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Goat horn in Minecraft: Everything players need to know

The goat horn is one of the most mysterious items planned for the Minecraft 1.18 Caves & Cliffs update.

There is a lot of misleading information about the goat horn. Players should note that it is currently not possible to acquire the item in both the official Java and Bedrock editions.

However, goat horns can be acquired when playing on the "experiments" feature in the Minecraft Bedrock Edition. Players who are not interested in using the feature will have to wait for the second part of the Minecraft Caves & Cliffs update to obtain goat horns. The update is set to be released in the "holiday season" of 2021.

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Goat horn information in Minecraft

There is not much information regarding the goat horn at the moment. However, players are aware of some of its features due to its availability in the experimental version of the Bedrock Edition.

In the experimental version, goats will drop up to two horns when they ram into a solid block. Players will have better odds of acquiring the horns from screaming goats as they are more aggressive. It is not confirmed whether the goats will drop a horn every time they ram into a solid block.

Once dropped, the horn has a few confirmed features. If the player attempts to use the horn, it will result in an eating animation and a horn noise. The horn noise is the same sound that can be heard during pillager raids.

Luckily, a Minecraft developer has confirmed (in the video below) that the goat horn will have additional uses in upcoming updates. The video also showcases additional information regarding the goat horn.

The goat horn in Minecraft will receive additional features in the near future. However, players do not know what these features are. Some believe that goat horns will be used to create horned helmets, which seems like a great idea.

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Can You Collect Goat Horn In The Current Version Of Minecraft?

Minecraft has recently launched the first episode of its much-anticipated Caves & Cliffs update. The first part, or version 1.17, introduces several items, mobs, and changes to the Overworld of the game. However, certain features that we thought would come haven't been released yet. The goat horn belongs to this list! So, when will we be able to collect the goat horn in Minecraft? Let's find out together.

Minecraft Goat Baby

Goats in Minecraft

Goats are the newly introduced neutral mobs in Minecraft Caves & Cliffs Part I update. They dwell on snowy mountainsides and the frosty landscape of the Snow biome. Sometimes, you may find these creatures ramming others, solid blocks, or even the players. And supposedly, when a goat rams something, it has to drop a goat horn for us to collect. That's what we expect to come in Minecraft 1.17.

Minecraft Goat Mountain

In reality, goat horn isn't available in Minecraft Caves & Cliffs Part I update. That means it will come the second part, patch 1.18 of the game. It's scheduled for a release later this year. At the moment, if you want to get this item, you can only find it in the experimental mode of the Bedrock Edition.

What will Goat Horn be used for?

In the Bedrock Edition's experimental mode, goats drop 1-2 horns if they ram into a Solid block. Normal goats do this periodically, but the Screaming Goat, the mental ones, do it much more often. Stay near one of those and you will largely increase your chance of getting a goat horn.

Goat Horn

Regarding its usage, honestly, we have no clue what's going on so far. There's nothing but speculation around how Mojang intends for us to use the horn or which recipe will it be in. Some say the goat horn will act as a war horn.

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For other uses, see Horn (disambiguation).

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This page contains content on features that are part of Experimental Gameplay in Bedrock Edition. 

These features may be properly added in a future update, but requires the "Caves and Cliffs" option toggled to be enabled in the current version.

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Goat Horn BE1.png

Goat horns are an item dropped by goats colliding with a solid block while charging.


When a goat rams into a solid block, it drops a horn, up to 2 from each adult goat.


Holding use when holding the horn shows the eating animation and makes a horn noise, identical to the horn sound heard during raids. The animation is not visible in first person.

It has been confirmed by Ulraf on a Twitch live stream that expanded use is planned for the goat horn.[1][2]


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Goat HornItem



Issues relating to "Goat Horn" are maintained on the bug tracker. Report issues there.


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The Secret of Minecraft 1.17's Goat Horn
Minecraft Goat Horn

Minecraft has introduced many items that the players can uses in the Caves and Cliffs update Part I. We take a look at the Minecraft Goat Horn which is a much rumoured item in the list.

Goats in Minecraft are a newly introduced mob in the Caves and Cliffs part I update. They are found on mountains and snowy biomes and often ram the players and other mobs and even some solid blocks! They are the most popular mobs to be introduced after the Axolotls. The Minecraft Goat Horn is a drop that’s supposed to drop from the Goat ramming the items.

We clear all the mysteries surrounding the Minecraft Goat Horn item and all the players need to know.

Minecraft Goat Horn: How to get it, uses and more

Minecraft Goat Horn

The Goat Horn is not yet available in the game in the Minecraft Caves and Cliffs part I update. It will be released in the Caves and Cliffs update Part II that is supposed to arrive in the game later this year. Players cannot get this item as of yet but players can find it in the experimental mode of Bedrock Edition.

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In the experimental mode, goats can drop 1-2 Goat horns if they ram into a Solid block. They do this periodically, but the Screaming Goat will do it more often, and thus players have a higher chance of getting it. The drop rate is still not clear.

The uses of the Horn are largely a speculation and the crafting recipes that it may introduce are also in shadows. However, a few features have been confirmed as of now and these are:

  • It will be used to blow a war horn, if the players use it. It is similar to raid horns.

After this, nothing has been confirmed but from recent talks, the developers have something in works with the Goat horn. Players can expect some interesting developments in recent updates!

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Horn minecraft goat

How to get goat horns in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition

Goats are one of Minecraft's newest animal mobs and they come with some interesting quirks such as a large jump height and giving players the ability to harvest their horns.

Found at home in mountain biomes, goats are naturally passive to the player. However, goats do possess the ability to ram nearby mobs and players if certain conditions are met.

Every 30 seconds to five minutes, a goat that sees a mob that isn't a fellow goat or a ghast can charge them from up to 16 blocks away. This also applies to players who haven't moved in some time and are not actively looking at the goat. However, goats will not ram players at all on Peaceful difficulty.

Minecraft: Getting goat horns from ramming

When goats hit a solid block whilst ramming, they can drop their horns for players (Image via Mojang).

In Minecraft: Bedrock Edition, if players have their experimental gameplay toggle set to "on", goats can drop their horns after colliding into a solid block during a charge. Up to two horns can be dropped per goat. Currently, this is the only way in standard Minecraft Survival Mode to acquire goat horns, as goats don't drop them on death.

There have been many tactics to earn goat horns by interrupting a goat's charge, but one of the simplest ones involves a tree.

How the trick works:

After finding a group of goats, Minecraft players can simply relocate to a nearby tree or plant a sapling nearby and use bone meal to speed its growth to full size. The more goats that are in an area, the more likely one will decide to ram a player during a random timeframe.

Once one of the goats in the group initiates a charge, allow it to move quickly towards you before running behind the tree. If done correctly, the goat should redirect its direction and hit the tree blocks instead, dropping its horns in the process.

Players need to be careful!

The trick can take a little practice, and it is advised for players to have several blocks' worth of space around them, as goat rams can potentially send players and mobs falling to their death from the knockback.

For players feeling particularly safety conscious, shields can be used to provide additional knockback protection from a goat ram. It won't completely nullify the impact, but it should be reduced. Shields are helpful as a protective measure while Minecraft players are learning how to bait goat rams.

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What Will The Minecraft Goat Horn be Used for in 1.17?

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