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Dima, coming from behind, carefully took my breasts in his palms. His hands were warm. As if weighing, I played with them a little. fiddling with the fastener a little, he threw it aside.

And, to be honest, I felt sorry for his Tanya. She was a faithful, loving wife, moreover, Andrei boasted that he was her first man. But he himself was not faithful Stupid day. This is perhaps the only thought that was spinning in her head.

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What the fuck is 'perfect'. A bespectacled clerk called out from the darkness. They gave us a slut. To butter us up. If only we didnt poke our nose into the business of the company for another year.

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Come in, now we will organize everything. We went into my room. I quickly put it on the table. The soldier took the stars out of my shoulder straps, put them in a glass and poured it full of vodka.

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He is beautiful like no one else. His steel muscles will make anyone obey. He's gorgeous.

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And now, standing in front of the toilet, I stared in the direction of the shower room and wondered if I should take a shower or not. If it were not for the urge in the bladder, I would have run into a philosophical dilemma: To wash or not to wash. That is the question!" What are you doing. Have you decided to wash. Will you take me with you.

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And after returning home, I began to have supper, when suddenly the doorbell rang. I opened the door, a neighbor was on the threshold. Glancing at me, she asked: is mom at home. I said with my mouth full: "hello, Aunt Len, there is no mother.

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