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The incredible PixelSense Display and Windows 10 Home


Offering you 128GB of storage and 8GB of RAM, everything you’ll need will be in the Platinum Microsoft’s Surface Pro 7. Through the laptop’s high-res 12.3” PixelSense™ display, you can enjoy the multi-touch gestures that are incorporated into Windows 10 Home. Windows 10 brings back the classic start menu, but with upgrades. Windows combines the traditional menu systems and Windows 8’s Live Tiles, giving you a nice blend of old school and new school. This upgraded start menu will also provide more information to you by showing notification information alongside your apps and other pinned items.

With Windows 10 delivering access to apps for PCs, Tablets, and phones from one place, the Windows Store becomes completely unified, allowing a more convenient browsing experience for you.

Outstanding connectivity

The Surface Pro 7 offers Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity, allowing compatible devices to connect seamlessly and with a wider range. This Pro 7 now includes USB-C™ and USB-A ports. This Microsoft Surface also delivers faster internet access, wide-ranging coverage, and longer battery life than the past Wi-Fi Standards, thanks to the 802.11ax Wi-Fi. Speaking of battery life, leave the charger at home because you can expect up to 10.5 hours of typical device usage before needing to top off. While keeping peace of mind, rest assured that this Microsoft Surface offers the Windows Hello face sign-in. This innovative feature uses the camera for facial recognition to unlock your Windows device, providing air-tight security for it.

Fantastic camera quality

This innovative Surface also delivers super clear 1080p HD video to the 5.0MP front-facing camera and the 8.0MP rear-facing autofocus camera. Topped off with dual microphones that are built-in to capture your voice with astonishing clarity, and you can host video chats that offer outstanding clarity.

The Powerful Processor


The 10th Gen Intel® Core™ i5-1035G4 Processor will take you for a ride through its awe-inspiring speeds and sharp response time. You’ll be able to run through multiple programs, with 8GB of RAM and high processing speeds, not having to wait on the device to keep up with you. With help from the Intel Iris Plus Graphics, whether you’re editing documents or playing video games, the processor will seamlessly power through multiple tasks being done at once, as it has the power to run full desktop apps with ease. With Windows 10 Home, you’ll see the return of awesome features like facial recognition, password-free sign-in, and Cortana intelligent assistant.

The Innovative Cortana

Cortana will help you with organizing and saving time, so you can focus on what’s most important. Cortana will keep track of things like your emails, calls, calendar, and even package tracking. For entertainment purposes, you can find and play your favorite stations, through Cortana’s ability to control your music. You can even use Cortana to control your connected home, simplifying your home life.

Powerful yet portable

Even with so much power, this Surface Pro 7 has incredible portability as a 0.33” thin, lightweight device. Weighing in at only 1.7lbs, this ultra-thin Surface Pro can be carried around effortlessly. It also contains a built-in kickstand that can be opened or closed, so it can adjust perfectly for writing or drawing with the Surface Pen (sold separately) or touch.

Expanded experience


This Surface Pro 7 presents a few different modes to adapt to the way you create. If you purchase the Surface Type Cover (sold separately), you can access Laptop Mode to power through heavy apps and complex tasks more efficiently. Tablet Mode allows you to remove the beautiful PixelSense™ Display from the Type Cover and transform the Surface into a thin, yet powerful device that becomes even more portable than before. Studio Mode allows you to fold the Microsoft Pro 7 into a very comfortable and natural position for digital drawing and painting, which would be optimized with the Surface Pen.


Windows Security

Windows 10 changes the game for security by protecting user identities, devices, and information with a comprehensive solution driven by intelligence that only Microsoft offers.


FeatureWindows 10 HomeWindows 10 Pro

Using facial recognition, a fingerprint, or PIN, Windows Hello is a fast, secure, and password-free way to unlock your compatible Windows devices.

Device encryption is available on a wide range of Windows devices and helps protect your data by encrypting it. If you turn on device encryption, only authorized individuals will be able to access your device and data.

