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We've revisited the ’90s; we've done butterfly clips, straightened tendrils, scrunchies, and Rachel Green–style plastic claw clasps. So where to next? Well, ’70s hair trends just called, and they're ready for a revival.

This season, brush up on Farrah Fawcett, Diana Ross, Stevie Nicks, and Brigitte Bardot. All four are major sources of inspo when it comes to our hair, as we see texture–from choppy shags to fluffy ’fros–make a delicious comeback.

The sequel to the Swinging Sixties brought about floaty layers and undone textures, but with some disco oomph and a rocker edge. Basically, this is liberated hair with a lot of attitude. Below we've rounded up the best chops making a phenomenal comeback. Now we just need to find some flared trousers and folksy floral vests to go with them….

Curtain bangs

“I’m always into a gorgeous, ’70s-style fringe, which seems to have been revived all over social media at the moment,” says celebrity hairstylist and Shea Moisture ambassador Stefan Bertin. “For me I think a way to modernize it is to texturize it, rather than keeping it fluffy. Using a light salt spray as a finisher will add some modern grit to an otherwise soft and feminine style, making it the best of both worlds.” Try Redken's Fashion Waves Sea Salt Spray.

“A major ’70s comeback trend is curtain bangs and billowing layers to really add drama and width around the face,” agrees Dom Seeley, international creative director at Color Wow. “So many influencers and social media content creators have rushed to get this haircut. It's gone viral.”

The shag

"I’m a big fan of the shag; it’s such an iconic ’70s look,” says hairstylist George Northwood. “I loved when I did it for Alexa [Chung] all those years ago with those big, face-framing bangs. This style adds lots of volume and texture to the hair, which is great for those finer-hair types. It’s a very ‘cool girl’ cut and can really update your whole style. To give it a bit more of a modern edge, I would ask your hairdresser to stay away from too many layers, as this can make it feel quite dated. Instead, make it all about that big statement sweeping fringe."

Fluffed-out ’fros

“Seventies hair was fluffed out and allowed to do its own thing,” says hairstylist and Afro specialist Charlotte Mensah, and we're seeing that once again. “With so many of us exploring and learning about our natural hair during lockdown, it's no wonder a lot more women want to let their unique textures thrive in 2021.” Extra-extra-large, ’70s-style ’fros are set to take center stage this summer–think disco, Soul Train vibes. As for giving the style a fresh spin, Mensah recommends applying her Manketti Oil Pomade. “It coats every last curl and coil with intense moisture to instantly eliminate frizz and dryness,” she says. “Your curls will look instantly defined and feel supersoft, especially during the warm spring and summer months.” 

Cher hair

“Another of the strongest ’70s hair trends I still see—even though it’s been around for a year or two—is the ‘Cher hair’ that Kim Kardashian made famous again,” says Seeley. “Long, middle-parted glass hair has still got all the momentum and looks great for any occasion. It makes a statement when it’s kept healthy with treatments and shine products.” (For this look, Seeley recommends Color Wow’s Dream Coat and Extra Mist-ical Shine Spray.)

Farrah Fawcett flicks

For one of the biggest styles this summer, “look to the iconic Farrah Fawcett style with flicks and a curtain fringe,” says celebrity hair stylist Dionne Smith. “It’s super versatile as it suits most face shapes and lengths.”

“Styling-wise, to keep it modern, it’s all about the shine and control,” says Seeley. “Use good curling irons or blow-dryers and boar-bristle brushes so you get the smoothness and shine while controlling your style. Seventies hair was fluffy and almost frizzy, but with modern-day products and tools, it’s easy to make it look polished.”


Last but not least, “the mullet has a comeback,” says Smith, “but a modern take will be disheveled and less severe than the ’70s version with lots of texture. Look to Miley Cyrus and Cara Delevingne, who have rocked the mullet.”

This story originally appeared onGlamour U.K.

Sours: https://www.glamour.com/story/these-70s-hair-trends-will-be-everywhere-this-summer

Some might say wallowing in nostalgia doesn’t get us anywhere. But when it comes to hair, that’s exactly what we’ve found ourselves doing this year, taking cues from a golden era in which haircuts were a thing. From Donna Summer to Farrah Fawcett, Debbie Harry to Jane Birkin, you name the muse, and 2021 has seen us covertly stealing their hairstyle.

