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If you are looking to buy a police radar detector for use outside of Western Australia, then your only option is to look at a stealth radar detector - otherwise if you buy a (non-stealth) unit, it will be detected and confiscated by the police. Radar detectors that are not stealth, WILL be detected by police radar detector detectors (called Stalcars in Australia, and called Spectres in the US)

If you are looking to buy a car radar detector for use only in Western Australia, then you have a much greater choice. Since radar detectors are perfectly legal in WA, you can purchase any radar (stealth or not) - although due to the very low powered Multanova speed cameras, and the Vitronic laser speed cameras (Poliscan) used in WA we recommend a better quality radar detector. Otherwise it just won't give you advanced warning on these cameras!

DelonixRadar was started back in 2004 in Perth, Western Australia, when there was a prolific amount of mis-information on the Internet on the subject of Australian radar detectors . Whilst the BS has reduced (a little) there still remains conflicting views when a customer asks the question, "what is the best radar detector for Perth?" or "what's the best radar detector in Australia?"

Speak to 3 different Australian radar detector suppliers and you'll get three different answers. Why is this so?

Well the short answer is two out of the three online Perth radar detector suppliers are giving you an answer based on their profit margins and/or the exclusive rights they have to distribute a particular brand of detector. We do not operate this way!

If you want an unbiased answer, that is NOT based on exclusive dealerships or outrageous mark-ups, we challenge you to phone our competitors, ask the question what is the best radar detector (for you), then phone us and make your own judgement.

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Best Radar Detector Reviews

Radar detectors can help you avoid speeding tickets, but which one should you buy? Here’s a comparison review of the Best Radar Detectors of 2021 to keep you and your license protected on the road.

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Best Radar Detectors of 2021

There’s a lot of excellent radar detectors to choose from and each one has a sort of specialty, making it “best” for different people with different needs and budgets.

Escort Redline 360c: Best All-Around Radar Detector ($749)

Escort Redline 360c

The Escort Redline 360c is the best high performance radar detector on the market. It’s a long range detector with arrows and the best false alert filtering available. It ticks just about every box you could want.

  • Long range performance
  • Excellent BSM Filtering
  • Arrows
  • MRCD / MRCT detection
  • Stealth & RDD Immune
  • Integrated GPS
  • Automatic lockouts
  • Redlight / Speedcam Alerts
  • Bluetooth
  • WiFi
  • Escort Live cloud alerts
  • Automatic updates
  • Multicolor OLED Display
  • Speed limit displayed on screen
  • Laser jammer integration
  • Solid build quality
  • Great mount
  • No Open API
  • MultaRadar falses
  • No directional arrows for MultaRadar
  • Poor customer service
  • Expensive at $749

Buy the Escort Redline 360c

So the Redline 360c isn’t cheap. In fact it’s the most expensive windshield mount detector currently available on the market. That said, this is also the only detector on the market that gives you long range performance, excellent filtering to reduce false alerts, GPS built in with auto lockouts to make it more plug-and-play, Bluetooth to extend its functionality, and simple ways to keep it updated. It makes for an excellent all-around detector.

With the Redline 360c, this is the first time that we have a fully featured and high performance radar detector without a ton of false alerts that’s also easy to setup and use.

It also has arrows to help locate the source of the threat, it can share alerts in realtime with other drivers, it’s almost completely plug-and-play, it’s completely undetectable to radar detector detectors, and it can continue to keep itself updated over time. The integrated GPS also alerts you to fixed red light and speed cameras.

As a bonus, the Redline 360c comes with a 1 year limited ticket-free guarantee. If you get a radar or laser ticket within the first year of ownership, Escort will cover the cost of the ticket. There is some fine print and it doesn’t also cover the cost of any court costs, lawyer fees, or increases to your insurance premium, but it’s a nice additional layer of protection in case of a ticket. You will need to buy the detector directly from Escort in order for this guarantee to apply.

When it was launched initially, it had a bunch of critical flaws, but fortunately most of them have since been fixed. There’s still some issues like how some people experience Ka falses and the arrows still need some refinement. Plus if you enable MultaRadar detection (necessary for detecting low powered photo radar used in some automated speed cameras in Alberta, Quebec, NYC, Chicago, Maryland, & Washington D.C.), the arrows don’t work for those and you’ll get quite a few false alerts. However, against your traditional radar threats you’ll see around the country, it does a fantastic job. For this reason, the Escort Redline 360c has become my go-to detector to run around town.

