W205 front bumper

W205 front bumper DEFAULT

Mercedes Benz Coupe W205 AMG C63 (2015-2020) Carbon Fiber Front Bumper Inner Trims


The iconic DMC Front Bumper Trims for the AMG C63 made from Carbon Fiber. DMC products are certified by TUV, a German government approved authority for car safety standards.

First shown in the Geneva Car Show, it has been modelled after DMC’s famous McLaren Grill Cover. We think it looks great on the W205 C Class!

In fact, the new W205 C63 is a superb looking car however from a distance, with the softer curves than the previous C63, it can look a little tame. We aim to change that with our new range of C63 Carbon. The DMC front bumper trims add a great deal of aggression to the front end with this 3 piece kit giving that extra road presence it may be lacking.

The parts are made up lightweight and strong carbon fibre produced via vacuum infusion giving both great strength and superior finish. Once the parts have been produced and pulled from the mould, they are checked and tested rigidly before heading to lacquer. Each part is inspected further and checked for tolerances before being hand and machine polished.

The front bumper inner trims are a direct add on piece with no bumper removal necessary. Although fitting is quite straight forward we do always recommend using a trained professional to undertake the installation.

1 x Mercedes C63 carbon fibre front bumper inner trims, a very large unit that slides over and under the existing OEM bottom parts

Various fixings if needed


Mercedes C63 Coupe W205 – 2015 onwards

Gel Coat:

DMC Products come with a free Gloss or Matte Coating on all Carbon Fiber items, please leave a note at check out which one you like. If you don’t specify we will add a gloss base layer. However we suggest you to add one additional layer to match your country’s local UV and weather requirements as they differ throughout the world. We also suggest to wax and seal the item further, even though we include a base seal of high quality carnauba product. This can be protective in regions that have high humidity or rain.

Additional information

AMG C63 Coupe Bumper Trims

CFK Carbon (No surface pattern), Visible Carbon (Standard Carbon with lines, not as light as Pre-Peg), Pre-Peg Carbon (Extra Light, Line structure, quality same as OEM), Forged Carbon (Extra Light, Marble structure, quality same as OEM)

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Front bumper for Mercedes-Benz C W205

Front bumper – part of our SR66 body kit for Mercedes-Benz C W205 (sedan/saloon).

Please note, that it’s a part of a body kit. Bumper may not meet your expectations when bought as a separate item. We strongly recommend buying the whole body kit. Doesen’t fit the C63, which is longer than regular W205.

SKU: MBC205SR66R_001Category: C W205Tags: body kit, C-class, front bumper, Mercedes-Benz, saloon, SR66-R, W205


Front bumper – part of our SR66 body kit for Mercedes-Benz C W205 (sedan/saloon)

Please note, that it’s a part of a body kit. Bumper may not meet your expectations when bought as a separate item. We strongly recommend buying the whole body kit. Doesen’t fit the C63, which is longer than regular W205.

We provide worldwide shipping!

Additional information

Weight10 kg
Dimensions220 × 80 × 60 cm

SR66 Design


This part works also as a stand-alone item

In case you got some questions, that aren’t covered by the product’s description or by the “pre-purchase questions” tab, feel free to contact with us. We will be happy to help!

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C-CLASS W205 C200 C250 C300 C43 C63 Front Bumper C300 AMG

C300 AMG Front Bumper Complete

For All C-Class W205 Upgrade To C300 AMG

Price : ( PP Material ) ( Front Complete Set )

Included :