“The modern way to do it – without looking too retro – is to nod to the feeling of the style, such as the shag, without being too ‘dress-up’ and literal about it,” says Luke Hersheson. George Northwood agrees, naming the ’70s as a cool era to take inspiration from, whether via super long hair or a brow-skimming fringe. His advice? “Nowadays it should be worn with more of an undone texture, as back in the ’70s it was quite set in place.”

Not sure where to start? British Vogue takes a look at the ’70s hair trends to try now.

The shag

An obvious place to start, the shag cut is everywhere this year. Defined by its choppy layers and wavy texture, Stevie Nicks and Mick Jagger wore excellent examples of the look back then. Now? Billie Eilish, Selena Gomez and models like Mica Argañaraz have all recently sported the shag.

Sours: https://www.vogue.co.uk/beauty/article/70s-hair-trends
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The Most Iconic Hairstyles In The ’70s!

The romantic era of the ’70s was all about freedom, which includes a variety of colors and eclectic looks. The prevalence of Bohemian fashion also famously sparked the hairstyles in the ’70s. It was the groovy years wherein they didn’t keep things simple. Everything feathered and teased. Actually, it’s one of those really admirable decades that ignited such influence to the beauty culture today.

Without further a due, let’s round up the most celebrated ’70s hairstyles! And take inspiration from the celebrity borrowed-from-the-seventies red carpet looks.

#1. The Shag Hairstyle

It’s the moment of when actress Jane Fonda stepped out of a salon that gave birth to the currently trending ‘shag.’ The shaggy hair is both sported by men and women, and for all, we know it was the hairstyle that made men instantly sexy! David Cassidy is perhaps the most iconic teen-heartthrob sporting the shag haircut.

The shag haircut is all about layers of various lengths. The layers progress from the shortest at the top of the head down to the longest at the bottom. You may think it’s sorta rockish and that may not be your thing. But, this trendy haircut is actually a ‘babe’ style, —just made edgier for modern fashionistas. 

Take inspiration from Alexa Chung and Taylor Swift who both made us love this hairdo again! You can go from the mod and classy to not overly done mussy shag with choppy ends. Then, freshen your hair with gorgeous highlights or the currently trending ash brown hair color! Pro Tip: Accentuating the layers is crucial. Apply a soft-hold mousse into your towel-dried hair, focusing on coating the layers. Followed by working your way to shape up the waves into place. You can air-dry or use a diffuser for drying and style it the way you want with a curling wand. Make sure to follow the direction of the hair when curling it to achieve a natural-looking result.

#2. The Straight Hair With Sleek Center Part

Straight hair’s sleek appeal is pretty convenient if you’ve been way too busy maintaining a hairstyle that requires volume and shape. This hairstyle is more characterized as Bohemian, —it’s all about the natural, effortless look. Ali MacGraw is perhaps the most iconic celebrity for her long, straight brown locks in a tearjerker 1970 film. It looks minimalist, classy, and hardly ever goes out of style.

The combination of long straight hair with a center part can always lead to blocking your sight. But hey! You can simply tuck it behind your ears to allow you to flaunt your statement earrings. Of course, we want to help you look like someone who has her life figured out!

All jokes aside, there may have been lots of changes in the gospels of hair, but this shiny straight hair with middle part hasn’t left the trend for years. It’s so versatile to play with! Update it with ash brown balayage, color-melt or give the ends some drama with ombre!

#3. The Feathered Cut

The retro feathered haircut is it looks so feminine on women, and really sexy on men. This excessive layering hairstyle with a center parting or with bangs, continuous to slay in the fashion department since the ’70s. Farrah Fawcett was responsible for its popularity. Nowadays, there are variations of feathered to try out! Check Eva Longoria and Jessica Biel’s modern take to feathered cut. Try it with ‘in curls’ and ‘out curls’ at the edges! Another reason that gives the ’70s trendsetter feathered cut the upper hand is it creates a beautiful symmetry, and it frames the face in a lovely way. Women with luscious natural thick waves benefit well with this classic, if not a more contemporary haircut. Perhaps, opting for long side bangs can add the charm and bring all the attention to your sparkling eyes. I call it blatant seduction to fall in love with!

Pro tip: Ideally, if the hair is chopped into ‘feathered’ correctly, it won’t a lot of trouble to maintain, especially the rock- chic look. It’s up to you how you want to part your hair when it’s about 90% dry. Followed by texturing it and scrunching it. Spray it with some volumizer or use a mousse to add some dense to your hair. Comb it gently to keep the shape.