Buy the Escort Redline 360c

Once you buy your Redline 360c, here’s your tutorial on how to set it up.

Uniden R7: Long Range Performance with GPS & Arrows ($499)

Uniden R7: Best Radar Detector

If you’d like high performance and arrows for less money, the Uniden R7 is the best bang for the buck high performance radar detector. It also offers a ton of protection, but for $250 less.

  • Outstanding range
  • Arrows
  • Best BSM filtering
  • Automatic GPS lockouts
  • Low speed muting
  • Redlight / speed camera alerts
  • MRCD / MRCT detection
  • Phone not required for GPS features
  • Multicolor OLED display
  • Great bang for the buck
  • Not completely RDD immune
  • Autolockouts need further refinement
  • No Bluetooth or app integration
  • Update process can be troublesome
  • Flimsy mount
  • Build quality feels a little plasticy

Buy the Uniden R7

I love the R7. At $499, it’s my go-to pick in this price range. It’s an incredibly popular detector that offers extreme long range, arrows, MultaRadar detection, and it has GPS built in for your false alert filtering around town and redlight / speed camera alerts. I think it hits the sweet spot for features and performance for the dollar, plus it’s highly configurable to run it the way you want.

Thanks to a recent update, its false alert filtering is now excellent. The R7 used to be a chatty detector, but with its new K Block features, it’s able to filter out most nearby vehicles emitting blind spot monitoring (BSM) radar and so it has become much more quiet and trustworthy. This change alone has seriously improved the detector and made it a strong contender for running on your windshield. The R7 currently leads the pack in terms of BSM filtering.

It has also recently received an updates to add autolockouts so now it can automatically learn and filter out stationary false alerts from speed signs and shopping center door openers. This feature doesn’t work perfectly yet and is still undergoing further improvement, but it’s great that the R7 is becoming much more of a plug-and-play detector.

Speaking of updates, quite a few people struggle with Uniden’s update software. The detector itself is pretty great, but keeping it updated can be a bit of a headache for some.

Boiling it all down though, if you’re looking for a feature-packed high performance detector with arrows for hundreds of dollars less than the most expensive detectors, the Uniden R7 will keep you well protected. The R7 is the best bang for the buck among top tier radar detectors.

Buy the Uniden R7

Once you buy your R7, here’s your tutorial on how to set it up.

Valentine One Gen2: Performance, Arrows, Incredible Third-Party Apps ($499)

Valentine One Gen2

The Valentine One Gen2 paired with some third party apps make for a pretty incredible package. It’s gonna require a phone for maximum features and false alert filtering, but this combo gives me long range performance, very good BSM filtering, plus the automatic GPS lockouts just like the Redline 360c for $250 less.

  • Outstanding long range
  • Excellent BSM filtering
  • Arrows
  • Bluetooth + Open API
  • Fantastic third party apps
  • Automatic GPS lockouts (app)
  • Excellent mount
  • RDD immune
  • LED display works great in direct sun
  • No built-in GPS
  • Requires a phone for full functionality
  • More limited without phone
  • Excessive false laser alerts
  • No redlight / speed camera alerts
  • No MRCD / MRCT detection
  • Setup is more complicated

Buy the Valentine One Gen2

The V1 Gen2 is very popular among radar detector enthusiasts. The new Gen2 is a major update to the original V1 with an all new design giving it longer range, undetectability, better false alert filtering, and now bluetooth built in. To get the most from this setup, you’ll want to tie it in with your phone to add some of the features built directly in to other detectors.

Long range detection is in the same ballpark as the Escort Redline 360c and the Uniden R7. BSM filtering is just a notch below the Redline 360c, but noticeably better than the R7. It’s also relatively compact and it’s stealthy like the Redline.

Unfortunately though it lacks GPS built in so you’re not going to get some of the basic features you’ll want to keep the detector quiet around town including low speed muting or GPS lockouts. You can purchase Savvy for $69 to get low speed muting, but the V1 otherwise lacks the ability to learn and lock out known stationary false alerts, plus there’s no way for it to alert you to redlight or speed cameras that don’t use radar at all. Fortunately, there’s third party apps available to help you with all of this.

