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  2. I have the old CH613 with the 427 and 15 speed transmission. Its not very powerful and I will not haul anything into the mountains with it. But its very dependable.

    My sorry Peterbilt with the 500 hp will climb through the mountains just fine if it doesn't break down
  3. The pre-egr Mack's were a safe bet. Tough as nails good on fuel and reliable. Until they started with emissions in 2003 or so. I remember driving to Allentown and seeing them broke down along the road all the time. They couldn't even make it from the factory to the dealership. Total junk. Once they started building the DEF engines, I think it got better. At least I don't see them broke down along the road. As far as the cab, it's a Mack. They has a reputation of being rough and less than pleasant to the driver. I can't say my experience in a Mack was bad though. That was a 95 CH613. Rode great, had good power for what we did, and never gave a problem.
  4. Drove Pinnacles in the past. Daycabs and sleepers. Mack engines, 10 spds, and mDrive 12 spd autos. They ran strong and rode like crap. The sleepers were very basic midroof with a single bunk.
  5. @cburner what engine will the truck have?
    Both will have issues. I don't have any experience with a Mack. But if it happens to have the MP8 wich is a Volvo D13. I have plenty of experiences with that motor. I also owned an ISX but other can comment on that power.

    So 2011 is the first year of Def. Most will argue that the first year of anything is not an ideal choice for a first time O\O. With 400k its hard to say if it was given the upgrades.

    First the biggest issue with the D13 are the injector cups. From factory they came equipped with copper cups. They upgraded to stainless steel cups. It is a band aid fix. Cups at the dealership run 5k to 6k with a 1 year warranty or 100k. Nondealer shops do it for 3.5k to 4k and no warranty. I have done cups at 500k 535k (warranty) then again at 650k. I am sitting at 923k and getting the symptoms of cup going bad. Basically the issue is they use Loctite to bond the cups to the cylinder head. Bad design. And no other solution exist. I love the motor and unfortunately live with that fact Cups will be a regular issue for me.

    The oil cooler cover leaks and a redesign cover fixes the leak. Not a huge deal but beware. 800 to 1200 fix. (Was 3 years ago)

    The Ventri pipe and delta p sensor redesign. 300 or so for the parts.

    Hope this helps. GL
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  6. I run a 13' pinnacle. I think it rides nice, quite, and reliable. I've got 498K on an MP8 445 with M-drive. All the injectors and cups were replaced under warranty, that is one of the things you defiantly need to look out for. Other than that the only real problems I've had were two sensors on the engine that went bad no biggie. I average 6.7 MPG hauling decks loaded to 79K. Pulls great for a 13 liter engine, I wish the sleeper had some more options to it, it's very basic 70". Overall I would definitely buy another, I am looking.
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  7. I drove a 2014 Mack 613, it never left me stranded, did breakdown once at terminal bob tailing around it to get a load, def system quit and truck would only go 5 mph, towed to Mack shop Memphis tristate and it was there for 3 1/2 weeks, I was glad it was a company truck, 20,000 grand repair.

    I had to deal with a Penske rental, well 2 rentals one broke down 2 hours away and they towed another out.
    Watch your head if it's a regular cab standup sleeper, always an eye opener.
    445 mp8 with mdrive 12 speed, I did like the performance button, I always kept it on, it had a firm ride, but my chair was worn out, so that's a lot there, nothing more fun than hitting a bump, getting thrown to ceiling then bottom out and fly back to the roof.
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    2013 MACK PINNACLE CHU613 Stock # DM014185RK SOLD


    MP8 Engine, Mack 10 Speed Transmission, 220 Wheelbase, 3.9 ratio, Air Ride Suspension, Wet Line, w/ only 179,000 miles. Contact Roman at our Roanoke, VA location today to learn more about this unit!

