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How to Install a New Copper Faucet to PVC

By Chris Deziel

Use adapters to attach a copper faucet to PVC pipes.

Faucets that you attach to copper water pipes are usually made of brass, not copper, and even decorative copper kitchen and bath faucets typically have brass water connections. It isn't too difficult to connect a brass faucet -- or a copper one, for that matter -- to PVC pipe. Since you can't glue brass or solder PVC, the procedure involves converting slip fittings into threaded ones with appropriate adapters so that you can screw the faucet onto the pipe. If the faucet already has a threaded connection, the task of joining it to PVC is even less complicated.

Wrap plumbing tape around the threads of a MPT (Male Pipe Thread) brass or copper faucet and screw on a PVC female adapter to connect the faucet to PVC pipe. Tighten the connection by holding the faucet with slip-lock pliers while you turn the adapter with a wrench. Glue the adapter to PVC pipe with PVC cement.

Use the same procedure to connect a FPT (Female Pipe Thread) faucet to PVC, but use a male PVC adapter instead of a female one.

Connect a copper faucet with a slip connection to PVC by soldering a short length of copper pipe to the faucet, then soldering a copper male adapter to the pipe. Wrap plumbing tape around the threads of the adapter and screw on a PVC female adapter of the same diameter. Glue the other end of the female adapter to the PVC pipe.

Glue a female adapter to the PVC pipe if you want to connect it to a brass or copper faucet with a compression fitting. Solder a copper male adapter to a short length of copper pipe, then wrap plumbing tape around the threads of the copper adapter and screw it to the PVC fitting. Slide the compression nut along the copper pipe with the threads facing the faucet and slip a compression ring onto the end of the pipe. Fit the pipe into the faucet and tighten the compression nut onto the faucet threads.

Connect a copper or brass sink faucet to a PVC water line with flexible hose connectors. Glue male adapters onto the ends of the PVC water pipes and screw a flexible connector to each adapter. Screw the other ends of the hose connectors to the faucet inlets.



  • If the faucet outlet and PVC pipe are different diameters, glue a reducing coupling onto the pipe to make it the same diameter as the faucet. Glue a small length of PVC pipe to the reducer to which you can connect the faucet.


  • Don't connect PVC to copper or brass until you're finished soldering. If they're already connected when you solder, the heat from the torch may melt the PVC.

Writer Bio

Chris Deziel has a bachelor's degree in physics and a master's degree in humanities. Besides having an abiding interest in popular science, Deziel has been active in the building and home design trades since 1975. As a landscape builder, he helped establish two gardening companies.

Sours: https://homeguides.sfgate.com/install-new-copper-faucet-pvc-21293.html

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PVC End Types Explained


If you've worked with PVC pipe for any length of time, you will know that there are many different PVC end types. From spigots to barbed inserts, the look and purpose of different PVC end types vary widely. For newcomers to the wide world of PVC, this may be daunting. However, this blog post will act as a guide and should answer any questions you may have about PVC end types. It may also serve as a refresher for seasoned veterans of piping. After reading this guide, PVC end types will no longer be a mystery!

Sockets and Spigots

pvc pipe white bushing and coupling 3/4 inch on white background socket and spigotTo understand these end types, you must first understand the term "slip" as it is used in PVC. Slip refers to the fact that there are no threads or barbs. To secure a slip fitting, glue or some other adhesive must be used. Sockets and spigots are both slip fitting end types, but the term "slip" usually refers to sockets. A socket is a fitting that simply goes over the end of a pipe. A 1" socket end will fit on a 1" pipe. These are extremely common. Many PVC couplings have socketed ends. A commonly used abbreviation for "socket" is "soc."

A spigot fits inside a socket, so it is the same size around as regular pipe. When you need to attach a fitting to another fitting, you use a spigot end. In their function, sockets are the female and spigots are the male. Spigot fittings are often called street fittings. The terms "street," "spg," and "spigot," are all the same thing and refer to spigot end fittings. The picture above shows a 1.5" coupling with socket ends and a 1.5" x 1" bushing with a spigot end.

Female and Male Threaded

male and female threads threading white pvc elbowsFemale and male threads are pretty self-explanatory. On a female-threaded fitting, the threads are on the inside of the fitting. On a male-threaded fitting, the threads are on the outside of the fitting. This means a male-threaded fitting can be screwed into a female-threaded fitting. These connections do not need glue. Teflon tape is enough to keep it sealed tight. Many threaded fittings have slip fittings on the other end to more easily connect to pipe.

