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-A/N: Hello my beautiful people! It took me forever, but i have found a Michael one! It's sorta backwards... but I thought it was cute that it was backwards! ;) This one was written buy the lovely princesslukey! -Grace

"Hey, pizza's here!" I said enthusiastically, wrapping my arms around my boyfriend, Michael. I knew pizza was his favorite, especially pepperoni. Noticing he'd been quiet all day, it was my attempt at cheering him up.

As I kissed him on the cheek, arms wrapped around him from behind as he sat on the couch, his body tensed. He turned off his phone quickly, seeming distracted.

"I'm not that hungry, actually," he replied, not looking me in the eye.

Getting even more suspicious at this, I tried to pry the truth from his phone. Grabbing it with one hand, while keeping Michael from taking it with the other, I unlocked it.

"Why not? Does it have something to do with this phone huh?" I started teasing, not thinking anything of it. Turning my eyes towards the screen that lit up, my smile faded. "Why are you looking up the #MichaelCliffordIsFat on Twitter?" I asked him, touching his face lightly.

"I was tagged in some of the tweets, so I wanted to see how many people thought that. And they're right, (Y/N). I've thought this for a while now. I've never liked the way I look. That's why I never go to the beach with you and the rest of the boys." Michael said, rubbing small circles on the back of my hand, his eyes forming a sorry expression.

I was surprised by this, completely. "WHAT?" I said a little too loudly. "Is this what you seriously think? That you're fat?" Michael nodded.

"Sweetie, they're wrong. You're not fat.." I began slowly. "And even if you were, it doesn't matter anyway. Because I would still love you, even if you had a beer-belly, or no eyebrows or..rainbow-colored hair!" We both giggled at this, and he pressed his forehead against mine.

"I love you too babe," he whispered. "Now let's get some pizza before it gets cold!"

Sours: https://www.wattpad.com/137280784-5sos-imagines-tumblr-he%27s-insecure-michael

Michael Clifford Facts

D.O.B: November 20, 1995

Birth Name: Michael Gordon Clifford

Star Sign: Scorpio

Age: 23

Height: 6'1"

Education: Attended Norwest Christian College

Relationship Status: Engaged to Crystal Leigh

Parents: Karen and Daryl Clifford

Siblings: None

Celebrity Crush: Camila Cabello

Fun Facts:

