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Translation of fabulous in Spanish:


astronómico, adj.

Pronunciation /ˈfæbjələs//ˈfabjʊləs/

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    • The scams offer fabulous riches or the love of your life, but first the magha has to send a series of escalating fees and payments.
    • All the fabulous items and riches so earnestly sought and viciously competed for over the years, will be gone.
    • While the workers and the middle class of the great cities perished in misery, Stinnes became the owner of fabulous riches.
    • It was overwhelming, around every corner another disgustingly famous and fabulous sight to see.
    • Pyramids tell us about the fabulous lives of great pharaohs, who died surrounded by symbols of wealth and privilege.
    • According to legend, a fabulous treasure haul was buried on the island in 1715 by Spanish sailor Juan Esteban Ubilla-Echeverria.
    • Naturally, the promise of such fabulous wealth has attracted scores or treasure hunters to the island in the past.
    • Then as now the city was an unreal mixture of crushing poverty and fabulous wealth.
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    you look absolutely fabulous!¡estás fantástica / fenomenal!

    • There's some truly fabulous stuff in these wonderful emporiums.
    • The champagne flowed, the food was fabulous, the company wonderful.
    • I could pick any game, he's just been a fabulous influence and a wonderful player for his country.
    • It was a tie between the Marta from hell and his wonderful fabulous new wife.
    • Wonderful vision and a fabulous touch mean that he always has an effect on the game.
    • When we returned from our fabulous Fiji vacation, back in September, I had quite a few posts about the food there I wanted to share.
    • You entered in your thousands - and now the countdown is on to announce the winner of a fabulous holiday cottage in Whitby.
    • Then I would buy a second house, a holiday house in some fabulous place.
    • Of course they were marvellous, pulled the best boys in there, and were signed up for a fabulous six-week holiday right then.
    • Treating the family to a fabulous holiday is a secret dream of everyone.
    • At this time of year we have fabulous game, an excellent choice of seafood, the best root vegetables and also the tastiest orchard fruits.
    • I am totally satisfied with this workshop, it is fabulous and excellent.
    • There is sensational scenery, fabulous wildlife and air of unsurpassed clarity.
    • I can promise an evening of excellent food, fabulous entertainment and great guests.
    • All in all it was a wonderful week of golf and fabulous television.
    • There's a fabulous statue of Alice in Wonderland in Central Park.
    • In other news, I am making many new and wonderful chums at work, which is always fabulous.
    • Thank you for a wonderful journal and for all of your fabulous writing.
    • There are diving destinations so fabulous that they have become legendary.
    • Rose looks absolutely fabulous in both the color and style of her longer choppy bob.
    • It is fabulous singing: it is shaded, interior, phenomenally engaged.
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    • Reality is airbrushed and we're given promises of fabulous, mythical oases of futurity.
    • For thousands of years fabulous serpents and dragons have been the stuff of myth and traveller's tales.
    • It is said that from the dense forests nearby, wild beasts and fabulous birds like rocs harassed the Bagan people.
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Significado de fabulous en inglés

Aided by nature of their country, they have resisted country, they have resisted the advances of d as of fabulous richness.

From the Cambridge English Corpus

The masque was a kind of staging or realization of fantasy, its fabulous metamorphoses conjoining real and ideal.

From the Cambridge English Corpus

They have kept miners for years from treasure deposits that have been regarded as of fabulous richness.

From the Cambridge English Corpus

They served the needs of industrialists, merchants, dealers, firm owners, and others, assisting them in realizing fabulous profits and simultaneously raising the level of consumption of medium-size and small producers.

From the Cambridge English Corpus

Not everybody has carpets today, because not everyone can afford the fabulous prices charged for some of them today.
No, they are going to be bought at a time when they have been making fabulous profits, and the capitalisation will be on that basis.
If that is the attitude towards this scheme, is it any wonder that we get to the fabulous figure of £35 million expenditure?
One has a fabulous quantity of oil, six have none at all.
They are offered fabulous fees for special "anything goes" performances.
I dislike the idea of some of the fabulous sums which are stated as if we could secure them.
Officers were forced to sign for fabulous sums of pay and of course, they did not receive it.
To do this would not cost fabulous sums.
He was then credited with almost fabulous power: he was always right.
If it is a rank outsider that comes in, fabulous sums may be obtained from the totalisator.

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This fabulous apartment is available to the client, totally independent.

Este fabuloso apartamento está disponible para el cliente, totalmente independiente.

The windows at Arlington Elementary are very large and fabulous.

Las ventanas de Arlington Elementary son muy grandes y fabulosas.

Mike was a fabulous instructor and well exceeded our expectations.

Mike era un instructor fabulosa y bien superó nuestras expectativas.

Situated in India, these mountains are extremely fabulous and beautiful.

Situado en la India, estas montañas son extremadamente fabuloso y hermosa.

In a beautiful landscape of autumnal light and quite fabulous.

En un hermoso paisaje de otoño luz y muy fabuloso.

The hotel is surrounded by fabulous walks and beautiful views.

El hotel está rodeado de fabulosos paseos y hermosas vistas.

If the guy's too fabulous, she'll be on to us.

Si el tipo es demasiado fabulosa, ella estará a nosotros.

But yes, it is fabulous and very easy to use.

Pero sí, es fabulosa y muy fácil de usar.

A fabulous opportunity to purchase your family home in Marbella.

Una fabulosa oportunidad de adquirir su vivienda familiar en Marbella.

Reka unexpected and fabulous arrived at the invitation of Malmö.

Inesperado y fabuloso Reka llegó a la invitación de Malmö.

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Fabulous - Subtitulos En Español

But it was not so - Alina and Olga did not smoke or drink, even occasionally. The exception was the grandmother, who smoked - but hid it from everyone. Even from myself.

En español fabulous

Well, this awaits all representatives of the most ancient profession, not I am the first, not I am the last, and in a. Couple of years I will have to change my occupation. The guys washed and tidied themselves up and I went to the shower. Substituting the body under the elastic warm jets, I washed off the sweat and sperm from myself.

This time there were no beatings.

Fabulous en español

Blonde, slender, not thin, but of the most appetizing forms, always smiling, joyfully meeting me every morning. During the two weeks that she worked for me, the length of her skirts only shortened, exciting my attention, whenever she stood next to me, bringing me coffee or papers to. Sign. She communicated with me quite boldly, and this I considered common for today's youth.

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I went over, put the kettle on and made a sandwich, after which I went with a tray into the hall. Even after a couple of minutes, daughter drove in for a laptop, though this time she put on her pajamas. Apparently, my reaction embarrassed her too much. The evening was drawing to a close.

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