Your Windows device comes with comprehensive, built-in security features, including firewall and internet protections to help safeguard against viruses, malware, and ransomware.

App & browser control in Windows Security provides the settings for Windows Defender SmartScreen, which helps protect your device from potentially dangerous apps, files, websites, and downloads.

Manage screen time, limit access to mature content, control online purchases when you connect your family's Microsoft accounts, and check to make sure the family’s devices are secure and up to date.

Secure Boot helps prevent malicious software applications and unauthorized operating systems from loading during the system start-up process.

If your device is lost or stolen, BitLocker and BitLocker To Go put everything on lockdown, so no one else can access your systems or data.

WIP helps to protect against potential data leakage without otherwise interfering with the employee experience. WIP also helps to protect enterprise apps and data against accidental data leaks on enterprise-owned devices and personal devices that employees bring to work, without requiring changes to your environment or other apps.

Windows Defender Antivirus uses the power of the cloud, wide optics, machine learning, and behavior analysis to protect your devices from emerging, sophisticated threats.

Windows Fundamentals

Windows 10 comes with automatic updates enabled, which means you get all the latest features at no extra cost.+


FeatureWindows 10 HomeWindows 10 Pro

Take notes, navigate, draw, doodle, edit, and create. Improve what you do with a digital pen.6

Get faster browsing78 and better battery life89 across your devices with Microsoft Edge, the browser built for Windows 10.

All you have to do is ask Cortana. Your digital assistant on PCs and mobile devices can schedule a meeting, tell you when it’s time to leave for an appointment, or check the weather, news, and traffic.

Extend battery life by limiting background activity and push notifications.

Get instant access to your Android phone’s texts and photos on your PC,11 or connect your iPhone for seamless browsing, calendar and app experiences.12

Free up time and your hands by talking to your computer. Get information and reminders or listen to music and manage your emails and calendar.13

Business Management and Deployment

Built-in security, productivity, and management features save you time, money, and hassle.


FeatureWindows 10 HomeWindows 10 Pro

Windows 10 mobile device management (MDM) provides an alternative to traditional PC management processes: you can transition to cloud based management at your own pace.

Manage PCs, user accounts, and groups, and get easy access to files and printers when you pair Windows 10 Pro with Windows Server.** You can even define specific security and networking policies for your users and devices.

Available to any organization with an Azure AD Premium or Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) license, Enterprise State Roaming provides users with a unified experience across their Windows devices and reduces the time needed for configuring a new device.

Your one place to find, manage, and distribute apps to Windows 10 devices in volume.

With Assigned Access, Windows 10 Pro devices run different applications depending on the user and keep individual identities separate and secured.

With Dynamic Provisioning you can take a new PC out of the box, turn it on, and transform it into a productive organization device, with minimal time and effort.

Windows Update for Business can help businesses reduce management costs, provide control over update deployments, enable more efficient delivery of updates, and provide access to the latest innovations from Microsoft.

Configure a device in kiosk mode in a very simple way. You can do this locally on the device or remotely using Mobile Device Management.

Domain Join + Group Policy: IT staff can easily manage PCs, user accounts and groups, security policies, and get easy access to files and printers when you pair Windows 10 Pro with Windows Server.** You can even define specific security and networking policies for your users and devices.

Employees can use a single login across Windows 10, Microsoft 365,*** and other Microsoft services, making logons and passwords easier to manage. The shared logon works on PCs, tablets, and phones with minimal IT involvement.

Go ahead, get creative

Edit photos and spice up presentations. Windows 10 has the apps you need to get in touch with your creative side.

Quickly capture your thoughts, tasks, and reminders

Use Sticky Notes and type, ink, or add a picture to save ideas, thoughts, lists, appointments, and more—so you don't miss a thing!

More efficiencies, less energy

Windows 10 has apps and features to help you have fun and get more done with less hassle.

Is your computer ready for Windows 10?

Windows 10 features are best experienced on a modern PC. Find out if your current PC is ready for Windows 10 by answering just a few questions.


