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IBM 3000VA LCD 3U Rack Uninterruptible Power Supply for IBM System xProduct Guide (withdrawn product)

SpecificationIBM 3000VA LCD 3U Rack UPS (100V/120V)IBM 3000VA LCD 3U Rack UPS (200V/208V)IBM 3000VA LCD 3U Rack UPS (230V)IBM part number5395-3AX5395-3JX5395-3KXVA/Watts rating2880 VA / 2700W (120V)
2300 VA / 2300W (100V)3000 VA / 2700W3000 VA / 2700WNominal output voltage (Vac)100/120V AC208V AC230V ACLoad groupsTwoTwoTwoOutput connectionsOne NEMA L5-20R
Two NEMA 5-20R
Two IEC 320 C19
Two IEC 320 C13Two NEMA L6-20R
Two IEC 320 C19
Two IEC 320 C13Two IEC 320 C19
Eight IEC 320 C13Nominal output voltage regulation92-108V (100V)
106-132V (120V)184-228V (208V)208-253V (230V)InputNominal input voltage
(auto sensing at first power-up)100/120V208V230VInput amperage30A20A16AInput frequency (auto sensing)50/60 Hz +/- 3 Hz50/60 Hz +/- 3 Hz50/60 Hz +/- 3 HzInput connection TypeNEMA L5-30P (fixed line cord)IEC 320-C20IEC 320-C20Included line (input) cordsNEMA L5-30P 2.0 m (fixed)(1) IEC 320 C19 to NEMA L6-20P 4.3 m
(2) IEC 320 C19 to LP-3 4.3 m (Taiwan)Optional line cords (See Table 2)Input voltage range, mains operations84-121V for 100V
97-145V for 120V155-255V for 208V160V-286V for 230VBatteriesTypical backup timesSee Table 4See Table 5See Table 6Battery typeValve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) – maintenance-free, sealed, leak-proofOptional External Battery PackYes, 69Y1982Yes, 69Y1982Yes, 69Y1982Typical recharge time4 hours to 90% charge from a UPS/battery discharge of 50% rated load

IBM UPS 10000XHV 21308RX User Manual


Support for 10000VA and
8000W translates into

up to a  

.8 power factor


Hot-swappable batteries help
maximize uptime and


Support for the IBM UPS
Extend Run External Battery

add more than 35

minutes of battery operations
at full load


Space-saving 6U form factor
for rack mounting or tower 


Choice of serial, USB or LAN
connectivity for management


Designed to provide more power and
performance, with a smaller package
and price
Help increase the availability and
reliability of your business-critical data

with the new IBM



uninterruptible power supply (UPS).
Designed by IBM to meet customer
requirements for high-density and
cost-effective power management,
UPS10000XHV products are intended
to deliver more features and better
performance at a lower price per watt
than previous UPS models offered by
IBM. Plus, the UPS10000XHV packs
all this into a space-efficient 6U form
factor that converts easily from rack to
tower configurations.





 UPS carry

the IBM brand. 

The IBM UPS10000XHV provides the
benefits of IBM's renowned service
and worldwide support, plus a set of
innovations and features that are
available exclusively from IBM.

                                                                  T he IBM UPS10000XHV

IBM UPS10000XHV Uninterruptible
Power Supply Solution

Advanced power protection solutions for high availability

Get it now
go to


eserver/xseries or call 1 888 ShopIBM

to buy direct or to locate an IBM reseller.

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IBM 1500VA LCD 2U Rack Uninterruptible Power Supply for IBM System xProduct Guide (withdrawn product)

2.8 m line cordsPart numberEuropean 10A line C13 to CEE 7/7 (2.8 m)39Y7917Denmark 10A line C13 to DK2-5A (2.8 m)39Y7918Switzerland 10A line C13 to SEV 1011 (2.8 m)39Y7919Israel 10A line C13 to SI 32 (2.8 m)39Y7920Italy 10A line C13 to CEE 7/7 (2.8 m)39Y7921South Africa 10A line C13 to SABS 164/1 (2.8 m)39Y7922United Kingdom 10A line C13 to BS 1363 (2.8 m)39Y7923Australia/NZ 10A line C13 to SAA-AS C112 (2.8 m)39Y7924Korea 7A line C13 to KETI 15A/250V (2.8 m)39Y7925India 6A line C13 to Fig 68 (2.8 m)39Y7927China 6A line C13 to GB 2099.1 (2.8 m)39Y7928Taiwan 10A/125V C13/CNS 10917 (2.8 m)81Y2374Taiwan 10A/250V C13/CNS 10917 (2.8 m)81Y2375Brazil 10A/250V C13 to NBR 14136 (2.8 m)69Y1988Argentina 10A line C13 to IRAM 2063 (2.8 m)39Y79304.3 m line cordsPart numberEurope 10A/250V C13 / CEE 7/7 (4.3 m)81Y2376United Kingdom 10A/250V C13 / BS 1363A (4.3 m)81Y2377China 10A/250V C13 / GB2099.1 (4.3 m)81Y2378South Africa 10A/250V C13/ SANS 164-1 (4.3 m)81Y2379Italy 10A/250V C13/ CEI 23-16 (4.3 m)81Y2380Israel 10A/250V C13/ SI 32 (4.3 m)81Y2381Denmark 10A/250V C13/SB107-2-DI (4.3 m)81Y2382Australia 10A/250V C13/ AS/NZS 3112/2000 (4.3 m)81Y2383Argentina 10A/250V C13/ IRAM 2073 (4.3 m)81Y2384Korea 12A/250V C13/KSC 8305 (4.3 m)81Y2385India 10A/250V C13/IS 6538 (4.3 m)81Y2386Brazil 10A/250V C13/ NBR 14136 (4.3 m)81Y2387Taiwan 10A/125V C13/CNS 10917 (4.3 m)81Y2388Taiwan 10A/250V C13/CNS 10917 (4.3 m)81Y2389Switzerland 10A/250V C13/SEV 1011 (4.3 m)81Y2390
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