#4. The Pageboy Haircut

None about the name sounds sexy, nor interesting. Before it was a hit in the ’70s, it was popular in the ’50s. When you see it, you’d be reminded of the parents who enjoyed turning their kids into ‘pudding-basins.’ Its most distinguishing feature was the bangs comb towards the face. It’s a longer version of bob cut but with a trademark fringe inspired by ’50s pinup legend Bettie Page.

For a while, the ‘pageboy’ hairstyle (which is originally a medieval haircut) stopped sweeping publicity. But, when Joanna Lumley brought it back in the ’70s, the universalized ‘pageboy’ cut is well-trimmed blunt fringe and rounded bob. You have to do some serious cutting to ensure it leads to a rather clean and sexy look. If you want this hairstyle to shake up your look, check Rihanna’s sleek pageboy bob cut.

#5. Long Hair With Brow-Skimming Bangs

The bangs are banging! It doesn’t seem like it will ever go out of style. Oh! I just mentioned brow-skimming bangs, except this one, ain’t cut shaped like ‘bowl.’ Rather, it mimics Cleopatra’s famously blunt bangs that downright sassy. The ’70s bangs also owe its fame from actress Jane Birkin and incomparable boho songstress Joni Mitchell. Both are iconic for their long, straight lob and messy bangs that looks natural and effortless.

Sandra Bullock is perhaps the A-list stars who brought back the most influential set of bangs. The stunning actress debuted with some layered brow-skimming bangs to her dark brown locks. Never underestimate the power of full-on fringes for long hair. The simple chop both be sweet-looking to sultry and oh-so next door since it’s meant to draw attention to the eyes. Also, you don’t have to forgo a voluminous blow-dry to have a full-fringe.

#6. The Wedge Haircut

In the 1970s, iconic figure skater Dorothy Hamill not only set the standards in figure skating, but her short hairstyle was also an instant hit. An athlete pioneered and turned a simple short hair into a free-flowing, spontaneous hairdo! Hamill’s contemporary wedge signature hair is still being sported by the younger generation today, — amp with a few modern touches.

The wedge hairstyle has its variations. The classic looks a bit similar to a biker’s helmet. Apart from Hamil’s classic wedge cut, those with frizzy, and waves benefit from the haircut too with this bedhead version.
The wedge haircut might be the answer if you’re looking for something chic but age-appropriate hairstyle. It’s a short, fuss-free, almost no-maintenance, and chic bob cut with sweeping bangs. The angled layers that hung above the shoulder is a carefree hairstyle that is perfect for mature women. See Catherine Bell’s new take to the wedge haircut. It was styled with a bit of disheveling, —certainly a fresh and sexy look we all adore.

#7. The Dreadlocks

The dreadlocks have been around for ages. Now, it’s among the most influential hairstyles since it sprang. The strong influence of Jamaican and Rastafarian culture in the ’70s introduced it to us. Thanks to the legendary music star, Bob Marley. The ropelike braids became the coolest hairstyle to ever exist. The exotic hairstyle continued ’till the hype of the Hip-hop culture in the ’90s.

Through the years, many hairstylists have given these dreads a linear evolution. Nowadays, every race of every gender on earth sport this hairstyle. The ability of the dreads to stay trendy is impeccable, surviving for thousands of years. A-list celebs such as Zendaya, Shakira, and Ciara pointed out that dreadlocks are more than just one aspect of a stereotype. And just like in the ’70s whoever rocks it has taken it on as a personal style.

Pro tip: The ‘dread-care’ involves washing it once every three days to a week with a residue-free dreadlock shampoo. Conditioners and scented shampoos are not advisable because they may leave residues into locks, you don’t want that. The most important step in washing the locks is rinsing it thoroughly. It’s also recommended to apply locking accelerator to tighten the dreads and keep them conditioned and nourished.

#8. The Disco Curls

It’s been over three decades since we’ve seen this ’70s glamorous blowout hair. It was the decade of free expression, diversity, weirdness, and some serious disco hair. A hair styled in a huge cloud of tight ringlets, finished with clothes decked in sparkling frills, and bold green eye makeup. At the peak of Jerry Hall’s career in the ’70s, her massive luscious locks inspired many women to let the natural wave of their hair guide their style.

The style isn’t dead yet. You can give it a modern touch by keeping the curls in order and the volume. Amp the look with a nice peach or cherry lippie, and you’re ready.