  • At Macca’s, Michael orders a large cheesburger meal with no onions, no pickles, a coke, a side of mcbites, and sweet & sour sauce.
  • Michael said in one of his tweets that his favorite word was cheeseburger.
  • Calum says that Michael is the sassiest.
  • Michael is English, Scottish, Irish, German and Australian.
  • His favorite pickup line is “nice shoes, lets fuck.”
  • Michael is scared of Slender and screamed like a little girl while playing it on a twit cam.
  • “I just want to touch all of you”
  • Michael is the most obsessive with girls.
  • Michael used to eat Macca’s all the time, now he doesn’t eat Macca’s at all.
  • Whenever Michael listens to Drake, he says he feels like a unit.
  • “I actually don’t like calling you guys fans because you’re like the family I never had”
  • “My lips are huge, I’m Mangelina Jolie.”
  • Michael’s favorite movie is Forest Gump, but Ashton says he’s moved on to Pursuit Of Happiness.
  • Michael said if zombies came he would leave the rest of the boys first to survive.
  • He once said if he was to have a girlfriend she would have to work at Macca’s.
  • Michael’s favorite Disney movie is Camp Rock.
  • Michael said that the band would be called ‘Bromance’ if they weren’t ‘5 Seconds of Summer’.
  • He says no one cooks in the band, but Ashton would cook the most.
  • Michael said if the boys weren’t In a band they would be brick layers.
  • Michael’s signature dance move is the sprinkler/lasso.
  • His favorite chewing gum flavor is watermelon (or raspberry).
  • Michael says the verified tick makes him feel like a majestical unicorn with ‘a big horn’.
  • Calum and Michael had never been to a concert before their own.
  • He bought Jess Veronica a fish.
  • He enjoys long walks on the beach.
  • Michael said he can’t live without his computer.
  • Michael got an iPhone 5 for his birthday.
  • Michael’s favourite chocolate is a Cadbury twirl.
  • If Michael could learn to play another instrument he would like to learn the flute.
  • Michael’s favorite movie is probably Forrest Gump.
  • Michael’s favorite thing about being in 5SOS is getting to meet all the fans.
  • Michael would rather eat a jar of vegemite than shave his hair off.
  • He has no brothers and sisters.
  • Michael’s natural hair color is blonde.
  • One of his ex’s names is Geordie Gray.
  • Michael dated a girl named Georgia.
  • “Michael Clifford does go to the gym… Occasionally”
  • Michael would turn gay for his guitar tech and claims he looks like Pete Wentz.
  • He doesn’t like the excess chocolate left at the end of his hot milo.
  • According to Calum, Michael gives the best cuddles.
  • Michael’s stripper name is the Stallione.
  • If Michael was a girl, he wouldn’t date himself, he would just have a one night stand.
  • Michael is an 8inch or bigger (confirmed by Michael lol).
  • Michael listens to T-Pain.
  • Michael hates his middle name and doesn’t want people knowing that it’s Gordon.
  • On the 12th of February 2012, Calum said Michael’s fringe length is exactly 23.4cm.
  • Michael says that the verified tick makes him feel like a majestical unicorn with ‘a big horn’.
  • Michael’s signature dance move is the sprinkler/lasso.
  • Michael loves paddle pop frozen think shake, chocolate. (Its like an ice cream) 
  • Calum and Michael had never been to a concert before their own.
  • Michael knows all the fangirl lingo.
  • Michael likes all girls no matter what hair color they have.
  • If Michael had to shoot one member of 5sos, eat another, and kiss another, he would shoot Calum, eat Luke, and kiss Ashton.
  • Michael thinks snapbacks are cool but penny boards are really lame.
  • Michael’s favorite band in 2012 was All Time Low.
  • Michael says “he’s the biggest gamer ever”.
  • At one of their shows with Hot Chelle Rae, someone threw condoms at Michael.
  • Michael says you could find everything about him on his Google history/search.
  • Michael once serenaded a girl by singing One Less Lonely Girl.
  • Dragon Ball Z is Michael’s “favorite cartoon ever”.
  • Michael hates his signature.
  • Michael’s mom never let him dye his hair.
  • Michael’s favorite food is papadums.
  • Michael likes girls that he can do nothing with and still have fun.
  • Michael considers himself to be a little OCD. He washes his hands 20 times a day and if the sheet comes off his bed he can’t sleep.
  • Michael always has burgers or tacos on his underwear.
  • Michael favorite color is green.
  • Growing up Michael says he was clingy and wanted people to like him so it astounds him that nowadays girls actually do like him.
  • Michael loves every song on the album because they all define the band.
  • If Michael could have a super power he’d just want to be Spider-Man.
  • Michael believes it’s scarier to perform in front of smaller crowd then huge crowds.
  • Michael ALWAYS double knots his shoelaces.


Sours: https://5sos-at-heart.tumblr.com/michaelcliffordfacts
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If Walls Could Talk — Michael Clifford hair timeline


As some of you might know, this blog started from the frustration of missing certain things in the 5SOS fandom. I’m a 1D fan, I’m used to seeing masterposts about anything and everything. That’s very much not the case in the 5SOS fandom. So I figured, if it’s not here, I might as well go and do it myself. A while back I came to the conclusion there doesn’t seem to be a proper detailed timeline of Michael’s hair journey. So of course, I decided to make one. I heavily underestimated the amount of time this would cost, but I (mostly) had fun making this. So, now I would like to present you with the finished result. It should have every hair color ever in here, but if I somehow missed something or got something wrong, please let me know. I’ve tried my best to be as thorough as possible, but I only became a fan in 2020 and basically had to work my way through 5SOS history for this.

I used Michael’s instagram as a guide and filled in the gaps with interviews, tour diaries, etc. Thankfully he documented most of his hair changes on instagram, which made my job a little easier. So let’s get going!

I have combined 4 pictures into a collage, to prevent having to post close to 50 pictures below each other. The order of every collage is left to right, top to bottom.


