Blue sea 4368

Blue sea 4368 DEFAULT

Blue Sea Water-Resistant Accessory Panel (4368)

Package Includes:

  • 15-Amp circuit breaker
  • 12-Volt socket
  • Two 2.1 amp dual USB chargers
  • Mini digital volt meter


  • Easy-to-install, water-resistant accessory panel
  • Pre-wired harness included for easy installation
  • Illuminated, Carling Technologies 15-amp circuit breaker switch allows the ability to shut off panel, preventing parasitic draw
  • Panels offer customizable 12-volt charging and monitoring options
  • Silicone breaker boots and gasket protects against water ingress
  • Material: Polycarbonate/ABS panel face is UV-stabilized, flame retardant, and will not corrode
  • Power: 12-Volt DC only


  • Nominal voltage: 12 Volt DC
  • Waterproof: IP66
  • Dimensions:
    • Height: 2.25" (57.15 mm)
    • Width: 8.29" (210.57 mm)
    • Depth: 2.75" (69.85 mm)


Blue Sea 4368 Water Resistant Usb Accessory Panel - 12v Socket, 2x 2.1a Dual Usb Chargers, Mini Voltmeter

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Color: Blue

Code: 34G-BMA-CWR2555-4368

MPN: 4368

UPC: 632085043681

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4368 Water Resistant USB Accessory Panel - 12V Socket 2x 2.1A Dual USB Chargers Mini VoltmeterEasy to install accessory panels include a 15A circuit breaker switch and pre-wired harness. Panels offer customizable 12V charging and monitoring options.

Specifications for Blue Sea Systems 4368 Water Resistant USB Accessory Panel:

Features of Blue Sea Systems 4368 Water Resistant USB Accessory Panel

  • Pre-wired harness included in all panels for easy installation
  • Silicon breaker boots and gasket protects against water ingress
  • Illuminated Carling Technologies 15A circuit breaker switch allows the ability to shut off panel preventing parasitic draw
  • Polycarbonate/ABS panel face is UV-stabilized flame retardant and will not corrode
  • 12V DC only
  • Positions: 1
  • Nominal Voltage: 12V DC

Package Contents:

  • Blue Sea Systems 4368 Water Resistant USB Accessory Panel
Blue Sea Systems SI Charging Relay

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Sea 4368 blue

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Blue Sea Systems Add-A-Battery

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