When browsing female-threaded fittings, you may see the abbreviations "FPT" and "FIPT." These stand for "female pipe thread" and "female iron pipe thread." For male-threaded fittings, you will see the same abbreviations with an "M" instead of an "F" and, you guessed it, the "M" stands for "male." Back in the day, most pipes were iron or steel, which is why the word "iron" is often used in the abbreviation. This does not mean the part is made of iron! PVC pipe is simply made to be usable in metal pipelines. The picture above shows a 1.5" female-threaded elbow and a 1.5" male-threaded elbow.

Barbed Insert

barbed insert black pvc female threads on white backgroundConnecting hose to PVC pipe can be useful in irrigation and many other outdoor PVC applications. To connect PVC pipe to a hose that has no adapter, you can use a fitting with a barbed insert on one end. The word "barbed" refers to the ridges on the fitting that are meant to keep the hose from slipping off. To seal and secure a hose onto a barbed insert fitting, you must use a a clamp. Hose expands outwards, so glue doesn't work. When looking for parts, you will often see "barbed insert" shortened to "insert" or "inst." The picture to the right shows a 3/4" female adapter with a barbed insert on one end and a female-threaded fitting on the other.

Inside Connectors

Some fittings have spigot ends that fit inside pipe itself as if it was a socket fitting. These are pipe extenders and inside connectors. They are rare as they are only required for very specific uses. Click here for the full guide to these unique fittings.


black pvc flange with socket fitting on white backgroundFlange fittings are used when you want to easily take apart sections of a pipeline as they are bolted together. Flange fittings can be more expensive than others because of all the accessories required to make a strong connection. The other end of a flange fitting can be threaded or slip. Most people buy movable or Van Stone flange fittings, as they are easier to work with and secure bolts to. The picture to the right shows a 1" Van Stone slip flange with a slip end that fits straight onto PVC pipe or a spigot fitting.

SSS, SST, SS, ST, etc.

The abbreviations above are just four of the many combinations of "S" and "T" that can be used for PVC fittings. "S" refers to slip fittings, particularly socket fittings. "T" refers to threaded fittings, particularly female-threaded fittings. The number of letters in the abbreviation is how many ends the fitting has. So an SSS fitting would be a fitting with three slip fittings; this is usually a tee. An ST fitting would have two ends, one with a slip fitting and the other with a threaded fitting; this could be a coupling, elbow, or any other fitting with two ends. It is a simple system of categorizing PVC fittings with a large number of possible variations.


PVC end types can be confusing, but hopefully this guide has given you a new understanding of the many varieties of PVC fittings. If you have any more questions, feel free to ask us on our Twitter and Facebook pages!

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Sours: https://www.pvcfittingsonline.com/resource-center/pvc-end-types-descriptions-and-explanations/
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To pvc spigot

How do you attach a PVC pipe to a spigot?

How to Attach a PVC Pipe to a Hose Bib
  1. Apply pipe thread tape to the male threads of your hose bib.
  2. Screw a PVC female adapter to the hose bib.
  3. Slide your hose bib into position.
  4. Cut a length of PVC pipe at the above measurement with your hacksaw.
  5. Brush PVC cement on to one end of the pipe and to the inside of the female adapter.

Click to see full answer.

Also, how do you connect PVC pipe to outside tap?

An outdoor faucet comes in handy.

  1. Turn off the water supply.
  2. Cut a section out of the existing PVC line.
  3. Trim any burrs on the cut ends of the pipe with a sharp utility knife.
  4. Coat all surfaces to be glued with PVC primer.
  5. Apply glue to all surfaces you previously primed.

Similarly, what size is a water spigot? Hose bibs are outdoor faucets, usually mounted onto the side of your house. Most often they have a threaded outlet to which you can attach a garden hose or backflow device. The outlet will be one of two widths: 1/2 inch or 3/4 inch. These are two most common widths of water pipes as well.

Hereof, can PVC pipe be used outside?

You are right, a lot of people use PVC pipe, but mostly it is meant to be used in buried applications (where it will be shielded from UV light); however, most of those buried applications come out of the ground at some point.

Are flexible tap connectors any good?

IAG has even labelled flexible connectors a 'ticking time bomb' and put notices on its website advising home owners that flexible hoses have a lifespan of between five and ten years, and should be checked by a licensed plumber every two years.

Sours: https://askinglot.com/how-do-you-attach-a-pvc-pipe-to-a-spigot
DIY outdoor spigot / garden faucet install with PVC fittings

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