the Mayor as cover to infiltrate Falcone Manor without being executed. Falcone gave Gordon an ultimatum: trust his word or arrest him, condemning Barbra's life. Reluctantly, the detective decided to trust the word of Falcone, who was proved he wasn't lying calling for Zsaz to bring Barbara. They are later allowed to leave, as Jim had trusted Falcone.[9]

The body of a fallen fighter is found near the river covered in black ink. The case is assigned to Detectives Gordon and Bullock, and it is later identified to be Coleman Lawson. Gordon is charged with finding out the reason Coleman Lawson had been killed, interrogating the victim's mother. Later, having exhausted all their resources, the detectives visit the black market to try and talk to a doctor responsible for dealing with wounded criminals. After squeezing him for information, they got the doctor who treated the man with the missing thumb, after which a card for Sionis Investments fell out of his pocket. With the new lead, Gordon arrested the doctor, which only served to widen the rift between Gordon and his fellow officers, namely Alvarez. Upon returning home, Jim discovered Barbara, who totally consumed by her fear of Zsasz, holding his spare gun after drinking several glasses of wine. He then tried to calm her down. Hours later, Gordon and Bullock reach the Sionis Investments to meet with Richard Sionis, however before meeting with him, they notice several employees with wounds on their faces. Sionis quickly denies Gordon's accusations and being involved in the murder of Coleman Lawson. Gordon does not believe in any of Sionis' excuses about the injuries of his employees, and accuses Sionis of being involved, though Sionis tells him to prove it. While leaving the office, Gordon notices a trail of blood on the floor leading to the bathroom. When Gordon enters, he finally finds the employee whose thumb had been torn off. The two engaged each other in battle, with Gordon ending up on the floor. Fortunately when he tries to flee Harvey Bullock stops him with the door. At the GCPD, Gordon and Bullock find out from a man missing his thumb, Adams, that Sionis ran a sort of circuit where he forced all potential employees to fight to the death for a job. Gordon later reaches an old office complex where he finds three men locked in cages. Unfortunately, before he can release them he is incapacitated by Sionis using an electric baton. Gordon fights against the three individuals until he finally emerges victorious to the dismay of employees Sionis Investments. To everyone's surprise, Richard Sionis appears wearing a black mask and carrying a sword. Jim is forced to dodge the attacks, and using an office object to fight back. Gordon eventually defeats Sionis, with Essen and several other GCPD officers arriving soon after. Later, Detective Alvarez informs him that a teenage thief who had been arrested wanted to talk to him, who Gordon realized was Selina Kyle.[10]

Jim arrives at Barbara's penthouse with Selina Kyle, finding a letter Barbara had left him, telling him that she had gone away for a while as she was still paranoid because of what had happened with Falcone. Gordon proposed a new place to keep Selina safe, Wayne Manor. Later, Gordon visits the Wayne mansion to present Bruce with the drawing of his parent's killer, also asking Bruce and Alfred to accommodate Selina in the mansion until they were able to take the case to trial. Despite not having the support of Alfred, Bruce accepts hosting Selina. Later, Gordon, Montoya, and Allen met with the assistant district attorney Harvey Dent, for help with Wayne murder case. Dent, an idealistic lawyer with strong convictions and a desire to execute justice, states that he believes that the entrepreneur Dick Lovecraft, a rival of Thomas Wayne's, was involved with the Wayne murders. Dent announced his idea of scaring the corrupt of Gotham, and with Gordon's permission decided to spread the word about having a new witness to the Wayne case without confirming their identity. At the GCPD, Gordon and Bullock interrogated Ian's brother, John Hargrove. Nygma informs Gordon and Bullock about the discovery of the distinctive plate between the remains of the bomb that went off last night, which belonged to an abandoned metal factory. Wasting no time, the two detectives arrived at the factory where they found Hargrove working on yet another bomb. Relieved by the Detectives' arrival, he informs them that his captors had threatened to kill his brother and his brother's family, and were Russians led by a guy named Gregor Kasyanov who were trying to strike against Falcone. The Russians then arrive at the factory and started a shootout against the police as to recover Hargrove and his bomb and then escaped. Gordon and Bullock are able to arrive on time to stop the Russians, with reinforcements, but before they could arrest the Russians, Butch, who was located in a position near there, activated the bomb placed under the van, that ends up killing Kasyanov and all his men. Later Bullock informs his partner that Hargrove and all the criminally insane inmates at Blackgate had been transferred to the old Arkham Asylum building by the order of mayor[11]

Sours: https://gotham.fandom.com/wiki/Jim_Gordon

Wiki jim fink

Fink (singer)