If you’re running an iPhone, buy V1Driver ($10). If you’re on Android, download JBV1 (free). Both of these apps will add back in your GPS lockout functionality, plus they’re automatic like the Redline 360c. Additionally, the lockouts are even safer than anything built directly in to any radar detector.

Not everyone wants to use their phone to add in some otherwise basic features to their radar detector and I totally get that. It really is nice to have the detector be able to take care of all the core functionality itself and you can just plug it in and have it work. That said, the phones can add a bunch of nice extra features. I’m an iPhone guy and V1Driver is a nice way to add in the much needed additional false alert filtering. I personally prefer the Android app because there’s SO many additional features. For this reason, I actually purchased a dedicated Android phone just to run apps like JBV1. It does mean running an extra phone, mount, and power cable in my car, plus making sure the phone battery doesn’t die while I’m parked for a few days. If you’re already an Android user, you can use your main phone. Either way, the app setup is significantly more complicated and the learning curve is steep, but if you’re a tech savvy power user and you want to get an incredible level of information and awareness about what’s going on around you, the V1 Gen2 with JBV1 is unbelievable.

Buy the Valentine One Gen2

Once you select the V1 Gen2, read this tutorial to learn how to program your V1.

If you’re an iPhone user, watch my V1Driver setup video. If you’re an Android user, watch my JBV1 setup videos.

Radenso DS1: Best non-arrow detector. Long range, autolockouts, bluetooth, open API ($399)

Radenso DS1

The Radenso DS1 is another great option. If you don’t wanna spring for (and pay for) a radar detector with arrows, the Radenso DS1 is your top pick. It’s got excellent range and a bunch of awesome useful features. The DS1 launches Sept 1st.

  • Outstanding Ka detection range
  • Good BSM filtering
  • Automatic GPS lockouts
  • Low speed muting
  • Redlight / speedcam alerts
  • MRCD / MRCT detection
  • RDD immune
  • Bluetooth & Open API
  • No arrows
  • Magnetic mount not compatible with all vehicles
  • Needs better audio alert tones

Buy the Radenso Pro M

The Radenso DS1 is essentially a souped up Uniden R3, improving upon that platform and addressing its main weaknesses. The initial test results have been outstanding, besting out the competition in long distance range.

The DS1 features a nice solid design, automatic GPS lockouts to make things more plug-and-play, a big and easy to read display, photo radar detection, and a wider K band scanning range to ensure you can pick up different photo radar systems.

Additionally there’s now Bluetooth built in. Radenso is developing their own Android and iOS apps to connect to the detection. Plus they’re adding support for an open API, a very smart move that allows third party developers to create apps for the detector and add additional functionality. This helped elevate the V1 dramatically and now the DS1 will share this same opportunity.

If you don’t want to pay $500+ for a good radar detector with arrows, your best non-arrow detector is the Radenso DS1. You’ll be able to order starting Sept 1st.

Buy the Radenso Pro M

Once you select your DS1, here’s your tutorial on how to set it up.

Best Affordable Radar Detectors

Are you looking for a less expensive option that doesn’t cost $450+? There are a few good affordable options and here are your top picks:

Uniden R3: Best Radar Detector under $300 ($269)

Uniden R3: Best Radar Detector

If you want high performance like the R7 offers, but you don’t necessarily need arrows to point right to the officer, you can save $200 by picking up the Uniden R3 instead. It’s the best radar detector under $300.

  • Excellent long distance detection range
  • Fantastic bang for the buck
  • Manual GPS lockouts
  • Low speed muting
  • Redlight / speedcam alerts
  • MRCD / MRCT detection
  • RDD immune
  • BSM filtering good, not great
  • No arrows
  • Manual GPS lockouts, not automatic
  • No Bluetooth
  • Limited MRCD / MRCT detection

Buy the Uniden R3

The more compact R3 (no rear antenna like the R7) is also a top performing windshield mount radar detector. It’s a long range detector whose performance only slightly trails behind the R7.

It is a solid pick that offers GPS functionality for manual GPS lockouts and low speed muting (keeping it quiet around town), plus an updatable database for redlight camera and speed camera alerts.

It doesn’t offer arrows, auto lockouts, or Bluetooth, and its MRCD detection is pretty poor compared to the top end options, but for a more affordable option to give you excellent range against most police radar guns, there’s nothing in this price range even close.

