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If you’ve spent any amount of time watching a streamer on Twitch play a multiplayer game, there’s a chance you’ve heard them complain about something called “stream sniping.”

For those who have never went live and broadcasted their gameplay to the internet, this can be a confusing term. But when a streamer is complaining about being “sniped,” it’s not because there’s a strong enemy player with a sniper rifle on the other team.

Here’s what stream sniping is and why streamers are so annoyed by it.

What is “stream sniping” on Twitch?

The act of stream sniping is using someone’s live broadcast to gain information to sabotage the streamer.

The type of information that can be gained from watching someone’s stream is wide. But most of the time, this means that players will try to queue up into the same matches as streamers and defeat them—for whatever reason.

Hearthstone streamers like Octavian “Kripparrian” Morosan and Jeremy “Disguised Toast” Wang made videos exposing entire stream sniper clans that try to sabotage their streams and matches.

In a game like Hearthstone, watching someone’s stream will give a litany of information, such as what kind of cards they have, what they plan to play next, and more. This gives the “stream sniper” an unfair advantage.

Stream sniping in other games, like Call of Duty: Warzone or Fortnite, will give the sniper information such as where the player is landing, what their current gear situation is, and more.

In some games, stream sniping is against the terms of service, which means you could face penalties such as suspensions or bans for partaking in the activity, so think twice before trying to take down your favorite streamer.

Stream snipers are a bane to content creators. Usually, their sole purpose is to hunt down the streamer and ruin their match, and in turn, ruin the stream.

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xQc confronts stream sniper, finds out shocking details about Warzone hackers

For the popular Twitch streamer, Félix "xQc" Lengyel, stream sniping is a regular occurrence, that happens almost whenever he plays online multiplayer games, as he is one of the biggest content creators on the platform.

During his latest streaming session, he had a particularly interesting encounter with a stream sniper while he was playing Warzone, who was not only a stream sniper but also a hacker.

Aside from being an obvious hacker, the player's username is ReportMeIHack, a name that probably has the intention to show that non-cheating players are powerless in front of hackers, as devs can't deal fast enough with the hacking issues, which are plaguing Warzone since the launch of the battle royale.

xqc hacker bullet messages

And while the former OWL pro isn't exactly known for his calm personality, this time around he was rather amused by the stream sniper and even decided to try and talk with him about hacking.

Instead of leaving the game in which he got sniped, he decided to follow the sniper and try to communicate with him. Surprising none, the hacker quickly decided to cooperate and participate in this weird interview in front of 50,000 viewers.

Some fans in xQc's chat were complaining that he is giving too much attention to the hacker, something the hacker probably wants anyway, but xQc disagreed on that stance, saying that in this way he will bring attention to the problem.

Félix started asking the hacker questions about hacks, encouraging them to showcase how hacks perform in Warzone, something the hacker gladly revealed live on xQc's stream.

The hacker shot at the stairs below the enemy player and killed him almost instantly, leaving xQc shocked.

"Is he using Magic Bullet like in Overwatch?" the Canadian asked. "It's a thing that makes you look like you’re hitting your shot even though you’re not hacking?"

Upon hearing the question, the hacker moved the camera up and down, as a sign of confirmation.

xqc warzone hacker stream sniper

xQc then proceeded to explain to his viewers how the hack works: "So, this is a hack like one that was in Overwatch called Magic Bullet. The way it worked was you would hit your shots even if you’re not looking at your target. So, if you're close, your shots are going to hit and it’s going to look like you’re not hacking."

xQc was intrigued to find out more about the hacker and the conversation continued with the hacker answering xQc's questions by spraying bullets into walls and engraving his answers for xQc to read them.

In this way, xQc found out that the hacker never got permabanned, but only banned for a couple of hours instead, and that the hack they currently use cost only $20.

xQc wanted to know how are they avoiding IP and machine bans, on which the hacker explained that they are using "VPN Spoofer", again by the spraying bullets method.

The hacker eventually won this game of Warzone with ease, despite goofing around while talking with xQc. Some of xQc's viewers protested for giving the hacker the attention he wants, but xQc explained that it doesn't matter in the bigger picture and that the issue is much bigger.

"These hackers, they get what they want regardless," xQc explained to his viewers. "The anti-cheats and the systems are not good enough to counteract it. If it's not like this, he's gonna get it regardless. Every game will be corrupted and it's going to be complete degeneracy!"

Unfortunately, the cheating issue is something that has been plaguing the game since the launch, and despite Activision's efforts to put an end to this alarming problem, it seems that the problem is only getting bigger with time, leaving many gamers frustrated, from console players to huge stars like Vikkstar.

Don't forget to check out our dedicated Twitch section for news, streamer antics, drama, and more.

Sours: https://www.ginx.tv/en/twitch/xqc-confronts-stream-sniper-finds-out-shocking-details-about-warzone-hackers
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"I’m just done dude"- xQc rages as stream-snipers ruin his Warzone experience

Twitch star xQc has again shown his audience why Warzone is the worst game to play. Warzone is a mess at the moment and players all over the community have cited multiple problems with the title. From cheaters to game-breaking bugs, the game is riddled with issues.

However, on June 25th, when xQc dropped in Verdansk to kill some time, he was ambushed by stream snipers.The Twitch streamer was enraged and made his displeasure quite apparent in front of his audience. However, stream snipers are not specific to Warzone.

These players aim to destroy a streamer's experience in any title possible by intruding on their matches and subsequently trying to kill them.

xQc, however, is no stranger to being stream sniped. Be it GTA RP or Rust, a streamer as popular and controversial as him gets targeted by his chat in games all the time.