Fink onstage in Utrecht, 2011

Fink onstage in Utrecht, 2011

Also known asFin Greenall
Born1972 (age 48–49)
OriginSt Ives, Cornwall, England
GenresFolk, indie rock, blues, trip hop[1]
Occupation(s)Songwriter, guitarist, singer, DJ, music producer
Years active1993–present
LabelsR'COUP'D / Ninja Tune
Associated actsSideshow
MembersFin Greenall
Tim Thornton
Guy Whittaker

Fin Greenall, known professionally as Fink, is an English singer, songwriter, guitarist, producer, and DJ born in Cornwall and currently based in Berlin and London. From 1997–2003, he focused on electronic music and DJ'd internationally, releasing in 2000 his debut album Fresh Produce on Ninja Tune. Since the 2006 release of his album Biscuits for Breakfast, the name Fink has also referred to the recording and touring trio fronted by Greenall himself, completed by Guy Whittaker (bass) and Tim Thornton (drums).

Most recently, he has written in collaboration with John Legend, Banks, Ximena Sarinana and Professor Green. With Amy Winehouse, he co-wrote the song "Half Time", which appears on Winehouse's posthumous collection Lioness: Hidden Treasures. In 2012, Fink collaborated and performed with the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra in Amsterdam, resulting in the live album Fink Meets The Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra. Fink is signed to his own label, R'COUP'D Records, a subsidiary of Ninja Tune, on which he has released his latest albums.


Early life[edit]

Greenall was born 1972 in Cornwall and grew up in Bristol. Greenall recalls "the one thing of his dad's that he wasn't allowed to touch was the old Martin acoustic guitar." Greenall said, "It was his one possession where he said, 'everything in this house is owned by everybody – apart from that.'"[2] Their presence influenced his future in music. "The great thing about growing up in a house where music is a big factor... was the fact that music being part of your life was a perfectly natural thing." During his teenage years, he accumulated eclectic musical interests, gravitating towards The Cure, The Smiths, The Orb, African music, and Japanese hardcore, before discovering electronic and dance music at University of Leeds.

He earned his degree in History and English at University of Leeds and, with student friends, formed the short-lived dance act EVA, who signed to Kikin' Records in 1993.[3] For the remainder of the 1990s and much of the early 2000s, Greenall worked in the music industry for various London-based labels, including Virgin's Source, Def Jam, and Sony. Simultaneously, he pursued a musical career, remixing and producing for various artists, including Ryuichi Sakamoto and Elbow but also as a DJ.[4]


Greenall performing in Lausanne, Switzerland

Fink's serious recording career began with Ninja Tune subsidiary N-Tone's release of his debut single "Fink Funk" in 1997,[5] followed by the album Fresh Produce in 2000, a well received chill-out set that fitted neatly with the output of the label. In the following years, he continued to produce other artists, including Martin Taylor, Michael Pitt and Robert Belfour.

Towards the mid-2000s, Greenall developed a disillusionment with dance music and being a DJ and began to turn to more traditional musical avenues. It was this feeling which resulted in 2006's Biscuits for Breakfast, the first album to feature current collaborators Guy Whittaker and Tim Thornton, with whom Greenall had been friends for a few years but had not yet worked. Built around his bluesy voice, finger-picking acoustic guitar and the stripped-back live rhythm section, the self-produced Biscuits boasted a fledgling pop sensibility while retaining some of the signature Ninja Tune sonic hallmarks. He became the label's first singer/songwriter.[4] The album, along with single "Pretty Little Thing", helped define his style and began to bring his name to a wider, and higher-profile, audience, notably Zero 7, who invited Fink to support them on their UK tour.

2007–2009: Distance and Time and Sort of Revolution[edit]

During the extensive European and American tours which accompanied Biscuits, Greenall began to write songs for the follow-up album. For this, he collaborated both with his bandmates and third parties, teaming up with Blair MacKichan for the writing of the "This is the Thing", and producer Andy Barlow of Lamb. The eventual album, Distance and Time, was released through Ninja Tune in October 2007, and was immediately recognised as a more robust, band-led affair than its predecessor, with musicOMH stating that "the soft-spoken confessionals of their debut are more accomplished this time, taken to the big city and returned home just as wounded, but more worldly-unwise than their little brothers."[6] The tour following Distance's release took Fink to new territories such as Germany, South Africa and Canada, and also saw the band supporting Italian rock band Negramaro at their climactic San Siro stadium show in Milan.