There’s actually two variants of this detector, the Uniden R1 without GPS ($199) and the Uniden R3 with GPS ($269). If you drive in urban areas, the R3 is the one to get because it offers the additional filtering options you’ll really need around town. (Manually pressing the mute button every time you pass a grocery store on your commute gets old quick.) If you drive primarily in rural areas where you don’t encounter those false alerts, the simpler R1 would be the way to go. Personally I’d recommend the R3 for most drivers as it’s a more well-rounded detector and the GPS functionality adds a ton of value.

It’s the best radar detector under $300 and it gives you an incredible level of performance for the money.

Buy the Uniden R3

Once you select the R1 or R3, here’s your tutorial on how to set it up.

Uniden DFR9: Best Radar Detector under $200 ($199)

Uniden DFR9

If you’re looking for the best budget detector and don’t want to drop the cash on a top end detector, the mid-tier Unidens would be my recommendation. The Uniden DFR9 is a good all-around radar detector for both city and highway driving, and at under $200, it won’t break the bank.

  • Reasonable detection range
  • Fantastic bang for the buck
  • Manual GPS lockouts
  • Low speed muting
  • Redlight / speedcam alerts
  • RDD immune
  • BSM filtering is okay, not great
  • No arrows
  • Manual GPS lockouts, not automatic
  • No Bluetooth
  • No MRCD / MRCT detection
  • 2 digit (not 3) frequency display

The DFR9 doesn’t have the longest range ever or the best BSM filtering around. However, it offers more performance and capability than most anything else in this price range (what Uniden is known for), good BSM filtering for its price point, plus it gives you GPS lockouts which is amazing under $200.

Buy the Uniden DFR9

Range on the highway is pretty good, especially on the more popular police radar frequencies like 34.7, but it’s a bit weaker on others including 33.8 and 35.5. The R series detectors like the R3 and R7 offer insanely good detection range on all bands so you don’t have this trade-off which is the primary reason I prefer the R series. The R3 also adds MRCD support so it’s more future-proof, but it does cost more.

In terms of filtering out false alerts, the DFR9 does a good job at filtering out cars with blind spot monitoring systems, considering its price range, so you won’t constantly get bombarded with false alerts. It also has a GPS chip built in which makes it very helpful around town. Thanks to the GPS chip, you can get your GPS lockouts to filter out known stationary false alerts, low speed muting for driving through town, as well as redlight camera alerts. If you need RDD immunity, the DFR9 is undetectable.

Realistically there aren’t a ton of good options under the $200 price point, but if you’re looking for something affordable that’s good for both city and highway driving, the Uniden DFR9 is the way to go.

Buy the Uniden DFR9

Once you select the DFR9, here’s your tutorial on how to set it up.

Best Custom Installed Remote Radar Detectors

Custom Installed Radar Detectors on my Audi Q5 Dash

Now if you don’t want a radar detector hanging off your windshield so there’s nothing visible to police officers, other drivers, and potential thieves, or you simply prefer a cleaner and more factory look in your cabin, a remote mount radar detector is the way to go. These are also necessary if you drive certain higher end luxury cars like a Mercedes, Porsche, Range Rover, or Tesla that has a heated or metallic windshield that interferes with various electronics like GPS receivers, toll passes, or radar detectors. If that applies to your vehicle, you’ll definitely want to opt for a remote detector instead.

Custom installed detectors will require professional installation since the radar detector antenna itself is installed in your grill. You’ll install a controller and display somewhere in your cabin and you’ll have it permanently installed and wired in your car. If you’re handy with electronics and wiring, you can do the install yourself.

I have multiple installed on my car for comparison and testing purposes. I’m finding there’s a lot of great options, each with their own pros and cons. Let’s take a closer look at the very best remotes.

Radenso RC M, Escort Max Ci 360, Net Radar DSP, and Stinger VIP in my Audi Q5 grill

Escort Max Ci & Max Ci 360: Excellent All-around Remote Radar Detector ($1999, $2399 w/ arrows, plus installation)

Escort Max Ci 360: Best Radar Detector

This is my personal favorite custom installed radar detector.