    Detailed Specs

    Location:EXCEL TRUCK GROUP - RoanokeStock Number:DM014185RK
    Mileage:179000Engine Make:Mack
    Condition:UsedSub Category:Conventional Day Cab Trucks
    VIN:1M1AN09Y0DM014185RSuspension:Air Ride
    Axle:TandemFront Axle:12000
    Engine Type:MP8Inventory Type:Trucks
    Location:EXCEL TRUCK GROUP - Roanoke
    Stock Number:DM014185RK
    Engine Make:Mack
    Sub Category:Conventional Day Cab Trucks
    Suspension:Air Ride
    Front Axle:12000
    Engine Type:MP8
    Inventory Type:Trucks
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    2009 MACK PINNACLE CXU613, equipped with a mp8 , what are the good and bad of this engine, are there going to be a lot of emission issues with this engine, it currently has 500,000 miles on it.Any opinions or information greatly appreciated. Thanks

    Dennison, ILI'm thinking that's the year to stay away from. We've bought a few trucks, all Mack's. At 500,000 they're starting to need a lot of little things. Electrical problems, emission repairs, turbo, nothing 5-10k won't fix. You might see what's all been replaced. They get past that area and they're good to go. We will no longer buy them in that area, last one had 3k hrs and 130k miles. Deals can be found. It was a 14' and knock on wood no issues so far.

    Nw IowaThe Mack Volvo engines are notorious for injector problems and injector cups. I have also heard pre def are worse than after def. we have a 12 and just spent 5000 on injectors on a 350000 mile truck. The old CH's just go and go. We are starting to look for another truck and really don't know what to look for. My ideal truck is 03 CH with 400. But they are getting pretty hard to find with decent miles. Prior to injectors thought we would look for a m drive.

    With the motor running look in the fuel tank for air bubbles floating up in the fuel, it’s a good sign the injector cups are going, the combustion in the cylinder forces air back through the fuel return line. Also if you push the fuel primer see if the fuel filter hanger has fuel leaking from it. Another common problem. Ours is an 07 pre dpf filter and def. That said we have been running our mp7 for 3 years daily hauling milk after we noticed the injector cups failing and no issues. We’ve done an egr valve and some small items . Other then that is a decent truck. Have an 95 ch613, 04 vision with a 460, and 07 mp7. Best truck with least problems is by far the 95 ch 613.
    Mack Pinnacle MP8 M-drive? Interviewing an owner feat. DIY Semi

    2013 Mack CXU 613 SleeperThe Pennsylvania Powerhouse is back and they’ve kept things interesting for 2013. The Mack CXU613 is part of Mack’s Pinnacle model line, and features some real tough componentry placed into some elegant lines (but not too elegant, it’s still a Mack, after all).

    2013 Mack CXU613 Sleeper

    The main goal for Mack in developing the Pinnacle line of long haul tractors? Durability and resale value. The line features 3 sleeper cab styles and both axle forward and axle back configurations.

    The Pinnacle Sleepers maintain the option of removing the sleeper box, based on driver necessity. This is a huge advantage as it extends the life of the truck and adds significant trade-in value. Most road chassis accrue high miles and get traded in or are retired. But thanks to the durability of Mack products, drivers can reconfigure the sleeper into a DayCab, giving the truck a second life for local and extended regional hauling.

    Mack Pinnacle Sleeper Cab

    These cabs are equipped with Co-Pilot, an LCD monitor with more than 50 display modes. It lets truck drivers keep an eye on fuel economy, multiple trip data, and detailed maintenance and fault summaries.  Available in 48”- and 56”-flat-top, 60”- and 70”-mid-rise or 70”-high-rise models, these Mack trucks are ideal for overnight and regional hauls, drop-deck applications or long-distance runs.


    Power Plant Options
    The MP engine series is the heartbeat of the Mack Pinnacle line. These highly fuel-efficient power plants deliver plenty of horses along with great low-end torque to give the CXU613 plenty of muscle to keep you on schedule.

    Mack MP7 and MP8 Diesel Engines

    The MP7 engine features a horsepower range from 325 to 405. The MP8 provides a class-leading 505 horsepower.

    The engines meet the strict 2010 EPA emissions requirements with near-zero emissions through the Mack ClearTech SCR System, refined through one million road-test miles.

    View all the specifications and options for the Mack CXU613 model here:2013 CXU613 features and specs


    To view more high quality photos of the Mack CXU613 Sleeper cab, visit Mack Trucks Online.

    And finally – here’s a home made video by a trucker who just bought his Mack CXU613 and he’s plenty proud of it. ‘Til next time truck drivers – have a good one!

    [youtube_sc url=”″ playlist=”Mack CXU613 2013 Model” title=”model%20year%202013%20Mack%20CXU613%20Sleeper%20Cab” width=”450″ height=”320″]


    2013 Mack Pinnacle Series Interior Cockpit

    Summer Smith


    Review mack chu613

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    Putting the New Mack 2017 Pinnacle to the Test

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