As of yet, we don’t see this party diva hair sweeping awards in the trend scene. But, we admire how Gwen Stefani and Solange Knowles rocked a bouncy disco diva hair with a side-parting. It kind of reminds us of the ’70s disco days. Other celebrities sported this a toned down version of this 70s-inspired hairstyle.

#9. Small Braids In Hair (Bohemian)

It’s not difficult to notice whereby the world changed its view towards the hippies. Back in the ’70s, their free-spirited lifestyle and stand against conformity are mocked. Years later, the Bohemian look became a mainstream fashion with styles present in every catwalk and fashion magazine. The young bohemian women created the tiny braids that they blend into the rest of their hair.

Up to this day, the tiny braids are still an exceptionally cool. The tiny braids are so cool it’s been a regular look on the red carpet. Instagram influencers showcased their versions of this hairstyle topped with a gorgeous flower crown. One of the fun styles includes creating braid chains starting at the front head. Then, the braid continues all the way to the back and pin it. Give it a go!

#10. The Afro Hairstyle

It’s the result of the black female jazz singers and dancers conclusion to ‘get real’ and break free from the prejudiced Eurocentric beauty standards. They ultimately gave their racial pride the justice it deserves by letting their natural thick curls stand out. Black women, particularly, college students close-cropped their thick hair.

Over time, the cropped hair evolved into a large round shape. No other person was more popular with this look than Angela Davis. Soon, after, more women abandoned hair straightening. Afro represented a celebration of freedom from the black community norms. The natural hair texture became a recognizable style, and into the iconic cool ‘party’ hair we know today.

Pro Tip: The goal is to keep the hair and scalp cleansed without affecting the curls. For the hair texture’s health, you only need to wash it once or twice a week with a moisture-boosting shampoo and conditioner. Moreover, unlike most women with thick hair, Afro is best air-dried. In the case of tangles, use a leave-on detangler to make it manageable.

#11. Super Long Waves 

The hairstyle is a natural flow of large curls with large volume. It’s not as massive as the disco curls nor as short as Farah Fawcett’s shag. But, the hair will remind you of the romantic flicks of women dressed in medieval age dresses or the Viking period. And let’s admit that it surely looks sultry. No wonder why most celebrities in the ’70s with this hair are sex symbols. 

There’s something really sexy about long, thick hair with large curls draping down past the shoulders. Maybe because the flow of the waves accentuates the face making it look soft? These soft tendrils of hair are quite complimentary to any face shape. The style is easy to pull off with the help of proper care of the wavy tresses. You only need to use the proper hair care products to maintain the beautifully immense volume and shine.

#12. The Cornrow (Baby Braids)

The ancient traditional African style of hair grooming is timeless. It will surely continue its reign. The person famed in rocking the look in the ’70s is a white female, —Bo Derek. She became an instant sex symbol after sporting cornrows, adorned with beads on the ends. Soon after, many women began to copy Derek’s hairstyle. It’s not only a standout beach look that is sure to make waves but can also look glamorous on any occasions.

Three decades later, different variations of Bo’s look resurfaced. Christina Aguilera, Alicia Keys, even Kim K rocked this ’70s look. Among the most elegant are the long braids, the side swept braids, long, thin cornrows with a center part and the long ponytail with thick cornrow braids. If you want your cornrows to look upbeat and ‘spunky,’ color it burgundy!

#13. The Classic Hippie With Braided Headband

No other hairstyles will remind you more of the ’70s than the braided headbands, especially beaded ones that hippies wear. In fact, it’s so widely known that kids know what decade they were created. Hippie girls pair it with colored sunglasses. They also decorate their hair with feathers or flowers. Some even decorate their braided bands with seashells for a truly authentic beach design. The style, however, calls for long, teased hair and lots of texture, —often loose waves.

To achieve the look, lather some mousse or gel to your damp hair and blow dry it. Using a curling iron, make delicate ringlets and slip on the headband. You may also use from hairspray to make the look last all day. Fix the headband in place. Add turquoise accessories, natural-looking makeup. Or you may go bold with eyeshadows, and dark lipstick for a truly hippie and sexy vibe.

#14. The Bandana (Scarf Around The Head) Hairstyles

Personally, Bandana hairstyles are gorgeous! They’re surely no passing fancy. Back in the ’70s, trendsetters wear bandanas as hairbands. It was very common for the retro women to wear messy updos with the bandana as headbands. Any hair type, texture, color, and length can rock the look in different ways. There are many ways to wear them apart from the standard carefully folded, wrapped around the head, and tied in the back.

