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Better project management, always many more shared media, budget and productivity optimization…and you, which New Year’s resolutions did you made for 2018?

Keepeek will help you to achieve your goals, standing at your side throughout this new year ! We’ll offer you regular software updates, in order to help you create, manage and share your all your media assets.

In 2018, your Digital Asset Management solution will be focusing on performance. This year thus begins with an avalanche of optimizations and new features, focusing on :

    • • the optimization of your daily work tasks
  • • the valorisation of your media files on your public portal

All these new features will be available on the cloud on Friday, January 19th.

So don’t get caught in January’s gloom and discover v4.8.0 new features ! These all have been available on the Cloud since January, the 19th.

1/💥NEW💥 Automatic feed of thesaurus fields at file upload

Because your time is so precious, Keepeek now automatically indexes your media files Thesaurus fields , by reading their metadata.

2/💥NEW – User portal💥 Optimization of your media display and sharing features

    • • Your users can now download a media from a shared basket without having to provide their personal information
    • • Display the chapters length in the video player plugin
    • • Give your media a full view thanks to the fullscreen zoom (Nota bene : fullscreen zoom is displaid by default. This can be set in the parameters)
    • Display a clear message when no result is found for a given search : « Result found = 0 element(s) » message
  • Print a details page from a tab display

3/ And some improvements and bug fixes that will enhance your productivity

    • Fix of the direct links to the basket and the gallery
    • Removal of a group of users without error
    • Removal of a thesaurus root in CSV/Excel exports
    • Sending notification emails for expired media, from instances that are still valid
    • Quicker view of baskets, thanks to optimized performance
    • Automatic return at the top of a page, when navigating between pages in a list of elements
    • Write simple quotes around the the names of downloaded files, so they can be read by Windows
  • • On your user portals : validate a download or a download request in one click, after indicating the purpose of the download

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When the feedpath is restricted between a side riser and the casting section being fed, a top riser (Fig.

Effective riser use

Options include segmented-type rotors, rear-feed chutes, combination hoppers for front hand feed/top robot feed, and feedroll attachments for edge trim.

Granulators, pulverizers and shredders

Controls allow color changes on-the-fly by initiating 100% virgin feedwhile hoppers and auger assemblies are changed over to another material.

Metering, feeding and blending

In the case of shrinkage, the influence of the relative multiplicity of feeding paths and feedpath tortuosity (each of which increases with solidification distance) has generally been accepted.

Preventing porosity in aluminum castings

In-line mixer option can increase pre-blending performance, and a machine throat adapter, which mounts between the machine hopper and machine mounting plate, allows two Spectras to feedsimultaneously for nearly instant color changes on the same machine.

Metering, feeding and blending

A tire manufacturer needs to feed30 pounds per minute of minus 80-mesh carbon black powder at an even rate of 35 pounds per minute, plus or minus two pounds, into a larger batch.

Vibratory feeders for powders

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  1. Japanese towel workout
  2. Vintage background black
  3. Amizon books

See also synonyms for: fed / feeding

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How to use feed in a sentence

She recalls posting a pattern for homemade masks in her community’s feed, at the start of the pandemic in March, only to receive a slew of angry comments in response.




verbprovide food and sleeping quarters


verbprovide food and sleeping quarters


verbprovide food and sleeping quarters

Roget's 21st Century Thesaurus, Third Edition Copyright © 2013 by the Philip Lief Group.

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4 reasons to use a thesaurus - Cambridge Synonym Challenge


To sustain (a living organism) with food


To foster the development of; promote:


To fill sufficiently; satisfy:


Feed for livestock, especially coarsely chopped hay or straw.


Live is defined as to have life, continue to be alive, to reside somewhere or to behave throughout one's life in a particular way.


To put hastily through an extensive course of memorizing or study, as in preparation for an examination; as, a pupil is crammed by his tutor.


A ceremonial dinner honoring a particular guest or occasion.


To offer in good faith; pledge:


The grass or other vegetation eaten by grazing animals.


A mixture of bran, meal, etc. in warm water, for feeding horses, cattle, etc.


Regale is to delight or amuse someone through talk, stories or a generous amount of food or drink.


To fulfill (a need or desire):


Stock is defined as to keep a supply of or to provide with something.


To put food, etc. on (a hook or trap) to lure animals or fish


To grow grass on (land) for hay


To tend (feeding livestock)


To be used or usable; be of service; function



To take something away (keep it away); deny someone of something.


Quench is defined as to satisfy or to extinguish.


To give or deal out, especially in parts or portions:


(Brit., Slang) To inform against, as to the police



To give way to (a habit or temptation); not to oppose or restrain.


To furnish the means of support


To help establish or organize (a new enterprise), as by securing financial backing:


The definition of junket is an enjoyable trip or tour by a business person or public official that is paid for by their employer or from public funds.


A food to be spread on bread or crackers.


(Intransitive) To provide assistance.


(Nautical) To cause to move on a course:


To move or run smoothly with unbroken continuity, as in the manner characteristic of a fluid.


(Colloquial) Alternative form of of course.


A tract of land that supports grass or other vegetation eaten by domestic grazing animals.


To assume and carry successfully, as the part of an actor; to represent or act; to sustain.


To satisfy (a need, requirement, etc.)


To stuff is defined as to fill the interior, overfill or overload.


To gorge is defined as to consume or take too much of something, especially food.


To give dinner to; entertain at dinner:



To support by providing means of existence; bear the expenses of


To support from below; keep from falling or sinking; prop:


(Intransitive) To grow strong or stronger.


Plant material that livestock graze or that is cut and fed to them.


To satisfy (an appetite, desire, etc.) to the full; gratify completely


The definition of augment is to make larger or stronger, or to become bigger.


To take preparatory action or measures:

Find another word for feed. In this page you can discover 87 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for feed, like: ingestion, nourish, supply, fodder, provender, satiate, live, cram, minister to, banquet and fertilise.

`` copied!

Sours: https://thesaurus.yourdictionary.com/feed

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