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Allen-Bradley Servo Motor Repair

Each Allen-Bradley servo motor that enters Servotech is subjected to an in-depth evaluation to determine the cause of your servo motor failure. We take measures to make sure we will be able to overhaul your Allen-Bradley servo motor from its broken and poor condition back up to the factory standard. Our finished products have the reliability and function of new motors.

To become an effective Allen-Bradley servo motor repair facility we have established a good working relationship Sick Stegmann, the manufacturer of encoders that appear on a majority of Allen-Bradley models, particularly the MPL series. By themselves the encoders are useless on the motors, which is why we have developed the means to reprogram Stegmann encoders. Additionally, Servotech has stockpiled factory information that gets programmed into the encoders specific to each motor type. Without this information, Allen-Bradley motors cannot be run on their own drives. Our ability to obtain encoders, and reprogram them with the proper information allows us to insure your motor will perform to its factory specifications in your machine.

Our goal is to give you the option of Allen-Bradley servo motor repair that has been refurbished back to like new condition, rather than being forced into buying new. Our repair procedure follows these steps:

Sours: https://www.servotechusa.com/servo-motor-repair/allen-bradley-servo-motor-repair/
Qualified Allen Bradley Servo Repair Center

TigerTek is the official national authority for Allen Bradley Servo motor repairs.  Our factory-trained technicians repair thousands of AB servo motors each year. This specific AB knowledge, combined with our AB test equipment, AB spare parts and AB engineering data gives TigerTek the winning edge when it comes to servo motor repairs.

We are on call 24/365 for both emergency repairs as well as routine spares maintenance. And if your item is damaged beyond repair, we can offer you a new, reconditioned, or exchange unit to get your plant running again.  Our 24,000 sq ft repair center, operates on LEAN principles to ensure rapid turn around times.  TigerTek is your best choice for Allen Bradley Servo Motor Repairs.

After receipt, your servo will be completely disassembled and evaluated to AB specifications.  If requested, we will provide a free quote before repair.
After quote approval, an experienced AB technician will complete the necessary repairs. He will involve other experts as needed: Machinist to repair any shaft or any end bell

  • Electronics Technicians to repair the feedback device; Motor Winders to rewind the stator; etc.  Bottom line – TigerTek maintains control of the entire repair process in-house.
  • After reassembly, your technician will set the feedback alignment angles to precise AB specifications.
  • Your motor will then be run-tested, using AB interfaces to ensure that it is fully operational.
  • Our servo motor department supervisor will then sign off on the QC documents.
  • Our shipping department ensures that your motor is properly packaged for a safe journey back to your plant.
  • It all adds up to a reliable repair.

It’s why companies like Ford, NASA, Ingersoll Rand, Procter & Gamble, etc choose TigerTek for their Allen Bradley servo motor repairs.

Sours: http://www.tigertek.com/newsite/servo-motor-repair/allen-bradley-servo-motor-repair/
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Servo Motor MPL, 460V, 3000rpm, ST encoder, keyed shaft extension, output 3.2kW, SpeedTEC DIN connector/right angle/180° rotatable/, FMH (type FF), frame 130mm, stack 152.4mm, IP66, Allen-Bradley

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Servo Motor MPL, 460V, 3000rpm, 3.2kW, 14.1Nm, ST encoder, shaft key, SpeedTec DIN ^right angle ^180° rotatable, FMH type FF, frame 130mm, stack 152.4mm, IP66, Allen-Bradley

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Servo Motor MPL, 460V, 3000rpm, 3.2kW, 14.1Nm, ST encoder, shaft key, SpeedTec DIN ^right angle ^180° rotatable, FMH type FF, frame 130mm, stack 152.4mm, IP66, Allen-Bradley

Code: MPL-B4560F-SJ72AA


€2,150.10 /pc
(€2,580.12 /pc with VAT)

Manufacturer :

Rockwell Automation Inc. 


56 days


13.21 kg/pc


0.0328 m3/pc


MP-Series™ Rotary Servo Motor, Type: Low Inertia, Standard Brushless AC Synchronous, Speed Rating: 3000 RPM, Armature Voltage: 460 V, Frame: 130 MM, Torque Rating: 14.1 NM, Output Power: 3.2 KW, Control: Single-Turn Encoder, Enclosure: Keyed Shaft Extension, Mounting: IEC Metric, Free Mounting Holes (Type FF), Stack Length: 6 IN, Connector: Circular SpeedTec Din, Right Angle, 180 DEG Rotatable, Brake Option: No Brake, Feed Back: Single-Turn, 1024 Sin/Cos, Absolute Encoder (Hiperface Protocol)


  • Item Name: Rotary Servo Motor

  • Type: Low Inertia, Standard Brushless AC Synchronous

  • Sub Brand: MP-Series™

  • Speed Rating: 3000 RPM

  • Armature Voltage: 460 V

  • Frame: 130 MM

  • Torque Rating: 14.1 NM

  • Output Power: 3.2 KW

  • Control: Single-Turn Encoder

  • Enclosure: Keyed Shaft Extension

  • Mounting: IEC Metric, Free Mounting Holes (Type FF)

  • Stack Length: 6 IN

  • Connector: Circular SpeedTec Din, Right Angle, 180 DEG Rotatable

  • Feed Back: Single-Turn, 1024 Sin/Cos, Absolute Encoder (Hiperface Protocol)

  • Brake Option: No Brake


The Allen-Bradley® MP-series™ low-inertia, high-output brushless servo motors use innovative design characteristics to reduce motor size while delivering significantly higher torque. These compact and highly dynamic brushless servo motors from Rockwell Automation are designed to meet the demanding requirements of high-performance motion systems.

  • Innovative winding technology yields up to 40% higher torque per unit size than conventional servo motors
  • Improved winding insulation material for enhanced thermal management and heat transfer, resulting in higher performance
  • High-energy rare-earth magnets for quicker acceleration
  • New SpeedTEC DIN connectors allow flexible orientation of connectors and use of a single cable family with all MP-series motors
  • Broad torque range - all within one motor family
  • Optional shaft seal for IP 66 environmental rating
  • Operating temperature range: 0 to 40 DEG C (32 to 104 DEG F)
  • Low-profile, field-reversible motor connectors for minimal servo motor impact on machine design
  • Premium permanent magnet
  • Standards: CCC certified, CE certified, CUL listed, KC certified, UL listed
  • Applications: For packaging, converting, electronics assembly, automotive, metal forming and material handling

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Sours: https://www.elit.ee/[email protected]
Technical animation: How a Servo Motor works

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Allen-Bradley Kinetix 5500 EtherNet/IP Servo Drives

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