  • Excellent detection range
  • Great BSM filtering
  • Automatic GPS lockouts
  • Low speed muting
  • Redlight / speedcam alerts
  • Multicolor OLED display
  • Arrows
  • Cloud alerts shared w/ other drivers
  • Speed limit displayed on screen
  • RDD immune
  • ShifterMax laser jammers aren’t great
  • No Mac update software
  • No MRCD / MRCT detection
  • Doesn’t pair with ALP

The Escort Max Ci 360 offers the outstanding long range detection, excellent blind spot filtering, and since Escort has made several different generations of remote detectors now, their latest Max Ci is very refined. It features automatic GPS lockouts so the detector can learn and filter out false alerts for you, it can pair with your phone for sharing realtime cloud-based alerts with other drivers or displaying the current speed limit on screen, and you can add a rear antenna to gain directional arrows so it makes for an excellent premium remote mount radar detector.

You can buy it as a radar detector only pair it with any laser jammer you want, whether it’s Escort’s ShifterMax jammers or the AntiLaser Priority which is a superior and more effective laser jammer. It will integrate directly with the ShifterMax while the ALP will run alongside it independently.

The Max Ci features a separate controller and display so you can place them where convenient, but it also means you have two separate boxes to mount in your cabin instead of just one like with other detectors.

The Max Ci ($1999) is your front radar detector only. You can also add a rear antenna ($399) to give yourself arrows. The Max Ci 360 ($3599) is Escort’s complete package that includes front and rear radar detector antennas and front and rear Escort laser jammers (shifters).

With most remote radar detectors you have the option of either purchasing online or directly from your local installer, but with the Max Ci series detectors, officially you can only purchase them through a local installer, which is what Escort intends. You can sometimes find the detector brand new on eBay, but if you buy it new on eBay, your warranty will be through your seller, not through Escort, and Escort is actively trying to stop people from selling the detectors online. I know many people would like to save money on the purchase and/or install by buying online and doing the installation themselves, but Escort wants us to purchase through an installer and have a professional do the install for us. You can find a local installer here.

Find a local Escort installer near you.

Radenso RC M: Excellent Standalone Remote with MRCD, Integrates with ALP ($2099 w/ arrows)

Radenso RC M: Best Radar Detector

The Radenso RC M is Radenso’s standalone remote radar detector, plus it offers the very best BSM filtering available on the market (including Honda/Acura filtering), MRCD/MRCT support, and ALP integration.

  • Great detection range
  • Excellent BSM filtering
  • Manual GPS lockouts
  • Low speed muting
  • Redlight / speedcam alerts
  • MRCD / MRCT / Gatso detection
  • Arrows
  • Integrates with ALP laser jammer
  • Manual lockouts, not auto
  • Black & white display
  • No Bluetooth
  • Nearly RDD immune
  • Lacks accurate frequency display

Buy the Radenso RC M

The Radenso RC M is even quieter and more future-proof than the Escort Max Ci 360. The RC M offers long range performance, top notch blind spot filtering, directional arrows, manual GPS lockouts without requiring a phone, a magnetically removable display, MRCD/MRCT detection, and the ability to integrate with your ALP so you have one controller and display for both systems.

If you’re looking for an integrated system for both high performance radar and the ALP for laser, the RC M is your top choice. I prefer running the ALP standalone because you do get a few extra features, but most people prefer running them together to get one single controller for radar and laser, providing a very clean install in the cabin.

If you’re looking for MRCD detection (important for Canada and it’s showing up around the US), the RC M is the custom installed MRCD detector available, definitely something to consider since you can’t easy swap out custom installed detectors once they’re in your vehicle. Because of this, it’s more future-proof than the Escort.

GPS lockouts are manual with it (you have to teach it false alerts initially) and it doesn’t have an accurate frequency display (all 34.7 alerts show up as 34.700, for example, which doesn’t matter for most people). It’s also more affordable than the Max Ci remote. You can get it with two antennas for arrows for less than the cost of a front-only Max Ci, plus you can integrate it directly with the ALP which is the best laser jammer to go for. So with the RC M, you get a good radar detector that cleanly integrates with the ALP to boot.

Buy the Radenso RC M

Note: If you’re in Canada, you can purchase your Radenso RC M here. Use the coupon code “VortexRadar75” to save $75 off your RC M. (Coupon only valid in Canada.)