The Fink trio (L-R Greenall, Whittaker, Thornton)

One of Distance and Time's tracks "If Only" attracted the attention of American singer-songwriter John Legend, with whom Greenall collaborated on tracks for his album Evolver. The hit single "Green Light", featuring André 3000, won a BMI Award for Greenall in 2010.[7] Legend reciprocated by collaborating on songs for Fink's 2009 album Sort of Revolution. Greenall decided to return to production duties for this set, resulting in a more experimental approach that the BBC's Keira Burgess described as a "sublime study in the art of pleasing yourself without drowning in indulgence".[8]Radiohead became a fan of Fink's work at this time, posting the song "Q&A" on their website playlist.[9]BBC Radio One DJ Gilles Peterson, who commissioned a live session for his late-night show, recorded at the BBC's Maida Vale Studios.[10]

Sort of Revolution's accompanying tour was more extensive than previous outings, taking the band to China and Australia for the first time. In the latter country, Fink headlined a three-night stand at the Sydney Festival.[11] It was during this trip that Greenall met Professor Green, and the pair decided on a collaboration for Green's upcoming debut album, 2010's Alive Till I'm Dead. The track, "Closing The Door", features a rap from Green, a sung vocal from Greenall and instrumental backing from Thornton and Whittaker. The experience led Green to request a further partnership, this time for his 2011 release At Your Inconvenience, another full-band collaboration on "Spinning Out", a reworking of The Pixies 1987 classic "Where Is My Mind".

On the American trip for the Revolution album, Fink was invited to perform at a tribute concert for R.E.M. at New York City's Carnegie Hall. Greenall performed a solo rendition of "The Apologist" from the band's 1998 album Up.[12]

2011–2012: Perfect Darkness[edit]

Songwriting sessions for Fink's fifth full-length album began in early 2010. For this album, Greenall's process was very different. Greenall recounted in an interview that "after all the live shows and all the fun we'd had on stage, we jammed first as a band. No vocals, just these massive soundscapes. We did about 30 of them. Then a couple of weeks later, go through them, pick the best bits. "Perfect Darkness", the song, was one riff, one bass line and one moment of a 20-minute jam."[13] The band travelled to Los Angeles to record the subsequent album with producer Billy Bush.

Fink onstage at Paradiso, Amsterdam, 2011, with 59 Productions' stage set

On 27 March 2011, the track "Perfect Darkness" was made available for free download via the band's website, followed by the album release on 13 June. The critical reception the album received was positive, with The Guardian's Caroline Sullivan describing it as a "delight... achieves such loveliness you don't want it to end",[14] and the BBC's Ian Wade calling the set "a writhing, surprisingly meaty addition to the over-crowded singer-songwriter genre."[15]

To support the album, the band took the decision to enlarge their stage show considerably, not with additional musicians but with a visual production, designed by 59 Productions, famed for working with Jónsi and on the stage show War Horse. Says Greenall: "They’ve been part of the album big time since the moment we started to write it because we knew that they would be involved with the stage show. They've custom engineered the show that doesn’t overpower the music but just kind of embraces you and it emphasises some of the atmospherics in the music."[16] The live show involved a frame to which 48 Anglepoise lamps were screwed, and eight gauze visual screens. The subsequent tour took Fink on 49 dates in fourteen countries throughout autumn 2011, including London's Union Chapel, where The Times' David Sinclair found the show "a perfect storm of profound, brooding emotion."

In 2012, Fink featured alongside Professor Green on "Read All About It, Pt. II", a new version of Green's hit single "Read All About It" featuring Emeli Sandé. The song was recorded for Q magazine. In November 2012, Fink played their largest UK headline show to date, at London's Shepherd's Bush Empire.

2012–2013: "Queen's Night" concert with Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra[edit]

In October 2011 Fink were approached by the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra of the Netherlands, and Dutch classical music charity Entree, to perform with the orchestra on the traditional Queen's night concert the following year. The concert took place on 29 April 2012 at the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, and featured classical pieces chosen by the band, along with exclusive arrangements of 6 songs from across Fink's catalogue, scored by Jules Buckley of the Heritage Orchestra. Also performed was Buckley's arrangement of Henry Purcell's "What Power Art Thou", sung by Greenall. Claudia Cuypers of OOR stated that "the orchestra gives [Fink's] songs a new, unexpected power and lightness... in this hall his songs become complete, even though you'd thought they already were."[17]

The orchestra commissioned a special iPad application for the event, on which worldwide viewers could stream audio and video footage of the concert live, in real time: the first time such an application has been used for this purpose in the Netherlands.

On 14 October 2013, a live album of the concert was released through Ninja, entitled Fink Meets The Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra.

2014–2015: Hard Believer and Horizontalism[edit]

On 19 March 2014, Fink released the first song from their new album, "Hard Believer". The song was made available for free download from the band's website, and streaming on SoundCloud.[18] A week later, Fink confirmed that a new album entitled Hard Believer would be released in summer 2014.

Hard Believer was released on 14 July 2014 through a new Ninja Tune imprint R'COUP'D. Like its predecessor, it was produced by Billy Bush. Buoyed by the radio success of the single "Looking Too Closely", the album charted in several territories, including a top 10 appearance in the Netherlands (number 8), number 25 in Germany, and at Top 30 slot on the BillboardHeatseekers album chart in the US.