Nonetheless, xQc clearly had enough and lost his nerve in Verdansk. He lashed out at the snipers and called them "cucklords" for doing the same thing over and over again.

xQc rages as Warzone stream snipers try to kill him (Image via Twitch)
I’m just done dude. If you’re going to be like that ⁠— you’re such a f**king cucklord. What can I do against that?"

The stream sniping was very evident as the majority of the lobby tried to jump on him and kill him.

“It’s like sniper express this game, it’s just unfun. It’s impossible to fight off all the snipers, there’s too many of them. It’s so cringe. I can’t do anything.”

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xQc vows to delay stream to deal against stream snipers

The Warzone treatment made xQc realize that he would have to take steps to stop his chat from stream sniping. After getting suggestions from his chat to delay his stream, xQc sarcastically commented on it.

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“Yeah I’m going to put delay on stream, I’m going to do a camera chromatic change where you can’t see what I’m chewing. I’m going to mute the mic, mute the audio, mute the game, remove the game. I’ll end the stream then start it when I’m inside the game and halfway done."

Stream sniping will continue to exist until streamers take some steps to stop it. As for xQc, he vouched to contact Blizzard and get stream snipers banned to prevent his chat from destroying the experience.

Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul
Sours: https://www.sportskeeda.com/esports/news-i-m-just-done-dude-xqc-rages-stream-snipers-ruin-warzone-experience
We Told 150 Stream Snipers To Land Downtown.. 😯 (Modern Warfare Warzone)

Popular Twitch streamer and YouTuber NICKMERCS has revealed how he avoids stream snipers while playing Warzone.

Warzone is one of the most popular games in the world right now so millions of gamers watch streamers playing it every day. However, being a Warzone streamer isn’t easy at the moment, thanks to stream snipers.

Stream snipers are players who watch a stream and try to track down and grief a streamer by joining their lobby. They are also a major problem in Warzone at the moment because the Warzone Streamer Mode is totally broken.

As one of the most popular streamers in the world, NICKMERCS faces stream snipers more often than almost everyone. Luckily, he has found a simple way to avoid them.


How To Stop Stream Snipers in Warzone

Stream sniping has always been a problem in Warzone. In fact, stream snipers have been ruining Warzone tournaments for ages now.

However, in his latest video, NICKMERCS has revealed how he now avoids stream snipers in Warzone. And simply enough, he just changed his name.

NICKMERCS revealed that he changed his in-game Warzone name to “user with a bunch of digits afterward” so that player would not recognize him in-game anymore. This hasn’t stopped stream snipers entirely, but it has significantly decreased the amount he comes across.

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Nick recommends this method to any Warzone streamer who encounters stream snipers in their lobbies, even if it a less-than-ideal solution. Hopefully, when Raven Software fixes the streamer mode in Warzone, NICKMERCS and many other streamers can finally change their names back to what they want.

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Also, check out all of the best assault rifle loadouts in Warzone Season 4. You might even be able to beat a stream sniper using these Warzone weapons.

In other news YouTuber JackFrags has worked out how to get maximum aim assist in Warzone. This will help you be laser-accurate.

Finally, a leaker has revealed more details about the upcoming WW2 Warzone map. It sounds absolutely amazing!

Sours: https://gamingintel.com/how-to-avoid-warzone-stream-snipers/

Stream sniping warzone

xQc is very angry with Call of Duty: Warzone stream snipers

The Call of Duty: Warzone community is already upset about hackers and cheaters. Now, Felix “xQc” Lengyel has run into another problem: stream sniping. 

During a recent Twitch broadcast, xQc decided to play some Warzone, but he ended up giving up on the game early due to stream sniping. It’s no surprise that one of the largest streamers in the world runs into issues like stream sniping and swatting, but that doesn’t make these situations any easier or more tolerable for him. 

After playing a few games on July 25, xQc noticed that his Warzone games were jammed full of stream snipers. It was clear that players were watching his stream and then using inside information to troll him. Most were jumping on his head or punching him, seeming to be fully aware of xQc’s moves. And there was only so much xQc could take before breaking down. 

“I’m just done. If you’re going to be like that… You’re such a fucking cucklord. What can I do against that?” xQc exclaimed after getting eliminated with a punch. 

xQc then called Warzone “sniper express,” lamenting about how “unfun” his experience had been. xQc said that it’s impossible to fight off this many snipers, noting that there were at least eight in his most recent games. The former Overwatch League pro and popular Twitch gambler seemed to be having a meltdown, even bonking himself on the head while he mocked viewers who questioned if the other players truly were stream snipers. 

“What do you mean ‘I make so many excuses?’ I drop in the middle of nowhere and I get eight players on me. What are you on about you fuckwad? Of course it’s sniping,” xQc exclaimed. 

xQc explains future Twitch stream plans to combat stream sniping

Despite xQc’s frustrations, it’s clear that no amount of anger or discussion will stop stream snipers from continuing. xQc told viewers he was going to put a delay on his stream. He also explained that he would do a “camera chromatic change” as well as muting the mic, the audio, and the game. xQc then said he would go so far as to remove the game and end the stream. 

“Then I’ll start it again when I’m inside the game and halfway done,” xQc said. 

While xQc was most likely exaggerating his more extreme plans to thwart future stream sniping, he did say that he was going to contact Blizzard to get stream snipers banned whenever he encounters them in Warzone games in the future.

What is stream sniping? 

Stream sniping is when someone watches a live broadcast of a game, usually streamed on Twitch, and then uses information gained from that stream to troll the streamer. Since they can watch what the person is doing or see where they are located, it’s easier for opponents to stay one step ahead of the streamer, even if they’re a talented player. 

According to Twitch’s Terms of Service, stream sniping is not allowed. It’s “prohibited,” meaning streamers caught stream sniping in any game can get suspended. 

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