Net Radar Antenna DSP: Affordable Radar Detector to Integrate with your AntiLaser Priority ($649, $1149 w/ arrows)

Net Radar DSP: Best Radar Detector

My favorite bang for the buck remote radar detector is the Net Radar DSP. If you’re running the AntiLaser Priority laser jamming system (the best laser jammer on the market and I highly recommend that you get this jammer), it has the ability to integrate with several different remote radar detectors. The best one to use is the one that’s specifically designed for the ALP, the Net Radar DSP.

  • Great detection range
  • Good BSM filtering
  • GPS lockouts with phone
  • Low speed muting
  • Integrates with ALP laser jammer
  • MRCD detection
  • Arrows
  • Inexpensive for ALP owners
  • GPS lockouts require phone
  • Using phone breaks other features
  • No dedicated display
  • No redlight / speedcam alerts
  • MRCD detection is poor
  • Requires ALP to function

The Net Radar DSP is designed to be an all-around excellent radar detector giving you ton of performance for the money (it’s based on the same platform as the Uniden R3) along with reasonable false alert filtering. It offers long range performance, good blind spot filtering capabilities (including K band segmentation that can be used to filter out Honda/Acura falses), the ability to do GPS lockouts when paired with a phone, MRCD detection, you can add a second rear-facing antenna ($499) to get directional information, aka arrows, plus it’s easily one of the most affordable remote radar detectors you can buy. It’s designed to be the best bang for the buck and it delivers.

It’s cheaper than the competition because it uses the ALP as the “brains” for the detector so if you’re getting the ALP already, you don’t have to get a second “brain” for your radar detector. The $649 price is for the NR DSP add-on package on top of the price of the ALP, plus you need a Bluetooth ($99) or HiFi module ($119) as well if you don’t have that already.

Personally I find this to be the least refined of the top 3 systems. I think its interface sucks, especially if you want good false alert filtering around town. It requires your phone and an app for GPS lockouts, your dedicated speaker will no longer function, your control pad buttons won’t work completely to mute or lock out signals (some people buy a Flic bluetooth button to try and work around this, but it doesn’t always immediately reconnect reliability), and MRCD detection is functional but not super great. That said, if you have the ALP already or you’re going to get one, the NR DSP is your best bang for the buck remote radar detector. If you plan on disabling K band because you’re in CA, for example, and you only want to run with Ka band and Laser, I think the NR DSP could be an excellent choice.

Buy the Net Radar DSP

Once you select the Net Radar DSP, here’s your tutorial on how to set it up.

Best Radar Detectors of 2021

So which one is best? Boy I wish there was a simple answer to that because it really depends. They each have their pros and cons, as you can see, so let me give you my top picks from this list to simplify things a bit.

Escort Redline 360cIf you’re looking for the best detector available, regardless of price point, giving you long range, few false alerts, arrows, and a ton of useful features, and especially if you want the detector to do most everything for you so you get an easy to use experience, click here to purchase the Redline 360.

Uniden R7One of my top recommendations for serious drivers looking for the “best detector” is the Uniden R7. It’s a beast in terms of performance, giving you the best possible ability to detect police radar (arguably the most important job of a radar detector) while also effectively filtering out false alerts both on the highway and around town, making it a top notch choice. Plus you get arrows, MRCD support, and more. Click here to purchase the R7.

Valentine 1 Gen2If you want an excellent all around package with arrows and to have a solid understanding of the threats around you, if you’re cool with pairing your phone with your detector and a bit of an initial learning curve, get the V1 Gen2. You’ll get an incredible amount of features once you’re up and running. If you’re an iPhone user, run V1Driver with your V1. If you’re an Android user, download JBV1. Click here to purchase the V1 Gen2.

Radenso DS1If you’d like a high performance radar detector with all core features like automatic GPS lockouts, good BSM filtering, and photo radar protection, plus bluetooth and app support, the Radenso DS1 is your top pick. It’s your best radar detector under $400. Click here to purchase the DS1.

The popular Uniden R3 is also a top notch choice. It’s your best radar detector under $300. If you’re looking for maximum range at a more affordable price point, you can skip past the R7 with its arrows and get the arrow-less R3 instead. With its manual GPS lockouts, low speed muting, and RLC alerts, it make for a good detector to run around town. Click here to purchase the R3.

