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NCT 127 are the newest models for SLOW ACID and Teddy Island‘s new collaboration collection, and we’re obsessed.

While the official news dropped a few days ago, the photos were only just released today. And as expected, NCT 127 rocked the comfy casual vibe perfectly.

Taeil is wearing the Salmon Teddy Hoodie, selling for ₩82,000 ($73.16 USD).

The collaboration is also doing a special photo card event. Upon buying one of the sweatshirts NCT 127 is wearing, customers will also receive a random photo card.

Johnny is wearing the Oil Teddy Hoodie, selling for ₩82,000 ($73.16 USD).

Yuta is wearing the Croquis Teddy Sweatshirt, selling for ₩69,000 ($61.56 USD).

Preorders are only open until April 18th, so place your orders soon!

Taeyong is wearing the Classic Teddy Sweatshirt, selling for ₩69,000 ($61.56 USD).

Doyoung is wearing the S Stitch Hoodie, selling for ₩82,000 ($73.16 USD).

Jaehyun is wearing the Curved Logo Hoodie, selling for ₩82,000 ($73.16 USD).

Mark is wearing the Teddy Boucle Hoodie, selling for ₩82,000 ($73.16 USD).

Haechan is wearing the Yellow Teddy Sweatshirt, selling for ₩69,000 ($61.56 USD).

Jungwoo is wearing the Whatiscolor Hoodie, selling for ₩82,000 ($73.16 USD).

Which item out of this comfy casual line do you want to own?

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Just the ramblings of an INFJ's daydreaming — nctmentary: nct 127 x slow acid & teddy island...

nct 127 x slow acid & teddy island interview | johnny

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NCT 127 Sell Out Their SLOW ACID x Teddy Island Fall 2021 Collaboration

On September 27, 6 PM KST, SLOW ACID x Teddy Island updated their website to reveal the Fall 2021 clothing line modeled by NCT 127. Within two hours, all the new designs were sold out.

The teaser for the surprise drop had only been released two hours prior. A catalog of what clothing would be added and prices were not revealed. The only information provided was that a limited nine-piece photocard set would be gifted with the purchase of an event item. Even so, NCTzens swarmed to secure their spot in the preorders once the website updated. 

Photocard teasers revealed a blurry image as to what to expect if a set is secured. Nevertheless, NCTzens took to social media to express their thoughts on the semi-visible image. 

Some NCTzen noticed a connection between the photocard set and NCIT. 

NCT 127  began their relationship with SLOW ACID and Teddy Island earlier this year in April. This drop is the fourth release since then. In the previous drop, the members themselves designed the clothing. 

While photocards may no longer be available, NCT 127’s newest modeling pictures are available for viewing on the site. 

It is unclear whether the sold-out items will be restocked without the promotion photocard set or if they will stay sold out. Be sure to keep up with the brand’s official social channels including Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube to be the first to know of future drops.


For more on NCT 127, read about Sticker’s debut on Billboard 200 here!

Thumbnail courtesy of SM Entertainment.

NCT127 COLLABORATION, Designed by NCT127 - 1부

On the mother - because she could not restrain her lustful impulses, which led to a split in the family. To be more precise, it was a very stormy divorce, according to which my mother was left with a nose, and Valeria. My sister, and I remained under the same roof with my father, who never had time for us.

In short, I was angry.

Nct slow acid

The girls are probably familiar with the moment when their nails become drier than usual and begin to break. Rapidly. It is to him that I always postpone my caresses. For me, not only the moment of their gnawing is pleasant, but also the days of their growing.


The main problem was with the shoes. Yana could not find shoes in size 40. When I finished dressing, Yana moved on to the make-up stage. I sat down with my back to the mirror.

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