Following the success of the Hard Believer album Greenall made an alternative version of the album using some more of the atmospheric sounds from the record, which emerged in May 2015 as Horizontalism.[19]

2017: Fink's Sunday Night Blues Club, Vol. 1 and Resurgam[edit]

On 10 March 2017, Fink released a more blues-oriented album called Fink’s Sunday Night Blues Club, Vol. 1. Considered a “side project” "after the pressure of Hard Believer, and the studio time of Horizontalism, to do something raw, rough, and live, a record that just was, for its own sake", it was recorded in Fink's apartment in Berlin. The album was produced and mixed by Fink and Flood; each track was recorded “fast, live, using one vintage mic, and one vintage amp.”[20] The track Cold Feet was later used in the television show Better Call Saul.[21]

On 15 September 2017, again through R'COUP'D, Fink released their album Resurgam, with previous releases of the singles "Cracks Appear" on 31 July and "Not Everything Was Better in the Past" on 29 August. The album was recorded entirely at the Assault & Battery studios in London with producer Flood. Fink subsequently announced an autumn tour with more than 60 dates across 19 countries, with the band including two drummers for their live performances.[22]

2019: Bloom Innocent[edit]

On 25 October 2019, Fink released their album Bloom Innocent. It was again produced by Flood.

Other collaborations[edit]

In 2005, Greenall sings the track "Dead Man" on Nitin Sawhney's album Philtre.

Fink appeared on Bonobo's 2006 album Days to Come for the track "If You Stayed Over" (an adaptation of which became "Make It Good", from Fink's own Distance And Time album).

In 2008, Fink appeared on the John Legend album Evolver, having co-written "Greenlight" and co-produced and co-written "Set Me Free".

Fink also continues to operate within the dance music scene under the name Sideshow on Will Saul's Simple Records, with seven releases to his name. An album, Admit One, was released in January 2009. He also continues to record under various guises, currently Quantum Entanglement with Berlin-based DJ Lee Jones.

In November 2011, he has spoken of his early sessions with Amy Winehouse, saying, "the songs were there, her voice was there, and she was genuinely who she was, and that was obvious even at 17. She was a no compromise, full-on artist. It was just awesome to work with her."[16]

In 2012, Fink appeared on the Season 2 pilot episode of an Indian musical show called The Dewarists along with composer Salim-Sulaiman from India and Shafqat Amanat Ali from Pakistan.

In 2013 Fink collaborated with John Legend on the soundtrack album to 12 Years a Slave, having co-written and performed "Move".


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Imagine Dragons - Wrecked (Official Music Video)

Jimmy Fink

Jimmy Fink is a New York metropolitan area radio personality, producer, and writer.

Early life and education[edit]

Fink was born and raised in Eastchester, New York. He is part of the family which owned the Fink Bakery, a New York City fixture from 1888 to 2000 located in Manhattan and Long Island City.[3]

Jimmy Fink studied drama at the University of Arizona from 1967–69 and received a BA degree in Speech Arts/Communications from The American University in Washington DC in 1971. While at American University he was essential to the early development of the college radio station, WAMU-FM and also worked at rock station WHFS in Bethesda Maryland. From 1971-72, as a graduate student, he studied electronic music at The New School for Social Research in New York City.

He has one son and a pair of twin daughters. His daughter Lucie Fink is a video producer and lifestyle host, and she recently launched her own company.


Fink began his professional radio career in the fledgling days of New York FM radio at WABC-FM, which later became WPLJ. From 1970-83 he worked for WPLJ as an on-air personality, and is one of the better-known on-air personalities in New York FM radio.[citation needed] In 1985, he was one of the first New York air personalities to join the new K-Rock, WXRK, in New York City.

Fink has also done voiceover work for HBO, Cinemax and various other commercial clients. He was the longtime producer for various nationally syndicated shows on the ABC Rock Radio Network, including Rock & Roll Legends, a daily calendar of rock events, and New Waves, an interview program distributed by NPR focusing on rock stars' youth and upbringing. Rolling Stone Magazine's Continuous History of Rock & Roll, written and produced by Fink, was heard worldwide on 140 radio stations. His interviews with rock stars have been featured in hundreds of radio programs. He was the host of Rock Watch, a nationally syndicated show for the United Stations Radio Network. Currently he is writing and producing [email protected], a daily program on 107.1 The Peak featuring "ten great songs from one great year."[citation needed]

In 2004, he became the afternoon drivetime host on 107.1 The Peak, WXPK-FM a suburban New York radio station owned by Pamal Broadcasting.[4]

Honors and awards[edit]

In July 2008, and again in 2010, Fink was named "Best Radio Personality" by the readers of Westchester Magazine in its annual "Best of Westchester" issue.


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Sours: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jimmy_Fink

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