Get Windows 10

Speed, security, durability, and great design—you really can have it all.

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windows 10

Prepare to upgrade today.

As business professionals, it’s imperative that you keep your organization's technology up to date with the latest operating systems and software patches, as lapses of network security can be devastating. Microsoft is releasing its next operating system, Windows 10, on July 29th, 2015. To entice users to upgrade to their new offering, Microsoft is offering a free upgrade to those who currently use Windows 7 and Windows 8.1.

What does this mean for your business? To say the least, it’s now more economically viable to be running the most recent software on your PCs than ever before. Platinum Technology wants to help your business take advantage of this opportunity before it’s too late.

What’s New with Windows 10?

Features for tech veterans and new users alike.

Microsoft is combining the metro interface from Windows 8 with the familiar Start menu and desktop functionality of Windows 7, making Windows 10 an exceptionally user-friendly operating system for all Windows users.

New features of Windows 10 include:

  • Microsoft’s brand-new web browser, Edge. The new Browsing interface which has been designed to deliver content in the most user-friendly manner possible. 
  • Cortana. The familiar voice assistant from Windows Phone will be available on all versions of Windows 10. She learns more about you based on your habits, so she can be more helpful in the future.
  • Cross-device compatibility. This feature allows Windows 10 to be used on a PC, tablet, or phone. You’ll always have the full version of Windows 10 with you wherever you go, allowing you to accomplish more while on the go than ever before. The Windows Phone version of Windows 10 will launch as soon as September 2015.
  • Virtual desktop capabilities. Integrated VDI options allow users to run multiple different applications without cluttering the screen, increasing productivity and efficiency. You can group tasks by project to easily organize your work.

Why You Need Windows 10

It’s more than just a fancy upgrade.

When you’re using the most recent operating system, you have access to the latest patches and security updates from Microsoft. This means that your systems will be up to date. Additionally, Windows 10 has more powerful built-in security features than any previous Windows operating systems, helping your network stay secure from external threats.

Arrange Your Upgrade Today

Plan for the future and you plan for success.

Your business should be taking advantage of the latest software solutions in order to increase productivity and efficiency. We can help you ease your business’ transition to a new operating system. Contact Platinum Technology today at 970-526-6499 today to find out how we can present your organization with our valuable IT services and solutions.

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Microsoft Surface Pro 7 - Windows 10 Pro, 10th Gen Intel Core i5-1035G4/8GB/128GB SSD/12.3-in Touch PixelSense (Platinum)

Dimensions:(292 mm x 201 mm x 8.5 mm)

Display:Screen: 12.3-in PixelSense Display

Resolution: 2736 x 1824 (267 PPI)

Aspect ratio: 3:2

Touch: 10 point multi-touch

Memory:8GB LPDDR4x RAM

Processor:Quad-core 10th Gen Intel Core i5-1035G4 Processor

Security:Firmware TPM

Enterprise-grade protection with Windows Hello face sign-in

Software:Windows 10 Pro

Microsoft Office 365 30-day trial

Sensors:Ambient light sensor




Storage:128GB Solid-state drive (SSD)  

Battery life1:Up to 10.5 hours of typical device usage

Graphics:Intel Iris Plus Graphics

Connections:1 x USB-C

1 x USB-A

3.5 mm headphone jack

1 x Surface Connect port

Surface Type Cover port4

MicroSDXC card reader

Compatible with Surface Dial off-screen interaction*

Cameras, :Windows Hello face authentication camera (front-facing)

video and 5.0MP front-facing camera with 1080p full HD video

audio8.0MP rear-facing autofocus camera with 1080p full HD video

Dual far-field Studio Mics

1.6W stereo speakers with Dolby Audio

Wireless:Wi-Fi 6: 802.11ax compatible

Bluetooth Wireless 5.0 technolog

Whats in the box:Surface Pro 7

Power Supply

Quick Start Guide

Safety and warranty documents


10 platinum windows

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Compatibility Mode For Windows 10, 8, 7 - Install Older Programs When You Can't

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