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Road King Meets FXRT

Everything has been done. Every big-wheel bike, I’ve done, whether it was a Street Glide, Road Glide, what have you. But no one’s done an FXR front end on a touring bike.” That’s how Dave Dupor of DD Custom Cycles decided this meaty Road King had to happen. “It’s a cool-looking front end that’s something different and will appeal to guys on the West Coast,” Dave says. “Here in the Midwest, the FXR thing hasn’t taken real well, and I’m the guy who always does something a little different. I also heavily modified the fairing to my liking.” Converting an FXR fork to it was just the opening salvo in the creativity barrage that followed, as you can probably tell.

It’s also nobody’s big wheel. “I really wanted to build something totally different from the current stretched bags, 30-inch wheels, etc. Those bikes are starting to look the same,” Dave continues. “The wide tire handles well and rides awesome. The 180 tire, you feel really in control. With the MX bars, mids, that front end, and 180, it’s a full combo that’s easy and fun to control.”

Dave scrounged up this 2014 Road King, a donor bike, in Ohio. It was in great condition, and could have been a great bike left as is (OK, maybe not so much; it was torn down in less than a week). He then faced the task of making it all flow from front to back. “I tried to make every part of the bike, the steel fenders, steel tank, steel side covers, bags with my vents, and so on,” he says, “and just make it my own and not just another bolt-on bagger.”

For the tugboat up front, Dave took a modified TOL Designs FXR fairing and put it on this Road King. “Even the smartest people here thought this bike was an FXR,” he recalls. There are plenty of other details throughout the bike, and while it looks like a tank, it rides like a streetfighter (for a bagger). Dave tells us you can throw it anywhere you want. Plus, the wide-tire front and the short and stubby stance just demand respect. The outcome was awesome and people love it.

Dave made 90 percent of the custom parts on this bike, including the all-steel bodywork. He molded the windshield, made the speaker enclosures, and built the big 107-inch motor.

Not that the project started out with fans. There were skeptics. When the fairing came in, people came into the shop thinking it was ugly. “Wait till it’s done,” he’d say. “Then you can judge it.”


Bike OwnerDave Dupor/DD Custom
Shop NameDD Custom (DDCC)
Shop Phone(847) 356-8053
Shop websiteddcustomcycle.com
Year/Make/Model2014/Harley-Davidson/Road King
FabricationDD Custom
AssemblyDD Custom
Build TimeThree months (should have been six)
BuilderDD Custom
CylindersH-D/Dragos 107
HeadsDragos Stage 2
Rocker BoxesEMD
Air CleanerVity’s
Primary DriveH-D
Manufacturer FrontAmerican Suspension/DD Air
Triple TreesStock
Manufacturer RearDirty Air
Wheels, Tires, and Brakes
Manufacturer Front/TypeRoland Sands Design/Slam Black Ops
Size-Height/Width18 x 5.5-in.
CaliperPerformance Machine six-piston
Manufacturer RearRoland Sands Design Slam Black Ops
Size-Height/Width16 x 5.5-in.
CaliperPerformance Machine four-piston
ColorAudi/Lamborghini Nardo Gray
PainterCustom Painted Vehicles (CPV)
FrontFender Native/DDCC
Rear FenderDD Custom (steel)
Fender StrutsH-D
Gas Tank and CapDD Custom (steel) w/ Crazy Beaver cap
Oil TankH-D
HandlebarsDD Custom Ghost Bars
Hand ControlsBerringer
Foot ControlsBoosted Brad
FootpegsBoosted Brad
HeadlightDD Custom/HD
TaillightDD Custom
License MountDD Custom (hidden style)
SeatDave Vos/DD Custom pan
SaddlebagsTop Shop/DD Custom vents
Saddlebag LatchesPerformance Machine
Sours: https://www.hotbikeweb.com/road-king-meets-fxr

Harley Davidson FXR Fairing

This product was designed to be a replica/aftermarket replacement FXR Fairing.

  • Fits 1982 – 1994 Harley FXR’s models.
  • Easily fit all Dyna models with small mods (cuts on the inner of the fairing at the forks area)
  • Gel Coat white finish ,after request we can make also other Gel Coat colors
  • Require finish work and drilling
  • Very strong and durable fairing,no cheap fiberglass work


This fairing is a perfect fairing to work on for your next Dyna project ,you can add our lower leg fairings and make a complete Dyna FXR project .


FXR Fairing Bracket kit


This is a direct bolt on bracket kit for all Dyna models 2006 and UP .

  • Complete bracket kit
  • Made from high quality materials
  • Made in Austria by experts in Dyna products
  • Black coat finish
  • Will fit on 2006 and UP models only
  • This bracket is compatible with our FXR fairing

Dyna FXR lower fairings

These lower fairings are true replica parts from original fairings .

  • Very strong
  • Very durable
  • Made with woven roving fiberglass and are great looking inside area
  • Low weight
  • Made with high quality polyester resins
  • 100% compatible with our FXR fairing
  • UN drilled

Harley Davidson




Dyna – FXR

Sours: https://www.perfect-fairings.com/product/harley-davidson-fxrt-fairing/
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FXRT Fairing Kit

Have a repop FXRT fairing and want some music screaming at you while you ride? We got you covered! We have put together some of the best components that Rockford Fosgate has to offer in the motorcycle world. We do feel this install could be done at home but if you are wary then we recommend visiting your local stereo shop to help. 