Goldie Hawn (picture above) presents her vintage bandana hairdo with the 1960’s flair. The lightly messy look with her puffing ponytail at the back of her hair looks stunning with the wide bandana. You can sort the same borrowing modern versions from singers, Lara del Ray, Adele, and Katie Perry. Amp the look with the classic full bangs, or you can go for the side-swept bangs, instead.It’s a style often worn by Hippies, rock fans and bikers. Women with thin hair wear this on flowing hair. The favorite of the most is the 3’’ wide bandana tied around long wavy hair with a center parting, with the folded bandana pointing towards the forehead.


From half-up/half-down, flip style, to tiny high ponytails! More of the ’70’s hairstyle below for your inspo!

Sours: https://www.closetcouture.com/70s-hairstyles
Mick Jagger 70's Haircut - TheSalonGuy

Chic '70s Hairstyles That Will Always Be in Style

We blame Gucci for the resurgence of '70s hairstyles. Ever since Alessandro Michele took the design helm of the Italian fashion house, we've seen more and more '70s-style hair flicks, curls, and long hippie-style tresses on the catwalk and more celebs are making feathery free-spirited chops. Take Billie Eilish's blonde shag or Miley Cyrus's rocker mullet. We're welcoming this fun, flamboyant decade back into our lives with open arms; it was truly one of the coolest eras for hair. 

From Farrah Fawcett's big "Charlie's Angels" flicks to Diana Ross's disco-inspired afro, there are so many cool chicks to take inspiration from. Not only that but these styles are also super relevant today. We reckon they could be worn exactly the same as they were then and they would look just as awesome. To prove our point about how amazing this decade was for hair, we've selected TK of our favorite looks.

Scroll through our top picks for some unashamed '70s hairstyle inspiration.

Classic Shag

The ultimate 'cool kid' cut of the era, according to celebrity colorist, Jeremy Tardo, the shag is as definitive and quintessential to the '70s as they come. "The shag has been deconstructed and reinvented in so many ways since its inception," he says. We're loving Billie's grungy layers with wispy curtain bangs.

Feathered Hair

The Farrah flip is legendary. Fawcett became a star when she was cast in "Charlie's Angels," and as a result, everyone wanted this hair during that decade (and well into the '80s, too). In fact, this iconic hairstyle is loved even to this day. You'll need a decent barrel brush (We love Drybar's Double Pint Round Ceramic Brush, $42) to help re-create this look.

Fringe Bangs

Feather-light fringe bangs a la Jane Birkin, (aka Birkin bangs), are the wispy French girl-esque cut we didn't know we needed. According to celebrity stylist Michael Dueñas, today's version are slightly longer for the option to push to the side or wear in the front. "Have your stylist lay their comb at the start of your hairline going to the back of your head," he says. "Where the comb lifts up is how thick your bang section should be."

Shaggy Mullet

If you thought the day of the mullet's resurrection would never come, you're not alone. However, specifically the '70s era shag mullet, on the other hand, is just polished enough to feel, dare we say always fresh. Miley is consistently keeping us on our toes and paving the way with shocking new 'dos that always seem to explode in the salons and Pinterest shortly after.

The Blunt Cut

Layers in the '70s were pretty much all or nothing. On one hand, you have the shaggy all-over-layers, and on the other, you have a hair that is essentially all the same length. "Modern bobs are typically rough dried and flat ironed with the ends being straight or a very light tousle to the hair," Dueñas explains. "In the 70’s, most were round brushed. You had more volume and beveled ends." Dueñas recommends using Aloxxi Thickening Serum, $25 to add volume on fine hair and Aloxxi Essential 7 Oil Restorative Hair Serum, $35 on thicker hair to add sheen for that perfect polished bob.

Beehive Updo

Quick question: Do you follow Goldie Hawn on Instagram? If you don't, we suggest you do so immediately; she's brilliant. Thing is, Goldie has been awesome since forever. While that's mainly due to her incredible acting skills, her iconic '70s hairstyles don't hurt. Celebrity stylist Cory Aaron Scott explains how to make the perfect voluminous beehive: "Blow dry your hair and over direct the hair to create volume." For that extra umph you can follow with hair rollers in 1/2-inch sections and don't forget the flexible hairspray.