So we start with Michael’s natural hair color,. This is a picture I found on Google, I have no idea about the exact date. But this is his natural hair before he started dying it. The next picture is the very first time he dyed his hair, this was a red-ish brown. This picture was posted on January 2 2013. Then later on in the same month he decided to dye his hair darker, to a chocolate brown, which he posted a picture of on January 27. His first bold color happens about a month later. On March 30 2013 he posted this picture of himself with dark blue hair and some lighter blue highlights in his fringe.


The next change comes June 19 2013. When the blue has been mostly removed, you can tell there’s some blue left in the fringe from the highlights, and the rest of his hair still has a blue-green tinge to it. This picture is a screenshot from the 5SOS vs. food video, Michael did post a picture of it on instagram captioned: “when I went blonde for a day”, but the color of that one is quite saturated. So is a better representation. After that, we move on to galaxy hair! The first picture with this hair was posted on instagram on June 19 2013. I thought this was a separate color from the 3rd picture in this collage, but it’s possible it’s the light playing tricks. Picture 3 was posted on June 26, exactly a week after the previous one. On July 6 we move on to the next change, bleach blonde! I think this is the first time he bleached his whole hair. Since the previous color’s were all darker than his own hair, he wouldn’t necessarily have needed bleach. As seen in the first picture of this collage, his hair wasn’t bleached yet. Except for the highlighted fringe. I assume a color removing product was used to get most of the blue dye out, because he said he went blonde “for a day”, which doesn’t indicate fading to me.


The bleach blonde seem to stay for a while, because the next change is almost 3 months later. September 28 2013 brings the reveal of the smurf blue hair. This obviously fades over time, leaving a light, almost pastel blue color as seen in the screenshot I included from their Australia/New Zealand tour diary, opening for One Direction. As October 21 comes around we get a brand new color, bright pink! This faded into a pastel pink as can be seen in the screenshot from this thank you video, posted on November 24.


Up next is reverse skunk, as posted on instagram on November 26 2013. This seems to last a good while, because the next change doesn’t come until 2014, judging by this twitcam from January 18 where the reverse skunk hair is still present. February 10, is when this picture of the purple hair was posted. Moving on to March 21, we get dark red, or maybe dark brown with red highlights, it’s hard to pinpoint what exactly this color is. There is no instagram picture for this one, so I’ve used a screenshot from the 5SOS Livestream to show this one. While writing this I discovered in this video, posted on March 13. where his hair was also this color already. The 4th screenshot from the Don’t Stop video, to demonstrate how long their hair lasted. The video was released May 18 2014. So I’m assuming it was filmed somewhere in (late) April.


The next hair color in line is brown, the picture in this collage was posted to on May 18. However, going back through Michael’s instagram it seems like he already had this color at the start of the There’s No Place Like Home tour in Sydney, on April 30 2014. It’s likely he dyed it right before the start of  tour. The next change comes a little quicker, the earliest I could pinpoint this brown/blonde combo is May 18 at the Billboard music awards 2014. I can’t pinpoint, when exactly he got it done, but I’m assuming it was close before the BBMA’s. Moving on, we’re getting to the iconic green hair era. Again it’s hard to pinpoint when he exactly got it. There’s only 1 picture of it on his instagram, which was uploaded in July. The picture I used is from the Capital Summertime Ball 2014, held on June 21. The website describes it as “his new green hair”. So I’m assuming this is where he debuted it. After green we get this mystery lilac type color. I only found it in this Target Prank video on the 5SOS Youtube channel. Since they are promoting 5SOS1, which was released June 27, 2014, the video can be narrowed down to late June, early July of 2014. That’s as close as I could get it. I even went back to check if maybe they pre-filmed this in february/march and this was the faded purple hair, but the timeline still holds up.


September 1 2014 is when we see a new hair color appear on instagram. For (what appears to be) the video of Good Girls Michael bleached his hair to a white blonde. A better picture is the screenshot from the Good Girls video I included. The next change we see is on September 4 at the 5SOS performance for the iTunes festival 2014. This means that either he bleached his hair a while before September 1 or it was just a transition before the red with the orange undertone. This color fades throughout September judging by the pictures on instagram. I probably should have included one in here, but you can easily find them if you look for them. However on September 29 it seems the color got a refresh, looking nice and bright again.


