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NW Ohio
I have a 9430 w/ 100 ft booms, I would not mind 120 ft anymore, it would work out better for me.
I love my sprayer though. I bought it used, pull it with 4440, only issue I had was the flip over boom cylinders were giving me issues, on a higher hyd pressure tractor they worked fine, say like a 7810, but mine were just on the border line of folding or not. Called factory and worked with their techs. They were very good and helpful, and since they had a couple others that was same way, decided in my situation to go with the next size diameter larger cylinder. I found some aftermarket ones for 1/2 price, put on new hoses while at it, and best thing I did, it made a BIG difference, plus slowed the fold speed just a little, which was a good thing too.

The only other thing I have found is some cracks at the flip over booms where the cylinder mounts are, nothing drastic, but something I watch for and keep an eye on. I drilled the cracks and rewelded, and its been fine since.

Mine has a side inductor, but I rarely use since my inductor is with the tender, and is larger.

Very happy with fold box, pump, valves etc. basically all Raven

I run mine with a Ag Leadaer Versa. Love the autoswath.

I would still like to have duals on mine for burndown if ground conditions would be a little soft, but then I need to change the wheel hubs according to factory OEM parts.
So if you are going to order a new one, I would spec it for duals, so you will have the larger hub to begin with, or at least ask about it.

I dont know if I like the flange seal connections yet....they work ok, but can be a pain when reinstalling to get alignment, because of this I have changed a few things to cam lock connections to correct this, helps for washing and diagnosing, I REALLY REALLY like the large Banjo strainers.

Mine has the 3 way nozzle bodies, I would never order one again with that option, just single, for me a one man band, I can wash booms, change nozzles and be running again in less than 1 1/2 hr. Usually get a break whether it be weather or timing when I need to switch anyway.

I mounted a large storage box on the side for extra tools and parts, NICE, especially if you have fields far away. I also made a receiver hitch that I pull a wagon and nurse tank if in a pinch.

VERY GOOD sprayer, and good company to call if you have trouble, I would definitely buy ANOTHER !

Edit: The frames are powder coated, I am not a fan of this, on mine, there are many places where the coating is lifting / peeling at a sharp edge of metal. I am a little tolerant of this on mine, I bought mine used, and it sat out along a State Route from the dealer for a whole winter and I am convinced it got salt and brine spray on it. It needed some love when I got it home. Proper cleaning, primer and paint brought a lot of it back to shape again, but I wish the frames were painted from factory with a urathane paint.

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Since 1967, Fertilizer Dealer Supply has been the premier supplier of agricultural sprayer parts to fertilizer and chemical retailers. We offer the most extensive inventory of fertilizer and chemical application parts in the country, and a broad line of equipment—including ag spray equipment—as well. We serve chemical dealers, custom applicators and growers.

Our emphasis is on providing our customers an unparalleled selection of stock items. We have seven Midwest locations, and each is staffed with highly experienced people to assist you. We know that when you need parts, you need them quickly. Thanks to our “shipped the day you called” commitment, your ag spray parts will be on their way to you in a hurry. Our customer service is legendary.

Our mission statement says it all: To provide the retailers and applicators of fertilizers and chemicals the most comprehensive inventory of parts and equipment, supported by a knowledgeable and friendly staff, and delivered with world class accuracy and speed.

We carry the leading lines of ag chem sprayer parts and other components, including TeeJet, Banjo, Chandler, Willmar, Blu-Jet and many more.

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mike treweeke - 6/20/2017 22:56

My point is that being able to buy parts anywhere is moot for me.

I run Deere and New Holland tractors AND they certainly don't interchange parts so why all the big who-ha over sprayer parts?


 "Here", no one is willing to stock any parts for any equipment that requires specific, home brand parts. So even though one may be able to "get" the part, it will have to be ordered and freight charged. This is not just for quality products like Hardi, it runs the same for most any other brand that does not have a large customer base, or as many call it, "market share".

 Chances seem somewhat slim that anyone would ever need a part for a well maintained Hardi, which compounds the issue as any parts that one would try to stock would likely sit on the shelf for a very, very ling time.

 I have a relatively modern Toyota forklift. I can get a lot of parts from NAPA or other auto parts stores, but some parts like the fuel filter I have to order from a dealer. I even took the filter in to several parts places and no one could find anything to match. So now I order them in advance and stock my own parts that have to be ordered. There are thousands of these same lift trucks in the area, yet, for whatever reason, no one stocks the parts that are Toyota specific. I can buy any part and it will likely be in stock for a Hyster though.

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