Whats included with the kit:


  • ROCKFORD POWER 1” TWEETER T2T-S (Not Marine Grade)


One Year Warranty on all components. 

PLEASE ALLOW UP TO 2 WEEKS FOR SHIPPING. We strongly suggest you measure your fairing to make sure 5.25" speakers will fit in the desired location. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at [email protected]


Returns are accepted 30 days after date of purchase. Return shipping must be paid by customer. Plex Audio (Plex Express, LLC)  can not be held liable for incorrect installation of any products sold by Plex Audio. 

Sours: https://www.plexaudio.com/product-page/fxrt-fairing-kit
FXRT Fairing VS Road Warrior Fairing

FXRTW (Wide) Touring Fairing

Majority of TOL Designs' parts are pre-drilled, pre-fit, and primed to help create an easy-to-installation experience for you. Customers love TOL Designs parts for the very user-friendly and easy to install custom parts. Despite our great past successes, it is still recommended that all parts are pre-fit prior to painting to confirm clearances with other accessories, fitment to your bike, etc. TOL Designs cannot be responsible for any paint costs incurred on items that are not pre-fit prior to painting.

US & International Shipping
Processing & Handling 48 hours, Standard Delivery 1-2 Weeks
(Custom Pieces & Wheels) 4-6 Weeks


Certain items will be shipped from our trusted partners. They will be branded separately and will arrive at different times. Do not worry if you receive some items before the rest, be assured all the items are on their way. 

Some policies to keep in mind:

  • Custom orders, Special orders are NON-RETURNABLE and CANNOT BE CANCELLED once placed due to the custom and made to order processes involved.
  • All sales are final after 30 days from the delivery date.
  • RMA numbers must be issued for every return or exchange, and need to be done so before 30 days past delivery.
  • Holiday gifts purchased between November 14th and December 25th can be returned or exchanged until January 15th.
  • All items must be brand new and uninstalled with all original packaging and accessories.
  • Missing accessories or items that need to be repacked for resale may incur a 10% restocking fee.
  • You are responsible for the cost of shipping the item back to us. Please make sure you ensure your package, as we are unable to refund or replace merchandise that is returned damaged, or even lost!
  • When exchanging an item for one of greater cost, you are responsible to pay any product price differences before the new product can be shipped out.
  • TOL Designs will cover the shipping of the new product to the customer if the value is over $1999.00, otherwise, there will be a 7.5% shipping charge that the customer is responsible for.
  • Refunds for items or differences in exchanges will be issued in the form of your original payment and can take 7 to 10 days to credit into your account.

If you have any questions at all, please contact us at [email protected]

Sours: https://toldesignsnv.com/product/fxr-fairing-with-touring-fairing-mounting-kit/

Fairing fxrt

FXRP, FXRT, FXRD Flare™ Windshield

Klock Werks patented Flare™ Windshield design is now available in two sizes for the FXRD, FXRP, and FXRT fairings. Each Flare™ Windshield is designed to enhance the bodylines of these fairings while adding performance you can feel. The Flare™ is the ORIGINAL windshield of its kind, and has surprised riders everywhere with not only how great it looks, but also with how well it performs. The innovative design features “hips” at the outer edge of the shield that re-route wind and air to add downforce to the front of the bike, improving stability at high speeds compared to riding with a stock windshield. The “flip” at the top of the Flare™ is designed to kick the air up causing it to flow back as “clean” less turbulent air for the rider and passenger. Made from premium hard-coated polycarbonate material for safety and added durability. NOTE: • For the purpose of these windshields, the FXRD and FXRT fairings are both considered the same (with upper speaker pods), and are both different than the FXRP fairing (no upper speaker pods) – see images to see the differences. • The 8” size is specifically designed to fit the FXRD and FXRT fairings, but will also fit the FXRP. • The 9” size is specifically designed to fit FXRP fairings (without the upper speaker pods), and will NOT fit FXRD or FXRT fairings. • The 12” size is specifically designed to fit FXRD and FXRT fairings, but will also fit the FXRP. • Klock Werks recommends you choose a size that you can look over comfortably. • Black color versions are opaque and cannot be seen through. These may not be suitable for shorter riders. Measurements: • 8” Flare: o From bottom center screw to top edge the windshield measures 8”. o The vertical height is 6.75”. • 9” Flare: o From center screw to top edge the windshield measures 9”. o The vertical height is 6.75”. • 12” Flare: o From bottom center screw to top edge the windshield measures 12”. o The vertical height is 9.5”.

Part NamePart #
12" Flare™ for H-D FXRT Fairings - Dark SmokeKWW-02-0573 (2310-0704)
8" Flare™ for H-D FXRT FairingsKWW-02-0604 (2310-0714)
9" Flare™ for H-D FXRP Fairings - Dark SmokeKWW-02-0500 (2310-0635)
9" Flare™ for H-D FXRP Fairings - BlackKWW-02-0501 (2310-0636)
Sours: https://getklocked.com/fxrp-fxrt-fxrd-flare-windshield
FXRT-King Harley-Davidson

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