  • Front Bumper Complete
  • Front GT Grill ( Black / Silver )
  • Others

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HerstellerModellMotorPSKWBaujahrKBA / SchlüsselnummerMERCEDES-BENZC-KLASSE (W205)C 160 (205.044)1299504/2015 bis heute1313-EQI, 1313-EQIMERCEDES-BENZC-KLASSE (W205)C 180 (205.040)15611503/2014 bis heute1313-DZD, 1313-DZDMERCEDES-BENZC-KLASSE (W205)C 180 BlueTEC / d (205.036)1168505/2014 bis heute1313-EGQ, 1313-ERK, 1313-EGQ, 1313-ERKMERCEDES-BENZC-KLASSE (W205)C 200 (205.042)18413512/2013 bis heute1313-DZE, 1313-DZEMERCEDES-BENZC-KLASSE (W205)C 200 4-matic (205.043)18413504/2015 bis heute1313-EQJ, 1313-EQJMERCEDES-BENZC-KLASSE (W205)C 200 BlueTEC / d (205.037)13610005/2014 bis heute1313-EGR, 1313-ERJ, 1313-EGR, 1313-ERJMERCEDES-BENZC-KLASSE (W205)C 200 d (205.007)13610010/2015 bis heute1313-EKY, 1313-ERI, 1313-EKY, 1313-ERIMERCEDES-BENZC-KLASSE (W205)C 220 BlueTEC / d (205.003)16312003/2014 bis heute1313-BQB, 1313-ERG, 1313-BQB, 1313-ERGMERCEDES-BENZC-KLASSE (W205)C 220 BlueTEC / d (205.004)17012512/2013 bis heute1313-DZG, 1313-ERH, 1313-DZG, 1313-ERHMERCEDES-BENZC-KLASSE (W205)C 220 d 4-matic (205.005)17012504/2015 bis heute1313-EQK, 1313-EQKMERCEDES-BENZC-KLASSE (W205)C 250 (205.045)21115503/2014 bis heute1313-DZF, 1313-DZFMERCEDES-BENZC-KLASSE (W205)C 250 BlueTEC / d (205.008)20415002/2014 bis heute1313-DZH, 1313-ERD, 1313-DZH, 1313-ERDMERCEDES-BENZC-KLASSE (W205)C 250 BlueTEC / d 4-matic (205.009)20415002/2014 bis heute1313-EGS, 1313-ERE, 1313-EGS, 1313-EREMERCEDES-BENZC-KLASSE (W205)C 300 (205.048)24518009/2015 bis heute1313-EQL, 1313-EQLMERCEDES-BENZC-KLASSE (W205)C 300 BlueTEC Hybrid / h (205.012)20415005/2014 bis heute1313-EGT, 1313-ERF, 1313-EGT, 1313-ERFMERCEDES-BENZC-KLASSE (W205)C 350 e (205.047)21115502/2015 bis heute1313-ELE, 1313-ELEMERCEDES-BENZC-KLASSE (W205)C 400 4-matic (205.066)33324510/2014 bis heute1313-EHM, 1313-EHMMERCEDES-BENZC-KLASSE T-Model (S205)C 160 (205.244)1299504/2015 bis heute1313-EQD, 1313-EQDMERCEDES-BENZC-KLASSE T-Model (S205)C 180 (205.240)15611509/2014 bis heute1313-EIC, 1313-EII, 1313-EIC, 1313-EIIMERCEDES-BENZC-KLASSE T-Model (S205)C 180 BlueTEC / d (205.236)1168509/2014 bis heute1313-EGX, 1313-EIG, 1313-EGX, 1313-EIGMERCEDES-BENZC-KLASSE T-Model (S205)C 200 (205.242)18413509/2014 bis heute1313-EID, 1313-EIDMERCEDES-BENZC-KLASSE T-Model (S205)C 200 4-matic (205.243)18413504/2015 bis heute1313-EQE, 1313-EQEMERCEDES-BENZC-KLASSE T-Model (S205)C 200 BlueTEC / d (205.237)13610009/2014 bis heute1313-EGZ, 1313-EIF, 1313-EGZ, 1313-EIFMERCEDES-BENZC-KLASSE T-Model (S205)C 220 BlueTEC / d (205.204)17012509/2014 bis heute1313-EHA, 1313-EIB, 1313-EIH, 1313-ERC, 1313-EHA, 1313-EIB, 1313-EIH, 1313-ERCMERCEDES-BENZC-KLASSE T-Model (S205)C 220 BlueTEC / d (205.204)16312009/2014 bis heute1313-EIA, 1313-ERA, 1313-EIA, 1313-ERAMERCEDES-BENZC-KLASSE T-Model (S205)C 220 d 4-matic (205.205)17012504/2015 bis heute1313-EQF, 1313-EQFMERCEDES-BENZC-KLASSE T-Model (S205)C 250 (205.245)21115509/2014 bis heute1313-EIE, 1313-EIEMERCEDES-BENZC-KLASSE T-Model (S205)C 250 BlueTEC / d (205.208)20415009/2014 bis heute1313-EHC, 1313-EHY, 1313-EHC, 1313-EHYMERCEDES-BENZC-KLASSE T-Model (S205)C 250 BlueTEC / d 4-matic (205.209)20415010/2014 bis heute1313-EHB, 1313-EHZ, 1313-EHB, 1313-EHZMERCEDES-BENZC-KLASSE T-Model (S205)C 300 (205.248)24518009/2015 bis heute1313-EQG, 1313-EQGMERCEDES-BENZC-KLASSE T-Model (S205)C 300 BlueTEC Hybrid / h (205.212)20415010/2014 bis heute1313-EHO, 1313-EQZ, 1313-EHO, 1313-EQZMERCEDES-BENZC-KLASSE T-Model (S205)C 350 e (205.247)21115502/2015 bis heute1313-ELF, 1313-ELFMERCEDES-BENZC-KLASSE T-Model (S205)C 400 4-matic (205.266)33324510/2014 bis heute1313-EHN, 1313-EHNMERCEDES-BENZC-KLASSE T-Model (S205)C 200 d (205.207)13610010/2015 bis heute1313-ELB, 1313-ERB, 1313-ELB, 1313-ERB
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Bumper w205 front

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Disassembly - 2019 Mercedes C43 Bumper Removal

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