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Minuteman R100H Heated Carpet Extractor

Regular carpet care is an effective way to enhance the appearance, quality, and lifespan of carpeted floors. Heat-ready extractors can help boost cleaning efficiency while reducing labour. The external heater for the R100H is easily installed or removed for quick maintenance, and keeps heat away from the motor compartment. A standard 5-gallon bucket is under drain valve for easy emptying, and components are accessible with two screws for simple servicing and maintenance.

  • Heat-ready carpet extractor boosts productivity
  • The external heater is easily installed or removed depending on task
  • Upright-mounted motors along with a special intercooler guarantee long life and durability
  • 12” cleaning path, 100 psi, 12 gallon tank, 50’ power cord, detachable 1000W heater
  • Provides a deep clean to remove embedded dirt and grime
  • Ideal for commercial and industrial cleaning applications
  • Machine is easy to operate and maintain
  • Single jet stainless steel carpet wand offers excellent cleaning agility
  • 10” non-marking wheels provide good maneuverability and protection for components
  • For routine and restorative carpet care
Sours: https://swish.ca/minuteman-r100h-heated-carpet-extractor

Minuteman Carpet Extractors

When it comes to Minuteman carpet extractors, versatility and high quality are the main features. These products give you everything you need for any job, whether you need immediate spot removal or scheduled deep cleaning. Whether you need a small Minuteman carpet extractor to keep on hand for accidents and spills or a powerful machine with motorized pump extraction technology, you can find it all here.

No matter the size of your space or the condition of your carpet, a Minuteman carpet extractor can make it look like new again with minimal time and effort. The company manufactures ride- on carpet extractors for the biggest jobs requiring plenty of power and pump action, but they also create lightweight portable spot removal machines that are incredibly powerful for their size. Whether you prefer high pressure systems or hot-water carpet extractors, Minuteman has all of your needs covered in their unique line of floor care products.

Sours: https://www.comfortvacuum.com/products/carpet-extractors/minuteman/
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Minuteman X17

The X17 features a 17” cleaning path with two spray jets that force cleaning solution into the carpet while a brush agitates and deep cleans the carpet combining a heavy duty vacuum that picks up the dirty solution all in one pass. The operator-friendly control panel makes it easy to operate and the extractor has momentary and continuous spray features.

The faucet-fill function offers efficient filling of the solution tank and the removable recovery tank has a convenient dump hose that saves time and empties easily. The easy glide vacuum shoe moves across carpet effortlessly and the large 10” wheels support easy transport and manoeuvring up and down stairs.

The X17 is constructed of non-corrosive polyethylene that won’t dent, corrode or rust. It contains two quick disconnect spray jets that allow for simple maintenance and the automatic float shutoff prevents damage to the vacuum motor. The X17 is ideal for use in offices, schools, hospitality, healthcare centers, retail outlets, malls, restaurants and government facilities. The X17 also offers optional accessory tools for cleaning upholstery, stairways, underneath furniture and against walls.


The MinutemanX 17 is also available with CFS Ozone System (Chemical Free Solution) which eliminates the need for chemical or disinfectant use.  It uses Ozone to Sanitise, Deodorise, and Purify.

  • Sanitise - Ozone kills pathogens more broadly than chlorine or other chemical sanitisers.
  • Deodorise - Ozone is one of the most powerful deodorises known
  • Purify - Ozone destroys residual pesticides in water and on the surface of carpet and breaks down trace pharmaceuticals in water.
  • Conserve - Ozone creates fewer by-products than chemical sanitisers and uses less energy than sanitising with heat. 
Sours: https://www.hakoaustralia.com.au/carpet-care-extraction-units/minuteman-x17-carpet-extractor
Minuteman X17, Carpet extractor repair

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Minuteman X17 Use and Operation

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