Low Pigtails

While the '90s had their high pigtails, the '70s were all about keeping them low, loosely grouped together, light and airy, and without much polish, Dueñas explains. To recreate, he suggests starting by rough drying or blow drying, then section a middle part. "Back comb all the hair at your crown, down to your occipital bone, lightly spread that hair down the middle from crown to nape," he says. "Bring to just below your earlobes and secure with an elastic, ensuring you keep the volume in your crown."

Half-Up Beehive

The '70s loved their beehive, that much is obvious. This half-up rendition was popularized in the '60s, undoubtedly inspired by the iconic Bridget Bardot, but people were still absolutely buzzing over the sultry goodness in the following decade. But can you blame them? Clearly, there's some timeless magic happening here.

Scarf in the Hair

Scarf, bandana—anything you can tie up in the hair—the '70s (and the '80s for that matter) were living for this carefree, fun, and hippie-esque vibe. And to be fair, so are we today. Just look how adorable Alana Morrison is in her bandana-tied updo.

Long and Wavy With a Center Part

Ask anyone who was there in the '70s and they'll tell you it was a time for long, free-flowing locks with a dead-center part. As Tardo puts it, "The allure of the '70s hair is perpetuated through the iconic time's reputation for glamour and cool." And this style nothing if not glamorous and cool.

Long Shag

For pure hippie-chicness, there's only one person we can think of to copy, and that's Stevie Nicks. It's the one part rocker-chic to two parts Woodstock festival hairstyle, such as this long version of the classic shag, that really does it for us. 

Long Flipped Out Curtain Bangs

Feathery, flippy hair of the '70s has made its way back into modern circles, with swoopy curtain bangs paving the way. "The curtain bang I think is and will always be so iconic," says Scott, adding "I have seen a lot of bangs and layers being blown out to create that feathered look." To recreate, he he suggests using a round brush with a lot of tension and a good blow-dry. "I recommend blowing those pieces away from the face letting the brush heat up. Then cool down and lastly spray with a good flexible hair spray."

Voluminous Roller Curls

For a rocker vibe, turn to none other than Tina Turner. The singer was, and still is, known for her shock of voluminous strands, but she kept it layered and wispy in the '70s.

Brow-Skimming Bangs

Curly Shag

A time for bang exploration, another hot take to come out of the '70s was the short, straight across bangs that just barely kiss the tops of the brows. These typically came in a thicker, more blunt form than the wispy Birkin counterpart, but are also seen with varied amounts of piecey separation here and there. To say we're obsessed with Love Islander Cynthia Taylu's take on the '70s-era bangs would be an understatement.

This decade was putting in overtime pumping different shag looks and one of our absolute favorites is the curly shag. Seen in more recent years on the likes of Khadijha Red Thunder, Zendaya, Alanna Arrington, and Sandra Oh, to name a few, the layered cut is complete with effortless curly bangs. Scott says to cut the bangs slightly longer to "anticipate them bouncing up and getting shorter as they dry."

Accent Braids

If baby braids—whether placed as face-framing pieces or just strewn in random places throughout the hair—don't absolutely yell '70s in all caps, we don't know what does. "Braids are fun and whimsical," Scott says. "I love when you create a classic braid securing the end with a band then pulling it out so it is messy and undone. Clip to desired look—you can always place it wherever you want."

Sleek, Long, and Straight

Sleek, long, and pin-straight is a resurfaced trend Tardo has noticed, "'70s Cher and her immaculate mane come to mind immediately here," he says, noting that the Kardashians are frequent advocates of the look. "Ask your colorist for a rich brunette gloss or an all-over clear gloss. This will amplify the shine in your hair and give a perfect silky finish, allowing you to realize your long hair middle part dreams." For a DIY option, Tardo recommends Clairol Natural Instincts ($8).

Natural Afro

We can't talk about '70s hairstyles without mentioning the queen that is Diana Ross. During that decade, Ross dominated with her music, and she became the first Black woman to co-host the Oscars. While she was known for many different hairstyles, her natural afro style was always one of our favorites. 

Voluminous Ponytail

If there's anyone who can rock a '70s ponytail, it's Ariana Grande. Full and voluminous was the only way to do a pony back in the day and her side fringe is just the cherry on top.

Long and With a Side Part

Once again, Meryl Streep proves that there's nothing she can't do, including incredible blonde '70s hair. For this decade, the actress rocked the natural look. It was very girl-next-door with an extreme side part. What's not to love? 

Sours: https://www.byrdie.com/70s-hairstyles

Haircut 70s

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70s Hair - TikTok Challenge

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