Uniden DFR9 radar detectorThis is the standard go-to recommendation for your all-around affordable detector with good performance and good false filtering for both city and highway without dropping too much cash. If you’re looking for the best bang for the buck and you want to spend less than $200, the DFR9 is the way to go. Click here to purchase the DFR9.

  • Escort Max Ci or Max Ci 360

If you’d like a well-integrated remote radar detector and laser jammer setup that does just about everything and does it well, the Max Ci or Max Ci 360 would fit the bill. They’re only available from local Escort distributors/installers. Click here to locate an Escort dealer.

Radenso RC MIf you’d like high end performance, fantastic false alert filtering, the most future-proof setup on the market, plus ALP integration, get the Radenso RC M.

Net Radar teeny thumbIf you’re running an AntiLaser Priority laser jammer and you want an inexpensive remote radar detector too, the Net Radar DSP is the best bang for the buck. You get great performance, decent filtering, and manual GPS lockouts when you add your phone. You also have support for multiple antennas to add arrows just like the other options. Click here to purchase the Net Radar DSP.

Recommended Accessories

Hardwire cables: Radar detectors come with a cigarette lighter power cable. You can optionally upgrade to a hardwire cable for a permanent and clean installation with no unsightly cables hanging down your dash and taking up your cig. lighter port. Click here to see your hardwire cable options and click here to read the installation guide.

Blendmount closeupBlendmount: Radar detectors come with a suction cup mount to attach to your windshield. In some areas it’s illegal to mount things to your windshield and it’s also nice to not have suction cups on your windshield or even suction cup rings when you remove them, not to mention suction cups sometimes fail which means your radar detector would fall down on your dash, so a nice upgrade is the Blendmount which hangs your detector under your rearview mirror. Click here to learn more about the Blendmount.

Waze:Waze is a free navigation app for your phone like Google Maps that allows drivers to report traffic, accidents, and where police officers are positioned in realtime. When you see an officer on the side of the road looking to give tickets, you can mark him in the app and alert other drivers. You can also see alerts from other drivers in realtime so it’s a great complement to your radar detector to add an additional layer of protection. You can download it for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

Laser Jammers: Radar detectors are great against radar but they don’t help against police officers running laser. To combat laser you’ll want a set of laser jammers for your car. Fortunately the choice for jammers is much easier and the best on the market in this case is the AntiLaser Priority. Proper setup and configuration is critical with jammers so you’ll also want to check out my complete ALP setup guide as well.

No matter which detector you choose listed here, you’re going to wind up with an excellent tool. It will do a great job of picking up police radar, it can help you filter out those pesky false alerts, and it can easily pay for itself many times over by helping you avoid speeding tickets from police shooting radar.

I’d also recommend reading about the Top 10 Questions About Radar Detectors to better understand some of the most frequently asked questions about how they work, legalities, where to mount them in your vehicle, and so on.

If you’ve found this guide helpful, please share it online so others can benefit from it too. When you purchase, you can use the links I’ve included which supports me without costing you a dime.

Thank you, happy driving, and enjoy! 🙂



Best Radar Detector Reviews of 2021

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Best Radar Detector Reviews of 2021


Find out what is the Best Radar Detector of 2021 to help keep you protected from speeding tickets. Learn about both high end and affordable radar detectors.


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Vortex Radar
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Everyone has a budget. If your budget allows, go for quality - it can be resold which makes the initial outlay that much less.

Over the past 15 years i went from a glove attached device (worked fine for the days I could actually catch what he threw), to a really cheap hand held gun (lasted a season), to a Stalker Pro.

The SP was unquestionably expensive. Bought it when S was 16 (definitely overkill initially). Every few years i ship it back to Stalker for routine maintenance; have gone through several battery handles, and never had any other issues. When you look at the market for used SPs in great shape, you see that the value has really held up.  i bet I could sell it today to young dads for 50 - 80% of the initial price - couldn't do that with the other devices which had residual values of zero.

It was an expensive vanity purchase which has gotten a lot of baseball use over the decade. (If you can stand to be pegged as "that dad," I have used it at tryouts (amateur and pro), lessons, all levels of college, HS, pro games, showcases and camps. Over the years, its been well used; but I know other dads who made similar purchases and used it for a season. Only you can speculate whether a big purchase makes sense.)

Sours: https://community.hsbaseballweb.com/topic/which-radar-gun
10 Best Radar Guns 2019

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