The first picture in this collage, posted December 17 2014, shows the hair fading again. Then on December 18, at the People Magazine Awards the hair seems refreshed again. It looks to me as if the color has a slightly less orange undertone as well. But that’s hard to determine from 1 picture. The next picture, posted February 4 2015 shows the red has once again faded.  After the red he moves on to this purple color. The first time we see it on instagram is February 18 in a video from the studio. The picture used for illustration was posted on February 27. 


A better view of the violet/purple hair can be seen in the screenshot from the Japan Tour Diaries part 1. In part 2 you can already see the color fading again. The next picture, posted February 28 2015 shows and even more drastic fade, where his hair has turned almost blonde again. Then around March 15 his hair goes fully white blonde again. At the start of the ROWYSO tour in Portugal, May 4, Michael’s hair is still blonde. However 2 days later in Spain, on May 6, he seems to be back to a violet/blue color, like he had previously. 


Then May 24 2015 we move to the next change, (jet) black hair (sorry, it had to be done). On July 16 a touch of color is brought into the hair, with addition of a few colorful streaks in his fringe. right on time for the start of the next leg of the ROWYSO tour that starts in Las Vegas. On July 23 he seems to have added a feather extension in the mix. This may have just been a temporary thing, because I can’t find any further evidence of this beyond the 1 instagram picture. Then August 29 brings a drastic change. From black we move back to blonde.


The blonde seems to last for quite some time. Judging by this performance of Hey Everybody, his hair was still blonde on November 11 2015 (the video was uploaded on the day of the performance, I checked). But then November 22 brings us red hair at the American Music Awards. Judging by other pictures on his instagram this seems to be a more true (less orange) red than in 2014. The red slowly fades, first to a more orange toned color in Bali (picture posted January 2 2016). And eventually it fades all the way to blonde wint a soft hint of red/pink in the 3rd picture, posted January 25 2016. Shortly after he premieres a teal hair color at the G’day USA red carpet on January 28. 


The teal color sticks around for a while, even during the first leg of the SLFL tour. The last I saw of it was on March 12 2016, at the Philippines show. Then in between the Asian and Euopean leg the color changes from teal to brown, as seen at the Sheffield SLFL show on April 5. Then in the break between their last Dublin show (April 27) and their Vienna show (May 12) he bleaches his hair again. After this the era of Michael frequently coloring his hair seems to be done. He stays blonde, at some point he grows it out until only the long parts of his hair are still blonde. As can be seen in this picture posted on October 16 2017. Then at the start of the Meet You There Tour in Japan (August 2 2018) the colored hair makes a brief return with this pink moment. It doesn’t seem to last long however, since I can’t find a lot about it after Japan. So it may have been a temporary thing.


October 9 2018 he posts the first picture in this collage. It’s very possible this is faded pink from the previous picture. Or maybe he dyed it a lighter shade later on. After this the colored hair stops, but we do occasionally get various shades of blonde. The second picture, from November 16 2018, shows a caramel tone to his hair. In the third picture, posted on October 21 2018, we see sort of a dirty blonde. We end this timeline the way we started, back to natural hair. because of quarantine the bleached blonde grew out and eventually disappeared once he cut it. So we have come full circle. We started with natural hair and we are ending it with natural hair. If we get any more changes in the future I will be sure to add them to the timeline.

Finally, a few facts, for fun. 

  • In total, Michael has had 29 color changes in a span of roughly 8 years.* 
  • He’s had the most colors in 2013 and 2014 (both years he’s had 8 different colors)
  • The orange red was the color he had the longest, 150 days to be precise (based on the information available).

* Not counting fades or the “blonde for a day. Since they are part of 1 color or were just used to transition to another color. Also not counting the various shades of bleached blonde in the last collage, since it’s hard to tell if they are actually different, or if it’s light. I did count the transition from blonde to natural.

Sours: https://its-bound-to-get-loud.tumblr.com/post/639416421297848320/michael-clifford-hair-timeline
Michael Clifford - Animals


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in the goodbye, the company said it is working on “new stuff.” one can hope that they add the ability to edit tweets, in addition to the new edit audience and monetization features.

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